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The Government Spews Whoppers About EVs and Covid

The Government Spews Whoppers About EVs and Covid

Has anybody anywhere read or heard any RELIABLE government information about covid and the vaccines? I haven’t.

According to Covid & Coffee blogger and part time Fernandina Beach resident Jeff Childers, there isn’t any.

Both Linda and I can testify to that. Be very suspicious of anything the government tells you about covid.

Remember when that raspy voiced little weasel, Anthony Fauci, said: “Get two vaccine shots and a booster and you’ll never get covid.”  Then recall that he said: “If you get covid you’ll never get it again”. “Oh, and wear a mask, even two, to prevent it,” he said. It was all BS just like the phony baloney that it came from a wet market, that it didn’t come from a lab, that the Chinese had nothing to do with it, and that he didn’t know about the research in the Wuhan lab or had anything to do with it, etc.

Senator Dr. Rand Paul had that little slimeball figured out when he raked him across the coals during Senate hearings. Now the creep is sitting on a massive undeserved taxpayer funded pension when he should be confined to the psycho ward in the Psycho-Neurotic Institute for the Very, Very Nervous, in Mel Brooks film “High Anxiety.”

Linda and I  had the shots. We had the booster and we had covid. And guess what? This past week we were diagnosed with it again. We felt lousy, but not bedridden lousy. It was like a miserable cold, annoying and inconvenient.

The five-day contagious period is over for me and will be for Linda Saturday.

In the meantime I’ll be taking a break from the blog, starting next week, and cranking it back up again September 22 unless something unusual motivates me before that.


Electric vehicles are suspected to have caused a fire onboard this ship, This ship off the coast of The Netherlands is raising new questions about the safety of Li-ion batteries. The Fremantle Highway cargo ship had just departed Bremerhaven in Germany when a fire was reported onboard and it sank with 3,000 vehicles aboard. The crew survived. 

An EV Shocker! Not only is the electric vehicle industry a massive scam with the government’s absurd claims about saving the planet by preventing the myth of climate change, but EV’s are turning out to be deadly even when tuned off and motionless.

If  EVs are so great why does the government have to bribe companies with subsidies to make them and consumers with tax breaks to buy them?

Recent studies, including one at the University of California-Berkeley, indicate that most EVs are purchased by high earners. Fine with me, I just don’t want my tax money going to help pay for them.

The lithium batteries in these things have a tendency to overheat and catch fire. There are frequent news reports about boatloads of them at sea burning after their batteries exploded. Some shipping companies say they will no longer transport EVs and ferries in Norway have banned them.

Following Hurricane Ian last year residents who evacuated the Fort Myers area left their useless EV’s in the garage only to return home to discover their houses burned when the lithium batteries in them caught fire. Fire fighters can’t use water, because traditional water extinguishers do not stop lithium-ion batteries from burning.

If you’re stuck with an EV as your only transportation what happens when you evacuate during a disaster and there’s no electric chargers because the grid is down? What if you need a charge while stuck in traffic on a back road evacuation route and there are none or a charge takes two or more hours, and a hurricane or wildfire is bearing down on you?

A Wall Street Journal article in August detailed how electric bikes are even worse. It detailed how apartment buildings in the U.S. and England caught fire due to exploding e-bike batteries tragically killing numerous residents.

As a result many apartment buildings are banning them as are restaurants.

The EV industry is not a viable alternative to fossil fuels and won’t be for decades, if ever. It takes vast quantities of fossil fuels to run their charging stations and mine the minerals required to produce their batteries. Yet they’re proceeding full speed ahead. Hopefully the Republicans can pull the plug on this mindless sham with a victory next November.


Wishing You Were In Dixie? If you live in the Southeast and need a job you’re in the right place.

The fastest growing region in the United Sates in population and economically is the South with Texas, Florida, North Carolina, and Georgia leading all other states.

According to Bloomberg Florida, Texas, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee have a bigger combined economy than the entire Northeast corridor that includes Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland and Washington, D.C.

California, once the most populous and prosperous state is hemorrhaging people and businesses. The only new arrivals to that state are immigrants and those being born there. California residents who currently own a gas-powered vehicle should get out of that collapsing mess while they can still afford to fuel their vehicles. The doofus Newsome has threatened to ban all combustion engines in that state in 10 years.

The biggest losing states are Democrat-controlled with high taxes while the biggest gainers are Republican states with low taxes. That makes sense to everybody but Democrats who can’t figure out why tax payers with jobs don’t want to stay and fund their follies.

All the things folks need to live comfortably can be found in the red controlled states without all the inflexible environmental and labor restrictions and social nonsense found in the Democrat controlled nanny states.

When voting next November people might want to consider the southward migration and why it is taking place.


How Bad Are Things In California? The  homeless population in that state is exploding. More than half of all unsheltered homeless people now live in California alone, and Los Angele has more than 70,000 homeless people and encampments. These encampments take up entire parks, denying their use by tax-paying, law-abiding citizens. They have become conduits for diseases, as well as for robbery, rape, and open drug use. Taxes are going up, schools stink, crime is rampant, the loopy woke government officials keep piling on, and businesses are closing or moving out of state. And Gavin Newsome is portrayed as the Democrat Party’s White Knight. Good grief.


Speaking Of California And The Homeless: In the original Brothers Grimm story of Snow White, Miss White was portrayed as a young princess whose skin was “white as snow.” The dwarfs were industrious miners who the princess treated with kindness. Disney, in an attempt to alienate even more parents and totally confuse their children, has cranked out what could be labeled a Mel Brooks parody, but with none of the belly laughs. Snow White is portrayed by a Hispanic gal who went on a recent publicity tour bad-mouthing the original story, even calling Prince Charming a “stalker.” And the dwarfs all resemble refugees from one of the Los Angles homeless encampments.


Avoiding A GOP Waterloo: If the Republicans want to avoid an election Waterloo next November they should follow up on one of Napoleon’s maxims: “The art of sometimes being very audacious and sometimes very prudent is the secret of success.”

However to combat the combined forces of the Democrat-filled swamp of faceless unelected civil employees, the left wing media, and activist mobs they need to lean less on the prudent side and more on the audacious and keep in mind another of the French emperor’s sayings: “God is on the side with the best artillery.”


Why We Voted For DeSantis: Wednesday afternoon, after a report of looting in Steinhatchee  was reported Governor DeSantis immediately got in front of cameras, reminding looters that under Florida law, citizens may use deadly force to protect their homes when they are inside. What would a Governor Newsome say?


Florida Man: While Hurricane Idalia was nothing to laugh at there were some lighter moments like this one that had a CNN on-the-scene-reporter flummoxed in Tampa. It reminded me of storms in the 1960s where local TV stations filmed cars pulling water skiers down Tampa’s Bayshore Drive.


Amelia Island Awash In Literary Talent: Amelia Island is blessed with a bounty of talent including authors and authorities of national and international prominence including veteran writers Neal Freeman, John Gresham, Edward Kosner, David Baldacci, and Ken Timmerman. Up and coming writers include newcomers Bill Craun and Jerry Hester, both former military and law enforcement officials respectively, and Patrick J. Keogh, who writes on creating personal wealth through the stock market.

A young Ken Timmerman being interviewed on “60 Minutes” by Mike Wallace.

Timmerman, who is currently in the south of France where he also has a home, writes a weekly column and I thought that last week’s would be of particular interest. It follows as does Ken’s contact information. A former war correspondent who was once held hostage by Palestinian terrorists, Ken knows of what he writes. Here’s his latest.

Some things just don’t pass the smell test.

Take the Fani Willis indictment of President Trump in Fulton County, Georgia, last week. Every action she alleges to be part of a conspiracy was, she admits, a legal exercise of free speech. But combine them all together, add the sauce, and whoopee, it becomes criminal.

The same thing happens in the information sphere. I am a big fan of Tucker Carlson. The two of us shared a stage many years ago as recipients of the Reed Irving Award for investigative reporting from Accuracy in Media.

But I am not a fan of his “go-to” pundit on the Ukraine war, retired U.S. Army Colonel Douglas MacGregor.

In this latest interview, MacGregor comes off once again as a Putin stooge.

He claims, for example, that Ukraine has lost 400,000 soldiers – dead, not dead and wounded – since the beginning of the war, and 40,000 dead since the June counter-offensive began.

That’s about four times higher than the highest estimate I have ever seen. I’m not sure even Putin and his military would make such a claim.

Remember, this is the same Douglas MacGregor who, on day three of the war, said it would all be over in just a few more days when Russian troops would seize Kiev and depose Zelenskiy.

And then there’s this: MacGregor claims that Ukrainian commanders are surrendering to the Russians because they have so many wounded and can’t treat them “and from the very beginning the Russians have always treated the Ukrainians very fairly and gently.” That is a direct quote.

Now, I happen to believe the Russians currently have the advantage in manpower and equipment. The Ukrainian counter-offensive, mired in its third month, has clearly failed in its primary goal of breaking Russia’s supply lines to the Crimean peninsula by taking the port city of Mariupol.

But 40,000 dead in three months? Really? I don’t know what that man is smoking or whose water he is carrying, but he certainly stinks to high heaven of bovine excrement.

In these days of rampant disinformation and a media that is so obviously failing to do its job, it’s important to get ground truth. That’s what I have devoted my life as a war correspondent and investigative reporter to uncovering, as you can see by reading my latest book, And the Rest is History.

If you want better sources on this senseless war, I suggest you following the Institute for Study of War or the blog of my good friend Dr. Stephen Bryen, who makes a case this week that the GRU – not Putin – was behind the downing of Prigozhin’s private jet outside Moscow.

I discuss this, the expansion of the Russia-China-Iran axis into BRICS, and other subjects on this week’s Prophecy Today Weekend. Listen live as always at 1 PM on Saturday using the Jacksonville Way Radio app, or on 104.9 FM or 550 AM in the Jacksonville area. Later on, you can listen to the podcast, here.

Timmerman’s 12th book of non-fiction, AND THE REST IS HISTORY: Tales of Hostages, Arms Dealers, Dirty Tricks, and Spies, is now available from PostHill Press. It can be ordered directly from Amazon by clicking here or by viewing his author’s page, here.

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Moderate Majority - 14. Sep, 2023 -

Robert Thurston, a U.S. steam engine expert, wrote in 1894, that horses are not only, “…self-feeding, self-controlling, self-maintaining and self-reproducing, but they are far more economical in the energy they are able to develop from a given weight of fuel material, than any other existing form of motor.”

Harrison Waller - 14. Sep, 2023 -

Well, if you’re advocating going back to horses and buggies, that’s going to be a problem. There aren’t enough to get us all around, but there sure are enough gasoline powered combustion engine vehicles available. Janet Granholm and her entourage even used one go block an EV charging station in Grovetown, GA.

Moderate Majority - 14. Sep, 2023 -

My point has been missed. The anti-EV vehicle rhetoric is as wrong today as Mr. Thurston was in 1894. I still remember my cohorts in the 80’s predicting the Internet was going to be nothing more than a fad.

Katrina Joyner - 13. Sep, 2023 -

Other Half and I both had Covid, officially, aside from times we’re pretty sure we had Covid. I sniffled a bit. He got very sick and ended up hospitalized. There are a lot of factors as to why it ended up that way, but it shouldn’t be ignored that he always gets sicker than I do on everything. And then some things I don’t catch.

I did get the J&J vaccine, and I was fine. I got a booster. and was fine. My elderly mother got the J&J… .and then she was forced to get a booster with one of the others, Moderna I believe but I could be wrong. All I know is my father told me she was vaccine injured from it, and I got to watch her fade away. Her heart was only at 15% after I returned after a long estrangement. Maybe it was her time. Maybe Dad was telling the truth. We’ll not get a straight story if we ask, so we won’t. If it is true, she wouldn’t be the first vaccine injury case in the world.

That being said, I get it about washing your hands and basically doing the things we’d been told to do with soap and water for generations before Covid ever came to our side of the pond. Which is something I’ve always found interesting: we’re told to do all the things to avoid getting sick we’ve always been told to do, but as if it’s a new and novel thing. And suddenly people actually do them. Sometimes.

EVs I have no use for. My biggest criticism on the matter is something I learned while watching a Senate hearing. We’re told we have to switch to these expensive, unaffordable machines for the planet, but the main source for the pieces needed for the batteries is China: one of the biggest offenders against the health of the planet we have.

Jack Dyer - 10. Sep, 2023 -

Last I heard, about 86,000 Floridians died from COVID. Just a bad cold?

Harrison Waller - 14. Sep, 2023 -

With COVID, not from COVID. A big difference.

Julia - 06. Sep, 2023 -

14th Amendment rocks!

Jeff mcdowell - 03. Sep, 2023 -

Hey Dave, the nonsense swirling around EV vehicles is real. Can you imagine buying a Ford ELECTRIC F 150 for 100k, only to find out if you tow something like a boat or camper, that your range is a miserable hundred miles or so before you need a multi-hour charge? No thanks.
I’ve been reading Ken Timmerman’s book, what a life he’s led! Buy that guy a brew! I plan to.
Regarding your comments about California and their homeless problems, the voters got what they voted for, more taxes and a miserable place to live. The entire west coast of our country resembles a fetid toilet. So sad, and in need of leadership. Our citizens deserve so much better. Why there’s no demand for it, baffles me. Great blog.

Julia - 04. Sep, 2023 -

Flashback to the 2020 debate and recall Trump’s comments, “I’m all for electric cars.” Then Trump quickly claimed, “I’ve given big incentives to electric cars.” Go ahead and fact check. Those were his exact words.

Fred - 04. Sep, 2023 -

I always find in humorous when a Trump hater sides with one of his comments… Why not give your idols (Obama and Biden) the credit? What you don’t seem to get is that we are all for EV’s, but they just aren’t where they need to be to meet the needs.

John Goshco - 04. Sep, 2023 -

As is very obvious from his many comments over many months, Trump espoused an “all of the above” philosophy on energy issues and automobiles. And then, over time, let the market determine the winners and losers. He did not advocate the short term elimination of gasoline powered vehicles as California is doing.

What he said in the debate was:
“I’m OK with electric cars, too. I’m all for electric cars. I’ve given big incentives for electric cars. What they’ve done in California is just crazy.”

Your abbreviated quote appears to misstate his well established position on the subject.

Mark - 06. Sep, 2023 -

Can you fill us in on what those big incentives that Trump claimed to have given were? As Fred suggested, Obama is the one that should be getting the credit. Trump just says whatever he thinks will further his own interests at that particular moment in time with no regard for what the truth is.

More recently Trump has stated that EVs are terrible and, if elected again, he will end all governmental programs that support further development of them and the grid on his first day in office. That’ll be great for the auto industry and our economy, right?

He’s also going to end the war between Russia and Ukraine within the first 24 hours of his next presidency.

Of course, he’ll also need to be working on pardoning himself and whoever else was loyal to him ASAP.

Quite the busy man he will be. But, for a guy who may end up running his campaign from inside a jail cell, that won’t be a problem at all. Remember how he said he was going to be the hardest working president and would never have time for golf? Although I doubt he’ll win the election, at least this time he might not be off golfing all of the time.

Trump’s true motivations and positions on matters certainly are well established at this point in time. Can’t believe anyone out there would actually vote for him again. With the news of yesterday’s 22 year prison sentence of Proud Boy leader being handed down and Jack Smith’s continued expansion of his investigation into Trump’s fundraising violations, the hope is that we’ll never know just how horrible another 4 years with Trump in the White House would be!

Fred - 08. Sep, 2023 -

Can you imagine what another 4 years under BIDEN would be like? Perish the thought!!!!

Gordon Reilly - 03. Sep, 2023 -

People are starting to recognize the realities of owning an electric vehicle (EV). Once the downside issues are recognized the only people purchasing EVs will be people with enough disposable income that they can afford to lose large sums and fools. EVs will eventually find a place in our transportation infrastructure, but as of yet the EVs time has not come. The market is supported only by government subsidies and not by demand, and what market exists will likely collapse once all the downside issues of owning and operating an EV are widely recognized by the consuming public.

Larry - 03. Sep, 2023 -

Great column and sorry to learn that the chinese virus found its way to fernandino. We had it in 2020 then again in 22. Best cure we found is to eat lots of protein. You can eat a lot of eggs for taht. Beer is good too. Just don’t by bud light. Bush is good. Hope you and the little lady feel better soon.

Hillary C. - 02. Sep, 2023 -

Lock them up, lock them up, lock them up!

Jeff mcdowell - 03. Sep, 2023 -

Hey Dave, the nonsense swirling around EV vehicles is real. Can you imagine buying a Ford ELECTRIC F 150 for 100k, only to find out if you tow something like a boat or camper, that your range is a miserable hundred miles or so before you need a multi-hour charge? No thanks.
I’ve been reading Ken Timmerman’s book, what a life he’s led! Buy that guy a brew! I plan to.
Regarding your comments about California and their homeless problems, the voters got what they voted for, more taxes and a miserable place to live. The entire west coast of our country resembles a fetid toilet. So sad, and in need of leadership. Our citizens deserve so much better. Why there’s no demand for it, baffles me. Great blog.

Mark - 06. Sep, 2023 -

Agreed and its happening 🙂

Fred - 08. Sep, 2023 -

Hilarious! Why don’t you just chant Russia, Russia, Russia while you’re at it?

Fred - 08. Sep, 2023 -

Shouldn’t you be in the cell adjoining him already?

Fred - 13. Sep, 2023 -

Let’s Go Brandon! LOL

John Goshco - 01. Sep, 2023 -

It’s a miracle!
The “sunken” Fremantle Highway has resurrected itself from Davey Jones’ Locker. Unfortunately, one or the crew did die. The rest were rescued.

There are videos showing cars being unloaded from the wreck. Some driven under their own power. Some hauled off via crane. A few were still on fire (weeks later!) as they were exiting the ship.

In the 1970s, when the idea of electric vehicles first became a popular topic, I thought it would be cool to own one. Now – not so much.

Robert P Allison III - 01. Sep, 2023 -

Another great Dave – heal up

Ryan Fitzpatrick - 01. Sep, 2023 -

Texans are some of the stupidest people on the planet. Can’t believe they dumped their problems on NY and now the migrants are a national problem. Taxes to be raised for all of us to deal with it.

Can’t recall the last republican to balance the budget b/c it ain’t happened during my lifetime.

Gussy Miller - 01. Sep, 2023 -

NYC is a sanctuary city. So is most of NY state. The increase in illegal aliens is due to Biden’s open border policies. Your comment is native. The illegals have been an issue since the 70’s. Neither party has done enough to solve the illegal immigration problem. Both parties are guilty of wasting our tax dollars. Politicians are not your friend Ryan. Be loyal to the constitution & not the dogma of either party.
Best wishes for a speedy recovery Dave.

Fred - 08. Sep, 2023 -

Good comment Gussy!

Ken Timmerman - 01. Sep, 2023 -

Thanks, Dave. You are a mensch. Hope you and Linda kick the bug. 2x per day early stage: 50 mg zinc and 400 mg Quercetin (over the counter ionophore to replace Hydroxychloroquin). After that, mainly zinc. Not from Dr. Ken (who?) but Dr. Zelenko.

Anthony - 02. Sep, 2023 -

More like a bigoted pig and unquestionably a goy.

Dave Lott - 01. Sep, 2023 -

Enjoy your rest and recovery.

Wendy E Schaefer - 01. Sep, 2023 -

Hey Dave, Hope you and Linda feel better soon!

norma storms - 01. Sep, 2023 -

sorry to hear your wife and you are sick.
Get well SOON.

George Miller - 01. Sep, 2023 -

Trump blew it big time by allowing Fauci/deep staters to dictate the COVID response. Biden/Obama/Clinton fascists put it on steroids when they took over.

Yes, much of what govt. says is the opposite of reality, like in Orwell’s 1984. They have totally blown their credibility and with it, their legitimacy. “Climate change”, the border/immigration, COVID, the economy, education, social issues, international relations and trade and more, are all lied about and terrible directions on these are being forced by the regime.

KT - 02. Sep, 2023 -

Vous êtes tous de tels idiots à tête de cochon! Ce pays en désordre, les États-Unis sont devenus.

Chris Boelkes - 02. Sep, 2023 -

Eh bien, vous avez à moitié raison.

Harrison Waller - 03. Sep, 2023 -

tu accordes trop de crédit à kt

Fred - 08. Sep, 2023 -

Nice! Insult Americans in French. Don’t you have some better things to do Frog?

George Miller - 08. Sep, 2023 -

LOL, KT- France is hardly a sterling example these days.

Ken Timmerman - 15. Sep, 2023 -

D’abord, pourquoi cette jacasserie en français – de plus en est, un français si maladroit? Tu as peur de t’identifier?

Scott Osgood - 03. Sep, 2023 -

Yup! But, he’s still the man for me. Ron messed up too. I am thinking Ramaswamy might turn out to be a front runner? Not a bad choice either!

Mark - 06. Sep, 2023 -

Not sure if he’ll stay true to Trump or flip, however, Giuliani claimed that Trump saved 7 million lives with his fast response to COVID. That’s another guy headed for jail. Maybe the judge will show some mercy for him though. Perhaps home detention with his cameo in the Borat movie playing in a continuous loop 24/7.

Julia - 01. Sep, 2023 -

17 years! Still proud?

Fred - 01. Sep, 2023 -

Obtuse much? This isn’t FB. Nobody is following you or your train of thought on things you think are important. LOL

Gussy Miller - 01. Sep, 2023 -

Raise your hand if think Julia is really CL. CL is identifying as a petit female on this blog. Julia has same pattern of abusive baseless attacks. CL just can’t stay away.

John Goshco - 01. Sep, 2023 -

Oh yeah. You just know he can’t help himself.

Scott Osgood - 03. Sep, 2023 -

Proud enough to show my face while you hide behind a mask!