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China Is Getting Its Money’s Worth From Its Biden PR Team; Ross-Lednovich Cranks Continue Confrontational Craziness

China Is Getting Its Money’s Worth From Its Biden PR Team; Ross-Lednovich Cranks Continue Confrontational Craziness

The millions of dollars China is funneling into the Hunter-Joe family “business” organization is paying off handsomely for the Chicoms as demonstrated by Joe Biden’s performance on the world stage in Southeast Asia Sunday, September 10.

During his rambling, slurred and at times incomprehensible talk last Sunday evening in Communist Vietnam, America’s well-placed and generously paid Chinese PR representative was enthusiastic in his praise of dictator Chairman Xi and the Chinese Communist Party.

He downplayed that country’s aggressive military ambitions in Southeast Asia and ignored its abysmal treatment of its citizens at home. The Chinese spy balloon floating across America, the theft of U.S. technology, Chinese fentanyl flowing into the U.S., the Wuhan Laboratory and covid, China’s massive land purchases in the U.S. around military bases, and Chinse military incursions of Tiawan were never mentioned by China’s well-paid flack.

He said that his pal (e.g. client) Xi has his hands full with the Chinese economy and obviously has no time to invade his neighbors or anything else although admitting “I don’t know what his game plan is.”  Whatever it is its all apparently OK with Biden, as he gets paid to ignore any indiscretions by the Chicoms and exclaimed that all he wants from them is their “cooperation” and for them to succeed. He said that the U.S. wanted stability in its relationship with China and that China faces a ”difficult” economy and “we’re all better off if China does well.”

During the speech Biden never mentioned Chinese military exploits in the Southeast Asian region or its intentions toward Taiwan saying that even though he hasn’t talked with Chairman Xi in months he did everything but call him and order take out for the Hanoi audience.

When he wasn’t flattering the Chicoms and his pal Xi, the addled old timer was warning the world about the myth of climate change while his minions in D.C. ensured Americans that gasoline prices in the U.S. would significantly jump again as he just cancelled drilling rights in Alaska. As oil prices go up so will the cost of fertilizer and transportation. Food prices then rise just as gas is rising, and we’re back on the runaway inflation train again.

He failed to mention that the Chinese are building one new coal-fired plant a week. That would have probably been a violation of his PR contract retainer with his generous client.

And the next day, while the rest of America was honoring those who died in the 9-11 attacks 22 years ago, Biden was napping in Alaska, becoming the first president not to attend the annual memorial ceremony.

Instead Biden applauded Saudi Arabia for its involvement in a global infrastructure deal on the anniversary of 9-11, the mass terrorist attack that country has long been accused of organizing.

Last year the Biden administration released a would-be 9-11 hijacker from Guantanamo Bay to be sent back home to Saudi Arabia, a decision that was decried by most Americans and many lawmakers.

The obviously addled octogenarian spent part of his Sunday talk calling the fairytale of climate change “more frightening than nuclear war.” At one point he even lapsed into his cringe-worthy creepy whisper.

Hopelessly lost without his usual teleprompter crutches he was like a stand-up comedian who forgot all the punchlines and then desperately attacked the audience for failing to respond positively. His Hanoi press conference became totally derailed when he referred to those who didn’t buy into his climate change blather as “lying dog-faced pony soldiers” and once again wrongly claimed that he’d borrowed that line from a John Wayne movie instead of a 1952 Tyrone Power movie where a variation of it was spoken.

At the beginning of his word jumble he also flubbed the phrase “Good Morning Vietnam” saying it was the name of a song when it was actually a 1987 Robin Williams war movie title. Nonetheless it was not the most appropriate title to mention in Vietnam. His speech writing and fact checking staffs are as incompetent as he is.

As he awkwardly fumbled through the notes provided by his staff listing whom he was supposed to call on for questions, he angrily shouted at one reporter: “I ain’t calling on you.”

That was enough even for Karine Jean-Pierre, the inept pygmy that runs the White House press office. She mercifully gave him the hook, cutting his mic and loudly interrupting him midsentence as he was helplessly responding to a question announcing: “That’s all, no more questions, thank you for coming”, piping in music and ending 26 minutes of incomprehensible gibberish and public humiliation. He departed mumbling:  “I tell you what, I don’t know about you, but I’m going to go to bed.” I’m not making any of this up. I wish I were as I don’t enjoy seeing America embarrassed on the world stage.

Neither Biden, KJP or anyone else addressed the House GOP Impeachment Inquiry issue saying there’s no evidence that Biden profited from his son Hunter’s dealings with China or any other country. If there’s no evidence and there’s nothing to address then why is the White House building a war room filled with lawyers and communications staffers who are working overtime to make sure no evidence is found?

The entire Hanoi episode must have the Chinese Politburo in Beijing jumping with joy and high fiving each other exclaiming,: “Well, we’re certainly getting our money’s worth” while the rest of the world looks on in disbelief.

Even Kamala Harris is looking good to Democrats after this fiasco.

(An abridged version of the above commentary appears in Biz Pac Review BPR at 


This Week’s Winners of The Bad Taste Award Are…the folks at DraftKings, a sports gambling company that also runs an online casino.

On Monday, September 11, these pathetic losers obviously operating under the premise that bad taste is better than no taste offered a 9/11-themed parlay involving New York City-area sports teams.

The tone deaf company offered bettors the chance to take the New York Mets to defeat the Arizona Diamondbacks, the New York Yankees to win against the Boston Red Sox and the New York Jets to start the season off strong against the Buffalo Bills with a victory proclaiming: “NEVER FORGET,” the parlay heading read. “Bet these New York teams to win tonight on 9/11.” After a public outcry the bozos took it down, losing heavily in the public arena.

These folks would fit right in with the current White House crowd.


Poll Discovers Some Sane California Residents: A recent poll from UC Berkeley and the LA Times reveals that California voters overwhelmingly oppose the idea of cash payments for black descendants of slaves by a 2-to-1 margin.

As a Canadian-born naturalized U.S. citizen I can understand those opposing. I would be against it as well as there were no slave holders in my family and as far as I know there were never any in all of Canada. However, even if my ancestors had owned slaves some 160 years ago I would no more be responsible than I would be if they had raided an Inuit village and melted all their igloos. Speaking of Inuits what ever happened to Eskimo Pies? Are they now called Inuit Pies and if so where can I buy them?


Larry Thornberry

Letter From Larry: A recent email to me from Tampa Plant High School pal and American Spectator writer Larry Thornberry deserves to be read by more folks than just me so here it is:

Today’s Entry from the Political Dictionary is “public health crisis.”  So what exactly is a public health crisis? It’s anything a politician says is a public health crisis. (See the masks and school closings scams.) If any article or amendment to the U’S. Constitution can be voided at the whim of politicians, who can’t survive without crises they can appear to be saving the public from (see climate change), then the Constitution carries all the weight and force of a note passed in study hall. Standards like this change the Bill of Rights into the Bill of Suggestions.

And in this particular case, I’d counsel against trying to hold your breath until New Mexico gang-bangers start trading their guns in for Bibles. In fact I doubt you could find one who has even heard of the order. These are not the most informed people in the Land of Enchantment.

Of course we shouldn’t be surprised at this attempted usurpation by a member of a political party that I won’t name. (Hint: it’s the Democrats.) They’re required to do this by a Democrat Party Union work rule that states: “When wretched people do something wretched, punish and inconvenience innocent people who had nothing to do with it.” And we all know Democrats are bears for following the rules, as long as they make them, of course.”


Fernandina’s two curmudgeons managed to embarrass the city statewide as evidenced by the Jacksonville media’s past portrayal of the two cranks.

Meanwhile Back At The Ranch: Two of the most annoying, unlikeable, and curmudgeonly codgers in Fernandina Beach continue not only to publicly screech and pound sand, but to pat each other on the back following their respective tirades.

City Commissioner Dr. Chip Ross, a man totally lacking in charm, charisma and empathy who brought a boatload of antipathy with him when he moved here from Maryland several years ago, is consistently on the losing end of numerous 4-1 City Commission votes. (A summary of his notorious back ground is outlined at

Thanks to weak opponents and totally indifferent voters he was elected twice to “harumph” his way through seven years as commissioner. Today the term-limited Ross serves no useful purpose other than as a controversial entertainment factor. His lengthy, boring and insipid comments are continuously gaveled silent by current informed mayor and gentleman Bradley Bean and he is consistently outvoted 4-1 and 3-2 by reasonable representatives.

Mike “Left Coast” Lednovich, a proud sign-toting Black Lives Matter marching activist and California transplant, is a former Commissioner and Ross ally who lost his last reelection bid, is the other back-patting patronizing half of this cranky combo.

Observer “reporter” Mike “Left Coast” Lednovich proudly proclaiming his allegiance on downtown Centre Street.

Despite being booted by voters Lednovich attempts to stay in the public eye scribbling disjointed opinions for the half dozen left wingers who go online to read the sight-impaired Fernandina Observer and the other six who need to have it read to them.

Lednovich took exception to Mayor Bradley Bean last Tuesday night, September 5, when Bean gaveled Ross silent after the boisterous gasbag attempted to explain why two long-standing companies. AT&T and Florida Power, should be sued to remove a piece of their property – a utility pole – that has been in place for years.

How inept is Lednovich? He wrote: “Bean was armed with a wooden gavel – which he pounded three times to silence Commissioner Chip Ross, who was in mid-sentence. Ross was armed only with facts and a well-researched argument.”

Before being gaveled silent, Ross, in typical fashion was attacking AT&T.  “Why? Because these people (AT&T) are taking money from us they shouldn’t be taking,” Ross said.

I’m no big fan of AT&T but Ross would attack the Sisters of Charity and cookie-selling Girl Scouts because that’s his nature. His many lawsuits here and in Maryland have cost some businesses and municipalities including Fernandina’s thousands of dollars in legal and other fees. The very bizarre reports of Ross’s Maryland activities can be found by going to:  A Washington Post article can be read in the May 28, 2011 Washington Post (At the famed Tiki Bar in Southern Maryland, it’s the … – Washington Post ).

“Stop all that banging I’m talking.”

Ross even had a family with a special needs son evicted from their home here during the Thanksgiving holiday that cost them thousands of dollars in hotel charges.

Wannabe reporter Lednovich and the pretend news outlet Observer are the only sources I’ve ever seen who have defended the local curmudgeonly commissioner.

After Mayor Bean shut Ross down it was then decided that AT&T’s communications line would be discussed later and the commission eventually voted 4-1 to pay the company $30,000 to relocate it.

Lednovich prattled on in his silly opinion piece saying that Bean was “strong-arming Commissioner Ross, Bean undermined the democratic process.” That’s like saying the FBI strong armed Al Capone.

The city will be much better off when these two embarrassments hit the bricks, as they’ve certainly worn out their welcome hereabouts.






Fred - 21. Sep, 2023 -

Dave, Can we just get rid of some of these folks on here? I’m all for a free expression of thoughts, but the insults and slander of some of these characters is ridiculous. Just my 2 cents worth… It’s also why I use a alias for my name.

Kyle Rittenhouse - 20. Sep, 2023 -

DATELINE 9-20-2023: 78 yr old Volusia County man fatally shoots neighbor’s 42 year old son who is trimming trees on the property line. Shooting takes place in the presence of the victim’s 8 yr old child.

What a bunch of bureaucratic bullshit. He just needs to claim self defense along with his right as a Floridian to “send his ground”.

Hey, you guys keep on rock’n it and blasting away. Just leave some for me to chase on my next winter vacation!

Julia - 18. Sep, 2023 -

Over the last few years I have seen a divisiveness enter our state that was not here before. In Florida we eat, we drink, we party, and we get along. No one ever used to talk about the LGBTQ community, transgender people, or women and their right to make decisions about their bodies, with hatred and vitriol or discuss infringing upon their rights

But now because of the role of divisive national politics trickling down to our state I hear people, including Trump, DeSantis and Scott, preaching hatred and non-acceptance towards these communities who are just as Floridian as they are.

Being patriotic also used to mean something here in Florida yet y’all seem to think those who participated in the January 6th insurrection should not be prosecuted and Scott has continued to advocate for just that.

I support legitimately elected President Joe Biden because he embodies what it means to truly be an American leader – accepting of everyone and willing to fight for all of his constituents.

Fred - 20. Sep, 2023 -

You’re literally a piece of crap. You’re more divisive and offensive than Trump ever was or is now. You’ve threatened people on here, you just can’t take that someone disagrees with your thoughts on culture and/or morals. Get gone Coley or Julia or whatever you want to call yourself.

Jim Cassidy - 18. Sep, 2023 -

The World Health Organization has recorded nearly 7 million deaths globally due to COVID-19.

Jim Cassidy - 18. Sep, 2023 -

LETS HAVE A VOTE ON THIS: DeSantis’ administration is contradicting doctors and public health organizations in recommending that no one under the age of 65 receive the new COVID-19 booster shot. DeSantis and Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo last week publicly denounced the new FDA-approved COVID boosters, which target the strains of the virus currently circulating. Ladapo falsely claimed that the COVID vaccine has not been proven to be safe or effective and accused the government of “refusing to be honest.”

Scientists have been studying mRNA vaccines like those used to prevent COVID-19 infection for decades, and clinical studies involving tens of thousands of recipients of COVID-19 vaccines have shown them to be highly effective in preventing severe illness and death from the virus. As of May 2023, more than 676 million COVID-19 vaccines had been administered in the U.S, and adverse effects are very rare.


Roy Chisolm - 18. Sep, 2023 -

One flaw in your argument as you state “Scientists have been studying mRNA vaccines like those used to prevent COVID-19 infection for decades, and clinical studies involving tens of thousands of recipients of COVID-19 vaccines have shown them to be highly effective in preventing severe illness and death from the virus.”

It is a proven fact that the COVID-19 vaccine DOES NOT PREVENT infection. As you stated later in the same sentence, it is effective in preventing severe illness. I’ll give you that much.

Chris Boelkes - 23. Sep, 2023 -

What do I think? I think you need to update your knowledge base from it’s 2020 CNN base. Virtually everything in your post is either totally wrong or misleading. If you are actually interested in the truth, I suggest getting a copy of the book, “Neither Safe Nor Effective 2nd Edition: The Evidence Against the COVID Vaccines”, by Dr. Colleen Huber and reading it. It very clearly documents what many of us had known or suspected three years ago. It is just one of a multitude of sources of information on the poor efficacy of the “vaccine” and of the damage done by it…sometimes very serious damage.

Jim Jordan - 25. Sep, 2023 -

FYI, not-a-Dr. Huber has been under investigation by the AZ Naturopathic Physicians Medical Board (even quacks have standards) since prior to COVID and her ramblings on “Substack” that preceded the book writing. Short version, quoting her is like quoting me.

Cassidy Hutchinson - 26. Sep, 2023 -

Just go get vaccinated you fools. And a better read would be my new book, Enough!

Tuck Frump - 27. Sep, 2023 -

Perhaps, however, reading the indictments and orders being published has been plenty for me. And, of course watching CNN non-stop.

Thomas Dolby - 26. Sep, 2023 -

Researchers at Brown and Harvard universities have proven that if Covid-19 vaccines had been available, between January 2021 and April 2022 they could have prevented at least 318,000 American deaths.

And the notion that there is some real debate to be had around whether Covid-19 vaccines saved lives is preposterous. The independent Covid Crisis Group’s authoritative report released this year found that, during the Delta wave of Covid-19 in 2021 and the Omicron wave of 2022, “the vast majority of hospitalized patients were unvaccinated.”

Science is real.

Fred - 26. Sep, 2023 -

Where’s your stats on the number of deaths and serious illness caused BY the vaccines? Because what I’m hearing and seeing is that there is a huge number of people that were adversely affected by these vaccines. We all know that COVID was the $ maker for health care facilities and practices, so no matter the cause of death or serious illness, they were all categorized as COVID.

Dr. Nameloc - 26. Sep, 2023 -

Through May 2023, just nine deaths had been linked to COVID-19 vaccines, all from rare blood clots associated with a vaccine that hasn’t been available in the U.S. since that same month. Numerous studies have demonstrated that COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective, preventing the disease and carrying no greater risk of mortality for non-COVID conditions.

Tuck Frump - 27. Sep, 2023 -

As usual, Derf the idiot chimes in with a stupid comment. Pathetic.

Concerned Citizen - 16. Sep, 2023 -

I don’t care much for Commissioner Ross but Mayor Bean’s repeated gaveling is ridiculous. Who does this young man think he is? He said himself that Fernandina Beach takes the 1st Amendment seriously. If that is true, then why does he quickly pound the gavel when he becomes uncomfortable with what Commissioner Ross is saying? Allow Commissioner Ross to speak! Whether we like him or not, he sometimes raises strong points. Intelligent, open-minded people would agree that weaponizing a gavel is a cowardly way to handle meetings. Constituents should be allowed to hear Ross’s point of view and then decide for themselves.

Moderate Majority - 16. Sep, 2023 -

Jen Wanta – let me see if I have this straight. On one hand, you subscribe to conspiracy theories; accusing federal and state jury members of being communists while also claiming that prosecutors are illegally withholding exculpatory evidence from those same “communist” juries. On the other hand, you also subscribe to the notion that “real” evidence exists on the House Oversight Committee’s website; e.g. FD-1023 form. Did you read that form? I did. Synopsis: A “Confidential Human Source” (CHS), who admitted to meeting Zlochevsky (the so-called smoking gun) only once and speaking on the telephone twice, says Zlochevsky made illicit payments to both Joe and Hunter Biden. Mind you, Zlochevsky also states (according to CHS) that he didn’t make those payments directly to the Bidens. In that same report, it states that “CHS is not able to provide any further opinion as to the veracity of Zlochevsky’s aforementioned statements.” In the meantime, no one knows the whereabouts of Zlochevsky because he fled Ukraine to avoid charges of corruption and “theft of government funds on an especially large scale”. If Hunter Biden is guilty, he should face the consequences. But this so far laughable attempt to paint the President guilty simply by association with his son while claiming the “evidence” is “real” demonstrates adherence to fascism and authoritarianism.

Mike McClane - 15. Sep, 2023 -

One must wonder how the utility pole was overlooked when the fire station was sited. It is also common practice to coordinate such activities in the reconstruction stage.

By the way, this Friday’s News Leader is giving the Observer a run for the money for left wing editiorals.

Tuck Frump - 16. Sep, 2023 -

More proof of how ridiculous this push for alternative energy is. If nobody had battery operated cars or, even worse, electric bicycles, we could probably get rid of all of the power lines on Amelia. This electric thing is ridiculous.

Roy Chisolm - 16. Sep, 2023 -

You sir or ma’am are a moron. It is a “utility pole” owned by AT&T, not a power line.

Glenn Campbell - 21. Sep, 2023 -

Would there still be a need for a “utility pole” if the power lines were no longer there?

I’m a lineman for the county and I drive the airport road. Searchin’ in the sun for another overload.

Peg Dickinson - 15. Sep, 2023 -

Many years ago my mother warned me not to complain about other’s children unless I’m positive my kids are perfect. Have you noticed how quiet – for once – Trump’s kids are? Are their hands perfectly clean in all their doings while they actually worked for Trump in the White House? Can Ivanka’s dealings with China stand up to scrutiny if the spotlight is shined on her? How about Jerod’s billions collected from the Saudi’s days after Trump left office? Can Eric and Don Jr stand any heat? If you say what Jerod did after his f-i-l left office shouldn’t matter, then why does what Hunter did before his father was Pres count? Sometimes opening a can of worms isn’t really a good idea. Added to that, with all the other important issues and bills facing Congress right now, should their claim to fame be “We finally got Hunter Biden!” I can see our representatives running for office now and someone says “What did you get done? Did you pass the budget on time? What have done about guns? Does our military have it’s leaders back in and raises approved?” And they have to say no to all of the above, but they can say “We got Hunter Biden!” What a waste of time and energy.

CoCoNUT Harry - 15. Sep, 2023 -

Exposing government corruption is NOT a waste of time. Impeaching a sitting POTUS with no evidence of wrongdoing IS a waste of time.

Jen Wanta - 15. Sep, 2023 -

Smh- Trump and Trumps family have been politically tortured for 7 years

Suggest you go to House Oversight Committee website and read about the over 20 pieces of evidence there against the most corrupt regime in our lifetime ( things like emails, texts, bank statements, numerous whistleblower testimony e.g. ) perhaps you’ll gain an understanding of what real evidence looks like

Fred - 15. Sep, 2023 -

Give it a rest Peg… Trump and his family have been under a microscope for many years and yet there was nothing found to warrant the BS they’ve been through. Your buddy Biden, on the other hand, has MOUNTAINS of evidence (some of it on CAMERA), yet nothing. Wasted tax dollars on Trump for now 7 years and little to nothing on obvious evidence.

Moderate Majority - 15. Sep, 2023 -

You need to get out more Fred. The Trump Organization was found guilty of 17 criminal charges. Trump himself was found guilty of sexual abuse and defamation to the tune of $5M in damages. He’s now been indicted on 91 federal and state charges. Remember, indictments are handed out by juries after considering the evidence presented. Little to nothing on obvious evidence? LOL!

Roy Chisolm - 15. Sep, 2023 -

Give it a rest Moderate Majority… Trump and his family have been under a microscope for many years and yet there was nothing found to warrant the BS they’ve been through. Your buddy Biden, on the other hand, has MOUNTAINS of evidence (some of it on CAMERA), yet nothing. Wasted tax dollars on Trump for now 7 years and little to nothing on obvious evidence.

Moderate Majority - 15. Sep, 2023 -

The difference between a Democrat and a Republican: When asked about Hunter Biden, a Democrat says that if the president’s son committed crimes, he should be held accountable for them. When asked about Trump, a Republican denies even the most damning of evidence – including Trump’s’ own words – and calls it a political witch hunt.

Jen Wanta - 16. Sep, 2023 -

Moderate majority – you don’t need to get out more but you do need to read more; much more – sham indictments in front of communist city based grand juries constitute nothing – grand juries don’t receive exculpatory evidence etc- have you looked at real evidence of massive, massive corruption in Biden administration (such as bank statements, emails , whistleblower testimony+++) – it’s on the House Oversight Committee website – after you’ve dug in come back with an informed opinion – until then enjoy communism

Fred - 21. Sep, 2023 -

Here ya go folks. Just another liberal looney who can’t come up with a cohesive response. So… what do they do instead? Insult, defame and try to evoke some kind of emotional response to their inane ramblings.

Vince - 16. Sep, 2023 -

Peg you obviously get your info from CNN. Neck you TV schedule and note CNN is followed by the cartoon channel and the comedy et work. There is a reason beyond alphabetic order.

Now to the point. Trump has not been in office for almost three years. The current president is more of a criminal and national security threat than trump was at his worse day. Think about this point. The current president was the chairman of the senate judiciary committee. For him to say I did not violate anything stretches credulity inasmuch by his own words he interfered in the internal workings in Ukraine by undermining a prosecution of a firm his SON had a financial interest in. Say what you want but that is direct evidence to me.

Rod Johnson - 17. Sep, 2023 -

Excellent comment. Couldn’t agree more with your thoughts on Trump’s family suddenly being instilled into our country’s government. What’s kinda interesting to me is that none of the pro gun participants on this blog will object to the firearm related indictment of Hunter.

Fred - 20. Sep, 2023 -

Do you mean the crack smoking, felon Hunter? I thought you were all for background checks?

Tuck Frump - 27. Sep, 2023 -

Possible firearm violation by Trump too. If he actually purchased the Glock with his name and face on it (vs. just bullshitting like he did about paying for food at one of his early post indictment rallies), then he did so in violation of federal laws that prohibit the purchase of a firearm while under federal indictment. Oops!

We are not going to let that guy get anywhere near the White House ever again. Whatever it takes. The civil matter teasers with both Trump and Giuliani starring have been entertaining for sure, but we can’t wait for the criminal trials to start. DeSanctimonious is dead in the water and will never see his political ambitions become a reality.