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FL Politicians Fight Back Against Feds Dumping Illegals Here; Are Illegals In School System? The Superintendent Won’t Say!

FL Politicians Fight Back Against Feds Dumping Illegals Here; Are Illegals In School System? The Superintendent Won’t Say!

Legislators in Florida, joined by those in Pennsylvania, are fighting back against the Biden regime for dumping thousands of illegal aliens in their home states.

Florida legislators, led by local State Senator Aaron Bean and encouraged by Governor Ron DeSantis, are planning on gifting Delaware, Joe Biden’s home state, the illegal immigrates flown in from the southwest U.S. by the Biden administration in the dead of the night then bussed around their states to unwary communities. (The above photo shows illegals deplaning a flight from Texas at Jacksonville’s International Airport last August.)

While the area media ignored it I reported on these midnight flights here (JAX Airport A Hub For Illegals Riding The “Biden Express” While Americans Are Running For Their Lives In Afghanistan) last August and in my Biz Pac Review column last September ( ). The New York Post picked up the story and it has finally gained even wider national media attention with Fox News leading the way starting yesterday. What took so long? We know the local News Leader, Jacksonville’s Times-Union, and the area’s pathetic online manure spreader,  The Fernandina Observer, won’t report on anything that might slight the inept Biden Administration and its supporters, e.g., their readers, short of an armed invasion, if that.

However, conservative politicians in Florida and Pennsylvania are fed up. They’re gearing up to enact legislation that will ban sanctuary cities and punish their state’s private transportation companies that cooperate with the Biden scofflaws that deposit uninvited illegals in our unsuspecting communities.

Florida Governor DeSantis was the first to put the Biden administration and its lackeys on notice saying that he’ll no longer put up with federally sponsored planeloads of illegals pouring across the southern border then dumped during the dark early morning hours at Jacksonville’s airport.

During a press conference in December at the Jacksonville Airport he encouraged legislation, now being promoted by local resident and Fernandina Beach State Senator Bean, who said the new regulations will financially punish transportation companies that ferry illegals around the state. Bean also said that would ban “sanctuary cities.” Good for Senator Bean. Who can argue with that? The local News Leader was forced to cover the story as it would have looked even more ridiculous than it is if it hadn’t. To his credit conservative News Leader columnist Steve Nicklas penned a column on the midnight flights in early September. He and I were both at the JAX airport’s remote Pecan Park Terminal where these flights were arriving.

While introducing legislation Senator Bean said there were “at least 78 federally chartered flights last year into Jacksonville international Airport carrying undocumented people.” He also referred to crimes these illegals have committed.

Governor DeSantis prompted Senator Bean’s action last month saying that his office will propose a “series of legislative reforms” that will include barring any contractors who helped the Biden administration transport migrants into and across Florida from future contracts with the state. If your company is hauling groups of illegals around the sunshine state don’t expect Florida tax payers to pick up the tab. Gov. DeSantis says – that ain’t gonna happen here anymore! You’re done doing business with the state!

“Our view is, if they’re going to be dumping — we want to be able to facilitate transfer to places like Delaware, and we have $8 million in my new budget to be able to do that,” Gov. DeSantis continued. “But we also look to these carriers that the federal government is contracting with, and we are going to pass legislation that says, if you are facilitating Biden’s policies, which is effectively a mass human smuggling operation, you are not going to be able to do business with the state of Florida or other local governments, and we are going to charge you restitution for each individual that you are bringing.”

In October 2021,  groups of illegals deplaning at a remote Pecan Park terminal at Jacksonville Airport boarded a bus bearing the name “Mike’s Transportation.”

When I called Mike’s Transportation’s offices in Tallahassee and asked them who these people were, who was paying for the busses, and where they were being taken, they hung up. Mike’s Transportation is obviously not anxious to use their passengers as references. If the proposed legislation is enacted Mike may have problems in the future doing business with the state.

Gov. DeSantis said that in addition to the drugs and crime that come with the influx of illegal immigrants, the state has to deal with “health care costs, education, all of the services that get taxed because of Biden’s reckless policies and so we have a responsibility to fight back, and that’s what we’re doing.”

Republicans in Pennsylvania are equally incensed over Biden flying illegal immigrants into Scranton in the dead of night.

Pennsylvania Republicans led by State Senator Mario Scavello have drafted a bill that would send illegal immigrants dumped there by the Biden administration to the president’s home state of Delaware using DHS flights. They said the legislation will be similar to a proposal by Gov. DeSantis.

“How many illegal immigrants has the President relocated to his own home state of Delaware?” Scavello asked. “If it is good enough for Pennsylvania, then why not redirect the relocation to Delaware?”

Things are currently so bad on the U.S. southern border that if Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas showed up there again the Border Patrol agents would physically toss their boss over what’s left of Trump’s border wall into Mexico. They hate the incompetent fool, deservedly so.


Is Biden’s Border Mess Impacting Nassau County? According to the Nassau County School District website the following documentation is required to enroll your kids in a county school:

  • Child’s birth certificate
  • Health examination certificate by a private physician or the County Health Department (The examination must be reported on a special form provided by the Health Department.)
  • Certificate of immunization for the communicable diseases of poliomyelitis, mumps, diphtheria, rubeola, rubella, pertussis, tetanus, varicella, and Hepatitis B
  • Child’s Social Security card
  • Proof of residency (e.g., lease agreement, utility bill, etc.)

Illegals deplaning at Jacksonville – still dripping wet from their swim across the Rio Grande – apparently don’t need all that messy paperwork even though they’re not vetted or even tested for Covid. How the hell are they going to produce a Social Security card, proof of residency or any of the other required documentation?

When I asked Superintendent of Nassau County Schools Dr. Kathy Burns this past Friday, January 21, if illegal aliens deposited here by the Biden Administration were required to produce these documents she  responded saying, “They are entitled to a free and public education. All students must provide the required documentation.”

The education may be free for them, but Nassau County tax payers are on the hook. Take a close look at your school taxes while filling out your federal tax forms this year.

Due to federal privacy laws these illegals can’t be forced to tell where they come from, and Dr. Burns incessantly repeated the same phrase when I asked her if non-English speaking students who showed up here were unable to provide those documents would they be allowed to enroll? She repeatedly said: “All students must provide the required documentation.”

When I asked: “If they didn’t have those documents would they be turned away.” She didn’t answer, instead she repeated the same statement. I asked it several different ways and she continually parroted the same response.

After I rephrased the question several more times and got nothing but the same pablum, she angrily said: “I feel like you’re attacking me.” No, I wasn’t, I was just trying to get a straight answer to an easy question that she kept dodging.

I’ve had folks who wish to remain anonymous testify that there are indeed illegals enrolled in local schools. They say they don’t appear to be teenage kids but much older, possibly in their early 20s.

If you’re a legal Nassau County resident try and enroll your kid in a local school without any of the “required” documentation listed on the county’s website and see what happens. If they toss junior out, then tell the school officials he doesn’t speak English and you found him wandering around the Jacksonville Airport. They’ll lavish him with a tutor, a translator, free lunches and who knows what else.  Guess who’s picking up the tab?

If you’re upset by this appalling situation express your displeasure this coming November during the mid-term elections, write to your elected officials, speak out at local school board sessions, and most importantly STOP voting for Democrats.


Things I Hope I Never Have To Say: “She says she missed me and that’s good. But she’s reloading.” – anonymous.


Oops! Chad Charland, the News Leader letter writer who personally and viciously attacked that paper’s conservative columnist ,Steve Nicklas, writing that Steve has a “diseased mind” and that his “debased values are not shared here,” was proven to not only be a hypocritical fraud but also appears to have a moral short circuit.

Shortly after his holier-than-thou spittle-specked written attack appeared in the News Leader Mr. Charland was arrested by Fernandina Beach Police for a physical attack and booked on a $1,502 bond in the Nassau County Jail Thursday, January 20 for simple battery – actions most would consider to be the result of a “diseased mind” that are  “not shared here.”

Prior to his arrest I sent the News Leader a letter condemning Mr. Charland’s attack of Mr. Nicklas accusing the paper of having a double standard since they didn’t print a letter I sent them last October criticizing one of its advertisers, Steve Leimberg, because it’s editor said I personally attacked him.  Leimberg buys $4,000 full-page News Leader advertorials to spew incoherent left-wing claptrap. Like my letter condemning their rich advertiser the paper ignored my dispatch defending Mr. Nicklas.

However, while snubbing my letter criticizing Charland they printed yet another attack on conservative columnist Mr. Nicklas from irate reader Ross Powell, who falsely condemned Steve this past Wednesday, January  26, writing: “I am embarrassed and disappointed that our local newspaper allows Nicklas to use his regular column as a platform from which to spread his flagrant, inhospitable bias, blah, blah, blah.”

The paper didn’t mention if Mr. Powell has a police record and failed to comment on last week’s letter writer Charland’s arrest. This sad paper is a prime example of the left-wing sham local print journalism has become.


Help Wanted: I receive a weekly variety of unsolicited announcements notifying me of available communications positions ranging from editors and writers to corporate spokesman and public relations managerial slots.

Even though I’m not in the job market the notices are good for the egos of old-timers like me verifying that we’re still considered potential prospects.

One of the postings that caught my attention was “Media Director for American Muslims for Palestine (AMP).”

The job description says the Media Director will be responsible for: “Drafting media releases and media advisories to convey the organization’s perspective on current events to the media and offer organizational spokespeople for interviews. It said this person would be expected to develop a media strategy for the organization, including – but not limited to – enhancing our media presence, developing key messaging points, and creating a media awareness.”

I have a few suggestions for the future American Muslims for Palestine Media Director. Since this is a Muslim organization, I’m presuming women are not being considered.

So, for the guy they eventually hire I’m offering the following helpful press relations tips he should avoid as they have failed in the past to persuade news gathering organizations to provide this organization positive coverage:

  • Kidnappings: My Amelia Island friend, journalist, and author, Ken Timmerman, who was an investigative reporter in the Middle East, was kidnapped in Lebanon and held prisoner by Palestinians for 22 days before he managed to escape. He can personally testify that kidnapping journalists is not an effective media strategy.
  • Intimidation: Bursting into crowded newsrooms wearing suicide vests, shouting “allahu akbar”, firing Kalashnikovs, and shooting reporters and editors might be persuasive enough to convince a news outlet to print your press release once. However, it’s a one-and-done technique that has historically proven fatal to the messenger.
  • Beheadings: This has repeatedly proven unpopular with the media.
  • Wining and dining: This old school public relations tradition won’t be tolerated if you’re employed by Palestinian Muslims since alcohol is forbidden and fasting seems to be part of that group’s culture.

The job description didn’t say “No Jews need apply” but I assume it’s implied. Resumes from media icons such as New York Times publisher Arthur Ochs Sulzberger Jr. or Richard Edelman, head of the worldwide media firm Edelman, Inc. would be as welcome as a pulled pork sandwich when breaking a Ramadan fast.

The Palestinian organization’s recruiter may want to consider poaching one of the Communications Directors for U.S. Congresswomen Ilhan Omar (D-MN) or Rashida Tlaib (D-MI). Based on the antisemitic anti-Israel garbage coming out of the offices of these two vile Muslim Americans they appear eminently qualified.

The communications director employed by the vicious and delusional Black Lives Matter (BLM) organization must certainly be considered a potential candidate. Other candidates who obviously have no problem lying and exaggerating on national TV that should be on the short list are White House Press Spokesperson Jen Psaki, whose sex probably disqualifies her, and whoever is the spokesperson for Dr. Antony Fauci.

The former CNN anchor and currently unemployed Chris Cuomo is available. He has repeatedly demonstrated that he has no scruples and is willing to grin and lie while looking directly at the camera.

The only other qualified candidate that comes to mind is Joseph Goebbels, but he has been out of the job market since 1945.


Things I Wish I’d Said: “Without freedom of speech, we would not know who all the idiots are.” – Vince the Sign Guy.


Sunburned, thinner and happy as they near the finish line, the Four From Home quartet are (l-r) Paul Lore, Cam Hansen, Billy Cimino, and Hupp Huppman.

Hupp, Hupp Hooray! Last Saturday I was pleasantly surprised to receive a cell phone call from good friend Hupp Huppman from somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean to update me on the progress of the “Foar From Home” group of  four local guys who are rowing from the Canary Islands to Antigua to raise money for U.S. military veterans.

Hupp took time out from rowing to inform me of the team’s progress, their current status, and their expected arrival date. For a guy who been rowing a small boat across the Atlantic for more than a month he was in surprisingly good spirits and thanked me for my support. Hupp, the lead singer of the Amelia Island band, the Honey Badgers is a genuinely nice guy as are the other three fellows on the Courageous team – Cameron Hansen, Billy Cimino, and Paul Lore.

The rowing quartet of military vets is expected to arrive in Antigua sometime next week if not sooner. Their wives and a number of friends are already there waiting to welcome them and celebrate their extraordinary feat.

I know a local “welcome home” event is being planned and when it is scheduled I’ll publish its date, time, and location here.


Stupid Is As Stupid Does: During last week’s lengthy presidential press conference Joe Biden confirmed that he is incredibly stupid, mentally incompetent, delusional, and dangerous.

If  you have any doubts go back and listen to his comments on Russia and Ukraine. In case you still have doubts keep listening as he continues to say spending $5 trillion on the Build Back Better bill will lower inflation and the deficit. Based on his pathetic performance the next three years are going to be extremely dangerous for the country.

There’s no hope on the horizon as Vice President Kamala Harris is widely acknowledged to be grossly incompetent, so Americans are stuck hoping Biden stays alive, and his staff can portray him as functional. Geez Louise! How the hell did Harris make it through law school? And whoever writes Biden’s speeches and recommended the last press conference would be immediately fired if they worked in private industry. It doesn’t get much worse than this. We’re in deep trouble folks.


Dumber Than Two Barrels Of Hair: Ironically two of the dimmest and most joyless people in the media are named Joy. Is there a duo dumber or more stupid in broadcasting than MSNBC’s Joy Reid or Joy Behar on ABC’s “The View”? If there is it must be the folks that hired these two bozos and continue to keep them on the payroll. Do these TV executives ever look at the ratings on which their advertising revenues are based? Stockholders should be outraged.


Bye Bye B&B: Last year I reported here that the 14th Street B&B movie Theater would be closing its doors as the building is soon to occupied by a healthcare group. B&B made it official that yesterday was their last day. So, once again there isn’t a movie theater on Amelia Island. So what? There hasn’t been much worth watching unless you’re 12 years old or younger. Personally, I won’t miss the rubbish that Hollywood tries to pass off as entertainment.


Oscar M - 02. Feb, 2022 -

I found this on WWT’s website. Ross and Lednovich must go!. They are both corrupt despicable human beings. Being new to the area, how in the world did these people ever get elected. They are socialist, homophobic racist pigs.

Worldwide Terminals Applauds Interlocal Agreement Tonight was a good night for our Port and our City.

Despite an attempt by Mayor Lednovich to derail the negotiated efforts of the City and OHPA, the Fernandina Beach City Commission overwhelmingly rejected the inflammatory rhetoric and allowed common sense to prevail, voting 4-1 to pass an interlocal agreement.

This agreement demonstrates the commitment of the Ocean, Highway and Port Authority and the City of Fernandina Beach to preserve the City’s historic district.

During the last delegation meeting, the Nassau County Legislative Delegation expressed their desire to see the City and the Port Authority resolve this issue locally without a need for state preemption. It is our belief that this desire on the part of the delegation brokered the necessary conditions for this important dialogue to take place.

It is sad that tonight’s progress was overshadowed by the comments of one commissioner. We condemn the language used by Mayor Lednovich, who has been extremely open with his bias against Worldwide Terminals during city commission meetings. It is outrageous that he would evoke a violent expression, accusing Worldwide Terminals of being a “dagger to the throat” of our City. Worldwide Terminals Fernandina provides nearly 100 full and part-time jobs to the citizens of Nassau County, with an average total compensation of nearly $80,000 per year. Despite his fears of industrialists joining the City Commission, a Mayor with a modicum of civility and common sense would be a welcome change.

Caroline Adams - 01. Feb, 2022 -

Dr. Kathy Burns should be hauled into court. Soon, before more false information to hide illegals can be put into play. I guess the border wall is a moot point, since invaders are able to jump the fence and have us pay for the flight and accommodations. Dr. Burns, what says that illegals are entitled to a free education?? Why do you use such a statement? Document, please!

Harrison Waller - 01. Feb, 2022 -

Although it pains me to post this, but the Supreme Court has ruled that illegal or undocumented aliens are “entitled” to a “free, public education.” I’m not sure how the Supreme Court determined that education was “free” but that is beside the point in this case:


The right to education
What the law says: There is no “right to education” in the Constitution but two other sections do come into play when considering whether undocumented migrant children should have access to education.

First, in the case Plyler v. Doe, the Supreme Court ruled that if children who are citizens have access to a free, public education, so should undocumented immigrant children. That is because the 14th Amendment says the government cannot “deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”

What it means in practice: The court case means undocumented children cannot be prohibited from enrolling in a public school.

Richard Norman Kurpiers - 28. Jan, 2022 -

Last week a commenter used the phrase, “low information voter”. I presumed he was referring to me but I won’t go any further except to borrow his phrase to comment on high information voters. For instance, a high information voter knows that when DeSantis accuses Biden of running ‘clandestine’ flights in sending migrants to Florida, he is ignoring the fact that this is a routine practice that has occurred during multiple administrations, including that of former president Donald Trump. In 2019, the Trump administration released 7,400 unaccompanied children to sponsors in Florida via these “clandestine” flights. A high information voter knows that while DeSantis says that these flights occur “mostly in the middle of the night”, charter flight logs from the Jacksonville Aviation Authority show that of the 47 flights on record, only 15 landed in Jacksonville between 11 p.m. and 3 a.m. That’s less than 1/3 for the math-challenged. The high information voter knows that while DeSantis claims that “there’s no notification to the state of Florida” when these flights occur, his press secretary Christina Pushaw, when cornered with the proof, had to acknowledge that a meeting took place on July 22 between the governor’s office and the Department of Health and Human Services, the Department of Homeland Security and Immigration and Customs Enforcement. In addition, an HHS spokesperson is on record saying that it continues to reach out to DeSantis’ office. A high information voter knows that most of these flights are conducted by HHS, who is charged with transporting unaccompanied migrant minors to special children’s shelters or to meet sponsors around the country. A high information voter knows that the Supreme Court ruled nearly forty years ago in a case called Plyler v. Doe, that a State may not deny access to public education to any child residing in the State, including children who are not citizens and do not have immigration documentation. We all know that Dave has a history of twisting and manipulating the words of people he reports on in his blog, so l have no confidence concerning the accuracy of his conversation with Dr. Kathy Burns. But a high information voter knows that every minor is required by law to attend school and that school districts may not request information about the citizenship or immigration status of students or their families with the purpose or result of denying them access to educational opportunities. DeSantis, Dave Scott, Senator Bean et. al, rely on low information voters to advance their political ambitions. The question is, what kind of voter are you?

John Goshco - 28. Jan, 2022 -

Not sure if I’m high or low this week, but I’m pretty sure I know who’s going to headline next weeks blog/diatribe.
Maybe that’s why I no longer read the blog first thing in the morning. Too much personal commentary on all sides and not enough humor or insights. In short – it’s getting boring.

Fred - 29. Jan, 2022 -

“In 2019, the Trump administration released 7,400 unaccompanied children to “SPONSORS” in Florida” – Dick Kurpiers You said it, I didn’t… lol Where were the “sponsors” for Biden’s kids?

Richard Norman Kurpiers - 30. Jan, 2022 -

Reading is fundamental Fred. Practice. Practice.

Bill Shaffer - 28. Jan, 2022 -

There is no Joy in Mudville. Thinking of moving there.

There no I in team, either.

Coach said that and I said there are four I’d In Mississippi and he suggested I move there.

Bruce Smyk - 28. Jan, 2022 -

My standing joke for years has been, “My wife really misses me. She’s a terrible shot.”
Re: Steve Nicklas’s’ article, my recollection is that if people were going to move into the county, they should “look like us, act like us and think like us.” If that’s correct, how does he still have a position with the paper?
Re: 2 Joys, I never heard of Joy Reid before yesterday. If you don’t like what they spew, don’t watch.
Re: Kathy Burns, is that type of info available with a FOIL request?
Re: Foar From Home, what an incredible adventure. Kudos to them and their cause.

DAVID LOTT - 28. Jan, 2022 -

Dave, I know you like to be precisely accurate, but the groups name is “Foar from Home” not “Four” although there are four of them. Glad to see they are on the homestretch and will arrive at their destination in the next couple of days. Quite the personal physical achievement but more importantly their raising of $750,000+ for programs dealing with the threat of Veteran’s Suicide.

Stacy Hanna - 28. Jan, 2022 -

Kathy Burns is on the record at a school board meeting saying “I usually try to tell the truth.” The key word in that sentence is usually, when it suits her she doesn’t try and when she does try she doesn’t try very hard.

Richard Lamken - 28. Jan, 2022 -

Can someone else confirm this.

Kathy Burns is on the record at a school board meeting saying “I usually try to tell the truth.” The key word in that sentence is usually, when it suits her she doesn’t try and when she does try she doesn’t try very hard.

Richard Lamken - 28. Jan, 2022 -


Is there a Board Meeting date that you can cite? This statement is consistent with her performance.

Stacy Hanna - 28. Jan, 2022 -

Aug 8, 2019. If you go to the district’s website and watch the video of the meeting she says it at about 4:12 into the public presentation portion of the meeting.

Richard Lamken - 28. Jan, 2022 -

Thanks. Holy Schnikes!

Glen - 28. Jan, 2022 -

I’m not sure…. But I believe Ann Tyson is a big fan of your Blog. Great job in getting her out of the undecided category.

Ken fisher - 28. Jan, 2022 -

Ann, please don’t hold anything back. Let us know how you really feel. I guess you miss all the shut downs and masks back where you came from.

Vince Cavallo - 28. Jan, 2022 -

One of your best Dave. One correction though, it was “Chris” Cuomo at CNN.

One question I have yet to hear raised to SloJoe: why are we so concerned about the border in Ukraine verses our own borders? The Ruskies apparently have only 100K awaiting the go order there verses the apparent 2 million illegals who have invaded our nation here.

Ann Tyson - 28. Jan, 2022 -

Projection is the name of the sick, twisted game you’ve copied from trump.
To use your own words, you are “incredibly stupid, mentally incompetent, delusional, and dangerous.”

L. Dawson - 28. Jan, 2022 -

Another victim of Trump derangement syndrome. No one forces you to read this column. What exactly do you object to in the column? Reports of Illegals being dumped off all over the country, or the fact that Biden is mentally incapable of being president? Or maybe that so-called “entertainers” are telling legislators how to vote and make decisions? You can’t possibly object to locals bringing awareness regarding suicides by our vets. You may want to get help for that condition.

CoCoNUT Harry - 28. Jan, 2022 -

You nailed it ! Bravo & Let’s Go Brandon.

Coleman Langshaw - 29. Jan, 2022 -

Let’s Go Brandon is SO witty, SO typically clever of you and your ilk, I like it SO much, I think I am going to use it myself: Let’s Go Donald! Let’s Go Ron(ald)! Can I say F. Donald Chump, because its such a clever way to say, well you know what the same as saying or writing Let’s Go Brandon. Will I get censored for doing the same? Let’s see if the Hypocrite Party Officials can wrap their heads around that.

Harrison Waller - 29. Jan, 2022 -

Every High information voter or Low information voter (see Richard Norman Kurpiers use of those terms above) KNOWS what Let’s Go Brandon means. Your comparison of “Let’s Go Donald! Let’s Go Ron(ald)! Can I say F. Donald Chump” is dumb because it is nowhere near the same as Let’s Go Brandon or even LGB. Can’t you do better than that?

Coleman Langshaw - 29. Jan, 2022 -

Oh jeez, really???”Let’s Go Brandon” is just stupid code for “F-Joe Biden” So Let’s Go Donald is EXACTLY the same thing as Let’s Go Brandon, except Brandon is just replaced with Donald…maybe that is just too far of a leap for a member of the Hypocrite party. Quit trying to make chicken salad out of chicken…ah…guano (I don’t want to get censored there, so I will use stupid code myself). Damn this is fun!!!

Harrison Waller - 29. Jan, 2022 -

Let me repeat myself: If you go into a crowded theater and scream “Let’s go Brandon”, EVERYONE will know exactly what you are saying. If you scream “Let’s go Donald”, half of the crowd will cheer and the other half will boo, but none of the crowd will equate “Let’s go Donald” with “Let’s go Brandon.” You’re not on your game this week.

Fred - 29. Jan, 2022 -

Apparently, you don’t know the origin of Let’s go Brandon, Cole. If you did, you’d probably appreciate the irony of you ill informed “ilk” posting. LOL

Harrison Waller - 31. Jan, 2022 -

You’re the nitwit, Carnie. And the name caller. Just Google Let’s go Brandon (or even just Let’s) and see what you find. And then Google Let’s go Donald. You find one song for the latter. So once again, you comparison makes absolutely no sense. I’m sure you have more fish in the barrel to shoot and you always have to get the last shot in, so fire away. I’m done with you for this week.

Coleman Langshaw - 30. Jan, 2022 -

Ok, Harri and Freddy, enlighten all of us with your version of the derivation and intended meaning of “Let’s Go Brandon”…or better yet, speak the REAL truth and the REAL facts. Oh, but that’s right, you and your ilk abhor facts just like your Grand Poobah Chump. LET”S GO DONALD! Only you fools can’t understand it means the same thing, except that Chump is the object of it, in lieu of Joe Biden. Jeez, what nitwits! But as I said before, Damn this is fun!!! Like shooting fish in a barrel.