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Musings, opinions, observations, questions, and random thoughts on island life, Fernandina Beach and more

Observer “Reporter” Revels In FL Bashing By Socialist Crowd

Bogus local “news” outlet Fernandina Observer whose “observers” are in desperate need of strong corrective lenses, stumbled all over itself July 1 in a hysterical myopic piece by April Bogle.

An imaginary GOP anticipated apocalypse alarms an angst-ridden April . 

Headlined “Florida’s Worst Legislative Session Ever Attacks Personal Freedom, Some Laws Go Into Effect Today” this gal’s fawning biased piece could just as easily been labeled “April in Paradise.”

Bogle, a Georgia transplant, is baffled that others moving here find anything positive to approve of in Florida. Her prejudices were on full display as she attempted to cover a local forum organized by the Democrat Club of Amelia Island (DCAI), but only wallowed in the flow of angry socialist rhetoric.

Union organizers, ACLU members, out-of-county liberal radicals, leftist preachers, out-of-area Florida Democrat legislators, etc. gathered to spew pearl-clutching, hand-wringing tirades of Marxist venom at the Monday, June 26 session. They screeched that we’re all doomed by Republicans, conservative values, and Florida’s wicked Governor Ron DeSantis.

Speakers at the forum were psychotic in the causes they embraced with their attacks on the family, Christianity, and traditional educational and western values. Their messages indicate that they will stop at nothing to transcend the values that made America great.

Once Ms. Bogle heard the left’s irrational bashing of their hated “Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Act” (HB 1557) that was the siren call that triggered her to proclaim that she stood for everything these folks said and blew what little objectivity she may have possessed out of her, uhmmmm….ears.

“I’ve got to finish this article before the school bus gets here.”

The bill, mislabeled by both Ms. Bogle and News Leader Editor Tracy Dishman as the “Don’t Say Gay” law, is a Florida state law passed in 2022. It regulates public schools in Florida. Sections of the act prohibit public schools from having “classroom discussion” or giving “classroom instruction” about sexual orientation or gender identity from kindergarten through third grade or in any manner deemed to be against state standards in all grades. In other words the bill protects young children from the Democrat’s perverse sexual teachings and strengthens parental rights.

Ms. Dishman, penned her piece in the Friday, June 30 issue of the paper under the headline: “Democrat club tries to transcend party affiliation.”

Nowhere in the bill is the word “gay” mentioned yet Ms. Bogle and Ms. Dishman mimic other leftist scribblers, including News Leader reporter Julia Roberts, by inaccurately labeling it the “Don’t say gay” bill. Ms. Bogle, a self-employed PR consultant, is by far the most egregious scribbler.

Have they even read the legislation they’re writing about? I doubt it. Why bother. It’s easier to adopt and circulate someone else’s opinions and ideas than research the topic themselves and investigate opposing views.

April’s Paradise was more April in Wonderland as this whacky forum was jam packed with characters Lewis Carroll hadn’t imagined could be so off-the-wall outrageous.

Much of the rhetoric was aimed at Governor Ron DeSantis for legislation and policies he has sponsored to protect Florida’s school children, property owners, tax payers, voters, and parents from Democrat party overreach, its socialist philosophy, and practices.

“What the hell are these folks talking about?”

For example, State Representative Angie Nixon (D-District 13, Jacksonville) led the Marxist parade at this session, telling those there: “I have folks telling me they’re leaving the state because they fear for their lives. And they fear for their lives because the party in power is playing games.” Those terrified Democrat transients headed North will have to dodge all the cars and U-Hauls with California and New York license plates pouring into Florida in record numbers.

Ms. Nixon prattled on saying: “It’s really important that we let everyone know there’s an attack on our freedoms here in the State of Florida. They’re saying that this is the free State of Florida, but free for who?”

Good ‘ole April, she swallowed it all, hook line and sinker. Not hearing anything she disagreed with she echoed it all back and then some. In her article she displayed her bona fides as a member of the “cultural elite,” wagging her virtue signaling finger at the unashamed  DeSantis crowd, the GOP, and any others who refuse to deny their white supremist sinfulness.

Instead of acting as a watchdog for the public, this alleged Observer “reporter” attacks anyone who breaks from the leftist orthodoxy writing: “Experts on some of Florida’s most contentious public policy issues – abortion rights, LGBTQ equality, voter suppression and quality public education – explained how a slate of bills passed in the 2023 session of the Florida Legislature, many of which go into effect today, continue stripping away basic personal freedoms and rights under the leadership of Gov. Ron DeSantis.” She continued adding: ‘The laws run counter to DeSantis’ 2022 gubernatorial race slogan ‘Keep Florida Free’ and his presidential campaign slogan ‘Freedom Lives Here.”’ Whew!

Her blather was more over-the-top than the piece of mental indigestion vomited up by Observer restaurant critic, Dylan Bailey, about Café Karibo recently.

Her commentary (It certainly wasn’t objective reporting) concentrated on what she perceives through her socialist lens as a variety of sins committed by Florida’s conservatives ranging from climate change, abortion, voting rights, LGBTQ+ issues, and more.

Ms. Bogle ended her slavering claptrap with a list of suggestions from those attending the  socialist fete on how others can spread their litany of drivel.

Her mindless Leninist twaddle makes readers pine for the good ‘ole days when vision-impaired Observer founder Susan Steger and her Brenda Star wannabe sidekick, Suanne Thamm, (pictured here) ran that online mess.

With the exception of a couple of the usual local liberal suspects, Observer reader comments were overwhelmingly negative toward Ms. Bogle’s mind-boggling (See what I did there?) hit job. Based on the twaddle she spewed Ms. Bogle should pitch her PR skills to Bud Light, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, and Target, linking her Observer word jumble as an example of her work.

Unlike Ms. Bogle’s nonsense, The News Leader’s Ms. Dishman’s piece was a more balanced recital of the Democrat whining and bellyaching and incomprehensible verbal temper tantrums expressed by local and out-of-area Mad Hatters spewing their radicalized fury, hysteria, and abuse. Her major gaffe was misidentifying Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Act.

Based on his record so far, and with “reporters” like Ms. Bogle and Black Lives Matter advocate, Mike Lednovich, editor Mike Phillips doesn’t do his readers a service by only publishing material that fits his ideological narrative and positioning it as “news.” This is NOT a news outlet, far from it.

(Another thanks goes out to talented local illustrator Steve Hall for the introductory cartoon that introduced this column, and whom I now owe even more cold beers.)


Speaking Of Tasteless Journalism: Despite the above messes generated by the pathetic Observer, the following are the hands down winners of the most tasteless article and headline of the year that ran in the leftist New Republic: “Ocean Gate CEO Missing in Titanic Sub Had History of Donating to GOP Candidates.”

That is not a satirical Onion or Babylon Bee headline, but an actual headline and story that far left ghoulish writer, Daniel Strauss, wrote to capitalize on the tragic deaths of five people. This so-called journalist give all of us a reason to despise them all and never believe another word they write when they pump this kind of sewage into their cesspool publications.

These are the faux journalists, who claim they are champions of the poor, protectors of the climate, saviors of the planet, and preach equality, inclusion, and diversity. In reality they have no ethics, class, humanity, or morals. They are disgusting and their publications are equally pitiful and lack even an infinitesimal degree of credibility, fairness, morality, or truthfulness.

If you don’t believe there are totally depraved people out there pumping out this type of filth, read the article. Think I made this up? I didn’t. Read it yourself:


The unhinged admiral in a dress…..

Speaking Of Aberrant Behavior: Rachel Levine, the sexually unhinged guy who is Assistant Secretary of Health under President Biden who wears women’s clothing, claims that changing children’s genders will soon be commonplace, saying that the practice has the highest support of the Biden administration.

According to Fox News Levine said: “I think that it’s not going to be politically advantageous. It wasn’t particularly in 2022. And so, I think that as we look to all the different elections in 2024, I think the next two years are going to be challenging. But I am positive and optimistic and hopeful that the wheel will turn after that and that this issue won’t be as politically and socially such a minefield.”

What this whacko guy in a dress is talking about is mental and physical child abuse. Why isn’t there a massive national protest directed at the perverts that are promoting and allowing these despicable and horrible acts?

The push to bring transgenderism into the mainstream is so irrational that children are being disfigured for life. How can a child make a life-altering decision that is not reversible? Transgender education is being touted for public schools. What does a young child need to know about a man wanting to wear a dress? That’s why we are fortunate to have Gov. Ron DeSantis looking after our kids much to the chagrin of these left-wing ghouls.

This vile, obscene nonsense needs to stop. Hopefully November 2024 will usher in sweeping changes.


 Meanwhile Back In The Real World: It’s ironic that April Bogle’s litany of leftist babble in the Observer appeared the same week as the online Citizens Journal Florida (Welcome to the Home of Citizens Journal Florida ), an actual fact-gathering news outlet, celebrated its one year anniversary hereabouts. Its Publisher and Editor George Miller says: “CJF’s mission is to deliver REAL news, politically  incorrect commentary, useful information, valuable and sometimes entertaining copy to readers in Nassau County, FL, to expose misinformation and inform readers so they can make better life decisions.”

Miller says the outlet is actively seeking reporters and writers. Those interested can contact him at or I doubt Ms. Bogle would make the cut.


Overheard At PJD’s Beer & Wine Garden: “Put $100 cash in an envelope and then mail it to yourself. If you’re afraid it might get lost in the mail, then you should vote in person next November.”


Loan Arranger: Attorney Jeff Childers, who authors the daily online “Coffee & Covid” commentary and splits his time between Gainesville, FL and Fernandina Beach has a simple solution to the student loan issue. To read his commentaries go to 

“I have litigated the student loan issue on behalf of folks crippled by un-repayable student loan debt,” wrote Childers. “There is a simple solution: allow student loans to be discharged in bankruptcy after making a reasonable effort to pay them back. That’s all it would take.”

“There is no legitimate justification for excepting student loans from bankruptcy apart from protecting the banks. If other bank loans are dischargeable, then student loans should be, too.”


Out Of Order: After someone told him about recent decisions, Joe Biden mumbled to reporters that the Supreme Court wasn’t “a normal court.”

It’s not the Supreme Court that’s not  normal. It’s Joe Biden. His brain is out of order. He can’t recall the year or where he is without using a teleprompter. Some men are national treasures; Biden is a national buffoon.

American society today resembles a rabbit hole overseen by a bewildered old man who doesn’t have a clue about core values or where he is most of the time. Biden is a neurologically challenged geriatric geezer who only occasionally has brief bouts of full cognizance. Brace yourself as this bumbling old fool has almost two years left in his term.


Ron Sapp Signs Off: Long-time News-Leader columnist, school teacher, and local political activist, Ron Sapp, announced a farewell to his column in the News Leader in the Wednesday, July 5 issue of the bi-weekly paper.

As far as I can recall, I’ve never once agreed with the admitted socialist Sapp about anything he’s ever written. However, his final “Debate & Tackle” column is an exception.

In it Mr. Sapp revealed that he is suffering from metastatic prostate cancer and expressed his gratitude and thanks to those in his life – community, family, and friends – that have always been at his side, care for him and are currently assisting him during this difficult period.

The column wasn’t self-serving or a plea for sympathy, but a sincere thank you. After reading about all of Mr. Sapp’s local accomplishments in a front page tribute article by Editor Tracy Dishman, it is obvious he has assisted in a variety of projects that have contributed to the town of Fernandina ranging from Egans Creek and building height restrictions to the beach accesses and various city parks.

His final piece “Warm both hands before the fire” was well written, obviously heartfelt, and will generate more than one lump in the throat of readers.

I’ve had two biopsies for prostate cancer, both came up negative. If I ever have one that proves positive I hope I can face the challenge with the same courage Mr. Sapp displays. I wish him the best and many more years enjoying his family, friends and the community he serves and loves so much.

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  • WOW Dave…. such a nice thing to say about Ron Sapp. I appreciate your empathy for his illness. At times like this, everyone deserves respect. Thanks.

  • I’m sure glad that folks like the ones who ran the Dem “legislative forum” are now in the minority in Florida, since this is what I came to FL to get away from. But, I discovered the local media were overwhelmingly left wing. Why? I couldn’t determine that, so we started Citizens Journal as a counterweight. Please support us. I was happy to see that the Dave Scott Blog, Yulee News and Westside Journal are also good. Hopefully, they too will grow.

  • Mr. Childers’ idea about making student loans dischargeable is worthy of further discussion. They once were, until the numbers of graduates taking that route started climbing. And since student loans are ultimately guaranteed by the US government (i.e. all of us responsible folks) the banks are protected. If we lack the will to terminate that program completely, we should make the institutions liable for some off the debt in event of default. Then they might discourage students heading towards lower paying careers, such as social work, or art, from taking on unplayable amounts of debt.

  • Tax payer guaranteed loans constitute robbery of taxpayers. Why should I back shaky loans for other people’s kids?

    The abundance of money directed at education drives the price higher as the quality declines. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

    Now we face the humiliation of Joe Biden, putting the cost of these loans on our back, Supreme Court decision be damned.

  • Unluckily giving one person a “freedom” usually means another is losing a ‘freedom”. If parents would just talk to their own kids and stop trying to raise everyone’s the country might be happier. If you don’t want your child to read a book, explain to them why and don’t let them, don’t ban it for everyone, that just makes it more interesting. If you are concerned about your child learning about gays in school, sit them down and have conversation with them – knowledge is power no matter what age. Same with masks a couple of years ago, if someone owned their own store and felt more comfortable with masks being used what right did DeSantis have to take that away? Instead let the people decide, no mask? Shop somewhere else. That principle also applies to a customer being served, if someone owns their own business and doesn’t want to serve a particular customer they should be allowed that privilege. If you don’t like Disney’s gay policy, go to SeaWorld or Universal. It worked with Bud Light and Target, and both caught on quickly. DeSantis’ popularity in other states tells me his constant law changes aren’t pleasing everyone…. Time to rethink how to please the masses if he wants to win the White House.

    • Point being? It shouldn’t have to come to a law to prevent other people from teaching “everyone’s” kids things they shouldn’t be… but here we are, because they do! Did I miss something on the masks? Did the State actually tell a private business owner that they had to serve someone? No shirt, no shoes, no service comes to mind immediately. But I guess you were fine with the gay couple suing the baker for not making their wedding cake, right?

  • After a mention in the comments of last week’s blog, as well as another mention by the author of this blog, I decided to venture over to Jeff Childer’s website “Coffee & Covid” and give it a read. I wasn’t far into Thursday’s edition before the red flags started popping up. Finally, the following statement contained within Mr. Childer’s blog raised the 5-alarm fire inside my head: “Between shrinking estimates of covid deaths (because of over-diagnosis), and increasing evidence of jab-caused mortality, we are now well on the way to proving that the jabs killed more people than covid.” We? Let’s start with his claim that, [and I quote] “Yesterday — the 5th of July — the Lancet published a preprint titled “A Systematic Review of Autopsy Findings in Deaths after COVID-19 Vaccination.” I won’t go into The Lancet’s entire statement of purpose (you can read that on the front page of their website) but I know enough to recognize what they will and won’t publish. But just to confirm, I looked at every article posted on July 5th and followed up by doing a site search on the article Mr. Childer’s claims was published by The Lancet. I came up empty on both counts. Clearly, it wasn’t published by The Lancet because the research wasn’t peer-reviewed. And how do I know it wasn’t peer-reviewed? Because if it was, and the findings were found to be legit, it would have made the news. There are those of us who don’t live in an echo chamber and know the difference between the real world and the conspiratorial alternative reality extremists bathe themselves in. On the bright side, at least I know what attorney not to call if I should find myself in need of one.

    • Just to be clear, Jeff Childers referenced a “preprint” with The Lancet which was, in fact, published on July 5th, but has been withdrawn “because the study’s conclusions are not supported by the study methodology”. The study was published when Jeff cited it.

      • My point stands. I read the “preprint” and it immediately raised red flags. Hence, I endeavored to verify its validity. When you live in an echo chamber your ability to reason outside your inherent bias becomes incapacitated. Mr. Childer’s reporting on a study whose “conclusions are not supported” is sloppy work. Not my cup of coffee – pun intended.

        • I didn’t dispute any of your points. The fact that you searched for the article and didn’t find it might have led some readers to assume, therefore, that Jeff made it up. The article was published in the preprint on July 5th and, when Jeff wrote his article there was no indication that it would eventually be withdrawn. All preprint studies are subject to that. They are published so that others can attempt to prove or disprove the authors premise. You are correct on the echo chamber bit. One should expose themselves to other views with an open mind and come to their own conclusions.

          • The Lancet is well-regarded in the scientific community for providing a platform to “widen the opportunity for [authors to receive] comments on their work by other researchers with the goal of an improved final peer-reviewed publication and for exchange of research areas with the future potential for collaboration.” On their website, The Lancet goes on to state: “Preprints are not peer-reviewed and should not be used for clinical decision making or reporting of research to a lay audience without indicating that it is preliminary research that has not been peer-reviewed.” Mr. Childers violated the spirit and the stated objective of the Lancet community by doing the very thing they’re opposed to in order to further his own agenda. Legal? Yes. Ethical? Considering the large number of subscribers he commands, I’ll let you be the judge.

  • The observer is sinking fast and pretty useless as a source for anything.
    Saw a good one the other day…

    “Here’s how to teach your kids about socialism by making them to clean the bathroom.
    Then, pay them 10 dollars.
    Then, take 7 dollars away and give those 7 dollars to their sibling that didn’t work.

    I bet they won’t be a socialist very long.”

    Keep up the great work!

    • They will not even allow comments unless you put your first and last name. Even when you put your first and last name, they review comments and refuse to post many which don’t fit their narrative. So much for the right to free speech….they can’t even handle someone disagreeing with their very far left views.

    • Spot on. ? Marxism and Obamacare – all great until the people paying for it run out of your money.

  • Among your better columns.
    Human interest.

  • A reporter would have stuck to the basic “who, what, when, where, why, and how” of the story, without the embellishment of slanted adjectives, opinions, etc. A journalist would have done research into the claims made, and hopefully presented alternative opinions. This appears to be nothing more than a PR piece for venting Democrat Party talking points


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