Musings, opinions, observations, questions, and random thoughts on island life, Fernandina Beach and more

Musings, opinions, observations, questions, and random thoughts on island life, Fernandina Beach and more

Voter Warning! Two Left-Wing Extremist City Commission Candidates Want To Drastically Change Fernandina Beach

The election of two extremist candidates November 8 would change Fernandina Beach in ways that would leave most residents and visitors shocked and have moms and dads scrambling to cover their children’s eyes and ears.

In Nassau County, where the vast majority of voters are registered Republican, two candidates running for seats on the Fernandina Beach City Commission have been incredibly dishonest with voters. The latest voter registration figures for Nassau County indicate there are 44,009 registered Republicans,14,415 Democrats, 15,779 No Party Affiliation, and 1,653 Other.

Voters in Fernandina and as a whole in Nassau County, made it very clear by their overwhelming support of Republican Governor Ron DeSantis in the last election that they are  for traditional culture and values. They applauded Governor DeSantis’s Stop W.O.K.E. Act that removed unpopular critical-race-theory garbage from public schools. They also approved of  his successful Parents Rights In Education bill, which banned classroom instruction about LGBTQA rubbish through third grade and to tell parents if their children receive mental-health services through the school. DeSantis and the Republican state legislature took on the WOKE Disney corporate freaks and knocked them out out the ring by revoking their special-district  privileges, which allowed it to operate as its own government, rather than under the counties where it operates.

Fernandina and Nassau County voters also made it very clear they approved of Governor DeSantis’s law and order stance and his position on illegal immigration. Parents hereabouts are alarmed about the strain illegals put on local government school budgets and social services, about radical prosecutors, defund the police agendas and violent and corrupt Marxist organizations such as Black Lives Matter (BLM). They want no part of any of it.

Governor DeSantis summed up the law and order issue recently when he said: “The safety of our families and our communities is on the line. We cannot sit idly by as far-Left extremists try to dismantle our way of life and trample on the rule of law.”

However, two far-left Fernandina Beach Commission candidates are at the far end of that spectrum and refuse to talk about their liberal positions to voters and the media. Left-wing LGBTQA activist Genece Minshew and California transplant Mike Lednovich decline to answer questions posed to them about their left-wing agendas and social media postings. Take a look at City Commission candidate Genece Minshew’s Facebook page (see photo below) and the photo of Lednovich, that he has since removed from his Facebook page. Both Minshew, President of Fernandina Beach Pride (an LGBTQA activist group) and California transplant and current Commissioner and Mayor Mike Lednovich, have been deceitful by refusing to answer questions and hiding and obscuring their far-left views and backgrounds. Both have refused to respond to calls and emails from local citizen’s groups and this blog.

Even though this is a nonpartisan race, these two radicals have the full backing of the Nassau County Democrat Party, which is providing its South 8th Street County HQ to distribute yard signs, stickers, etc. for them, the only local candidates that have that party’s endorsement. Minshew is a registered Democrat while Lednovich, is registered  “no party affiliation,” only because the Communist party wasn’t listed as a choice.

Minshew and Lednovich are the only local candidates running for office that refused to answer any of the questions on the County Citizens Defending Freedom (CCDF-Nassau) questionnaire.

Fernandina Beach Mayor and Commissioner Mike Lednovich shown here marching down Main Street with a BLM sandwich board refused to answer the CCDF Survey question asking if he supports Black Lives Matter? Huh?

Lednovich refuses to say if he does or does not support the Marxist Black Lives Matters ideology despite the fact he paraded up and down Main Street draped with a BLM sandwich board. Minshew, the president of a local LGBTA group refused to answer “yes” or “no” to the questions: “Would you support the city positioning itself in promotional material as a Gay Vacation Destination?” and “Should biological boys ‘identifying’ as girls be allowed to play the girl’s teams?” Lednovich also refused to answer. In fact they both declined to answer any of the questions concerning the use of designated female city restrooms by biological males as well as questions on abortion within the city limits, the removal of the city’s historic symbols, the enforcement of city building code violations and more. Lednovich has said previously that he wants to  remove the downtown statue of David Yulee, builder of Florida’s first cross-state railroad , U.S. Senator,  slave holder and Southern Civil War supporter.  He didn’t mention how he wants to handle the town’s name.

Minshew is not publicizing or promoting her support for LGBTGA causes and her opinions on trans-gendering young children, etc. Simply go to her Facebook page to take a look, she’s hiding in plain sight. If you’re not a Facebook user, finding this might be a mystery. If you are a Facebook user it is easy to do, or  ask a friend or neighbor who is. However, it’s not recommended for children.

A search for Genece Minshew in Google didn’t produce her Facebook page, only non-LGBTQ+ campaign info. Minshew only lost by 38 votes to David Sturges in the last city election, so it’s important you vote. Darron Ayscue , a family man, life-long area resident and and veteran firefighter is my choice in this critical race.

The Victory Fund link: is the one of the most revealing Minshew’s beliefs. The headline says it all! Why isn’t she promoting that group’s endorsement of her campaign to voters hereabouts?

You can see for yourself all the candidates that answered the CCDF questionnaire, how they responded, and who refused by clicking here: Voter Guide for Nassau School Board and Fernandina Council Election- 2022.

If, as a voter, you acknowledge what everyone knows – that men can’t give birth, biological males should not compete in women’s sports, it’s improper for males to be in women’s changing rooms and restrooms and that drag shows for elementary school children are predatory, perverse, and wrong, then you DO NOT want to vote for either of these two or any other candidate that refused to answer the questionnaire. Let’s keep Fernandina Beach a sane family-oriented community, NOT a weird and degenerate liberal tourist freak show.

School Board member and candidate Jamie Deonas is the only candidate that refused to participate in a similar School Board questionnaire including one that asked: “Do you believe Critical Race Theory should be taught in our schools.” School Board candidate Curtis Gaus said he would NOT oppose the inclusion of “How White Supremacy lives in our schools” causing me to change my mind about voting for him. I’m now casting my ballot for Albert Wagner in District 3 and for Shannon Hogue in District 1.

The only news outlet hereabouts to mention this perverted duo so far is the online Citizens Journal. The impotent online Fernandina Observer and the print News Leader have ignored this left-wing rubbish as usual, printing only stories about quilting bees and puff pieces about the city manager. You can subscribe free to the Citizens Journal at

My choices for City Commission are local chiropractor Dr. James Antun and firefighter Darron Ayscue, a pair who endorse traditional values and will maintain normalcy and sanity and bring fiscal responsibility to the city. Shannon Hogue and Albert Wagner, a duo that support parental rights, student success and curriculum transparency are my choices for the School Board.

In state-wide races I’m voting for Marco Rubio for U.S. Senator; Aaron Bean, U.S. Congressman District 4; Ron DeSantis, Florida Governor; Ashley Moody, Florida Attorney General; Jimmy Patronis, Florida’s Chief Financial Officer; Wilton Simpson, Florida Secretary of Agriculture; Clay Yarborough, State Senator District 4; Dean Black, State Senator. I’m voting “No ” on State Supreme Court Justices Canady, Labarga, Polston and Rowe. The other six get my “yes” vote.


Wait! What? Last Sunday, October 23 Joe Biden said he passed the Student Loan Bailout “by a vote or two. Speaking to a small group at the White House he said: “It’s passed. I got it passed by a vote or two and it’s in effect. And already, a total of, I think it’s now 13 million people have applied for that service.”

Who voted? Congress didn’t vote on it. If it had it would never have passed. November 8 can’t get here fast enough so the upcoming majority of House and Senate Republicans can toss a legislative net over this rambling, delusional, sad old man.

Fortunately the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals has temporarily halted Biden’s student loan forgiveness, an election-year scheme that his administration said was supposed to start as soon as next week.

The hold freezes the administration from “discharging any student loan debt under the cancellation program” until the court decides on the challenge brought by a coalition of Republican attorneys general.

A recent poll from The Economist/YouGov also found  that roughly 50 percent of Americans agree that student loan forgiveness is unfair to those who did not attend college, with even more agreeing that it would be unfair to those who paid off their loans.

The president’s bizarre statement represents just one more in an ever-increasing list of whacky moments, this one coming within days of him appearing to zone out mid-interview. Why aren’t people more worried about this befuddled old fool and his irrational statements and behavior?


The New American Dream: According to the Biden administration the new American Dream is to steal something worth less than $1,000 as it’s only a misdemeanor and so what? It’s yours now. Take something worth more than $1,000 and it’s student loan forgiveness. Someone’s paying and it’s the average law-abiding American citizen and businesses. Want more? Then keep voting for Democrats.



 Thinking Out Loud: While the Mainstream media scolds Florida and Texas Governors Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott respectively for sharing their continually increasing populations of illegal aliens with New York, Chicago, and Martha’s Vineyard they have yet to ask: Why is Biden leaving the southern border open? Oh, and when it comes to student loan debt, why not offer student loan forgiveness in exchange for two years of military service? I’m sure the Marines and Army can train all those gender studies and psychology majors to drive tanks and fire rifles and it would ensure the Defense Department meets it new Biden administration quota of Woke and LGBTQA+ recruits.


Speaking Of Gov. DeSantis: A poll conducted by Mason-Dixon Polling & Strategy for the traditionally left-leaning Telemundo/LX News found that Latinos support Ron DeSantis for governor over the hapless Republican-Independent-Democrat-Whatever Charlies Crist 51 percent to 44 percent giving DeSantis a 56 percent approval rating. Hispanics of Cuban descent approve of DeSantis by a whopping 73 percent.

In addition, NBC reported that Hispanic residents in Florida support DeSantis sending illegal aliens to Martha’s Vineyard 52 percent to 41 percent, which must be very confusing to Biden and his puppet masters and the Democrat party who are convinced they’re doing such a great job for the nation, particularly in securing the southern border.


“Shut Up” They Explained During his appearance on ABC’s “The View” Monday, October 24, Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz pointed out that while his interviewers are busy demanding former President Donald Trump and other Republicans swear that the 2020 election was “legitimate,” they have repeatedly failed to hold any Democrats accountable for rejecting Republican victories.

“You don’t do it to Hillary Clinton, who stood up and said Trump stole the election. You don’t do it to Stacey Abrams who said that the election was stolen. They sat here and said it was illegitimate and you guys were fine with it,” Cruz said.

“And it was,” host Whoopi Goldberg yelled.

“So. it’s illegitimate when Republicans win but not when Democrats win?” Cruz questioned.

I love it when an entire nest of lefties are called out and have no response other the profanities screamed by their slavish live audience.


An Ian Observation: A friend in Southwest Florida sent me the following observation after Hurricane Ian hit that area:When everything went to hell in Florida after Hurricane Ian, I didn’t see a lot of Priuses , windmills or social justice warriors coming to save the day. I saw diesel trucks, combustion generators, heavy tractors, fuel tankers and a whole lotta bearded good ol’ boys putting some of that “toxic masculinity’ to work saving lives and rebuilding society.

“God bless the backbone of America: the hardworking men and women of the middle class!!

“Or put more succinctly — When the s—t hits the fan, nobody calls the pronoun people for help.”


New Poll: The results of the last poll here indicated that of the 72 people that responded 92% or 66, would not feel comfortable buying and electric vehicle. Just 8% or 6 said they would.  Today a new poll asks voters hereabouts if local candidates should respond to timely questions of concern that impact residents.

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  • While I think people need help with their student loans I think they are doing it wrong. First they should lower the interest rate to 1-2% so when they pay a payment they are actually paying off some of the principle not mostly interest. At that point, if they pay faithfully and on time reward them yearly with a specified amount off the principle. Also Dave, Hilary won the popular vote but lost the Electoral College vote, and conceded to Trump that night. Trump lost both the popular and Electoral College vote and has yet to concede. Every election someone wins and someone loses, by fair or square means, It’s something we have to live with, like it or not. It just means you regroup for the next election.

    • Great idea, Peg. Could you help me get the same deal on my government-sponsored FNMA home loan? The interest rate we signed up for is a real burden and we could use help from taxpayers like you.

  • in south carolina we had no way to find out the real views of the candidates and bolsheviks were sometimes elected to local positions including school boards. our solution was to invite all the candidates to present their views on AM (talk) radio. the leftists do not show up and thus we know not to vote for them.

  • Dave: This column is a doozy. It lays out your take on the election, candidates and issues very clearly.

  • For Peg,
    Seen anybody sporting his “Ridin’ with Biden” stickers or a Biden hat recently ? No, because if you really believe he got 81 million legal, legitimate votes then I have a bridge in Brooklyn for sale. Interested ?

  • The libtards demands that all should recognize that the 2020 election was legitimate does not comport with what we heard from them in 2000 (Gore v. Bush) nor in 2016 from the Hilda Beast camp, and so and so on, Its total hypocrisy.

    In Georgia, I am a Ga. Tech fan for Herschel Walker.

  • I appreciate that David truly cares about the governance and future of our community. It is obvious that he continually researches and observes the action of those persons seeking government offices, state wise and local! You do tell it like it is and I am grateful for your blog!

  • Great blog, Dave. I don’t think the citizens of FB understand the full implications of this city council election. If Lednovich and Minshew both get elected, add in Chip Ross, you’ve got a radical leftist-dominated city council. It’s too bad that this has to be a non-partisan election where people like Lednovich and Minshew can hide their intentions and values (or lack thereof) and convince uninformed voters to elect them. The fact that these two refused to respond to the CCDF questions is actually an answer in and of itself – they are hiding their true objectives. (Just BTW, I have a few more questions I would love to have been included in the CCDF questionnaire!)

  • As Fernandina taxpayers we have a rare opportunity to stop the continual exploitation of our wallets.
    City Commissioners count on exploiting the value of our property to spend money on all kinds
    of “worthy causes”–like TopTracer at the golf course, land leases, unnecessary replacement of
    good equipment, and much more.
    Electing fiscally concious commissioners will bring control and balance, so we keep more of our
    wealth instead of letting it get frittered away on every whim and wish.
    Bring reason back into how our money is spent–vote for thinkers not activists.

  • surely you have to wake up eventually and realize people are growing out of the stupid societal norms that you and the rest of the right wing preach. saying drag shows are “predatory” is outright disgusting on all counts and under no circumstance is that okay. clearly you don’t care about the people you care about controlling the people, common dave scott L.


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