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Democrats Are Crying ‘Uncle’ As They Face Massive Fallout From Their ‘Woke’ Agenda, Failed Policies & Angry Citizens

Democrats Are Crying ‘Uncle’ As They Face Massive Fallout From Their ‘Woke’ Agenda, Failed Policies & Angry Citizens

While running for President Joe Biden vowed to unite Americans. He’s done the exact  opposite.

Democrats and their “woke,” “BLM,” “Antifa,” “Socialist” and “Critical Race Theory” disciples are demolishing the country’s historical monuments and attempting to alter the history of America’s founding. They’re attacking and trying to annihilate the First and Second Amendments, chiseling away at the rest of the U.S. Constitution, attempting to pack the Supreme Court, abolish the Electoral College and nationalize private industry.

They’re teaching in the public schools and universities that white people are racists and “white supremacists” and that all blacks are helpless victims of what they call a “systemically racist” society.

Biden’s puppet masters are instructing the U.S. military to pay more attention to transgendered and climate change issues than updating tactics and hardware. Biden’s humiliating retreat from Afghanistan only increased our enemies resolve and confirmed their believe that America is a paper tiger.

How can an administration attempting to divide the American population stand up to countries like Russia, China, and Iran, who are licking their chops over such foolishness and weakness?

Democrats are extraordinarily stupid and delusional. They prefer authoritarianism within the U.S. to democracy and accountable government.

Biden’s Department of Homeland Security and FBI have demonized Trump voters — half of the U.S. voting population — as “domestic extremists.” That’s the excuse they’re using for their destructive anti-American socialist behavior.

They excuse and ignore looting, arson, riots and rising crime in the country’s major cities and release criminals back onto the streets without bail to continue to terrorize communities and bankrupt businesses. They opened America’s borders and welcome unvetted, illiterate, and Covid-infected illegals from more than 150 countries while mandating vaccines and shutdowns for American citizens.

They say the country was in danger of being overthrown by 600 unarmed, aimless Trump supporters they call insurrectionists. How could a country that weak win a fight with Russia or China or a nuclear-armed North Korea or Iran? If they truly think that 600 ill-informed, clueless people can overthrow the U.S. government, what chance does it have against nuclear and technologically armed militant governments that want to see the U.S. wiped off the map?

The danger the Biden Administration poses to this country is staggering.

Biden is totally oblivious to what’s happening around him. His rapidly waning cognitive abilities would mimic those of George Custer if the ill-fated general had shouted: “OK boys, we’ve got ‘em right where we want ‘em,” half way through the Battle of Little Big Horn.

Recent polls indicate the American public has had enough. Even some Democrats and several of the pitiable main stream media have taken notice.

While Nancy Pelosi, Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY), and members of the repugnant and impotent “Squad” continue to squeal like toddlers demanding predinner cookies, some Democrats are starting to cry “Uncle.” They’ve had it. Moderate Senators Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Kristin Sinema (D-AZ) have taken enormous amounts of abuse from rabidly hysterical left-wingers, alienating them even further from the self-righteous noxious crowd of haters that are driving their party’s bus off a cliff.

When far-left Senator Dick “The Turban” Durbin (D-IL) says Biden may have gone too far with his appalling imprudent Atlanta speech calling Americans who disagree with him ”Bull Conner, Jefferson Davis” and “George Wallace,” it’s a sign they may finally realize their political goose is cooked. Durbin earned his “Turban” nickname in 2005 after referring to American soldiers guarding terrorist prisoners at Guantanamo as Nazis. He eventually and reluctantly apologized.

Recent Gallup polls show Americans’ political party preference during 2021 shifted from Democrat to Republican in the largest move since Gallup began measuring such stuff in 1991. Democrats went from a nine-percentage-point advantage in the first quarter of 2021 to a rare five-point deficit to the GOP in the fourth quarter, says Gallup. A total of 49% of Americans considered themselves Democrat in last year’s first quarter, but that fell to 42% in the final quarter. Survey respondents identifying as Republican increased from 40% to 47% during the same period.

Democrats underestimated the intelligence and tolerance of the American people and will pay a steep price at the polls this coming November. Almost 30 Democrat House members anticipating the coming GOP tsunami and have called it quits. Others are watching as their supporters melt away faster than Biden’s ice cream on a hot August day at Rehoboth Beach.

Some vulnerable and worried Democrats and ratings-conscious media are finally realizing that the antagonistic sophomoric anti-American vulgarity exemplified by the Democrat party doesn’t appeal to the American public. Americans are fed up with the left, which has no pride in the country or its ancestors and paints the bleakest possible picture of the history of America while gutting its culture.

Conservatives need to keep up the pressure, continue to expose the hypocritical Democrats for the frauds they are, and keep sounding the charge like the cavalry coming to the rescue to defend America and its ideals. The momentum is shifting but it’s important for conservatives to constantly remind Americans that they have nothing to apologize for, a glorious history to be proud of, and a bright and prosperous future ahead. (This column can also be found on the national news site Biz Pac Review at )

Local resident Ed Thompson has penned an extensive commentary on the intentional damage the left is doing to America, its institutions, culture, and traditions. The introduction to his observation follows and the remainder will be in the next several blog postings.

How the Left Is Transforming America Right Now

By Ed Thompson

The Left is hell-bent on transforming (destroying) America, and progress on that objective is far more extensive than most realize.

There are, of course, the high profile and direct attacks on American culture and institutions – unchecked and even encouraged destruction of our national border integrity; undermining the sanctity of marriage and the central role of the two-parent household and nuclear family; radical re-definitions of gender and biological sex; increasing intolerance of anything even remotely associated with religion and traditional Judeo-Christian beliefs; charges of systemic racism and rampant White Supremacist terrorism.

There are more subtle, though no less important attacks that serve to weaken the nation – increasing national debt well past any reasonable level of sustainability; purposeful devaluation of currency and resulting inflation that acts as an invisible tax; shutting off access to our own national resources leaving us dependent upon other unstable and unfriendly nations; feckless leadership in the face of increasingly bellicose nations that see our weakness as their opportunity.

All attempts to promote these radical changes are not uniformly successful. For example, though Critical Race Theory has been heavily embraced in universities and elite academia, it has faced serious challenges from parents who are seeing it pushed and adopted in curricula from elementary to high school.

Putting aside that CRT is a false and poisonous framework of perspective, the Left made a mistake in this instance that they normally do not. In this case, the Left neglected to manipulate the language. Among other things, the Left is particularly adept at applying words, slogans, and labels to hide their true intent. While no reasonable person would argue against the slogan, “Black Lives Matter,” the BLM organization is dedicated to the introduction of legislated reverse discrimination, mandatory wealth transfer in the form of reparations, replacing capitalism with communism, deconstruction of the nuclear family, and other radical ideologies hiding behind an innocuous slogan. The BLM organization has successfully raised millions of dollars to support objectives that are far removed from what most donors assumed they were intended to support.

The problem the Left forgot when attempting to spread CRT was that its very name raised the antennae of parents nationwide. The word “Critical” carries a negative connotation. Despite charges to the contrary, Americans are highly sensitive to issues related to “Race.”  A “Theory” is simply an idea yet to be proven. As more parents tried to understand what CRT was, they quickly figured out it was a divisive framework that actually incites racism. As more and more parents caught on to the game, CRT proponents have sought to re-label CRT. You see, CRT has become a “dirty word” – much like “Liberals” had to re-label themselves as “Progressives,” CRT is attempting to recast itself as “Social Justice” or “Anti-Racism.” At this point, no consensus has been reached by which CRT will continue under a new, universally adopted banner.

The primary channel through which CRT has grown has been academia and into education. There is a parallel and more firmly entrenched effort within government and business. Unlike CRT, this parallel effort has been more deliberate about how it presents itself.

Meet DEI. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

DEI is the framework that government and corporatists (the unholy alliance between government and business. See: Google, Facebook, Twitter, CNN, MSNBC, Comcast, Disney, etc.) are using to drive the Left’s transformation of America. What began slowly in the mid-1980s has now reached critical mass, or indeed dominance, as an organizing framework. I’ll explore each component and explain how it is being used to transform America in future commentaries.

(Editor’s note: Ed’s commentary will continue next week with “Diversity Is Not Our Strength.”)

Ed Thompson

(Ed Thompson earned his Bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems at Florida International University in Miami while also competing in men’s basketball. A true student/athlete, he completed his degree Magna Cum Laude. He completed his MBA at the University of North Carolina Greensboro while working in Information Technology at Sara Lee/Hanes Brands. He moved into Supply Chain Management Consulting with Price Waterhouse. Combining his IT and business experience, he helped lead the growth of i2 Technologies to become the leading Supply Chain software company in the early 2000s. In 2008, he founded his own consulting organization. In 2011  joined Logility as the Sr. Vice President of Global Services in 2011  Ed retired in 2020 and he and his wife Yohanna now split their time between homes in Fernandina Beach, Florida and Mijas, Spain.)


Fun With Words: During her recent NBC News interview Vice President Kamala Harris gave the Biden Administration’s new tagline a trial run when asked about the administration’s weak and confused response to the Covid pandemic: “It’s time for us to do what we have been doing and that time is every day,” babbled the dazed VP.


Ken promoting his last book.

Speaking Of Political Observers: Amelia Island is awash with talented writers, political analysts, pundits, and authors. One of the most well-known, talented, and prolific is friend Ken Timmerman, a Middle East authority who has worked as an investigative reporter for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and several national publications.

Ken was held hostage by Islamic terrorists in 1982 for 24 days before escaping. He was the 2012 Republican nominee for the U.S. House from Maryland’s 8th Congressional District and has authored a number of books including the best-selling “Shakedown: Exposing the Real Jesse Jackson” and “The Election Heist” that came out just prior to the 2020 presidential election.

To listen to Ken’s wise and prophetic commentary locals can tune into his weekly commentary on geopolitical affairs on “Prophecy Today.” It airs live on 104.9 FM in the Jacksonville/Fernandina Beach area at 1:05 PM on Saturdays. He also appears from time to time on Newsmax TV and writes occasional opinion editorials for American Thinker, Frontpage mag, Epoch Times and elsewhere, and the occasional magazine story for Newsmax magazine. He did their Putin cover story for the December 2021 issue of Newsmax.

More information about this talented local resident is available his website: It’s well worth your time.


A Sharp Stick In The Eye Would Be Preferable: Hilary Clinton was televised recently while weeping and reading the acceptance speech she would have given had she, instead of Donald Trump, won the 2016 election. Several editorials then speculated on her prospects of running again as the Democrat candidate in 2024, bumping the totally inept and sinking Biden-Harris duo. Mrs. Clinton’s bizarre performance was like publicly running into the nutty ex-girlfriend you dumped and having her read aloud the wedding vows she says you should have exchanged.


Meanwhile Back At The Ranch:  Jack Knocke and his alert watchdog organization Common Sense are questioning Fernandina Beach’s procurement process to hire a company to build a new fire station as are letter writers to the News Leader, who have expressed similar concerns pointing out many discrepancies in the process.

Something stinks in the procurement process.

Common Sense, which has more than 300 members and thousands of Facebook followers, is not a group the city can afford to ignore as its ranks are filled with voters knowledgeable in the workings of city government and associated functions.

Speaking for the group, Mr. Knocke sent a letter to each City Commissioner and City Manager Dale Martin questioning the city’s procurement process and the irregularities in the fire station RFP management. He asked them to have the City Attorney provide feedback and advice on this “mess.”

Common Sense summed up its finding as follows:

  • Allowance schedule was changed with a hand written note post submittal
  • Subcontractor schedule was missing from original submission
  • Copies required were not submitted
  • Did not include certification that contractor was not on federal suspension list
  • Sample contract was not included
  • Pricing amounts appear in error as below their cost for concrete and asphalt
  • Pricing amounts appear in error as below their cost for doors
  • Possible other cost irregularities

Despite Common Sense’s findings and residents’ concerns the City Commission voted 4-1 last Tuesday to accept the Blackwater firm’s bid. Commissioner Len Kreger was the lone dissenting vote. Mr. Knocke and folks with backgrounds in the RFP process fully expect the award to be protested by KTV, a bidding firm that also questioned the process.

One Common Sense member summed up the situation saying: “To me, all this adds up to change orders waiting to happen. And I would have no problem rejecting the bid.”

Based on what I’ve read and heard from people who know a great deal about such things it appears that the City Attorney will soon have her hands full and the expected law suits could cost tax payers as much as the fire station.


Don’t Bite The Hand That Feeds You: When I was a daily newspaper reporter my newsroom colleagues and I referred to the most frequent, loony, and vicious “Letters to the Editor” contributors as the “lunatic fringe” since their views were so detached from reality. Their comments were muddled, confused, incoherent and many just flat-out nasty.

Local Fernandina Beach resident, Chadd Charland, penned a letter to the bi-weekly News Leader last week that fits that profile. His letter, “Columnist’s values not shared here” was  a personal attack on long-time, well-respected News Leader columnist and local businessman, Steve Nicklas. Mr. Charland’s rant was an appalling example of radicalized fury, dishonesty, hysteria, and abuse.

Editor Scott Bryant told me last October that my letter criticizing, Stephan R. Leimberg, a frequent left-wing local letter writer, who also purchases full-page advertorials in the News Leader, was an attack on Mr. Leimberg personally. I disagreed, and made some suggested edits.  Mr. Bryant still didn’t publish it.

To say Mr. Charland’s letter was a personal attack on Steve Nicklas would be an understatement. It was infantile and coercive in its vicious enthusiasm, irrational thought and punitive in its hatred. He said Steve had a “diseased mind,” “debased values” and accused him of “xenophobic ravings” plus much more vintage left-wing garbage. He said Steve’s opinions were “hostile, racist” and “threatening” and labeled them something called “right-wing nationalism.”

Are those personal attacks Mr. Bryant? They sure read like it to me.

Apparently since Steve Leimberg buys full page ads that cost $4,000 a pop, the paper’s management makes an effort to ignore or censor his critics. It’s like the National Basketball Association’s relationship with China — don’t criticize the hand that feeds you and whips the slaves.


Wil WielgosZ - 23. Jan, 2022 -

Trump. Hilarious low information voters commenting. What the hell does Don have to do with local issues? The #tds is still alive and well. Hahaha

Richard Norman Kurpiers - 23. Jan, 2022 -

I guess reading isn’t your forte. Trump is mentioned three times in Dave’s blog. Unless of course, you’re referring to Dave as a “low information voter”. But you’re right, Trump has nothing to do with local issues.

Wil Wielgosz - 23. Jan, 2022 -

The fire station BS is typical. Marxist Mike voted against it so he can easily fall back on his vote and shrug his shoulders. Dale never met a dollar of taxpayer money he didn’t like to spend! The city manager should be fired. He’s reckless spending is documented. Somehow he retains his job. He is the real mayor. Mike should fire him tomorrow. Mike is running again and logic would say you replace Dale with someone that aligns with your views. Easy way out is to keep him and then the mayor will have a scapegoat all the tone by saying, I voted against it! The mayor needs to run on a promise he will fire The city manager. Maybe then things will be reigned in. What you say Mike? We know you read his blog.

bobby carter - 21. Jan, 2022 -

Watch the leftist narrative become more conservative as elections approach. It is obvious to them, that their attempt to change America to thier desires, has not been able to be accomplished in the first 2 years of Biden, so they will soften the rhetoric.

It is imperative that the Right keep reminding the public of the Left’s attempts even when they go quiet about it all. The elections are vital to both parties, and a Democrat success will only encourage more destruction beyond what we have seen thus far.

Stay awake!!

Joe Blanchard - 21. Jan, 2022 -

I see, we have a few new loonies in the comment section (no disrespect intended to the Comic Looney Bird). I think the “Republicans”, in question, are just a bunch of disgruntled people that are upset that their RINO friends aren’t being elected.

Vince Cavallo - 21. Jan, 2022 -

Charles, I missed the support for Trump in this article so I wonder what raised your ire about him. Frankly given the choice between Clinton and Biden verses him, I don’t see a reason to not have vote for him.

Dave, one of the commentators recently had an interesting take on the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion framing. He called it the DIE when he reversed the last two items. He said that is what a nation does when it embraces those concepts.

Dave Seaman - 21. Jan, 2022 -

Dave…..Well done!

Charles Brown - 21. Jan, 2022 -

I am a lifelong Republican but will never vote again for anyone named Trump. This nation has serious problems and the last thing we need is a bitter, lying, and purveyor of fake news like Trump back in office. We need an honest, hard working, and supporter of American who is also a Republican. Anyone with the last name of Trump is not that person.

Richard Norman Kurpiers - 21. Jan, 2022 -

Hear, hear Charles! There’s a list of Republicans I’d enthusiastically vote for to lead this country in 2024. Sadly, and frustratingly, the Republican Party (aka Trump loyalists) has systematically cast those on my list as pariahs. Instead of rewarding their integrity and moral compass the GOP has chosen to devour their own, leaving you and I either sitting on the sidelines or choking down a bad meal.

Fred - 22. Jan, 2022 -

Using that logic, I guess you’re on board with Biden’s characterization of anyone that doesn’t agree with the “new” voting rights legislation must be in line with people named Davis, Crowe or McGovern. So, anyone that has one of those last names must be worthless and incapable of independent thought and actions? And look at RINO Dick jumping in with his ever present TDS that seems to consume him. LOL When did Trump even get mentioned? Seriously, you have a problem with the former President, but not with the wanna be Hillary’s “non-acceptance” acceptance speech?

Richard Norman Kurpiers - 22. Jan, 2022 -

That’s the trouble with you and your ilk Fred, can’t think beyond tribal politics. To be a RINO one has to be Republican, which I’m not. After reading that statement you undoubtedly now think I’m a Democrat. Wrong again. You want to label someone a RINO? Look no further than your Orange god. First, he’s a Republican Then he registers as a member of the Independence Party of New York. Then he’s a Democrat. Then he changes again to a Republican. Then in 2015, right before he declares himself a candidate for President, Trump tells MSNBC, “I identify with some things as a Democrat.” Even a politically challenged person can spot an opportunist when they see one. Well, at least someone who isn’t blinded by fealty. Yeah, I have a problem with a xenophobe, rapist, liar, racist, tax cheat, and anti-democratic fraud – whether their name is Trump or not. This country will never move forward as long as we have radical conservatives and progressives holding positions of majority power. Unfortunately, the GOP has been overrun with radicalism while fortunately, moderate Democrat voters have kept progressives largely in check. Trump can’t carry John McCain’s jockstrap or a candle to Colin Powell’s accomplishments – yet he referred to both as RINO’s. Trump is a small man with small hands. I proudly wear the TDS label. You too suffer from TDS. Though in your case it means Trump Delusional Syndrome.

Fred - 25. Jan, 2022 -

Don’t you mean deplorable versus ilk? Hey brainiac, that wasn’t a reply to you, you ego maniac. You know what’s hilarious? Anyone that defends Trump’s presidency is automatically a Trump fan in your eyes. I find it satisfying to see you wallow in your Trump hatred, and that’s why I let you continue…LMAO

Richard Norman Kurpiers - 25. Jan, 2022 -

Lay off the sauce Fred and you might remember what you wrote. Go back and read what you wrote and then educate me on just who you were referring to when you wrote, “And look at RINO Dick jumping in…”. Then, if you can, remember the week before when you specifically referred to me as “Dick”, in an attempt to insult me. My mother named me after her brother Dick, who proudly served in WWII. I am proud to be his nephew and his namesake, so feel free to call me Dick.

Ken Timmerman - 21. Jan, 2022 -

The hypocrisy of the News Leader, the left-wing opinion sheet of FB, hasn’t changed woth the hiring of a news reporter/editor. Pity.

Alan Terego - 21. Jan, 2022 -

And as far as I can tell, this blog has long served as a gathering spot for those afflicted with a “diseased mind,” “debased values” and a constant need to vent, amongst other repulsive beliefs, their “xenophobic ravings”. Some things just never change.

Fred - 22. Jan, 2022 -

And yet… it is those that disagree with this blog, that are the most vitriol in their reaction to it? Weird? Right?

Fred - 22. Jan, 2022 -

I guess you should be happy that Dave doesn’t deny you the right to respond or be heard, like the News Leader?