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Musings, opinions, observations, questions, and random thoughts on island life, Fernandina Beach and more

U.S. Rep Rutherford Alerts Locals About Illegals & More; Inside Source Says Fernandina Bureaucrats Bungled Budget

Covid-infected illegal aliens flooding into northeast Florida and the Biden administration’s attempt to nationalize America’s police forces were two  topics of local interest covered by Republican 4th District Congressman John Rutherford during an appearance at a  gathering at Shucker’s Restaurant this past Monday, August 30 attended by a standing-room-only crowd.

The Congressman said that some 25 percent of the illegals being surreptitiously flown into Jacksonville International Airport in the dead of night by the Biden administration are infected with Covid and they are crowding into the ICUs of area hospitals, occupying up to 25 percent of those hospital beds. Other reports claim 70 percent of all north Florida hospital rooms are occupied by illegals.

Rutherford praised Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for sending Florida state troopers to Texas to help stop illegals at the Mexican border declaring: “We’ve got to  stop them at the border and finish the wall.”

He stated that “unelected bureaucrats are running the show in Washington D.C. and that a Republican sponsored bill – the REINS Act – is designed to “stop that foolishness” and will be enacted when and if the GOP takes control of the House and Senate in 2022. The legislation would increase accountability and transparency in the federal regulatory process. In a similar vein he called out the unelected Dr. Anthony Fauci saying hydroxychloroquine has proven effective in treating Covid despite Fauci’s claim otherwise.

The former police officer and Jacksonville Sheriff also warned the group about the current attempts by the Biden administration to “destroy local law enforcement agencies”, particularly through irrational legislation such as “The George Floyd Justice Act” that would be a huge step in the Democrat’s attempt toward establishing a national police force.

“Name one socialist or communist country that doesn’t have a nationalized police force?” he asked. He warned that Biden administration’s efforts to eliminate “qualified immunity” that prevents frivolous law suits against local police “would be a disaster.”

John Rutherford, who was a no-nonsense sheriff, is now a pro-police, no-nonsense U.S. Congressman.

“Police officers won’t want to put themselves into the breech between the public and the criminals if they know their financial future is at stake,” he explained. “You’ll call the police, and they won’t show up.”

He explained that Democrats are going after local police departments using Marxist organizations like Black Lives Matter and Antifa in their efforts to create a nationalized police force.

He also issued a warning to “big tech” saying  “we’ll take them on…Google, Amazon, Twitter, etc. and bust them up when we retake the House.”

He urged Republican residents to get out and register other Republicans “because of what’s at stake.” He said Democrats in Duval County have invested more than $1 million in voter registration efforts. “You need to get involved in politics at a local level,” he urged the group. “Get involved and run for local school boards and other elected positions.”

The Congressman’s comments were frequently interrupted with enthusiastic applause from the partisan crowd.  An exception was a woman who appeared to have been extremely overserved by the eatery’s kitchen.  As she waddled toward the exit she raised both chubby hands to display obscene gestures while staring at the ground, the same exit salute Joe Biden gave to the Americans and our allies that he left stranded in Afghanistan. She was likely headed to one of the cars in the parking lot bearing a New York license plate. Hopefully she’s just passing through and headed back north.


Jihadists Flying Air Biden: My latest Biz Pac Review column headlined “Air Biden Flying Jihadists To America?” can be read by clicking here: 


Speaking Of Out-Of-Towners: According to a front-page article in the Monday, August 30 Wall Street Journal headlined “Pandemic Stokes Exurbs Boom” Florida’s Nassau County grew 23 percent in the last 10 years and has seen a surge in traffic citations according to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. Those unhappy folks escaping from Democrat hellholes in New York, Michigan, New Jersey, etc. are apparently in a hurry to get here. And based on what I witnessed at Monday’s “We The People” session many are bringing their nasty habits and attitudes with them.


Fernandina Beach budget workshop session.

Meanwhile Back At The Ranch: My anonymous Fernandina Beach city government correspondent who is burrowed deep in a secure downtown site with up-close access to the city’s bureaucratic bumblers assessed the city’s recent budgeting sessions observing: “The recent budget workshop circus demonstrates, yet again, that the real power lies with unelected bureaucrats, not our representatives, who fail totally in their duty to control the purse.”

A recent poll on this site also indicated that an overwhelming number (97 percent) of readers who live in the city want city budgets cut to maintain or lower their current property taxes.

It’s not over yet.  There’s a final public budget hearing Tuesday, Sept.7, at 5:05 pm. Folks who voted here for additional tax cuts should attend and voice their opinions and send emails to the commissioners demanding they cut more? Here are some suggested areas that can be whacked:

  • Reduce the vehicle purchase budget
  • Cut Operating Expenses
  • Reduce the marina subsidy given the FEMA decision (see below)
  • Save $120K by doing repair of the payroll system

Tell all five commissioners to do their jobs and cut out the unnecessary spending by using this simple link: Commissioners–No Tax Increase  or calling or emailing them one at a time.

My anonymous correspondent observes there is no leadership amongst our current crop of Commissioners. “Three of them take significant compensation (health insurance and an annual $12K stipend) at taxpayer expense and fail to do their job”, he says. “They should step aside for more competent leaders but will not. That can be corrected.”

“Mr. (Mike) Lednovich (the current mayor) has repeatedly demonstrated his lack of leadership, preferring to pontificate, badger, and bully, instead. Mr. (Len) Kreger (vice mayor) talks on and on, offering no real solutions. Mr. (Bradley) Bean, whose bark has no bite, seems guided by “how the wind is blowing”, leaving us wondering what his principles really are. Mr. (David) Sturges rarely contributes to the discussion, and when he does warbles and apologizes, again offering confusion, not leadership.”

My inside critic adds that “a day of reckoning is coming, when Mr. Lednovich and Mr. Kreger can be replaced by citizens who will lead and who will protect the interests of our taxpayers.”

“Perhaps,” he says, “with competent leadership on the dais, both Mr. Bean and Mr. Sturges will step up their game and earn the compensation we are providing.”

Critiquing Commissioner Dr. Chip Ross, he admits: “He alone does offer consistency and absolute clarity of position. Unfortunately, Dr. Ross cedes the power of the purse to the City Manager. Wrong-headed, indeed, but honest. His day in the sun will also pass, giving citizens another chance to get it right.”

“Left Coast” Lednovich

He predicts that the election in November 2022, is the time to replace Mr. Lednovich and Mr. Kreger with “real leaders who will assert their power of the purse and control city government, not bureaucrats.”

My correspondent tells me I’m too easy on Mayor “Left Coast” Lednovich saying: “You know people miss the “good ole’ days” when Johnny Miller was the mayor….with him the biggest issue was flying gay pride flags at city hall…inappropriate, but harmless.”

He adds that “Left Coast” has “let his title go to his head and creates more harm than good….noise ordinance nonsense, illegal use of impact fees (he knows better, just creating trouble), badgering city staff, for/against eminent domain, and so on. He stirs up controversy….a leader? No. An egoist? Yes.”

This man, who knows more than most, left out the fact that Mayor “Left Coast” Lednovich shared his progressive leanings with a few locals declaring he thinks the downtown statue of David Yulee should be removed because Yulee was a slave holder. He also advocates a cap on how much money people can earn annually. While all the other commissioners are registered Republicans, Left Coast says he’s NPA (No Party Affiliation), but we know better. He only checked that box because there wasn’t one labeled “Marxist”.


Good News For Fernandina? Fernandina City Commissioner Chip Ross informed me late Wednesday evening , Sept. 1, that FEMA has agreed to an arbitration agreement that calls for the City to present all documentation of actual costs to FDEM within fourteen days and for FDEM to provide those documents to FEMA within five days. FEMA will then have sixty days to review the documentation and obligate funding, which will total 75% of the costs.

However, the issue is far from settled. FEMA said it will  “review City spending for evaluation of reasonableness”. It did not say “okay we will 100% reverse the original reversal”.  The FEMA document is vague and makes no specific dollar commitment. For example, there is no mention of the realignment of the southern docks that the city undertook. it remains to be seen if the $6 million will materialize. Besides the city spent well over the $6 million requested from FEMA.

Folks at city hall may be prematurely jumping for joy and clicking their heels together but they are the same folks that mismanaged the entire process. If it had been handled properly, the city would have been reimbursed years ago like other cities and would not have had to go through the years of hassle, legal fees, financing, finger pointing about lost documents,  etc.

It also appears that City Manager Dale Martin has conceded that Commissioner Ross is indeed the city’s official spokesperson, because the only announcements I ever receive about issues such as this come from Ross and not Martin or any other city bureaucrat.


What’s in A Name? Just like the name “Bolshevik” was changed to “Communist” the labels “Antifa” and “Black Lives Matter” will soon fade to something more socially acceptable. Their contempt, hatred and destructive nature will remain as will the mindset of its vile, treacherous, hypocritical leaders. The only difference between the Bolsheviks and their Communist successors, was the Communists were even more deceptive, brutal and inhumane.


Stupidity On Steroids: While Joe Biden was hurriedly surrendering in Afghanistan General Mark “Thoroughly Muddled” Milley, the incompetent head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was busy boning up on white rage and Critical Race Theory.  He wants to know all there is to know about them?  Fine, send the pompous old fool over to PJD’s Beer & Wine Garden any Wednesday evening starting at 5 pm for a gathering of folks who’ll give him an earful. This is a group of highly informed, well-spoken folks who can intelligently articulate their thoughts verbally and in print. They range from battlefield veterans and corporate executives to writers and politicians of both sexes (there are only two General) and many ethnicities. They’re not concerned about “white rage” general, but they are outraged that an incompetent fool like you is in such a powerful position.


A network moderator moderating.

Speaking of Nitwits: A local Facebook network group called “Amelia Island Fernandina Beach Yulee Network” has removed my last three blogs and banned me for a week each time saying that I don’t meet their “All posts must be local and pass the ‘So what’ test.” They also say my nationally published Biz Pac Review column “goes against their community standards on spam guidelines”. Huh?

Unnamed pusillanimous twits called “moderators” that administer that site apparently think that thousands of illegal aliens being flown into northeast Florida’s Jacksonville Airport by the federal government are of no interest to our community located just 20 minutes from that airport.

Even though our 4th District U.S. Congressman John Rutherford and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis have confirmed it is happening and condemned it, these anonymous censors booted me saying their readers aren’t interested in such stuff, labelling it spam. According to these jerks my interview with Congressman Rutherford is rubbish and unimportant.

Even though my commentary was published nationally on Biz Pac Review and picked up by other national media outlets these geniuses say, “So what?”  You can read it by clicking here:

My blogs also carried articles about Fernandina Beach’s tax rates and included prominent locals suggesting cuts that would help reduce them, items these intellectual midgets say are of no interest to anybody around here or to those that read their pathetic site. These schmucks obviously don’t have any respect for the intellect of their readers and are advocates for open borders and higher taxes and want to silence any opposing views.

Based on the most recent content approved for posting on the “Amelia Island Fernandina Beach Yulee Network” snoozer its readers are apparently only concerned with such riveting topics as where to buy pizzas, locating a squirrel “rehabber” (I didn’t make that up), finding lost cell phones and bowling league schedules, subjects guaranteed to make your eyes glaze over. If you have insomnia and are brain dead this is the site for you.


Things I Wish I’d Said: “At Harvard, they recently chose a college chaplain who is an Atheist. Next, I suppose we’ll hear that the new chef in the college cafeteria is a cannibal.” — Burt Prelutsky. Burt also relayed the story about a friend of his who passed along a meme titled “Transvaccinated” and reads: “I am not actually vaccinated, but I identify as someone who is vaccinated.”


They Sacked The Wrong Guy! Friend, Tampa Plant High School classmate and American Spectator writer, Larry Thornberry, sent me the following pithy analysis of the resignation of a Marine Lt. Col that I can’t disagree with. (

“Damn. Is this ass-backwards or what?” writes Larry. “Some poor sod of a Marine lieutenant colonel is resigning and giving up all when he appears to have a clearer view of the cluster-****  just perpetrated in Afghanistan compared to thoroughly modern Milley & Associates who orchestrated the disaster in a stunning display of military incompetence. They’re the ones who should be hanging up their star-studded shoulder boards.”

“But even Sleepy Joe, as comprehensively ignorant as he is on strategic and tactical matters, could have been convinced by competent top brass to exit civilians first, equipment next, and soldiers and marines last. Instead, they went with soldiers and marines out first, thereby leaving equipment and civilians to the use and tender mercy of roving bands of vengeful, illiterate, medieval goatherders, and poppy farmers with AK-47s and bad beards. Another case of ass-backwards. Makes the current American administration look like a right bunch of fools, weaklings, and a tempting target for any enemy that wants to take the trouble. We’ll surely pay for the kind of face we present to the world.”

Former President Donald Trump released a statement blasting the White House for the Afghan debacle saying: “Never in history has a withdrawal from war been handled so badly or incompetently as the Biden Administration’s withdrawal from Afghanistan,” the statement said. “In addition to the obvious, ALL EQUIPMENT should be demanded to be immediately returned to the United States and that includes every penny of the $85 billion dollars in cost. If it is not handed back, we should either go in with unequivocal Military force and get it, or at least bomb the hell out of it. Nobody ever thought such stupidity, as this feeble-brained withdrawal, was possible!”

Listed here is what these morons left behind for ISIS, the Taliban, al-Qaida, and other assorted terrorist killers. The list was provided by U.S. Sen. John Barrasso, R-Wyo., who detailed the largesse Biden gifted to the Taliban.

“You know what we left behind — $85 billion worth of weapons, MRAPs, tanks, Black Hawk helicopters. We left money behind, arms,” the senator said.

Biden also left hundreds of American citizens and allied Afghans who will now be hunted and killed or used as hostages because these incompetent nitwits handed the Taliban a list with their names.

Nearly 90 retired generals and admirals have written a letter calling for the resignations of Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff for their “negligence in performing their duties primarily involving events surrounding the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan.” The former military leaders warned that our adversaries are now “emboldened to move against America due to the weakness displayed in Afghanistan.”

On top of it all was Biden’s “disrespectful” actions at Dover Air Force Base while attending the transfer of the remains of the service members who were killed in Afghanistan. Numerous times, as parents were attending to honor their dead sons and daughters, Biden checked his watch as if he had somewhere else to go. Time and time again, he glanced down to see what time it was.


Words Worth Repeating: “For the first time in his life, such an incompetent has complete freedom—to be powerfully incompetent. Biden is then not demented as much as delusionally running things.” – Victor Davis Hanson.


She’s Baaack! Hard-nosed, aggressive journalist Mary Maguire, who folded her local online news outlet The Independent, and skedaddled to Chicago, resurrected the publication for a day (Tuesday, August 31) this week to report on Fourth Judicial Circuit Court Judge James Daniel’s ruling in favor of Rayonier in its case against Nassau County.

In an email to me, Ms. Maguire said, “I was motivated by the s___-jobs done by the paper (News Leader) and the Observer. Citizens should know what officials are doing, what this is costing and what the judge said.” You can read Mary’s article at:


You Think? The label on the jar of peanut butter in our cupboard carries the warning that it was processed in a facility that may have processed peanuts. Who would have thought that might be the case?


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  • The best that can be said about you Dave is that you are confused. Given your age, I suppose I should entertain that possibility, but my gut says you’re just bigoted and racist.

    A quick review of the definition of an illegal immigrant. Mirriam-Webster says this: “: a foreign person who is living in a country without having official permission to live there.” If a foreign person is being transported by the Federal government to a destination inside the U.S., they are being done so with the legal status of refugee or asylee. And they are not being “dumped” (a term used when describing garbage) into local cities as you claim, but are being placed in the care of local NGOs and sponsors until their requests for asylum are heard and decided by the courts. An illegal on the other hand is a foreign person who enters the country while eluding authorities and has not formally requested refugee or asylee status. For instance, like the estimated 100,000 Canadians who live, work, and own businesses here in the U.S. illegally.

    On another note, how did that crow taste concerning the FEMA decision? I know it would be expecting too much, but an apology to city officials would have at least indicated you possess some character.

    • Two VERY good points, first, “bigoted and racist”, even though I like Dave personally, and hope for far better, his words seem to speak to your point, hopefully we are wrong… but Dave has a lot of “splainin'” to do as Desi Arnez once said on “I Love Lucy”. BUT I REALLY want to echo what you said: “how did that crow taste concerning the FEMA decision? I know it would be expecting too much, but an apology to city officials would have at least indicated you possess some character”… so…DAVE, you thoughts??? I am sure you will try to spin some anti-Ross into this, but…just sayin’, better to come clean before the mud really piles up, haha!

  • 1. Dave, did you not rail against the David Yulee statue originally?
    2. Has anyone heard what the City’s plan (or lack thereof) is for the federal “Covid” money. I recall it was around $6,000,000.

    • Yes Dave did, but now, he has flip-flopped like so many of the Hypocrite Party. Yulee was a traitor to the United States, plain and simple, but apparently, if one is a traitor, yet he was one who favored your beliefs, he is a “hero”. Beyond belief, but the again, not at all, considering the audience.

  • The Biden polls finally reflect what the November election results disguised. We have elected a grossly incompetent political hack.

    • “DON’T BLAME ME I VOTED FOR TRUMP ! Oh, I absolutely blame you for voting for Trump…but then again, accepting your mistake is your first step towards recovery. Don’t worry, in 40 +years, you will be in total denial and recovery. just like Nixon voters in ’68 & ’72…except, remember, all these blogs will be indelibly marked on the WWW for all eternity. Sorry, you won’t be able to deny it like Disco clothes in the ’70’s.

  • To: Richard Kurpiers
    You can try to gaslight the invasion of our country by illegals, but most won’t fall for it, unless of course they’re Democrats. I travel extensively around the world – there’s not ONE country I can enter legally without a valid passport and that includes the USA upon my return. Biden has demonstrated time and again that he’s not the one running things in DC – maybe you know who is ? Please enlighten us.

    • The Refugee Act of 1980 approved by congress superseded for our country the UN 1951 Refugee Convention/1967 Protocol because both were considered cold war relics. The 1980 Act created a process for reviewing and adjusting refugee limits to meet emergencies and required annual consultation between Congress and the President. Not much “consultation” during the last 40+ years because the USA still doesn’t have a cogent immigration policy.

      The big takeaway is that these “acts” do not address the evolution of international terrorism, international organized crime, nor international drug and human adult and child trafficking. Unfortunately, if concerned about these things that suggest we should control our southern border, expect good ole Norm to call you out as a “racist”, while dismissing evidence and concerns, and introducing deflective comments (“invaded by the same ancestors that are responsible for you being here”). As they say, “never wrestle with a pig. You’ll both get dirty, and the pig likes it.”

      • You are incorrect when you state that “The Refugee Act of 1980” “superseded for our country the UN 1951 Refugee Convention/1967 Protocol”. However, it would be correct to state that The Refugee Act of 1980 “…superseded the Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1965 and raised the annual ceiling for refugees from 17,400 to 50,000, created a process for reviewing and adjusting the refugee ceiling to meet emergencies, and required annual consultation between Congress and the President on refugee admissions.”

        Your attempt at a strawman argument hasn’t gone unnoticed. But let me refresh. The point I made and countered by “CoCoNUT Harry”, is that the immigrants being transported by Federal authorities are not illegals by definition because they have followed the legal procedure in applying for refugee or asylee status. Until that status is determined by the immigration courts, they are in the country legally.

        How’s that mud?

    • You call it gaslighting. Those familiar with Federal and International laws know differently. Try looking up The 1951 Refugee Convention and its 1967 Protocol. Perhaps you would do well to learn about the world in which you claim to travel “extensively around”. Then come back and talk to me about the invasion of our country. You know, the same country that was undoubtedly invaded by the same ancestors that are responsible for you being here.

      • Entering the country illegally is not being a refugee, it is being a criminal. I’ve seen video of the caravans, and these so-called ‘refugees’ are all happy, smiling, wearing new clothes, shoes, many with new backpacks. Many also carry flags of their own countries, a sure sign they are not fleeing anything but rather coming to take advantage of rubes like you, Dickie. And why are you even on this site? Unless you don’t bother to update it, your myLife page says you don’t live here.

        • Hey ToadOfTruth, just as I challenged CoCoNUT Harry, grow some CoCoNUTs of your own and post your REAL name instead of hiding behind a pseudonym, and, if I am not mistaken, Mr. Kurpiers is entitled to the same 1st Amendment rights as you, even if your opinions are full of bat guano in any reasonable person’s mind, still you (AND he) have the right to express them whenever, and wherever you or he wants, regardless of where one lives, and ESPECIALLY if one has a differing opinion. Jeez, are you a minion of Putin or something? This is the USA, not a fascist dream of your right wing world!

        • One, we own property in Old Town and have since 2016. Since you’re sleuthing, you can check the minutes of the April HDC meeting you’ll see that a Certificate of Approval was granted for our house plans.

          Two, I stand behind my words. Hence, my real name is provided in my profile. You should try it sometime.

          Three, you’ve seen a video? Well, that settles it then. You’re the expert.

          Four, since you’re the expert, then you are aware that most illegals in this country arrived legally under a visa and then stayed when their visa expired?

  • Richard Kurpiers – you’re assuming that ALL these “guests” flown in here are not illegal, when unless you are on Biden’s ICE payroll, you really don’t know, do you ?
    Rather than debate how many angels can dance on the head of a pin, let’s focus on the bigger picture – that hundreds of thousands of criminals (if they enter illegally, they’re criminals … like trespassers) are being let in, got in, brought in, unvetted, undocumented, and unvaccinated. Please post your address so we can direct them to your neighborhood for the all the $$ they need to survive here – I’m over paying for them.

    • CoCoNUT Harry, before asking someone to “Please post your address so we can direct them to your neighborhood”, grow some CoCoNUTs of your own and post your REAL name instead of hiding behind a pseudonym…THEN, you can make (not really) idiotic comments like: “Please post your address so we can direct them to your neighborhood”. You guys on the far right of Atilla the Hun love to talk so big and bad (aided by Dave’s, bias to flout like-minded ilk but lambaste types like me for bantering back but, I digress) don’t even have the CoCoNUTS to put your real name down. Hard to take your comments seriously. Anyway, one positive note, at least you are concerned, among your many concerns, about “unvaccinated” people…Dave? Any thoughts on this, is our wonderful Governor as astute as Mr. CoCoNUT on this? I am SO confused by all of you in the New Hypocrite Party!

    • I’m not assuming anything. I merely forego an inclination to allow bigotry, racism, ignorance, and fear-mongering politicians to shape my feelings on immigration. I read laws, policies, and actual news accounts (with a critical eye on biased reporting) to escape the hyperbole espoused by people like you and Dave Scott.

      Migrants cross the border in one of two ways.

      Those who “have suffered persecution or fear that they will suffer persecution” in their home country are eligible for asylum when they present themselves at a port of entry for admission into the US. PLEASE NOTE: These are the immigrants to which I refer and the immigrants to whom Mr. Scott (and those like-minded individuals like yourself) incorrectly label “illegals”. There is no disputing this unless you wish to remain steadfast in your ignorance. ALSO NOTE: Most immigrants (over 1 million in 2021 as of July) who present themselves at a U.S. port of entry are denied entry under Title 42 which was created under the Trump administration and extended indefinitely by Biden.

      Others may evade immigration inspectors and border patrol by hiding in vehicles or traveling undetected across unprotected sections of the US-Mexico border. PLEASE NOTE: These immigrants are indeed illegals and ARE NOT among the individuals being transported by Federal authorities on planes and buses to locations within the U.S. So let’s dispense with the strawman attempts and stick to my original post objecting to Mr. Scott’s portrayal of federally transported immigrants as illegals.

      AND LASTLY, according to the Pew Research Center, at least 40% of unauthorized migrants in the country entered legally on short-term visas and overstayed.


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