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Minshew Comes Out Of Political Closet, Registers Republican As A Commissioner She Would Be The City’s  Worst Nightmare

Minshew Comes Out Of Political Closet, Registers Republican As A Commissioner She Would Be The City’s Worst Nightmare

Former Fernandina Pride President Genece Minshew (pictured above) has “come out of the closet” in her third run for a Fernandina Beach City Commission seat, registering as a Republican.

“Hey donors I’m a Republican now!”

Minshew, abandoned City Commission candidate Tim Poynter’s campaign, where she was serving as treasurer, to embark on her third attempt to secure a Commission seat.

She has also abandoned whatever political organization she was registered as prior to April 23.

Minshew filed to run for Seat 2 on Wednesday, April 24. The day before, Tuesday, April 23, she registered as a Republican. Why?

Minshew’s a gal who has been critical of Republican candidates for receiving money from the party or Republican Political Action Committees (PACs). Even though the race is nonpartisan does she believe the Republican party will not endorse or help fund either candidate when two or more Republicans are running for the same seat?

Did she intentionally register as a member of a party, whose beliefs she loathes, to deceive the electorate, hoping they won’t notice and prevent funds from going to her opponent? Or does she think that as a registered Republican she might actually pick up some GOP campaign cash, even though there is almost no chance of that happening. Apparently she thinks local voters are stupid

Does this newly registered Republican believe in the party’s core principles including?

  • Conservative Values promoting family values, such as marriage between a man and a woman, and advocating for policies that support and strengthen families. Republicans support individual liberty, defending personal freedoms and limited government interference in people’s lives.
  • Limited government intervention in the economy and society. Does she advocate for reducing government regulations and bureaucracy to allow individuals and businesses to make their decisions without excessive interference.
  • Supporting a free-market economic system where businesses operate with minimal government intervention. Does she believe that competition, private enterprise, and individual economic opportunity are key drivers of economic growth and prosperity, meaning they generally oppose policies that restrict free trade, impose high taxes, or increase government control over the economy.
  • Individual property rights, lower taxes, keeping inappropriate sexual materials out of K-12 classrooms, and protecting gun rights.

Does Minshew agree with Republican Governor Ron DeSantis’ initiated state law that Florida schools cannot indoctrinate children with transgender ideology or attempt to transition children behind their parents backs?

The DeSantis initiated “Stop WOKE” law says Florida’s parents, not school officials, have the say over the upbringing of their children. Does Minshew believe that the city and Nassau County School Board should enforce and endorse that state law that prohibits members of one sex from entering a restroom or changing facility designed for members of the opposite sex?

If she doesn’t believe in these laws and values then why did she register as a Republican? Is it because Republicans vastly outnumber Democrats hereabouts and she hopes registering as a Republican might fool voters?

Is this a person Fernandina Beach residents want making decisions on their behalf in city hall? I don’t. I don’t trust her, and I don’t think other residents, gay, straight, black, white, etc. do either. She doesn’t have the best interests of the majority of citizens at heart. If you think Minshew is a Republican raise your hand. Yeh, that’s what I thought.

If she disagrees with me she is more than welcome to respond here and tell me where she thinks I’m going wrong.

While president of the local Gay Pride organization, Minshew advocated promoting Amelia Island as a gay vacation destination exclusively concentrating on attracting members of the LGBTQA+ crowd. She publicly expressed those intentions. This is not part of the Republican platform. Republicans believe the community should be promoted as welcoming to everybody including the LGBTA crowd, not focus on one specific group.

During her last failed run for the City Commission, Minshew refused to answer a question sent to all candidates by the local chapter of Citizens Defending Freedom asking if they advocated making the island a gay vacation destination. She refused to return calls from me and others when we attempted to question her about this issue. Why?

If Minshew is a Republican then I’m a Marxist. It’s obvious that Minshew only registered as a Republican to deceive voters.

When announcing her candidacy Minshew proclaimed: “I promise to be fair, honest and ethical with every action and decision that I make as a City Commissioner.” Really? She’s not off to a very good start in those two departments.

Does she think it’s ethical to run as a Republican, a party whose values she does NOT share? Does she think she’s being honest with residents when she doesn’t explain why she changed party affiliations? Does she think it’s honest when she refuses to answer questions about her efforts to promote Amelia Island as a “gay vacation destination”?

“Objective” Observer “reporter” Lednovich.

The pathetic wannabe online news outlet, Fernandina Observer, and its pretend reporter, leftist Mike Lednovich, were clucking with pants-wetting glee while Lednovich scribbled Minshew’s  candidacy announcement. California transplant Lednovich, a Black Lives Matters activist, former Commissioner, and failed Commission candidate, wrote that Minshew’s previous campaign “…was marred by personal attacks on Minshew for her role as president of Fernandina Beach Pride.” Really Lednovich? By whom? What did those “attacks” say? Lednovich didn’t explain. He was too busy slobbering all over her campaign announcement material.

Two-time loser Minshew lost her first run for the Commission to current Commissioner David Sturges, the second time she lost to current Commissioner Darron Ayscue, and is trying again against Sturgess. Hopefully she’ll score a losing trifecta.

Jumping on the local activist candidate bandwagon is environmentalist and climate change zealot Joyce Tuten, who filed for Seat 1, currently held by Mayor Bradley Bean, who is also seeking re-election.

Tuten, a recent newcomer from Maryland, lost little time jumping in bed with the “everybody that arrived here after me please leave now” crowd. She dove head first into the fanatical wing of the Nassau County tree-hugging, dune-saving, turtle-watching, mosquito sanctuary, anti-business, anti-development crowd.

Tooting her own horn Tuten says she’s a retired AP Environmental Science teacher and a National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration (NOAA) climate steward educator, whatever that is. She is also an officer for Conserve Nassau.

She has voiced opposition to the construction of townhouses on the Tringali property and Rayonier Advanced Materials’ (RYAM) current efforts to build a bioethanol facility at its current site. The Tringali property consists of three dilapidated rental homes that were never owned by the Tringali family and are an eyesore today. The bioethanol proposal is less dangerous than the gasoline tankers that arrive here regularly to fill the local gas station tanks. Has she talked with the engineers and executives at Rayonier? I doubt it.

With two candidates running for Seat 1 and Seat 2, that election will be in November.

The race for Seat 3, held by Commissioner Chip Ross now has three candidates with Christy Kelly filing last week. She will face former city commissioner Tim Poynter and Tony Morris. Ross is termed out and cannot seek re-election.

Little is known about Kelly or Morris, and former Commissioner Poynter, a local restaurateur, is a favorite to win back a Commission seat.

Most citizens will be happy to see the abrasive, cantankerous Ross exit. It’s rumored he may move to Jacksonville.


Welcome Home Governor DeSantis: Florida is fortunate to have Governor Ron DeSantis off the presidential campaign trail and back in his Tallahassee office.

Floridians appreciate his no-nonsense approach to school protesters,  elected school board bullies, campus disruptors, and intellectual twits attempting to peddle leftist dogmatism on topics ranging from activism and queerness to unconscious bias and inherited guilt to Florida’s K-12 school kids. He’s also as serious as Texas Governor Greg Abbott about blocking illegals attempting to cross into Florida, particularly those Haitian flotillas sailing here.

He recently signed a new anti-squatting bill that is being hailed as both tough on crime and a defense of property rights. He also knocked the arrogant Disney Corp for a loop forcing it to dismantle its special taxing fiefdom.

Unlike California and New York the antisemitic thugs disrupting colleges throughout the U.S. are finding they are no match for the plain-speaking governor and his “not-in-this-state” approach to the  terrorist sympathizing anarchists.

University of Florida President and former Nebraska Republican Senator Ben Sasse recently fired the entire worthless crew of DEI administrators at the University of Florida and broke up an antiemetic pro-Hamas crowd of thugs, telling them to hit the bricks and don’t bother coming back.

“This is not complicated: The University of Florida is not a daycare, and we do not treat protesters like children — they knew the rules, they broke the rules, and they’ll face the consequences,” UF said.

“For many days, we have patiently told protesters — many of whom are outside agitators — that they were able to exercise their right to free speech and free assembly,” the UF statement said. “And we also told them that clearly prohibited activities would result in a trespassing order from UPD (barring them from all university properties for three years) and an interim suspension from the university.”

Local media reported that nine individuals were arrested on campus by the university’s police department and the Florida Highway Patrol.

Tampa’s University of South Florida campus isn’t coddling the screaming banshees either jailing 10 people this week, less than half being current students.

“Out of the 10 arrests, four are current students, two are former students, and four have no affiliation with the university,” according to Tampa station WFLA. “Neither of the former students graduated.”

Of the arrested students, two face felony charges, while the remainder face trespassing misdemeanors.

When a “protestor” is  “arrested” for trespassing, what happens? Is he just booked and released to return to the party? If he’s “banned”  from the campus, what happens if he shows up again? Is he simply booked and released again? How about some jail time hanging out with child molesters, drunks, killers, drug dealers, thieves, domestic batterers, and other interesting jail house residents?

That would  give them time to rethink their idiocy and enable them to intermingle with folks at their own intellectual level.

Under DeSantis Florida is thriving, criminals are prosecuted, illegals thwarted, university campuses are safe, businesses thriving, the sun is shining, and woke is broke. It’s a Zip-a-dee-doo-dah kind of place!


Speaking Of Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dahs: One of my best friends and probably the area’s most interesting person, Dave Voorhees (aka PJD}, was married Thursday, May 2, on the Pirate Float during the annual Shrimp Festival parade to the delightful Natalie Gordon. Following the ceremony the happy couple, pictured here, far left, with family members,  celebrated at PJD’s Beer & Wine Garden. Stop by the downtown 12 2nd Street South fixture to meet the fascinating duo and toast the newlyweds.  You won’t meet a more congenial, likable and interesting  pair hereabouts or many other places anywhere.

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Stormy Daniels - 07. May, 2024 - Reply

I feel so good having gotten all of that off of my chest.

KenT immerman - 06. May, 2024 - Reply

Even worse for the party is that Trump identifies as a Republican. But he’ll never set foot in the White House again.

Bil Shaffer - 04. May, 2024 - Reply

May the 4th Be with You

Hunter Walker - 04. May, 2024 - Reply

Next thing you know, Minshew will be joining Jack Knocke’s CDF group.

Phil Tita - 03. May, 2024 - Reply

Thanks Dave for the heads up. We need to get the word out. I’m glad we live amongst the Conservatives not the looneys.

Alexis Lorentson - 03. May, 2024 - Reply

Where is the News Wreaker?

Craig Brewis - 03. May, 2024 - Reply

Congratulations to PJD!!

bobby carter - 03. May, 2024 - Reply

Registering as a Republican is disgusting for Minshew. It is akin to political fraud, an ‘anything goes in politics’ move. While she might think it’s brilliant, it smacks of desperation and deception. I would have expected more of her. A decent Democrat would NEVER approve of abandoning the party affiliation. This makes all Democrats look bad. How could she do such a thing?

George Miller - 03. May, 2024 - Reply

When the voters see who Minshew is, what she represents and the deception she has perpetrated, they will act accordingly, This article provides the necessary facts for them.

Hunter Walker - 03. May, 2024 - Reply

She only lost one election by about 40 votes. There are probably at least 40 idiots that will vote for the “R” not knowing the candidate. Just saying…

Alan Parker - 03. May, 2024 - Reply

There are millions of idiots that will just vote for the R despite the unfitness to hold office of the candidate.

TheToadOfTruth - 03. May, 2024 - Reply

Not unlike the millions of bootlickers who voted for a corrupt, gaffe-prone diaper wearing old conger deemed unfit for prosecution simply because he had a ‘D’ after his name.

Michael Cohen - 03. May, 2024 -

They both suck. Trump sucks way more though. Did you hear about Trump Media’s accounting firm being charged with ‘massive fraud’.

Dean Abrassart - 03. May, 2024 - Reply

Congratulations Dave and Natalie!!!

Dave, thank you for bringing to light some deceitful practices. All candidates should publish their platform for governing and what they will attempt to accomplish should they be elected. No more platitudes; clearly outlined goals that we can measure how those efforts will bring both economic and social benefits to our community.

John Hancock - 03. May, 2024 - Reply

Strongly recommend a trip any time of year to Provincetown MA to see the effects of an LGBTQ destination. FB should be a destination for everyone.

Alex - 07. May, 2024 - Reply

Great little city and we should only be so lucky to follow suit.

Amanda Borghese - 03. May, 2024 - Reply

Dave – Thank God for people like you, who continually speak out, with the FACTS, and inform so many others of the TRUTH. Your honesty, passion and perseverance are that of a true Patriot, and I, for one, am grateful to you from the bottom of my heart!! God bless you.

Ron Swan - 03. May, 2024 - Reply


peter john edgette - 03. May, 2024 - Reply

Congrats PJD.