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Musings, opinions, observations, questions, and random thoughts on island life, Fernandina Beach and more

Joe Biden’s White House Is Weirder Than Alice’s Wonderland; Studies Say Florida’s Coast Fosters Prosperity and Happiness

A first-time visitor to Joe Biden’s White House could undoubtedly relate to Lewis Carroll’s Alice, who tumbled down a rabbit hole and encountered a variety of thoroughly illogical and very strange beings and situations.

“Welcome to the Biden White House.”

Instead of a hookah-smoking Caterpillar the visitor would meet a crack pipe-smoking Hunter Biden. Instead of the Mock Turtle, the visitor would encounter Karine Jean-Pierre, who while wrestling with a curling iron and a briefing book, would attempt to justify the administration’s policies of Ambition, Distraction, Uglification, and Derision.

The stranger would eventually be ushered into a whacky and endless tea party hosted by a constantly cackling Kamala Harris spewing a string of incoherent word jumble riddles. She would be seated next to a conglomeration of crackpot cabinet level men wearing dresses and using confusing pronouns. The party would also include a black female Supreme Court Justice whose only qualifications for her position are her race and sex, yet she can’t define what a woman is. For her, answering the unanswerable “Why is a raven like a writing desk” riddle would be easier.

A bag of cocaine can be found in the teapot along with arrogant energy czar John Kerry who occasionally pops his head out to demand folks not fly around in private jets, buy gasoline powered cars,  or use gas stoves like he does.

Lurking under the table is Chris Wray, head of one of the world’s largest law enforcement agencies, the FBI, who instead of nabbing criminals, White House influence peddlers, and border-crossing terrorists, is busy investigating Catholics, PTA members, and a former US President, while poking around in American citizens’ bank accounts and credit card records.

Biden appointed official Sam Brinton.

This entire place is jampacked with an assembly of unelected, unaccountable weirdos including a Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg, who says highways are racist; an unhinged male admiral in a dress; a cross-dressing male official who has been arrested several times for stealing women’s luggage at airports, and the head of the U.S armed forces, General Mark Milley, whose objective is not to create a strong and ready military but concentrates instead on one that is diverse and environmentally sensitive. Like the Queen of Hearts’ soldiers his army is morphing into a harmless deck of cards. And this is just a sampling of this motley crew.

It’s a movie begging to be made. At 97 Mel Brooks is probably too old to take a crack at it. The Monty Python crew is also aging. However, they prophetically came close 50 years ago in the opening scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

In it King Arthur is skipping – because he doesn’t have a horse – behind an aide-de-camp banging two coconuts together to resemble the sound of hooves, when they encounter a field with filthy toiling peasants, packing mud in piles.

“OLD WOMAN!” Arthur shouts to one of the bent-over ragged peasants in a grimy robe digging in the mud.

“MAN!” responds the indignant peasant, to Arthur’s misgendering.

The male peasant turns out to be a 37-year-old communist named “Dennis”.

After some hilarious give-and-take between Arthur and Dennis, Arthur explains to the filthy crowd of mud packing peasants that he is “King of the Britons,” and is on a quest to find the Holy Grail. He then explains Excalibur and the Lady of the Lake episode.

The peasants aren’t impressed. “I didn’t vote for you” a woman shouts.

A skeptical Dennis isn’t buying it either. “Listen,” he shouts. “Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some farcical aquatic ceremony and a tart in a lake.”

And that, with some adaptations, is the Biden White House, a very bizarre and strange place populated by an unelected assortment of criminal, aging, dim, deranged, and confused bureaucrats that are running the country.

The movie would be billed as a comedy but may generate more fear than laughter.

(An abridged version of this commentary has been published on Biz Pac Review at Biden White House weirder than Alice’s Wonderland (


Good News Or Bad News? Depending on local residents’ perspective the announcement that Amelia  Island was voted No. 8 among the “Best Islands in the Continental United States” may be considered good news or bad news.

Readers of Travel + Leisure magazine, a popular travel publication, participated in a survey ranking various resorts. To see a complete list of the World’s Best Islands, visit The Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island, was also recognized by readers of Travel + Leisure, being voted No. 13 among the “Best Resorts in Florida.” To read the list of Florida’s Best Resorts, visit

Local tree huggers and folks who want a “No Vacancy” sign hung on the West side of Shave Bridge will consider the honor bad news while restaurant and bar owners, shop owners and those in the hospitality industry will consider it good news. You can’t please everybody.


Speaking of Florida: If Horace Greely, the late editor of the New York Daily Tribune was still around he would probably be encouraging people to go South, not West as he did in 1865 when he urged them to head to California allegedly saying: “Go West young man and grow up with the country.”

While California and the Northeast corridor are losing people in unprecedented numbers the South is booming. According to Bloomberg the six fastest growing states in the South are Florida, Texas, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. They also have a bigger combined economy that the entire Northeast Corridor and that includes New York, Massachusetts and Washington, D.C.

Is it coincidence that all of those states losing population and businesses are controlled by Democrats and those prospering the fastest are Republican controlled?

A loony leftist, Angie Dixon, a Democrat state representative for the 13th District that includes Jacksonville, told the Amelia Island Democrat Club crowd a couple of weeks ago that folks are fleeing Florida because “they fear for their lives.” Really Ms. Dixon? Where are the statistics to back up that load of BS?

Instead folks are pouring into the state because they want to improve their lives and live safely. Democrats live in an alternate universe and only say and hear what they wish was actually happening.

Welcome South folks, particularly to Florida, where Republican policies make life more affordable and safe for working families. Hopefully the Democrat Club audience will believe what their loopy guest speaker told them and scram North or to California looking for the promised paradise their guest speaker says exists in those miserable Democrat hellholes. There are plenty of vacant apartment and office buildings waiting for them.


Things I Wish I’d Said: “The day you die is just like any other, only shorter.” – Samuel Beckett


More Florida Good News:  Not only is Florida a place to prosper financially but according to London School of Economics and University of Sussex research, it is one of the happiest places to be, particularly if you live on the coast.

The study didn’t specifically mention Florida but did conclude that: “Coastal regions are the happiest places on earth.”  Spending time in nature boosts mood the study says. According to the study the size of the boost depends on the type of nature setting.

Being outdoors in a suburban area boosts happiness by less than one point on a 100-point scale says the study. Farmlands, grasslands, woodlands and areas near fresh water by around two points. Mountains and moors by as much as 2.7 points. Marine and Costal areas create an astounding six point pop they say. The study didn’t say why the proximity to saltwater and a coastal area created twice the happiness of other nature settings. If you want to think about that take a walk on the beach.


Go Get ‘Em John: John Kerry, the U.S. Energy Czar who reports to no one and jets around the world in his private gas-guzzling planes and owns several mansions and lots of gasoline powered cars, is off to China to discuss energy conservation and air pollution.

Will the Lurch look-a-like grab Chairman Xi by his Mao collar and tell him: “Hey, you stinkin’ little commie, knock it off with all this climate change polluting coal stuff.”

He could cite a statistic from a source that even he might trust…National Public Radio. NPR reported that China permitted more coal power plants last year than any time in the last seven years.

The Wall Street Journal suggested climate activists stage a protest at Tiananmen Square and see how well that goes for them


Overheard at PJD’s Beer & Wine Garden:  “I’m so old that the first time I had sex it was in the back of a chariot.”


Is Mickey Mouse Hammering Bud Lights? If Disney World had a theme ride named the “Pit of Misery”, guests would spot an unshaven, disheveled Mickey Mouse in it hammering Bud lights, trying to drink away his theme park attendance, movies, TV, and bad rep troubles.

Misery loves company and both Mr. Mouse and Bud Light, currently everybody’s least favorite beer, are both having a rough time of it. Mickey (DIS: NYSE) had a meltdown in 2022 as its stock nosedived 44 percent. This year looks equally dim even under retread CEO Robert Iger. The feud with Florida’s popular Governor Ron DeSantis continues, park attendance is down hitting extraordinary lows during the July 4 holiday, and its geriatric 80-year-old Indiana Jones star, Harrison Ford, apparently left his box office super power at the nursing home.

There’s is nothing on the horizon to make customers or investors happy and the magic kingdom appears to have lost its touch except among a small percentage of the LGBTQIA+ crowd that represents less than .01 percent of the population. Bud Light has even lost that part of the population, alienating everybody but the folks attending AA meetings who swore off the stuff.

Even at $3.99 a case nobody wants it at Amelia Island’s Harris Teeter.

Bud Light dug a massive hole and hasn’t stopped digging as it plunged from the number one best selling brew in America and recently fell out of the top 10. It’s advertising attempts to appeal to patriotism and country folks were dreadfully transparent and poorly done. The Clydesdales even bolted back to the barn as the company’s tone deaf C Suite crowd joined Mickey in its Pit of Misery to hammer some of the millions of cans its distributors are sending back. How bad is it? Costco was almost giving the stuff away and announced it will no longer stock it because nobody’s buying it.

At Harris Teeter on Amelia Island this week I spotted cases of Yuengling for $23.99 next to Bud Light for the same price but offering a $20 rebate coupon. That’s less than a dollar a six pack or about 16 cents a can. Even at $3.99 a case the stuff was stacked high as the Yuengling cases were dwindling.

Both companies have been laying off thousands of employees all due to stupid, oblivious decisions by its executive officers, who apparently get hammered at breakfast before heading to the office.

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  • Kiplinger’s reported in it its July 14th post that Amelia Island was one of the top Fall vacation destination not to be missed. Praising Beech Street Grill as a top eatery and the Omni and Ritz as the places to stay.
    Better get the toll booths ready.

  • You reached the Swiftian apogee of parody this week, Dave, with the White House in Wonderland. Not just hilarious but spot on, as good parody should be. See? I take time for your blog even from far away Sweden, where Muslims and Leftists plan to burn a Torah en masse on Saturday in front of the Israeli embassy, in “retaliation” for a lone crackpot burning a Koran in Stockholm a few weeks ago.

  • Meanwhile, Heineken not only failed to keep its promise to halt investment in and make an exit from Russia following Putin’s brutal invasion of Ukraine, the company has doubled down by introducing over 60 new products and maximizing profits in Russia over the last year. Heineken decided to stay and take advantage of the void left by other companies who took a stand against communism and mass killings by ceasing their operations in Russia. Where’s the outrage? Obviously, still focused on one can of beer with a rainbow on it sent to one person. If we’re ever visited by aliens, I hope they take a wide sampling of humans and skip this blog before determining whether intelligent life exists on planet Earth.

    • Ummm, Mulvaney had a business agreement with AB. It wasn’t some side thing they did to show they cared. Employees at our local plant have confirmed this with corporate AB and it wasn’t just some anomaly. I would suggest that if you are outraged by Heineken’s antics, that you raise the alarm on your own blog/social media outlets. We have a direct impact to our local economy from AB’s stupid move.

  • Harris Teeter is fully captured / owned by communist Kroger -Publix better patriot alternative – we should all try not to provide revenue for companies that hate America

  • The comparison of the white house with Alice’s Wonderland i amazingly true!

    Thank you for the great laugh.

    The worse it gets the less credibility it has and the more freedom we take back.


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