Musings, opinions, observations, questions, and random thoughts on island life, Fernandina Beach and more

Musings, opinions, observations, questions, and random thoughts on island life, Fernandina Beach and more

Concert Issue Highlights How Out Of Tune Fernandina’s Politicos & Local Luddites Are

The livelihood of businesses in Fernandina Beach — from ice cream parlors and restaurants to clothing stores and hair salons — are all impacted by decisions made by the elected city commissioners, the unelected city manager, and unelected city-appointed groups such as the Special Events Committee.

I find it ironic that not one person involved in any of these city decisions, has ever owned or operated a brick and mortar business — not the city manager, not one of the five commissioners, and no one on the 11-person special events committee. That’s like having the winner of the Noble Prize for Literature selected by a panel of illiterate judges.

There’s no business empathy in city government, which consists of folks who have adopted former President Barack Obama’s “You didn’t build that”  mind-set. As long as I have been observing those in charge at city hall, I’ve never seen an attempt on their part to create programs designed to keep, assist or attract businesses. Just the opposite, as it considers them pesky nuisances and tax cash cows.

For example, instead of  ensuring that the city is an attractive place to locate enterprises and create jobs, the city initiates programs to stifle and gouge local entrepreneurs through extortionist impact fees, bureaucratic permitting processes, silly attempts to ban plastic bags, balloons, Styrofoam cups, nonexistent puppy mills and fracking, etc. while, misidentifying private property as “do-not-touch” wetlands and making ill-advised decisions on special events, and more.

“You never get it right, do you?”

Current city businesses and those considering moving here watch slack-jawed while mimicking, Sybil Fawlty, when she repeatedly tells her inept innkeeper husband, Basil, in Fawlty Towers: “You never get it right, do you?”

The latest decision made by this local cabal of  guillotine blade sharpeners was to dictate that the wildly popular Sounds on Centre concert events be moved to another day, time and location starting next year. This was a decision made in the city’s covert Golden Goose Slaughterhouse by the 11 members of the city-appointed Special Events Committee, a non-elected group that doesn’t contain a current or former business owner, and whose meetings are held in secrecy. When I asked if the committee meetings were open to the public City Manager Dale Martin responded saying: “The Special Events Committee is not an open meeting: it serves at my pleasure and as my designee for review of special events (it is a staff function).”

Following last week’s column, in which I was critical of the city manager, the commission and the bobble-head, yes-nodding committee for their Sounds on Centre decision, I received a note from Commissioner Chip Ross, attaching a letter he received from a disgruntled city business owner who wants Sounds on Centre moved. The letter-writer is a friend of mine and had previously shared his correspondence to the city with me, a courtesy Commissioner Ross didn’t extend to him when he forwarded me his letter. I disagree with the business owner’s opinion and my friend knows it. I then asked Commissioner Ross to send me any correspondence that he received differing with my friend’s opinion and the city’s decision to move the event starting in 2020. I copied the other commissioners and City Manager Martin.

Mr. Martin responded with the following:

Good morning, Mr. Scott:

Since the issue of Sounds on Centre did not involve the City Commission, let me share my thoughts on the events of the past few weeks.

If I were a member of a business association such as the Historic Fernandina Business Association (HFBA), I would like to think that my concerns would at least be heard. If I were the head of a business association such as the HFBA, I would at least listen to the concerns of my members. I, and I believe the City Commission, attempt to similarly operate with regard to our “members”- the citizens of Fernandina Beach. Our collective decisions are rarely unanimously received by the public, but we make a sincere effort to acknowledge the issues and concerns raised by everyone and respond accordingly.

In this case, however, the HFBA made the decision to publicly belittle and bully businesses rather than even acknowledge that concerns existed. I believe that it would have been more productive (and much less acrimonious- the result solely of the actions of the HFBA) to listen to the concerns, observe those concerns over the course of this year’s concert series, and, if appropriate, make changes (or not, upon direct observations) to accommodate those concerns in future years. Unfortunately, the HFBA decided to not only ignore the apparent concerns, but also, of its own accord, threaten to cancel the concert series.

“Mob rule” the city ignores.

I sincerely hope that the HFBA will take the opportunity before this year’s concert series to reach out to all businesses to determine what, if any, concerns exist. During the events, those concerns can be monitored and perhaps even addressed without the need for such rancor. Sadly, though, I expect that some in our community rather prefer the “mob-rule mentality” of social media, and base decision-making on the number of “likes” and “dislikes,” not research and data.

I truly hope that our community has higher expectations for behavior and decision-making; I know that I do.

Mr. Dale L. Martin

City Manager, Fernandina Beach

Chuck Hall, president of the HFBA, reacted to Mr. Martin’s letter to me saying that the majority of HFBA members support keeping the concerts where they are. He disputes Mr. Martin’s allegation that members were “bullied” saying such language is “not helpful.” Mr. Hall said the city with its permitting power holds all the cards and its decision to move the concerts just a few weeks before the first one wasn’t feasible and he’s grateful they relented and will allow this year’s series to proceed.

“Cancelling the 2019 concerts was not a threat,” he said. “Without the permit, we cannot host the concerts  With other options not being reasonable and faced with our financial and time constraints, we were unable to continue.”

“Over 2019, we had already agreed with Mr. Martin’s request to conduct intense surveys, public meetings, and more, to discover which businesses may truly be adversely affected, and want this concert series changed. If it appears that there is an overwhelming cry to make changes, we will consider it. Our commitment to these concerts costs over $10,000 per season, and we work for no pay. This seems to mean little to those that would change something they know little about.”

Because so many local residents and business people responded to the commission due to a hastily sent message by the HFBA that said the “concerts were cancelled” the city clerk could not forward them all to me via email, she had to provide them to me on a disc, which I picked up at city hall.

“Get off my lawn you little bastards.”

After going through the hundreds of emails, the overwhelming majority of residents and businesses people wrote to tell the city they want the concert series to stay put. In this deluge of emails, I discovered just three that want it moved. It appears that Commissioner Ross was very selective in picking out the one letter to send to me that strongly objected to the current format, possibly thinking that since the writer is a close friend of mine, I would be swayed. Why didn’t he mention all the positive ones that he and the other commissioners received? It appears they’re taking counsel from local curmudgeon Ron “Get Off My Lawn You Little Bastards” Sapp.

“We shop, dine, drink, each time we are downtown for the concerts” was a recurring theme in many of the letters.  The current location lends itself to exactly that, and is the reason it was selected 12 years ago.

I find it odd that the city didn’t partner long ago with the HFBA on this event to benefit the economic engine that drives the city and entertains thousands of local citizens with a series of six annual concerts. But, based on its history, that’s not the city’s style.

I also find it odd that city officials rarely respond here or in other forums, print and electronic. Mr. Martin’s letter above is a rare exception. Normally they are mostly content to be punching bags, banking on the public being passive.

The bullies Mr. Martin refers to in his letter are all in city hall, when they’re not hiding under their desks.


Here’s How To Join: Those interested in joining the Historic Fernandina Business Association (HFBA) can do so by contacting Chuck Hall at or call him at 904-607-3121. You don’t have to be located downtown to be a member and it costs just $100 annually.


A Moral Dilemma: Tampa Plant High School classmate, friend, and “American Spectator” writer, Larry Thorneberry, commenting on the very conflicted Virginia Governor and pediatric neurologist’s carefree attitude toward murdering babies following their birth, asks in a recent article: “If there is a moral difference between a woman consulting with her doctor to determine if her child should live or die, or a woman consulting with a hit man to determine if her husband should live or die, I don’t know what it is.”


Great Sports Quotes: “Last year we couldn’t win at home and we were losing on the road.  My failure as a coach was that I couldn’t think of anyplace else to play.” — Harry Neale, professional hockey coach.


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  • Thanks Dave for the article. I just hope that the Events Committee is open to listening to the majority of businesses affected by ALL events, and treat them accordingly.
    There is NO WAY that one can make everyone happy about anything.
    Shrimp Fest, Car shows, Dickens on Centre, they ALL have complaints and detractors.
    Sounds on Centre is produced by the HFBA, and our membership of business owners created and supports this series of free concerts for the community.
    We call for those that support us in the efforts to keep these concerts available, to JOIN with us, for just 27 cents per day……. less than a stick of chewing gum.
    The HFBA is looking forward to working with the city again about this very odd issue for the concerts.
    Our thanks to all that have contacted City Hall about this issue.

  • Another great read for my Friday morning Dave. Just an FYI….. Harry Neal’s was my high school coach for one season in Hamilton before following Glen Sonmor (also my coach) to the NCAA and NHL. He coached us to the city championship that year and helped several of us to college and Junior A stepping stones. Like Glen, Harry was a class act.

  • Just as an aside, Dave. One might need to live in the city to join HBFA, but many of us in the county enjoy attending Sounds on Center and shopping in Fernandina. Sure beats driving to Jax. I truly love music and will always support it. Have you considered running for office locally?

  • Dave’s column is on-point [as usual]. The letter from Mr. Martin and the quotes and comment from Chuck Hall [no relation, but you never know] lead me to believe that the HFBA decision should be scuttled.
    BTW, never underestimate the high value of mob rule. Mob rule erupts when people in charge don’t listen to the people on the street. Sometimes it’s the only way to get their attention. In this case the ‘mob’ of smart, savvy taxpayers are wondering what the heck is going on.

  • All governments have two very basic functions; to serve and to regulate. In the COFB the service function is atrophied relative to the regulatory function. It is not coincidental that the regulatory functions tend to be the fee generators; think the city’s illegal impact fees. You want high quality public services in the City? Stop by the County run library or the County DMV and tax collector. Now that’s how to deliver public service! Remind me why we have both a City and County government performing mostly identical functions.

  • Old Dumb me, Since we arrived in town 10 years ago, I’ve thought Sounds on Centre was a “No Brainer” What a Community Celebration. We have Canadian friends that visit each year, they continually talk to us about how delightful it is to spend an evening in our Historic Downtown, going to dinner, then listening to live music, with other happy, friendly folks. They wish their community would/could do something as nice. I’m sure there are other Cities that have an evening of entertainment. Two that I’m aware of are, St. Louis Obispo in Calif. and Belfast Maine. I guess I’m just saying, our guests also enjoy Sounds of Centre. It has become a part of who we are as a community.

  • Thought when leaving my 30 year N. Georgia Mountain town moving here on the island a decade ago that I had seen the last of “good old boys” in local government. Wrong. They certainly give your weekly blog enough ammo to fill your book and then some. I’m sure you’ll touch on the JEEP Club event cancellation in future columns. Off the subject…Braves pitchers and catchers report one week from today!

  • You deliberately used an out-of-context quote by Obama which only shows your disingenuousness. Fernandina would be better off without your special brand of right-wing ignorance.

  • Sue, you have no idea what you are talking about. We do need more of his right wing words and ideas since we are having a strong influx of those that are Communist/Socialist sympathizers.
    The words from Oblahblah that you said he misquoted, they were paraphrased. Those are the words that the former president uttered in essence. The disingenuousness that you perceive is only that which you hold.
    The mob mentality is a pain to manage so please don’t get too comfortable with it because it can come back to bite you in the end. That said, I fully agree that the powers that be should be reined in.
    This blog is fantastic and please keep up the good work.

  • Dave, good article and spot on. As a live music lover I also see that the Amelia Island Blues festival and the Slide into Spring events have been glossed over with no attempt to recapture what were two amazing events. Different events but to me are connected and show the lack of concern for any form of music (especially for young folks) that reside outside the Chamber and Jazz fests, two more great events.

    For as beautiful as Fernandina is we can’t seem to get out of our own way. Our form of Government is a quite broken with the City Commissioners overseeing or should I say micromanaging the City Manager. I’ve lived here 22 years, how much turnover had we had between the Commission and Manager? The lack of continuity is one of the causes of the malfunction in Government. The City Charter needs to be overhauled so the accountability can be directed to one person, not a rotating group of folks looking in different directions…..H

  • With great respect for Mr. Hall and his efforts and the HFBA (which I am told helps provide the much-needed insurance for SOC) – it is clear that this decision was driven solely by business interests. They were the only ones at the table. The hundreds and hundreds of folks who attend the concert were left out of the equation every step of the way. The HFBA is a business-focused, member organization and I understand their group’s perspective in this. However, our city government is supposed to represent ALL of us in such matters. No agenda, no minutes, meetings not open to the public, no names of the businesses who have concerns, no itemization of the concerns and no hard data to support the concerns. Most astonishingly of all, after 12 years of operation, no attempt to brainstorm solutions looking for a win/win solution until it all came tumbling out into the light of day on social media. Way too many missteps to count in this debacle!! Let’s hope that neither SOC nor the Jeep Club suffer permanently as a result of this mangled mismanaged mess. If they suffer a loss, we will all suffer.

  • “… like having the winner of the Noble Prize for Literature selected by a panel of illiterate judges.“ Well put!

    Dave, we all know the old saying, “Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach.” And those who can’t even teach become the tiny tyrants of extremely local government.

  • It would be helpful to hear exactly why you are now taking a paycheck from the County? Because it really really appears that they bought you. How can we believe anything you say or HAVE said since the money will now do the talking?

    • Who is taking a paycheck from the county? Not me. Could you please clarify your remarks and identify your source of information Ms. Grant.

  • Sorry for the delay in responding to your post. This is what I saw:Local government critic Dave Scott now on the government payroll
    Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, eyeglasses
    Mike Lednovich City Commissioner
    February 15 at 9:37 AM ·
    “Local government critic Dave Scott, who refers to county and city commissioners as bobbleheads, luddites and incompetents, is now on the county government payroll.

    Laura Dibella, executive director of the Nassau County Economic Development Board and Port Director, announced at the Ocean High Port Authority meeting Wednesday that she has hired Scott and his partner to do public relations for the county and port.

    That means Scott will take a government paycheck in return for churning out positive messaging about the very government idiots he says he deplores.”

    You’re saying that this is a different Dave Scott?


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