Musings, opinions, observations, questions, and random thoughts on island life, Fernandina Beach and more

Musings, opinions, observations, questions, and random thoughts on island life, Fernandina Beach and more

Fernandina’s Future At Stake In December 13 Election Runoff As Lednovich-Minshew Reject Traditional American Values

In his November 8 victory speech in Tampa Governor Ron DeSantis said: “Freedom is here to stay.…we chose facts over fear, education over indoctrination, law and order over rioting and disorder.”

Governor DeSantis rightfully pointed out that Democrats have discarded American beliefs saying: “The survival of the American experiment requires a revival of true American principles. Florida has proved it can be done.…we fight the woke in the legislature, the schools, and the corporations. We will never surrender to the woke mob … Florida is where woke goes to die.”

Are Mike Lednovich (left) and Genece Minshew (right) what Fernandina want?

A small vocal contingent of Fernandina Beach leftist supporters of City Commission candidates  Genece Minshew (Fernandina Pride president) and Mike Lednovich (BLM supporter and California transplant), berserk with rage, don’t want to hear any of it. They want to squelch the free speech of anyone holding viewpoints contrary to their own. They demand that anyone disagreeing with them be vilified and censored.

They and their supporters go into apoplectic rages when confronted with concepts they find distasteful such as the defense of Judeo-Christian religious faith and traditional family values; patriotism and respect for the American flag; the right to bear arms; smaller government and less government regulations; voter ID; less clout for organized labor; property rights and lower taxes; stable levels of immigration; respect and support for the U.S. military and local police; parental rights in education; support for the preservation of historical monuments, among other traditional American principles and conservative values that made America an exceptional and unique country.

The two local leftist City Commission candidates – Minshew and Lednovich –  promote the bizarre neurosis of transgender activism; speech codes; racial and gender quotas; open borders and the shielding of illegal immigrants; flagrant assaults on the realities of American history; the radicalization of our educational system to embrace leftist political indoctrination rather than learning; gender-free public restrooms and prepubescent transgender rights. They and their supporters are psychotic in the causes they endorse and support.

They publicly preach their far-left rubbish, then refuse to admit they did so as the December 13 election day draws closer, hoping no one will notice.

For example, the Nassau County chapter of County Citizens Defending Freedom (CCDF) provided a questionnaire to every candidate running for the City Commission. Minshew and Lednovich were the only two candidates that refused to answer any of the questions. In addition, they refused to respond to the media when asked why they wouldn’t answer. They didn’t return phone calls or emails, nothing…..crickets.

Lednovich parades up and down Centre Street wearing a Black Lives Matter sandwich board while Minshew has stated publicly to others that she wants to make Fernandina Beach a gay vacation destination and is OK with drag queen story time for children. All of this has since been scrubbed from their social media accounts.

A couple of weeks ago Lednovich, took a public stance on the LGBTQ+ issue by unilaterally presenting Minshew, president of Fernandina Pride, with an official city proclamation of Transgender Remembrance Day in Fernanda Beach.

You can read what a disaster these two radicals would be for the city if elected by going to the most recent CCDF site and reading its latest newsletter at CCDFUSA – Nassau>

Why won’t these two extremists confirm or deny their radical views on the CCDF questionnaire? Doesn’t their refusal to answer the questions confirm their agreement?

Following are some of the questions the leftist Minshew-Lednovich duo refused to provide a simple “yes” or “no” answer to:

  • Should a biological male identifying in his mind as a female be allowed to use the City’s women’s restroom?
  • Should biological boys identifying as girls be allowed to play on city-sponsored girl’s teams?
  • Do you support Black Lives Matter ideologically?
  • Would you support the city positioning itself in promotional material as a Gay Vacation Destination?

The Duval County School Board just severed its ties to a LGBTGTIA group for reasons you can read about by clicking here

Is Minshew’s Fernandina Beach organization associated with that organization?

The December 13 Fernandina Beach runoff election depends on rational and sane citizens voting and convincing their neighbors and friends to turn out to vote for Darron Ayscue and Dr. James Antun.

Local firefighter Ayscue (Minshew’s opponent) and Dr. Antun (Lednovich’s opponent) both answered those questions saying they were in opposition. These two family men also responded to all other questions on the questionnaire that Minshew and Lednovich refused to answer.

Firefighter Ayscue is president of the local firefighters union and has been a critic of the city’s mismanaged budgeting and advocates a millage reduction. He and his wife, Michelle, and their two children are lifelong residents of Fernandina.

Dr. Antun and his Chiropractor wife, Jayde, jointly operate a Fernandina chiropractic clinic and are proud new parents. Dr. Antun is an articulate public speaker with traditional family values who promotes strict budgetary discipline.

Folks that want to help these two can contact Antun at or (516) 547-5309 while Ayscue can be reached at or (904) 591-3647.


“SHUT UP!” They Explain: How extreme and out of step with the family values of the majority of Nassau County and Fernandina residents are Minshew and Lednovich and their supporters?

The duo’s supporters vehemently expressed their anger and indignation on this site’s commentary and online the past couple of weeks. They want to squelch the free speech of anyone holding viewpoints opposite of theirs and actually suggested that criticism of them or their beliefs is a form of violence.

Some of the comments on this site by this duo’s supporters were so profane and vile they were deleted. Their vile language mimics exactly what they accuse me of writing.

They vented their radicalized fury, dishonesty, and hysteria coupled with a venomous attitude by disagreeing with the content of my commentary here November 18: Two Fernandina Beach City Commission Candidates Actively Promoting Programs Designed To Sexualize Local Children .

Facts, logic, and rational thoughts are alien concepts to this crowd that collectively assailed this blog’s content without providing a single substantive fact to back up their feverish vitriol. The site was heaped with abuse by these frenzied extremists for repeating what Fernandina Pride President Genece Minshew and Black Lives Matter supporter Mike Lednovich have previously stated publicly and posted online.

Radical Commission candidates Minshew and Lednovich are darlings of this leftist crowd and are adored and endorsed by the Nassau County Democrat Club, which is aiding in their campaigns. They say that my criticism of them labels me a hater, a homophobe, and more. This frenzied crew wants to squelch the free speech of anyone expressing a viewpoint contrary to theirs.

One of the cowardly choleric critics who posted anonymously several times under the name “Alana” repeatedly said she was a “Christian” while labeling me a hater and ironically proclaiming in her Christian approach: “I DO NOT judge people.” She said my comments are: “Exactly why gay/lesbian/trans are raped, murdered, and attacked.” She concluded her tirade saying that my comments are: “…sickening BS and untrue” without providing a single factual example to back up her nonjudgmental “Christian” sermonizing.

In fact, not one of these crazed family values vandals provided a single fact, just empty, mindless rhetorical assaults without a shred of evidence to back up their vitriol. They didn’t address one question on the CCDF questionnaire or explain why their candidates refused to respond.

One of the most furious was a guy named Mike Collins, who accused me of being complicit in the Colorado Springs gay club murders and concluded asking: “Why don’t you wait until the facts come out before placing the blame?” Perhaps Mr. Collins was asking himself a rhetorical question.

With no original thought processes or facts to back up their accusations and empty bombast, they feed off each other’s shrillness. A commenter named Libby Drury confirmed that when she chimed in saying: “This is the type of speech that makes right wing extremists go into clubs and kill people.” WOW!

I was bluntly told by someone named Mary Libby about my commentary that: “This is hate speech. Cease and desist.”

By the way, it might interest Mr. Collins and Ms. Drury that the homicidal lunatic that shot up the gay nightclub in Colorado Springs told police that he identifies as nonbinary, and his preferred pronoun is “they.” A news report of the incident referred to the homicidal nutcase shooter as “their” and “they,” thus giving me a headache while reading it.

And it gets even nuttier. A recent Facebook posting from a local parent asked Fernandina Pride President Minshew (and I’m not making this up) the following: “I need to know my daughter’s feelings are validated and accepted of being a cat. When she met a fellow trans at the Fernandina Pride event at the playground something was sparked inside of her.”

He asked Minshew if she supported “transspecies rights” and Minshew responded saying: “Yes, we were very happy to give them a safe space to be themselves.” This kid doesn’t need a safe place to be a cat, the kid needs a psychiatrist and the parent needs a visit from the Florida Department of Children and Families.

In the Mel Brooks movie “High Anxiety” there’s a scene (pictured here) where a young woman’s father, who is confined to the “Psychoneurotic Institute for the Very, Very Nervous” for believing he’s a dog, is shown clinging to the psychiatrist’s leg. A dog bed, leashes, water bowl, and a chew bone, are shown in the background. It’s a hilarious slapstick spoof of Alfred Hitchcock movies. The Minshew-Lednovich crowd probably think it’s a fact-based documentary.


Vote Like Your Future Depends On It Because It Does: No one cares what consenting adults do in their own homes, but they do care when homosexuality, pride parades and perversion are openly flaunted in public parks and streets.

The majority of folks hereabouts are opposed to children’s events brandished by grown men wearing lingerie, wigs, and garish makeup, aka drag queens, who think it’s acceptable to read their sexual rubbish to elementary school children. Folks protesting and condemning these public displays are called homophobic, transphobic, bigots, racist and more by left-wing gender ideology zealots.

Following is one of the milder examples of what elementary age kids are exposed to at these drag queen story hours: “If you’re a drag queen and you know it, let it show by winking, shaking your bum, laughing real big, twirling around, and more!” The online review tells the kids: “Join a cast of fabulous drag queens as you sing along to the tune of ‘If You’re Happy and You Know It’ in this playful celebration of expressing your brightest and boldest self. A perfect companion to The Hips on the Drag Queen Go Swish, Swish, Swish written by a board member of Drag Queen Story Hour. This book is recommended for ages 4-7.” Geez Louise could it get much crazier?

Do Fernandina Beach residents want their children and grandchildren subjected to this kind of garbage?

The only local news outlet to cover the outrageous antics of the Minshew and Lednovich campaign and the behavior of its far-left supporters has been the newly launched Florida Citizens Journal. Last week it ran a column by national author and educator Paul D. White the co-author of “Saving Our Youth, One Kid at a Time” (Random House), and “Bible Morals for Children – A Parent’s Guide.”

Mr. White details how there are no evidence-based practices that support gender identity education in public schools and the harm drag queen story hours can do at the elementary level. His column can be read by clicking

Irate News Leader letter writer Jordan Morris

The News Leader has ignored the two radical candidates’ far-left positions and this past Wednesday ran a letter (We are better than this, Nov. 30, 2022) attacking me for my recent blog commentaries critical of the Minshew-Lednovich campaigns and their supporters’ claptrap.

The letter writer, Jordan Morris, labeled my comments “hate filled, alarmist, vicious, juvenile, lazy, reprehensible, unchristian, preposterous, scathing, weak, and short-sighted.” Whew! He also accused me of “bashing and libeling two left-leaning candidates” and “going on to belligerently condemn the LGBTQ+ community in an alarmist diatribe, blah blah, blah.”

The lengthy letter, which probably exhausted the writer’s Thesaurus, didn’t provide a single substantive fact to back up the accusations and name calling. Not one. Zero. Zip. Nothing.

What the letter writer did do, however, was increase the readership of this blog and for that I thank both the News Leader and Mr. Morris.

The News Leader also failed to identify Morris, as a member of Ms. Minshew’s Fernandina Pride organization’s group leadership team.

As of this date the News Leader has not covered the CCDF questionnaire or the fact Minshew and Lednovich refused to answer any of the questions on it. Why not?


Hey Brother, Can You Spare $300 Million? The disheveled chubby little thieving nerd, Samuel Bankman-Fried, snatched an additional $300 million from bankrupt FTX as he walked out the door,  money raised from outside investors just a few months before he crashed the company.

According to Reuters’ sources, Bankman-Fried also “secretly transferred $10 billion of customer funds from FTX to Bankman-Fried’s trading company Alameda Research.”

“A large portion of that total has since disappeared,” reports Reuters. “One source put the missing amount at about $1.7 billion. The other said the gap was between $1 billion and $2 billion.”

It’s estimated that up to $70 million went to Democrat politicians who are scrambling to cover up the cash before the new GOP Congress is sworn in next month.

Who invests money so carelessly into a crazy scheme run by a leftist fruit cake? Other leftist fruitcakes maybe? And why is this thief still walking around and not in jail?


Thinking Out Loud: Some of the highest performing public schools in the U.S. are public charter schools with student bodies that are overwhelmingly black and Latino.

If racial diversity is so essential to classroom learning , as the left claims, then how do children in countries with essentially no such diversity such as Japan and South Korea, regularly outperform American students on international tests? And why do Democrats and the Biden administration make racial balance such a high priority and fight against neighborhood charter schools? Could it be contributions from Teacher Unions that fund their campaigns that see charter schools as a threat?

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said recently: “Who’s the most likely to take this republic down? It would be the teacher’s unions, and the filth that they are teaching our kids.” He singled out Teacher’s Union President Randi Weingarten as “….the most dangerous person in the world.”


Overheard At PJD’s Beer & Wine Garden: “If your car could travel at the speed of light, would your headlights work?”


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  • Dave, did I see you in a picture of the dinner with Chump, “Ye” and the white nationalist at Mar-a-Lago, or was it a meme? You would fit right in, my friend.

    • Colt didn’t you just scold someone two posts up about name calling and insults? Yet here you are berating Dave as a White Nationalist. Why should anyone value what you say?

      • He’s the definition of a hypocrite… and he hates it when you call him anything but his name. Can’t even recognize a typo or autocorrect (yet guilty of many himself). This dude thinks his stuff doesn’t stink, but we all know that a skunk has nothing on him.

        • Thank you Fred. I did make a typo. No big deal. CL seems very angry and hateful towards anyone who dares to think differently from him. I am going to ignore him in the future. I don’t like to read his hate speech. ?

          • CeCe, Coley hates when anyone doesn’t use his name correctly. He also has a very short memory. LOL

          • PS: I am not angry nor do I hate you or anyone in this blog stream. That is an easy escape reasoning. I vehemently disagree, with certain people’s point of view, but I don’t even know most of these people. I know Dave, I don’t hate Dave at all. I’ve even sat with him and had a beer. We do not agree on about 90% of things, but shockingly to most. we occasionally agree. He has had harsh words for me about me, etc. and I have done the same to him, but that is America, and we exercise our rights freely…but I am not a hater and I am not angry, in fact I love the discussion! After all, we could be living in Putin’s Russia or Xi’s China and THEN I would be angry and hateful! ‘Nuf said.

        • Well Fred (no last name), now I am a hypocrite for telling someone that they used a wrong name for me? Maybe a typo, but Coleman to Colt is a long stretch there, but anything is possible. Still, I just pointed it out, then wrote: “it matters not”, so if that is the best you have in this debate, I will stop having a continual battle of wits with an unarmed opponent…ok sorry, that was an insult, and I should leave the insults to you and your like-minded ilk. After all, its only ok when you do it. wait…isn’t that a prime example of being a hypocrite?

      • Colt is not my name CECE, but that matters not. I challenged Mr. Brown about praying to the lord with hateful terms like: “the queer and the nut case”. I did not insult, but pointed out the hypocrisy of being a name-calling Christian. Jesus was not that kind of man, just sayin’. But, if you think terms like that are acceptable, and my calling it out is wrong, then that’s between you, the mirror and perhaps your theological perspective.

        • CL you inferred Dave was a white nationalist. That is a hypocritical statement. Mr Brown’s comments stand on their own. Christians are not the only religion that believe being gay is a sin…Eg Judaism and Islam. Yet you never mention those religions. In the US people are entitled to worship as they please. You have the right to make hypocritical statements as well.
          You will never persuade people to your way of thinking attacking them. Try discussing the merits of what you believe. Be respectful when they do not agree.

          • Perhaps you should open a dictionary, and read the definition of hypocrisy. Inferring that someone is something based upon their written or spoken words, and calling them out for that, has nothing to do with hypocrisy, Your logic is totally flawed, but perhaps your understanding of the word is different from that which is commonly understood. I call hypocrisy whenever someone espouses to be a believer of a faith that embraces compassion and understanding, while using words like queer and nutcase. Maybe your blinders are so narrow, that you cannot make this distinction. You may agree with Mr. Brown, and totally disagree with my point of view, which of course that is your right, but I am not addressing the point of view here (although I obviously disagree), I am condemning his hypocrisy of praying “to our Lord the queer and the nut case go down.” Its just simply hypocritical to use such words when praying to a forgiving, loving and accepting deity. And it does not matter what their religion, but in this case, it is an assumption of mine that Mr. Brown is a Christian. If he were a Muslim or a Jew, a Buddhist or Hindu, I would say the same thing, so please don’t muddy the waters or shed smoke to the facts at hand. Maybe all of us, in this supposed time if Christmas, Chanukah and so on, should focus on kindness and compassion, which herein I have found in Dave’s Blog and the subsequent comments, to be totally lacking and/or missing.

  • Dave,thanks for another great blog.The campaigns of Dr. Antun and Mr.Ayscue would benefit by reproducing this blog and handing it out door to door. My fear is that you are singing to the choir,and not reaching the mass of the population of voters.

  • Praying to the Lord and assumedly to the loving and accepting Jesus, with insults and name-calling, wow. I am pretty sure Jesus would be praying for you accordingly.

      • “That is RICH coming from you Coley”…interesting, in what way? Does that mean that even though I do not call myself a Christian, I can’t believe in the teachings of Christ (or the others)? Having a more open mind to the interpretations of teachings is not limited to those who thump a bible or their chest loudly proclaiming their virtues. Just claiming loudly that someone is a Christian, a Muslim, a Buddhist, a Jew, and so on does not make one so. Actions speak louder than words. I am a very imperfect person, but at least I recognize it and strive to do better. But I guess Dave’s intentions with this blog is to perpetuate the hate and vitriol from both sides.

        • You know my last name Coley and believe me, NOBODY cares what your name is… lol You epitomize intolerance and hate on here over and over. You can quit with the gaslighting, it doesn’t work on any of us. As to where I got the idea that you are not a Christian, I believe you outed yourself.

        • Sooo… you don’t believe in Christ except when it suits your narrative… you have spewed hatred, vitriol and downright lies on here. Sought to “out” conservatives for their beliefs and/or moral standing and you can’t even see you are a hypocrite? That is what is RICH…LOL

          • Fred (BTW, what is you last name? Mine is Langshaw, first name Coleman, middle name Carnegie. and I am proud to let everyone know who I truly am). Where did you get the twisted opinion that I don’t believe in Christ? I guess just spin it or twist it to make it suit your myopic point of view (is that too insulting for you? sorry). I believe in the teachings of the man, Jesus Christ. You can make him into whatever you want, but just simply, I believe in kindness and compassion, which I feel he wanted for all, not just the ones we think deserve it. And of what lies are you referring? Facts that differ from your facts? As for hatred and vitriol, just because I push back, challenge, point out hypocrisy in people’s opinions, doesn’t make it vitriolic, it makes it a stern and adamant debate, something we all enjoy under the First Amendment. Sooo (to use your word), where is my hypocrisy? I don’t hide behind a wall of convenient faith, when as you wrote: “when it suits your narrative”. The hate you feel or perceive, is, in my opinion, in the mirror. When you and certain others celebrate the birth of Christ, will you be thinking of how much you hate people for being what they are, what they believe, for the audacity of having a different opinion than you, and god-forbid challenging people in our American democracy that is for EVERYONE, not just you and yours? Let’s hope not and hope that the true meaning of Christmas doesn’t get lost in your apparent hate and anger for the rest of us.

    • This was directed to Mr. Brown, but could and should be directed to Dave and all those who think and express with hate in their messages.

  • I find that the left has been incredibly consistent at targeting issues that target people’s beliefs during election times rather than hard facts that require data and number crunching. The right falls prey to these tactics and overwhelms the media (of all sorts) with information that relates to the smallest percentage of the population. Based on several sources it is estimated that less than 5% of the US population identifies as LGBTQIA+ and yet it takes up so much more of our media space. Less than 2% of women between the ages of 15 to 44 get or want to have an abortion. Yet we allow the left to raise these issues as the most important things during elections so they can move the agenda from what is higher on the American person’s mind. Specifically, inflation, unemployment, economic growth, taxation, loss of freedoms, etc. We must find a way to move the agenda from the minority of issues to those that make a difference in our most critical issues. I’m not saying all issues are important, just give them the time and space they deserve, usually less than 5%, and re-focus the narrative on the biggest issues. The most important problems facing the U.S.

    Don’t allow the left-wing media to run the agenda, rather move it to the issues that really matter.

  • I lived full time on the Island for 20
    years and have owned condos for part
    time use since.In all that time it was a
    very nice and peaceful place to live. Even
    hard boiled Yankees relaxed and turned
    out to enjoy our piece of heaven. Now!!
    that’s all over with.As I read the hate filled
    words from some readers it boils my blood
    to read their hate filled words.Name calling and spewing vitriol will never accomplish anything but more of those
    exercises.Dave,I worry that your safety
    and peace of mind may be in jeopardy.
    I hate to see this happen to a once peaceful place.Shame on those that spew
    these foul words I wonder how they sleep
    at night.

  • Dave, Thanks for continuing to stand up and expose what’s going on in our quaint little town! FB ain’t Mayberry no more! The Wokists have worked their way into our city and government…while we were all busy enjoying life and keeping quiet….but no more!
    And now that we’ve exposed their leftwing agenda and are pushing back….they’re in full blown Whackadoodle mode! Name calling at it’s finest!
    City Residents…get out on 12/13 and VOTE IN THE A TEAM!! Anton & Ayscue! Let’s shut’em down!

  • Dave:

    You must have finally apologized to Coleman for saying he was fired by the City. He was not. He was terminated by the City’s contractor! Your readers can only hope that’s so much water under the bridge now and that he and his liberal name calling are back! Dave Scott’s a hater! Of course you are. Anyone like you who doesn’t think drag queens mix well with children spews hate. You’re a racist, sexist, election denier, a threat to our democracy and a Republican too but then that’s just redundant. Welcome back Coleman!

    • No, Dave never apologized, but that wouldn’t play well in his playbook. And yes, you are correct I was never fired by the City (I in fact, have a pension from the City). And yes I was terminated by the contractor (the one that was eventually fired by the City coincidently). Westrec and I parted ways over policy issues, that aversely impacted day-to-day operations, and I could not agree with that, so they opted to terminate me. Not that it matters, but I always wanted to look out for the best interest of the marina, the City and the residents- Westrec’s interest was different, in my biased opinion.

  • I thought Art Rox was talking about Dave. This blog has transformed into nothing but name calling and vile hateful comments. This also the exact same blog for at least the 3rd week in a row. Watch your back, the gays are coming for you. Dave needs to stop going to PJDs, it’s new and different, which are 2 things he opposes. Hang out at the palace, it’s been here long enough that it shouldn’t offend you.

  • Tons of Flak Dave…. You must be over the target.

    Welcome back Coleman I enjoy reading your comments. I always feel better about myself after reading them.

  • Hate, transitive verb–to feel extreme enmity toward; to regard with active hostility.

    Expresing dislike and distrust of Lednovich and Genece because of their actions
    and statements–that falls far short of hate, folks.

    If you approve of their expressed intentions–vote for them.

    Calling those who disapprove haters is not accurate.

    • Perhaps, [he] doth protest too much? Just something a great writer once wrote, but a good question nonetheless.

  • Dave- the lack of civility of your critics says it all. You have made a colorful but rational argument why we as a community should not allow a fringe minority with radical views impose them on our children. In response, they scream and name call. Good work!

    And for all the rest of us who might tend to complacency, if you don’t think this is serious, just wake up on Dec. 14 after you failed to vote and watch what your city becomes…..

    • Coleman’s repetitive and somewhat long
      replies are a good reason to limit the
      number and length of such.Not sure if
      anyone cares who or why he was axed
      from his post years ago.That is water way
      under the bridge and has no relevance
      much like his stance on current affairs.
      That is sarcasm not hate.

  • Governance, not social wars.
    Leadership, not baggage.
    The choice is clear—-the AA Team!
    VOTE or let a contentious minority speak for you.

  • Quiet a few unknowns posting here. God made only two sexes: MAN AND WOMAN. Democrats made the other 50. QUEER ideology has no business in our education system or political system as they are elected to serve everyone. I just love it when a simple word(s) like QUEER or Nut Case brings out the true hatred. I have no problem with this candidate muff diving out women. Just do it in your bedroom in private. As to the Nut Case he has been the poorest excuse for a Mayor since the D.C. Mayor was caught smoking crack. The voters are asked to put an end to the deviant lifestyle of one and the stupidity of the other.

  • I suspect that all the chatter about the candidates in general and the course our Nation is upon in particular can be found in a portion of paragraph of Washington’s Farewell Address:

    “Whatever may be conceded to the influence of refined education on minds of peculiar structure, reason and experience both forbid us to expect that national morality can prevail in exclusion of religious principle.”

    The man who is currently vilified in some circles was quite a wise leader.

  • Perhaps the Lednovich/Minshew candidates could clear the air:

    –agree to use their platform (if elected) for the benefit of all city residents
    –agree to keep social/culture wars outside City Hall

    Marching and parading in support of controversial social issues has consequences when done by City Hall personnel.

    We pay City Hall personnel to work for all without regard or special treatment for personal causes.

    We have enough critical matters (climate change, rising taxes, underperforming and aging public facilities) to keep everyone busy without creating unneeded distractions.

    How about it Lednovich/Minshew? Are you on board?


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