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Musings, opinions, observations, questions, and random thoughts on island life, Fernandina Beach and more

Debate Reveals That Biden’s Not In Charge Of Anything!

A scene in 1976 film “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” has King Arthur and his band of knights stumbling upon a castle manned by rude Frenchmen who hurl taunts at them.

Bewildered and confused by the reception Arthur shouts: ”Is there someone else up there we can talk to?”

The French respond by pelting them with farm animals including a catapulted cow, prompting Arthur to yell: “Run away! Run away!”

The scene is illustrative of Joe Biden’s catastrophic performance during the Thursday, June 27 presidential debate with Donald Trump and the Democrat party’s attempts to excuse it, ignore it and run from it.

Biden made it obvious to everyone on the planet that evening that he has been and continues to be incapable of acting as president and is totally unable to respond to questions.

About 10 minutes into the debate I began feeling sorry for Biden, but quickly snapped out of it. It’s the country and our fellow Americans who deserve compassion because nobody’s in charge. The lights are dimly shining, but nobody’s home.

So, exactly who has been making decisions? Who is running things? It’s obviously not Biden.

There is no enforcement of the U.S. border. Illegal aliens are rampaging across the country raping, pillaging, and killing, mimicking 9th Century Vikings raging across Europe. And even if they are caught progressive judges are letting them off with little to no bail. Democrat-run sanctuary cities ignore ICE’s detainment orders.

Biden’s inflation prices continue to hammer all Americans from the grocery store to the gas station. Interest rates, tax increases, and the rising cost of construction materials and insurance have put the “American Dream” of homeownership out of reach of most, while rents continue to rise.

Antisemitism rages on campuses and in the streets and is not addressed by a single White House official. There is no condemnation much less enforcement preventing it. It’s the 1930s in Germany repeated. Students and academic inciters call for the destruction of Israel despite the horrors of October 7, which they approve of. Nobody in the White House says a thing.

Without any restrictions or guidance, the country is relentlessly peppered by far left progressive idealogues advocating mindless and outrageously expensive programs such as climate change; Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; biologically impossible gender change issues; and college campuses run by vile educated idiots.

The U.S. could be energy independent but nonsensical decisions are putting an impossible strain on the country’s energy grid causing household and business energy bills to soar. Consumers are told to buy electric cars they don’t want, can’t afford, are expensive to maintain and cause fire hazards among other dangerous issues.

Internationally wars rage in Ukraine and Gaza and our only ally in the middle east, Israel, is threatened by all sides while Washington waffles on its support for the besieged country

The Biden White House and the Democrat party is accountable for this mess!

Why hasn’t Congress acted on any of it?

And what is Hunter Biden doing attending staff meetings in the White House? Who appointed him to anything? And how about Jill Biden? Pundits from both sides of the aisle say she’s making decisions. Somebody – anybody – needs to do something fast.

Some in the Democrat party have finally pulled their heads out of the sand and admitted there is something not right with the “Big guy.”

The “Who?” question needs to be asked in every interview with any Democrat in the media, in government or any reporter with the mainstream media as it’s obvious to everyone that Biden isn’t fit to run anything, much less the most powerful country in the world.


It’s Obvious Something’s Very Wrong With Biden. But what? Could it be Parkinson’s Disease?

I was forwarded an article written by a neurosurgeon who thinks he knows, and I’ve looked up the signs of the disease. I’m not  a medical expert but what is described makes sense to me:

The three main symptoms are shaking, muscle stiffness and slow and unsteady movement.

The ones Biden displays are unmistakable:

  • his shuffling gait
  • the absence of associated movements (facial expression, arm swinging). When he does swing his arms, it appears stilted – probably because his handlers have told him to swing his arms when he walks. It’s something we all do naturally, but it goes away in Parkinson’s disease
  • gait instability
  • soft voice
  • difficulty with balance and coordination
  • resting tremor isn’t prominent in Biden’s case, but the neurosurgeon says that’s true in many cases of Parkinsonism

Here we have someone with cognitive issues with his hand on the nuclear button.

It’s time for somebody to do something!


Wait! What? We’re told that we’re not supposed to mock drag queens or transvestites, yet they mock real women with exaggerated impressions, squeaky high pitched voices, etc. They can participate in women’s sports and use women’s dressing rooms. How many do the reverse?


Judge Juan Merchan

New York Justice: Donald Trump was convicted on 34 felony counts for a “crime” that nobody has yet been able to explain. Not a single victim has come forward to say they were cheated or lost money. No victims testified against Trump.

The only testimony the prosecution presented came from a disbarred lawyer who is a serial liar and a convicted jailbird, and a woman who’s paid to have sex with strangers in public. The banks involved in the phony baloney scam trial all made money and even said so. So, how’s that work?

What exactly was the crime Donald Trump was accused of and who were the victims? I watched the New York trial for weeks and can’t figure it out and neither can any of my acquaintances, some of whom are Democrats.

Trump was convicted on all 34 counts in the case, that was a legal and constitutional travesty. Trump was denied rights that any New York or US defendant has says Al Tuchfarber PhD, Professor Emeritus of Political Science, University of Cincinnati, and prominent U.S. political pollster.

He says the trial was a farce and a condemnation of the Democrat  lawfare against Trump and conservatives and has backfired significantly against the Democrats.

The guilty verdicts will be appealed to NY courts and also to the federal courts because Trump’s 5th and 6th amendment constitutional rights were blatantly abused. “The post-trial legal and political fireworks are just beginning,” says Tuchfarber.

Due to the Supreme Court’s recent ruling on presidential immunity the entire case will probably be tossed out. The biased Judge Juan Merchan, has already postponed the sentencing which may be  a moot point.


Outrageous Outrage: A couple of  weeks prior to the Iranian aerial attack against Israel Joe Biden’s staff ordered him to say he was “outraged” over the accidental deaths of the seven aid workers in Gaza and to put pressure on Israel to cease hostilities. So the brain dead puppet did what his operatives told him to do.

It was only done to appease Muslim voters in Michigan.

Where were Biden’s puppeteers when his chaotic Afghanistan withdrawal cost the lives of 13 American soldiers and U.S. drone operators, killed three aid workers and seven Afghan children during a botched ill-advised drone attack? Where was Biden’s condemnation of that and all the Afghans who aided the U.S. that were left behind to be hunted down and murdered by the Taliban following his disgusting surrender?

Richard Littlejohn of the British newspaper The Daily Mail reported recently that an estimated 300,000 Iraqi civilians were killed after the 2003 Anglo-American invasion of Iraq and although there was widespread opposition to the war he said he doesn’t recall anyone credibly accusing the British or U.S. governments of committing ‘genocide’.

What were the empty-headed, crazed extremists currently screaming and marching across campuses, the streets of New York, Chicago, San Francisco,  D.C. and elsewhere doing then?

Does anybody out there recall hearing Biden, or his handlers condemn the savages that massacred, tortured, and raped 1,200 mostly Jewish Israelis and kidnapped more than 250 more while boasting they’d do it “again and again”? They burned babies alive, filmed it, and boasted about it? Campus crazies and paid-protestors celebrate the slaughter. The Biden White House says nothing.

Biden and his equally vile Secretary of State Anthoney Blinken can legitimately be accused of self-serving blather and seeking votes by sucking up to Muslim voters in swing states such as Michigan. They’re equally disgusting.

These are the radical students who march in circles with their inane signs chanting antisemitic slogans and  “Death to America” at pro-Hamas gatherings. Those are U.S. residents in Michigan, and Chicago, not Tehran. Apparently Biden and his equally evil Secretary of State Blinken were listening. Votes matter more to these two malevolent inept leftist lacqueys than human lives or the safety of U.S. citizens.

By sucking up to Hamas and throwing Israel under the bus by calling for a ceasefire and condemning Israel for a mistaken attack on aid workers Biden and Blinken fully exposed their allegiances. And their malice. The November election can’t get here fast enough.


Overheard at PJD’s Beer & Wine Garden: “When I walked out of the grocery store a guy asked me for a dollar. I told him I only carry large bills, so he said, ‘OK. Give me one of them.’ “So I gave him my electric bill.”


WOW! Linda and I attended the “Under the Bridge” VFW Post 4351 July 4 fireworks display  (pictured at left) along with News Leader columnist pal Steve Nicklas. We all left more than impressed with the patriotic display. Year-after-year the local VFW Post outdoes itself with a spectacular up-close display that leaves those attending emitting “ohs and ahs” and cheering and applauding. In addition to the VFW’s pyrotechnique crew, folks at the VFW were treated to fireworks displays across the marsh in downtown Fernandina, the Ritz, Omni, Yulee, etc.  Oh, and there were hamburgers, hot dogs, and an array of side dishes provided by members. Anyone interested in joining or learning more about this fun crowd of folks at one of the most friendly joints in Nassau County can contact them at (904) 432-8791 or stop by its under Shave Bridge location at 96086 Wade’s Pl, Fernandina Beach, FL 32034.


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  • “Due to the Supreme Court’s recent ruling on presidential immunity the entire case will probably be tossed out.” How so is that? Like Trump, you just make s*** up and the MAGA crowd cheers.

    • Tom – please attempt to articulate the “ crimes ” in hush $$ case

      Additionally perhaps you can add clarity by naming the “victims” etc aside from Trumps experts testimony being disallowed ++++¥

  • While essentially arriving at the same conclusion, the message is far more eloquently and effectively delivered by the National Review’s Jim Geraghty in The Morning Jolt dated July 3rd. But in keeping with Dave’s style, I’ll add that we (meaning the American public) are @#$_&! for the next 4 years

  • I’m a betting man, and I am certain Biden will NOT be the candidate for the Dems.
    Or….. at least not the President in 2025. He will be replaced.
    The unknowns are when and whom?
    2 cents worth…..

  • One simple question for Democrats and anyone who supports Joe Biden now – who’s running our country? It ain’t Joe.

  • It is so easy to understand democrats when you realize that their brains are wired backwards.

  • I think Tom Hanks has a good perspective (see included link); we are going through a period of challenge, but the strength of our constitution/people will see us through. We need to have a vision that is a bit further than the end of our noses –

    • You are quoting the “well versed and academically esteemed political historian” Tom Hanks!? Lord save us. But in the meantime I’ll take Trump.

  • The debate I saw was a sad reminder that we have the choice of two old men. One looked and acted exhausted and couldn’t follow his own conversations. The other lied thirty times and the only question he answered was asked three times before he said he would accept only a fair election – fair by whose standards? One old man presented some facts for what he has accomplished the last three years and what he hoped to do. The other old man rambled on about how mistreated he has been and retribution to all who “wronged” him. Nothing about what he hoped to do for our country in the next four years. Personally I would like to see both replaced before the election with younger people who both want the best for the USA, who are willing to have people around them who can steer them in a forward mode and not just how to pay back our judicial system for personal injuries. Unluckily we won’t be able to claim a mulligan….

    • Peg, you nailed it, Trumps lies are terrible.

      Remember when Trump lied and said the Obama administration spied on his campaign?

      Remember when he said the DNC/Hillary paid and planted the Steele dossier ?

      Remember when he lied and said Hillary destroyed evidence under subpoena?

      Remember when he lied and said the Biden’s were taking kickbacks from Ukraine ?

      Remember when he said the Biden’s were receiving money from China?

      Remember when he lied and said the Biden’s had numerous shell companies moving money?

      Remember when he announced the Hunter laptop was real and had evidence against the Biden family’s pay to play family business?

      Remember when he lied and said the virus came from China?

      And NOW, remember when he lied and told us that Biden’s cognition was missing a cog 4 years ago and the media was covering for him?

      WOW….. you nailed it. Good work.

      • Spot on. For some, brainwashed by the media claiming everything out of Trump’s mouth is a lie, it’s difficult for many to admit to the fact much he stated has become reality. Now if Trump said that his uncle was “eaten by cannibals” can you imagine the liberal media reaction to the mother of all false claims Biden recently made.

  • David, while I agree that the NY “fraud” trial was nothing but a political circus, since it happened outside of the time that Trump was president, the Supreme Court decision on presidential immunity will have no impact.
    The Dems are in a real pickle. Biden clearly has some mental competency issues, but the Dems know that Kamela Harris would even be a worse candidate against Trump. And if they select another person to be their presidential candidate, it is an admission that she was not capable for the job.
    Happy 4th and 5th of July!

  • Whoever Peg Dickinson is … Stop watching CNN or any of the other lying news stations about Trump. If he’s so bad, why are the Dems so afraid of him getting back in office? And, the last election was rigged … Trump won that one.

    • Did you and your husband even make an attempt to read any of the arraignments or rulings? Y’alls a hypocrite and not too smart.

      • Biden beat Medicare and then told Stephanopoulos “If Trump wins in November, I’ll feel as long as I gave it my all and did the goodest job I know I could do.”

  • Do not trust the Democrats over this Biden fiasco. They will lie, cheat, and outright steal the election by any way possible. The Biden family will never relinquish the power they have amassed in the past 3.5 years without a fight and rest assured the decision will be Jill’s in the end. This family will not sit idly by and let anyone assume this office and uncover the crimes that have occurred in the past, none of which are covered by presidential immunity. All of the others in the party saying he must withdraw do not have the power to make him leave in the end and once it is certain he is staying the money flow will return because they view Trump as a bigger threat that Kamala replacing Joe in the next term.

  • First Joe gave old age a bad name.

    Then Kamala gave air-heads a bad name.

    Is nothing sacred?

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