Musings, opinions, observations, questions, and random thoughts on island life, Fernandina Beach and more

Musings, opinions, observations, questions, and random thoughts on island life, Fernandina Beach and more

When Will Former City Hall Embarrassment Mike Lednovich Explain His Support Of Pro-Hamas Black Lives Matter Haters?

Mike “Left-Coast” Lednovich, a defeated Fernandina Beach commissioner, who alarmed residents with a series of pratfalls and bizarre antics during his one term, is publicly criticizing current Commissioner and Mayor Bradley Bean, a dignified, articulate, and highly-respected city representative – all the things Lednovich wasn’t when he was a Commissioner.

“Blind” Observer “reporter” Mike “Left Coast” Lednovich when he was a Fernandina Beach Commissioner proudly posted this photo on his Facebook page.

California transplant Lednovich, a failed second term candidate, who was a laughing stock as mayor, currently writes for the online Observer, a bogus news outlet that serves as the city’s propaganda outlet.

Lednovich’s legacy on the Commission was as straight man to obnoxious, pompous know-it-all and boor Commissioner Chip Ross, who without him is now floundering like Costello without Abbott or Hardy without Laurel.

Stunned by his election loss the dazed and confused Lednovich is frustratingly and futilely lashing out, scribbling his daftness and spewing sour grapes for the sight-impaired online Observer and its dozen or so leftist readers.

In his bizzarro world Lednovich somehow thinks the residents that he ill-served hereabouts would be the least bit interested in anything he has to say.

At a recent City Commission meeting Fernandina Mayor Bean accurately fired back at the muddled local media that includes clueless frauds like Lednovich, and the sightless Observer labeling them “fake news”.

Lednovich didn’t like that. He thinks he’s an actual reporter, not an incomprehensible ill-informed hack who can barely write at a third grade level. Nobody could comprehend him when he babbled on as a commissioner and his Observer ramblings prove that nothing has changed?

Last month election-loser Lednovich spat sour grapes at Mayor Bean for gaveling his former comic loudmouth sidekick Ross silent hilariously writing: “Bean was armed with a wooden gavel – which he pounded three times to silence Commissioner Chip Ross, who was in mid-sentence.”

Tweedledee Ross and Tweedledum Lednovich as City Commissioners.

His actions and words prove that Lednovich is what is nationally branded as “Florida Man,” a person doing and saying really bizarre things, thereby giving the state a reputation for being a steaming swamp of stupidity. Florida Man is one consolation that folks still stuck in California, New York and Minnesota have, causing them to sigh and declare: “There goes Florida man again.”

The Lednovich-Ross duo could have been a slapstick film titled “Florida Men Enter Politics,” with movie posters proclaiming: “Laugh yourself silly as two clueless out-of-town clowns wreak havoc on unsuspecting residents of a small Northeast Florida resort community.”

The duo’s antics embarrassed the city state-wide including this in-depth September 2019 article in the Florida Daily News ( that described their destructive behavior.

During his chaotic Commission tenure Lednovich justifiably earned his Florida Man label including:

  • Buying a house near the airport then complaining about the noise of airplanes;
  • The Ross-Lednovich duo being so outrageous it generated political cartoons and articles in state-wide media lampooning them.
  • Lednovich publicly boasting that it was against the law for a developer to sue the city for loss of revenue then admitting he had no idea what law that might be.
  • Constantly wearing a Fernandina Beach Police Department cap when he clearly wasn’t a cop or a member of the department.
  • Parading through downtown Fernandina proudly wearing a Black Lives Matter sandwich board while wearing a FBPD cap and displaying his support of that murderous cop-hating group and at the same time sporting a red clown nose.
  • Suing the city he served in an attempt to stop a legitimate housing development thus causing tax payers to pay to defend themselves against their own elected representative.
  • Believing that raising taxes and fining and threatening current businesses is better than attracting new businesses, tourists and private-sector investment and revenue.

The photos posted here of the former City Commissioner appropriately wearing a red clown nose while proudly displaying his allegiance to the murderous and destructive BLM group was posted on his Facebook page while he was still on the Commission. He managed to embarrass the city Police Department too by wearing a FBPD cap, thus confirming his Florida Man credentials.

A recent post from Lednovich’s beloved BLM.

While his beloved friends at BLM endorsed the recent savage slaughter of 1,400 Israeli civilians including babies, pregnant women, grandmothers, etc. Lednovich remains silent about their actions. Lednovich’s BLM pals even shared a celebratory graphic of a Hamas paraglider in obvious reference to the slaughtering of at least 260 civilians by Hamas militants at an Israeli music festival. Following the Hamas terrorist attacks multiple BLM-associated organizations posted pro-Hamas statements on social media.

In addition BLM works closely with numerous domestic, left-wing, pro-Palestinian organizations such as Students for Justice in Palestine and members of the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement. Activists belonging to these organizations celebrated Hamas’ most recent atrocities across the West, including in America’s streets and on America’s college campuses. This is the crowd Lednovich is so proud to publicly endorse. When is he going to explain why?

How’s this for irony? In his angry October 6 screed attacking Mayor Bean Lednovich said: “When was the last time a Fernandina Beach mayor hurled insults from the center seat? And should the mayor – a figurehead of goodwill for the city – engage in that type of conduct?”  He could answer that question by looking in the mirror. He wrote that tripe despite his own history of embarrassing the city every time he opened his mouth or appeared in public proudly toting his BLM sign.

During the last election for City Commission when the Nassau County chapter of County Citizens Defending Freedom (CCDF) provided a questionnaire to every candidate running, Lednovich’s refusal to answer the following questions speaks for itself:

  • Should a biological male identifying in his mind as a female be allowed to use the City’s women’s restroom?
  • Should biological boys identifying as girls be allowed to play on city-sponsored girl’s teams?
  • Do you support Black Lives Matter ideologically?
  • Would you support the city positioning itself in promotional material as a Gay Vacation Destination?

Lednovich has plenty of Florida Man company including a variety of similar wackos including the following:

  • A Floridian tried to hire a hit man by giving him a ride in his pizza delivery van and saying: “Have fun!”
  • A Gainesville man trying to steal a car accidently locked himself inside it.
  • A man in Deerfield Beach died while winning a pet store’s roach-eating contest where first prize was a python.
  • Florida Man sets his house on fire with a bomb made from a bowling ball;
  • A Florida Man seen trying to sell a live shark in a grocery store parking lot
  • A Florida Man tried to rescue his imaginary girlfriend from a garbage truck.

I’m sure “Left Coast” will continue to amuse and shock area residents with his whacky Florida Man antics and irrational scribbling. Fortunately he can no longer embarrass the city as a member of the City Commission. However, he has no problem continuing to embarrass himself and the pathetic Observer that allows him to stain their site.


Mass Insanity: The terrorist murderers of Hamas have called for rallies throughout the Arab and Muslim world in support of their slaughter and massacre of civilians in Israel.

Because of their battle cry of “Allahu Akbar” and fanatical religious focus, these attacks have nothing to do with any Palestinian cause and everything to do with promoting their hatred and violent religion.

These vicious evil lunatics want a world-wide movement that unifies the Arab world against Jews and Christianity. How can there be peace between these savages and Israel when the savages’ religion tell them to “kill all the Jews?” Hamas and its backers need to be eradicated totally.

Their fanatical lunacy is spreading to the U.S., but thankfully most Americans aren’t getting the message. Some crazed members of  in the U.S. Congress including the vile and abhorrent Democrat Congresswomen Rashida Tlaib of Michigan and Ilan Omar of Minnesota are two of the most egregious and despicable members. (See poll on this site.)

The Democrat Party can’t get its act together in condemning these two banshees or even opposing the Hamas attacks. Tlaib blames American aid to Israel for creating the attacks, claiming that Hamas was simply resisting Israeli apartheid. Omar spouts the same garbage.

Both Omar and Tlaib continue to blame Israel for the hospital bombing in Gaza despite clear evidence showing it was caused by a Hamas rocket.

Neither of these contemptible women belong in the U.S. Congress and Republicans should act to expel them. Unfortunately Republicans are too busy fighting among themselves to get anything useful accomplished either. It was P.J. O’Rourke who reminded us that “Republicans are always saying government doesn’t work. And periodically they get elected and prove it.”


No Surprise Here: I was initially surprised that any group in the US would support the Hamas execution of babies and other children. Then I realized that there is little difference between abortion and the killing of a baby. No wonder so many Democrat baristas side with Hamas.


Senator Scott Says “Protest Hamas Killers! Boycott Starbucks”: This week Wall Street Journal columnist Allysia Finley wrote about the Service Employees International Union’s (SEIU) support of Hamas (‘Our Enemies Are the CEOs…Our comrades Are in Gaza,’ Oct. 16, 2023) while the Free Beacon reported that SEIU affiliates, Starbucks Workers United Union expressed “Solidarity with Palestine!” in social media posts. The union’s chapters in Iowa, Chicago, and Boston promoted rallies in support of Hamas attacks on Israel, including a “Long Live Palestinian Resistance” rally in Boston. A number of the SEIU leaders expressed their solidarity with Hamas and its cause. “Freeing Palestine was never going to be flowers and baby animals . What the (expletive) did you expect?” “Our enemies are the CEOs, and our comrades are in Gaza,” said another. The union’s backing of a terrorist attack that killed more than 1,400 Israelis drew widespread condemnation, including calls from Florida Senator  Rick Scott (R., Fla.) to boycott the coffee company over the union’s stance. That won’t be difficult for me as I don’t drink that overpriced swill anyway, now I have an even better reason for avoiding it.


Floridians Side With Israel: The Florida Legislature says it stands with Israel in the wake of the recent terror attacks carried out by Hamas reports state wire service The Center Square.

Florida House Speaker Paul Renner, R-Palm Coast, said at a Wednesday news conference that he was proud to announce that Florida stands with Israel.

“Today the Senate President and I have signed a proclamation condemning the barbaric attack by Hamas and unequivocally supporting the right of Israel to exist as a sovereign nation and to defend itself in this moment,” Renner said.

Renner said Florida lawmakers know the Iranian regime funds Hamas and assists other terror groups. Renner also said that he and the Legislature support Gov. Ron DeSantis’ legislative proposal announced last week to sanction Iran.


Drinking, Dining & Dancing: This coming Tuesday October 24,  if you’re in the mood for good music, cold beer, a filling and inexpensive meal, then Pajama Dave’s Beer & Wine Garden at downtown 12 South 2nd  Street is the place to go. Beginning at noon the eccentric PJD will be serving massive smoked turkey legs for just $12.95 while they last. If you want fries with that it’s $15. I’ve purchased these turkey legs and can’t eat a whole one, so can’t imagine ordering fries with it. It’s a great deal folks. Marisol Triana and Chris Garcia, owners of Hola Cuban Café at the corner of Ash and 315 South 5th Street downtown have announced new hours for their popular eatery. It’s closed Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday but open from 9 a.m. to 8 pm Thursday through Saturday, and from 9 am to 3 pm on Sunday. The $10 Cuban is one of the best I’ve ever eaten and the most economical anywhere. There’s nothing above $11 on the menu.

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  • During the “Summer of Love” when BLM rioted, ransacked, and ruined communities a lot of liberals and Dem politicians cheered them on. The fact that BLM has taken the side of Hamas should provide pause & reflection on their support of a terrorist group. I hope voters remember this come Election Day.

  • There’s a new coffee place at the intersection of 14th street and Sadler – on the “Publix Corner”. I’ve tried their coffee and like it. Just drive through- no seating. They make lattes and other ‘fancy drinks’.

  • Sometimes Dave exaggerates to make his points, but he can hardly keep up with these lefty folks. They’re really that bad.

  • Another day, another failed vote to install Jim Jordan as Speaker of the House. And yet another week of absolute chaos, dysfunction, and inaction in the People’s House in the midst of multiple major crises that demand attention.

  • When does a Progressive become a Socialist?

    When does a Liberal become an Oligarch?

    Stay tuned.

    Dave will tell us.

  • When Dave regurgitates the same old tired fallacies it’s a sure sign that conservatives are taking a beating in the court of public opinion. This week’s blog is so full of false equivalencies and logic failures that it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that it winds up being dissected in a psychology class somewhere. The two most egregious examples are the notions that the Black Lives Matter sentiment is equivalent to the organization bearing the same name and that pro-Palestine equals pro-Hamas. Employing Dave’s semantic traps I suppose one could conclude that supporting Jim Jordan’s bid for Speaker of the House is tantamount to being a domestic terrorist. Although that argument might hold some truth given Jordan’s cronies took to strong-arming fellow House Republicans and when that failed, threatened violence and even death if they didn’t fall in line and vote for Jordan. How am I doing Dave? Speaking of Republicans, I applaud the 25 heroes who stood up to the bullies and voted against Trump/Maga extremism and the man who turned a blind eye to sexual abuse prior to becoming a legislative terrorist. While others might criticize House Republicans for failing to elect a House Speaker after ousting Kevin McCarthy, I applaud them for standing up for democracy.

  • From Tlaibs to Turkey legs, your blog truly covers it all. The Tlaibs and Omars leave a terrible taste in my mouth (and heart), but the turkey legs sound delicious. Then, I read about the clownish, Californian transplant, Commissioner Lednovich and quickly lose my appetite. What’s occurring in the Middle East represents the absolute worst in humanity. It appears we’ve forgotten the tragic lessons that WW11 taught us about genocide. Having been raised in the Palm Beaches, surrounded by loving, warm (and often quite funny) Jewish friends, I hope the next course is a large platter of Smoked Hamas…available until supplies run out.


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