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Protest Purpose Perplexes Passersby, Planners, & Protesters

Protest Purpose Perplexes Passersby, Planners, & Protesters

The April Nassau County Citizens Defending Freedom organization’s regularly scheduled monthly meeting at Amelia Island’s American Beach, Thursday, April 4 attracted a goofy gagged gaggle of sign-waving protestors aghast that folks have opinions that differ from theirs.

Without realizing it, a hilariously befuddled crew of protesters publicly displayed the outrageous hypocrisy of the folks that run the Amelia Island Democratic Club – AIDC, and the online Fernandina Observer. Both organizations demonstrate that they think area residents are ignorant, back water rubes.

The protest made it glaringly obvious that the Observer is exclusively an extension of the extreme-left and takes direction from the local AIDC, the group that organized the anti-CCDF American Beach protest. The protest proved without a doubt that the Observer isn’t a news outlet any more than the people that write for it are journalists.

Two of the Observer’s most frequent contributors – April Bogle and Rev. Linda Hart Green – who impersonate journalists at the Observer, were protest organizers and stood among the sign-wavers at the CCDF meeting’s entrance to the American Beach Community Center. Impartial journalists? Hardly.

Bogle, who also heads AIDC’s communications, wallows in Marxist rhetoric when she isn’t spewing it. See previous mindboggling Bogle missives at  .  She wrote both the Observer article about the protest and the press release for the AIDC. Only a braindead far-left ideolog would call what she does balanced reporting.

Hart, who was among the sign-waving crowd, writes weekly for the sight-impaired myopic Observer. So does Black Lives Matter activist and California transplant, Mike Lednovich, a very confused and failed former City Commissioner. Do its few remaining advertisers believe the Observer is a factual news outlet or just a parody of one? Its tag line could be: “YEH! WELL, OH YEH!”

AIDC Protest Planning Committee luncheon meeting.

While Lois Lane and Brenda Starr wannabes, Bogle, and Hart, demonstrate they have no regard for facts or an understanding of “Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Act” (HB 1557) biweekly print News Leader Editor Tracy Dishman acts in lock-step. The law has been mislabeled by Dishman and her lackey reporter, with the fortunate name of Julia Roberts, who call it the “Don’t Say Gay” law even though the word “gay” isn’t mentioned anywhere in it.

The law is one of the cornerstones of Jack Knocke’s CCDF group and a foundation for many of its activities. It’s a Florida state law passed in 2022 that regulates public schools in Florida.

Sections of the act prohibit public schools from having “classroom discussion” or giving “classroom instruction” about sexual orientation or gender identity from kindergarten through third grade or in any manner deemed to be against state standards in all grades. In other words the bill protects young children from the Democrat’s perverse sexual teachings and strengthens parental rights.

“Good grief, did junior get this at school or from an adult book store?”

Nassau County’s Citizens Defending Freedom Executive Director Knocke explained that his is a civic organization formed in 2022 that “locals have coalesced around to lead the fight against inappropriate materials in the schools, and other local issues. “We’re not banning books but removing obscene material,” he explains.

I’ve read some of the X-rated material available to the Fernandina Beach High School, Middle School and Hilliard middle and high school students. This stuff is not what you expect your kids to be provided with at school, far from it. If an attendee at a Nassau County School Board meeting read any of it out loud they’d immediately be told to stop and probably be asked to leave or escorted out.

Without specifically naming the AIDC Knocke said that there is “…a small, extremist, highly vocal activist group of locals that goes from issue to issue, from City Commission meetings to the School Board meetings, promoting their leftwing agenda and to protest against removing offensive and pornographic books from schools.”


Silent protesters. Is Rev. Hart posing  as journalist, preacher, protestor or organizer here? 

Shut Up & Protest: It’s hard to determine just what the AIDC’s sign-toting protesting parade of sheep think as they were told by their minders not to speak to anyone. They said theirs was a “silent protest.” This is a crowd that claims it’s practicing First Amendment rights then instructs its sheep to keep their mouths shut. Is it because they don’t trust them to correctly repeat their mantra or because the sign-carriers aren’t the brightest bulbs in the chandelier?

A response by one sign-carrier who violated the “Shut Up” commandment illustrates why the AIDC shepherds issued their gag order. When asked if she knew anything about CDF, this gal displaying a hand-painted placard proclaiming; “CDF is a nightmare,” answered, “No.”  Oops!

Guests inside the Community Center heard a talk by education scholar, author, and nationally-known commentator and journalist, Alex Newman, who wrote: “Indoctrinating Our Children to Death.”

The protest outside was obviously as confusing to the sign-totters as it was to onlookers: “Believe what our signs say and don’t ask questions,” appeared to be their silent message.

One grandmotherly protester held a sign displaying a blue/pink/yellow flag. Research indicates that the flag’s colors represent attraction to those who identify as female (pink), representing those who identify as male (blue), and an attraction to those who identify as genderqueer, nonbinary, agender, androgynous, or anyone who doesn’t identify on the male-female binary (yellow). Maybe she was in a hurry leaving for the protest and quickly grabbed a placard from a pile closest to the door.

More silent protesters silently protesting.

Some of the 30 or so sign holders’ signs referred to Martin Luther King since it was the anniversary of his assassination. They objected to the CDC session being held at a recreational location where years ago blacks could escape Jim Crow segregationists.

The protestors didn’t see the irony in the fact that anyone was welcome at the CDC meeting, even the protesters. Those protesting were objecting to all CDC folks, black, white, etc. using the community center for this event. This was a very bewildered bunch. It’s obvious why their shepherds told them to keep quiet.

I also found it amusing that the protestors were standing under a sign that read: ”All Animals Will Be Kept Under Restraint.”

It’s almost impossible to mock these people as they do a good job of that on their own


Speaking Of  Empty-Headed Buffoons:  Where do the “students” at Harvard, Cornell, MIT, Columbia, Coopers Union, etc. find time to rip down posters of kidnapped Israeli hostages, attack Jewish students, cheer genocide, conduct sit-ins, and march around with their mass-produced pro-Hamas poster board signs? Don’t they attend class, or have any work to do?


Scary? What Do You Think? The recent death of 81-year-old former U.S. Senator and one-time Democrat Vice Presidential candidate, Joe Lieberman, following a fall should be a stark reminder that we are just one stumble away from a Kamala Harris presidency now and in the future if the Biden-Harris ticket prevails in November.


Decision Making  Is Difficult Department: The candidacy of Charles A. (Tony) Morris for the Fernandina Beach City Commission mimics the public address announcement  from the comedic 1980 movie “Airplane” as it broadcasts the arrival gate for the out-of-control plane skidding down the tarmac: “Flight 209 now arriving at Gate 1, Gate 2, Gate 3,” etc.

Morris is a guy I don’t know, and I know nothing about. However, he appears farcically indecisive as he originally announced for Commission Seat 1, then Seat 2, and now Seat 3. He’s got two more to go to claim he ran for every elective office in the city and be remembered as the Harold Stassen of Amelia Island.

Seat 3 is currently held by term-limited pompous blowhard Dr. Roland “Chip” Ross, who when first elected, took the Hippocratic oath of “First Do No Harm” with him to city hall and practiced it in reverse.

Unless the vacillating Morris makes another change he will now run against former City Commissioner, entrepreneur, and restaurateur Tim Poynter. Poynter’s campaign treasurer is Genece “Let’s Make Fernandina Beach a Gay Vacation Destination” Minshew. Minshew lost her last bid for a Commission seat to Darron Ayscue in 2022. An incumbent Poynter lost his reelection bid in 2017 to Phil Chapman.

I know nothing about Morris, but will he be worse than this odd couple? You vote for Poynter, you also get Minshew.

Oh, and I’m betting that former city commissioner and current make-believe reporter for the sight-impaired online Observer, Mike Lednovich, is excitingly wetting his pants over the Poynter/Minshew ticket. This could be a three for one vote deal folks. Black Lives Matter activist and California transplant Lednovich is another loser, having been defeated for reelection by James Antun in 2022. He’s been spewing sour grapes ever since.


Wait! What? Global climate change “experts” say that the U.S. must drastically reduce its emissions, but that massively populated and polluting countries such as China, India, Pakistan, Vietnam, etc. are exempt. How is that any different from telling a small group of folks at one end of a public swimming pool that they can’t pee in it and telling the enormous crowd at the other end they can?


Cocktails, Covid, Coffee, and Childers: Attorney Jeff Childers, a part time Amelia Island resident,  who authors the widely popular blog ,will be guest speaker at the Monday, May 6, “We The People” session beginning at 5 p.m. It will be held at Shuckers Oyster Bar immediately southwest of Shave Bridge.

With law offices in Gainesville Childers is considered one of the nation’s leading attorneys standing against unconstitutional mandates invading citizens’ bodily and medical autonomy. Since the 2020 pandemic, He has managed to get an appellate decision finding that mandatory masking was presumptively unconstitutional. He also shut down the City of Gainesville’s “vaccinate or terminate” policy as unconstitutional with a first-in-the-nation broad injunction against a vaccine mandate.

For reservations contact Deb Boelkes at or 904/3110-9602.


Ken Timmerman - 12. Apr, 2024 -

Dave, I should have left this comment last week but I am in France and have been engrossed in olives and steeped in very good wine. But it seems just as appropriate this week. The far-left loonies who protest citizens defending freedom because they…. Defend our freedoms… seem to be first cousins of your former neighbor Robert Weintraub. It’s time for the CDC to classify Trump Derangement Syndrome as a mental illness that can only be cured By regular exposure to opposing viewpoints.

Moderate Majority - 13. Apr, 2024 -

Mark Esper, John Bolton, Mike Pence, Sarah Matthews, Alyssa Farah Griffin, Cassidy Hutchinson, John Kelly, Olivia Troye, Stephanie Grisham, and Bill Barr – all handpicked by Trump to serve as cabinet members, senior staff, close aides and yes, even vice president. All with first-hand, up close, and personal front-row seats to Trump’s conduct as president. And all who have stated unequivocally that he is unfit to serve a second term; with some going so far as to say that he is a threat to democracy. I believe the word for this is: unprecedented. So when Mr. Timmerman suggests that a cure for TDS is “regular exposure to opposing viewpoints”, I’m left to ponder whose viewpoints hold more weight? Mr. Timmerman’s or Mr. Kelly’s, a retired U.S. Marine Corps 4-Star general who served as White House chief of staff and Secretary of Homeland Security? I’m also left wondering which one of us is really afflicted with TDS?

Hunter Walker - 13. Apr, 2024 -

Open borders waiting on a terrorist attack, inflation, foreign policy failures at every turn (Iran just unleashed a drone attack on Israel), can’t complete a coherent sentence and on and on. Trump may not be the nicest person, but he gave all of your sources a job and for some reason they all took the job. I’ll take a second Trump term and if he accomplishes what he did in the first term, America will be better off than it is now.

bobby carter - 12. Apr, 2024 -

Just a short video about CLIMATE CHANGE for educational purposes

Steve Hall - 12. Apr, 2024 -

I can appreciate that not providing sex books to kids in school seems apocalyptic to the poster waving silent left minority (where’s Agnew when you need him?). What’s next?: book burning? However, the sad truth is that these kids can easily order anything they want thru Amazon — with mom or dad’s credit card — and get their fill about their teenage sex leanings on social media.

John W Ryan - 12. Apr, 2024 -

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