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Musings, opinions, observations, questions, and random thoughts on island life, Fernandina Beach and more

Ukrainian President Has America Yearning For A Real Leader

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s leadership and resolve during the Russian invasion of his country have inspired his countrymen and moved many western democracies to compare him to Great Britain’s iconic World War II leader Winston Churchill.

War-ravaged Ukraine is blessed that its leader is an articulate, self-assured head-of-state, whose courage, rhetoric, and resolve inspire and motivate his citizens. He has gained the admiration and respect of the free world.

By comparison the U.S. is saddled with a 78-year-old delusional, stumbling Joe Biden, whose incoherent ramblings and bewildering policies have Americans and the rest of the world questioning his mental acuity.

Gazing over the wreckage left in Biden’s wake the past year; Russian President Vladimir Putin correctly assumed that the American President is a weak cognitive mess who poses no threat. Putin attacked Ukraine because he knew a timid, indecisive, and weak Biden would do nothing.

Biden’s humiliating retreat from Afghanistan filled Putin with confidence as his Russian army rolled across the Ukrainian border.

What Putin didn’t count on was Zelensky’s resolve and ability to inspire Ukrainians to fight back.

A desperate and defiant Zelensky pleads with America and the European Union for more weapons. Couldn’t Ukrainian soldiers have used the billions of dollars of military equipment Biden left for the Taliban in Afghanistan?

As the Russian military murders Ukrainians and destroys their country Biden stumbles through speeches that appear to have been written by Scandinavian teenage nitwit and environmental activist Gretta Thunberg.

Domestically America is facing a myriad of crises of Biden’s making including mishandling of the pandemic, out-of-control crime, raging inflation, an opioid calamity and massive illegal immigration. During these precarious times he’s doubling down making things worse as he and the Democrats continue to push for more spending.

As prices at American gas pumps and grocery stores rise to record highs, Biden and the green-energy fruitcakes that populate his administration are telling the public to buy expensive electric cars that require scarce charging stations. Their pricey batteries depend on cobalt, a mineral that is mostly found in Communist China. So, to combat his absurd climate change theories he claims will save future lives, Biden wants us to underwrite the deaths of thousands today.

And while Putin is menacingly reminding the world that he controls a massive nuclear arsenal, Biden is directing America’s armed forces to prepare to battle climate change, which he says is the world’s greatest threat. Instead of reminding Putin that America also has a nuclear arsenal like the French did,  Biden has directed the U.S. military to organize for war by certifying warships, tanks, etc. don’t harm the climate, to design combat uniforms for pregnant women, and to ensure it is equipped to manage transgendered soldiers. Oh, and make sure soldiers are vaccinated or they’ll be kicked out of the military.

Instead of sending Ukraine the MIG jets they requested, Biden sends a cackling Kamala Harris to Poland with nothing to offer but empty rhetoric.  Instead of answering questions she laughs while Ukrainians die.

Biden and the other incompetents in his administration are guilty of more than stupidity, they are enslaving future generations to poverty and misery. They don’t realize that the only way to deal with a tyrant like Putin is to out-bully him. But they’ve already revealed that they are terrified of him by exhibiting fear and weakness thus inciting him to go even further. It’s not a weak-kneed Biden that Putin fears, it’s a strong defiant Zelensky. That’s why he has Russian special forces teams prowling Ukraine’s capital trying to find and kill him.

In the meantime, a bewildered Biden is blocking every opportunity for America to benefit from the energy independence and military superiority it enjoyed before he was elected.

Biden’s administration, crammed with former Obama disciples, is cemented in climate ideology that loves high oil prices they believe will force a shift to alternatives. They are wrong. They are idiots.

Former Republican and Democrat Defense Secretary Robert Gates was correct – Biden is a foreign policy disaster of historic proportions. His rush to climate change rules and insane military policies are driving the economy into recession, and the world into war.

Putin is evil, but he isn’t stupid. He saw that the idealogues in the Biden administration are obsessed with the climate change nonsense putting him in a very powerful position. Otherwise, the U.S. would be producing massive amounts of liquid natural gas (LNG) and oil for Europe and generating tens of billions of dollars for U.S. producers and the government. Instead, there’s a dangerous war raging in Europe and Americans are paying through the nose for gas and other basic commodities with much, much more severe economic pain to come.

What’s even more ludicrous is Biden asking Venezuela, Iran, and Saudi Arabia to provide us with oil. He goes there for energy instead of the oil-rich Permian basin in Texas and New Mexico. With this guy, stupidity knows no limits. He and his lying Press Secretary Jen Psaki tell us that there are thousands of current federal leases oil companies aren’t using. That’s correct because there is no oil beneath those lands. Oil companies don’t profit from drilling dry holes. Biden’s moronic climate change agenda, economic malfeasance and his lies have priority over the lives of women and children in Ukraine and the economic well-being of American citizens.

The inept State Department headed by the timid and shallow Anthony Blinken, is sitting around the Iran nuclear deal table with Putin’s Russia and Xi Jinping’s China. John “Lurch” Kerry, whose daughter is married to one of the murderous Iranians, is also dangerously lurking about the room. While Ukrainian civilians, including pregnant women and babies are being slaughtered by Russian bombs, artillery, tanks and infantry, an oblivious and calloused Kerry displayed he has no sense of decency as he prattled on about “climate change refugees.” This idiot should be locked alone in a room with the cackling VP Harris.

The questionable merits of restoring the insane Iranian deal combined with Russia’s continued involvement is an embarrassing outrage that should be terminated immediately.

While Ukraine’s President  Zelensky has transformed himself from a television comedian to a skilled and admired war-time political leader on the world stage, President Biden has gone from a mediocre life-time political joke to a dangerous tragicomic figure posing a grave threat to America and the rest of the world.

Biden’s presidential performance can be compared to late satirist/cartoonist Al Capp’s hapless General Jubilation T. Cornpone, whose legacy chiseled on his statue standing in the fictional town square of Dogpatch USA, lists his major accomplishments as: “Cornpone’s Disaster; Cornpone’s Retreat; and Cornpone’s Humiliation.”

(An abridged version of this commentary can be found on the national news site Biz Pac Review (BPR) at


Speaking Of Stupid People: Actress Patricia Arquette has become the frontrunner for the dumbest Tweet of the year. The dim actress responded to the invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces by Tweeting:  “Kick Russia out of NATO.” She deleted the Tweet when someone  told her that Russia isn‘t in NATO. She explained that she is dyslexic. I guess what she really meant was “kick Russia out of OTAN.”


And The Winner Is! Cackling VP Harris proved she is as dim if not dimmer than empty-headed actress Patricia Arquette when on “The Morning Hustle” she attempted to explain the complexities of the Ukraine situation in “layman’s terms,” breaking it down in pre-kindergarten terms saying: “Ukraine is a country in Europe. It exists next to another country called Russia. Russia is a bigger country. Russia is a powerful country. Russia decided to invade a smaller country called Ukraine. So, basically, that’s wrong.”

Scared? You should be. These are the idiots running our country. And that’s wrong!


How The left Is Transforming America

By Ed Thompson

(Editor’s note: This is the final of a four-part series titled “How the left is Transforming America Right Now” by Fernandina Beach resident Ed Thompson).

The rapid spread of Leftist ideology and policy is carefully hidden behind programs with benign names and acronyms.  Some are positioned as social movements (Black Lives Matter or BLM), others as educational frameworks (Critical Race Theory or CRT), and still more as corporate programs (Diversity Equity and Inclusion or DEI).  While they may seem to have developed independently, they are really a coordinated effort aimed at the radical transformation of America.

Of these examples, DEI is the one that has embedded itself most deeply in people’s everyday lives.  It is being implemented as a screening component of many corporate hiring decisions.  Explicit support is nearly universal as a requirement for employment at universities nationwide, and increasingly across the public school spectrum.  DEI is reaching a point of being a self-reinforcing set of criteria that will be taught, tested, and enforced.

DEI is dangerous because it seems to be uncontroversial.  It’s a brilliant bit of Orwellian language manipulation.

What’s the truth?

Diversity will lead to increased dissonance as people are separated and isolated into grievance groups told that they are victims of others.  The cohesiveness of an American culture will be subverted and destroyed.

Equity feeds on jealousy and greed and will be used to justify the redistribution of wealth and ushering in a fully Socialist or Communist economy.

Inclusion will be used to silence dissent and further secular hegemony at the expense of individual liberty and religious rights.

Americans need to understand the truth and intent of these programs.  We need a return to the traditional values that saw this great nation rise to be the freest and most benevolent nation in the history of the world.  The United State of America has been the envy of the world – the example to which others have aspired but fallen short.  Rather than lifting the rest of the world, others have conspired to tear us down.  We should not and cannot allow that to happen.

E Pluribus Unum

(Ed Thompson earned his bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems at Florida International University in Miami while also competing in men’s basketball. A true student/athlete, he completed his degree Magna Cum Laude. He completed his MBA at the University of North Carolina Greensboro while working in Information Technology at Sara Lee/Hanes Brands. He moved into Supply Chain Management Consulting with Price Waterhouse. Combining his IT and business experience, he helped lead the growth of i2 Technologies to become the leading Supply Chain software company in the early 2000s. In 2008, he founded his own consulting organization. In 2011  joined Logility as the Sr. Vice President of Global Services in 2011  Ed retired in 2020 and he and his wife Yohanna now split their time between homes in Fernandina Beach, Florida and Mijas, Spain.)


Amelia Car Show Observations: During the car show last weekend it was easy to identify tourists visiting here from Democrat controlled states. They were the ones wearing masks.

Last Saturday at Publix I spotted a cluster of five mask-wearing out-of-towners, the only folks in the store wearing them. Some of them were actually wearing two masks making it even more difficult to understand their distinct New York, Massachusetts, and New Jersey accents. Their confused expressions reflected their puzzlement seeing happy bare faced shoppers around them.

A few of these visitors were spotted walking alone on the beach wearing masks while the most thoroughly brain-washed mask-wearers were seen driving – alone. It must be difficult going through life that stupid.

And lastly someone posted on Facebook that “During the Car Show there were more private jets at the Fernandina Beach Airport this weekend than at a global warming meeting.”

And as usual the Ritz Carlton show area was filled with expensive exotic automobiles with their wealthy owners sitting in nearby lawn chairs warning: “Don’t touch my car.”


Speaking Of Cars: If you have time on your hands and lots of cash then buy an electric vehicle.  In order to match the 2,000 cars that a typical filling station can service in a busy 12 hours, an EV charging station would require 600, 50-watt chargers at an estimated cost of $24 million and a supply of 30 megawatts of power from the grid. That is enough to power 20,000 homes. No one likely thinks about the fact that it can take 30 minutes to 8 hours to recharge a vehicle between empty or just topping off. What are the drivers doing during that time?

Unless someone can tell me otherwise I’ve read that EV batteries require a combination of rare earth minerals. Minerals that must be mined…usually strip-mined…usually in places and countries that don’t give a damn about environmental concerns, leaving disastrous gouges in the earth and hazardous waste complications for decades. Then consider the disposal of spent batteries…enormously expensive and hazardous.


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  • Well done Dave! I seriously cannot believe anyone is going to get on here and defend the Left, it’s leadership or policies. But I’m sure Dicky and Coley will attempt it. LOL Thank you for your continued good journalism and eyes wide open approach.

    • Fred-the original-no-last-name-ChickenHawk, Sorry to keep you waiting on my retort, but to save time and effort on my part, you can just read what I wrote to Dave, and fill in your name for his. On a side note: Have you found your real last name, or are you satisfied with the one I gave you in an effort to find your true identity?

      • Hey Coley, you do know the Chicken Hawk hunts and kills the chickens right? LOL So Foghorn, that means you… I’ve given you my last name. It’s Flintstone or is your memory as bad as your puns?

        • As usual, you never let facts get in the way with your foolish and feeble attempts to rebut me. But to clarify for others who may actually believe your Big Lie mindset: In the United States, chickenhawk or chicken hawk is an unofficial designation for three species of North American hawks in the family Accipitridae: Cooper’s hawk, also called a quail hawk, the sharp-shinned hawk, and the Buteo species red-tailed hawk. The term “chicken hawk”, however, is inaccurate. Although Cooper’s and sharp-shinned hawks do primarily hunt other birds, chickens do not make up a significant part of their diets; red-tailed hawks may opportunistically hunt free-range poultry, but are chiefly predators of mammals such as rodents and rabbits…oh well, you’ve had too many mulligans to try to explain yourself out of that one…and I wasn’t referring to Looney Tunes, that is your wheelhouse Freddy No-Last-Name Chicken Hawk, haha.

          • It amazes me that someone that prides themselves on their knowledge, cannot see how stupid he made himself (gender implied) sound? LMAO I, on the other hand, WAS referring to Looney Tunes because that is exactly where the Looney Left belongs, in cartoons…

      • Oh Dave, you really laid a rotten egg today. Putin could have had several reasons for attacking Ukraine but i doubt if he did it because he thought Biden was weak. You’d like Biden to “out Bully” Putin. What are you suggesting he should’ve done without starting WW III? And who do you feel would have down a better job getting the US out of Afghanistan? And if you have someone in mind why didn’t be go ahead and do it while he had time?
        Please get back on your meds, take a nap and then write about food and booze. G

        • Oh so forgiving Lou… Seems (and I may be off here) that you would be sympathetic to the Ukrainian’s plight? I mean not to be a bigot, but your name does lend itself to a heritage that might have experienced a similar situation, say 6 decades ago? There was a certain Democrat in office then too and I’m sure if he had taken swifter action, there wouldn’t be 6 million dead Jews, who prayed for us to be more sympathetic back then. Let’s see, Putin took Georgia under Bush, Crimea under Obama, NOTHING under Trump, Ukraine under Brandon. You tell me what the difference was? And to answer your question about Afghanistan… ANYONE could have done a better job! Maybe the Taliban can lend Ukraine some of the billions of dollars in military gear we left for them?

  • Buttigieg states that instead of fretting the unaffordable gas prices, that we should buy electric cars.

    I find this reminiscent of Marie Antoinette’s disconnect with the starving people of the French Revolution….when she was told the people have no bread, her flippant comment was “Let them eat cake”.

    Later, she was beheaded by the people she would not help.

    So, it appears that our own ruling class has become just as distanced from the reality of the everyday American as the ruling class of France was back then.

    How can we allow these pompous, petulant politicians decide our fate, when they only support their own vision of a future that suits their own agendas?

    Perhaps it’s time again for heads to roll?

    • Sam-another-no-last-name chickenHawk: Who’s heads, and how do you intend them to roll? Maybe storm the White House this time? America put up with four years of Trump without threatening coups d’etats, but then again, we aren’t members of the Hypocrite Party, like yourself. Right now, we all should be focusing on Putin in unison, not spewing venom against our own government in such terrible times, but I guess one has to be a True American Patriot, unlike yourself.

      • “America put up with four years of Trump without threatening coups.” Seriously, do you have Alzheimer’s? The democrats pulled out every trick in the closet to shutdown the Trump administration, starting before he was sworn in. Lies, lies and then more lies. When that didn’t work they went the impeachment route. Using their standards for impeachment, Brandon should not have made it past the first four months. I suspect he only remains in that office since the next in line is unthinkable. Even for democrats. Witness her sterling performance in Poland.

        Effectively, the democrats coup denied Trump his presidency and then proceeded to divide the country by demonizing every Trump voter – threatening them with violence. I would like to see your list of all of the good, positive accomplishments for Brandon at this point in his term with the aid of all three branches in his pocket. I’ll wait.

        • First of all, the “three” branches includes the Judicial (as in the Supreme Court), which is firmly conservative by a 6-3 count, so you don’t even understand that apparently. But to the list of accomplishments, considering the very divided Senate and the filibuster power of the Republicans, the list isn’t long, but that does not make your case against “Brandon”. Still I think the bipartisan approved Infrastructure Bill is a good starting point…unless you think that vote was rigged too? Or do you think that accomplishment by Biden was not a success?

          • There’s nothing bi-partisan about that bill! LOL Y’all can’t even get all the Dems to vote for it! If you could it would already be a reality… geez

      • Coley, nobody cares if you know their name, first, last or middle (even though it is our Constitutional right to do as we please). Is that all you have as a retort? Just curious, what are you going to do when you find out someone’s name? I mean if you really wanted to, I’m sure you could research and find us ChickenHawks. Obviously not a fan of Looney Tunes or you’d know better… lol And please don’t try to hang that Patriot badge on your chest, it’s embarrassing for you to steal honor from the rest of us.

        • I have no honor? Because I disagree with you and I am willing to push back? I have no honor because I am man enough to put my real and full name out there, and challenge you to do the same? I am not a Patriot because, I use my First Amendment Right for rebuttal, because I believe that Right is for ALL of us? Honor and braveness go hand in hand. Putting oneself out there in staunch defense of one’s principles is honor, swatting a hornet’s nest and hiding is not honor (nor brave). I don’t need to know your real and full name, I could really give a rat’s patoot, you are not worth my time, but…one’ word rings hollow, when one is too weak and afraid to really stand up and be counted. Its easy to be a bully in a crowd of fellow bullies, bad yet remain anonymous at the same time. Talk about honor?!?! You know not of which you you talk.

          • Oh Coley, when you pledge your life to your country to protect the rights of people like you, then you can claim to be a Patriot. I have and still do honor my oath. Tell me again about YOUR rich heritage of service to our country? You obviously can’t stand the fact that you don’t know some of our names, so please come down off your self made pedestal (more like a soapbox). What have you stood up for to be counted? You run your mouth on a blog that you oppose, where’s your stand? Where’s your facts, although Dick tries to back you up with that (poor) effort. Might as well get on Rants, Raves and Reviews and run your opinion for all it will get you. When you grow a backbone, I’ll give you my name and you and this VET can talk face to face. Until you are willing to admit you are goaded by anonymous posters, and would DOX them in a second, you can shut it Foghorn. I really think that name fits you, despite Mr. Leghorn’s southern heritage.

  • since it takes so long to re-charge, i might suggest having these stations at hotels, motels and inns. the hapless traveler can go about 200 miles per day and next stop at their accommodation complete with a charging station amonst its amenities. the weary traveler can stay while his car is charged for the next 18 hours or so. there will be a built-in disincentive to speed since you can only travel a fixed amount of distance daily. your blog makes more sense than anything on the television. by the way, did you mention there is not nearly enough spare generating capacity to power all these new charging stations. if you think there are “brown-outs” now, just wait. thanks k

  • Before the era of masking, you could always tell a Democrat driver because of how angry they looked. Now, they’ve made it even easier. It takes a special kind of dumb to wear a mask while driving alone with the windows closed.

    • Ken Timmerman you are some kind of stupid with you feeble mind on masks. I work in the transportation industry and the DemoRATS in charge are still requiring masks. My employer, who is also a DemoRAT, has taken this mandate even further by requiring masks at all times. You Demoturds are too quick to judge others when you have no facts to back up your lies.

    • Yeah, I agree with one part of your commentary, it is kind of dumb to wear a mask alone in one’s car, but in turn we all could tell selfish Hypocrite Party members because it also takes a special kind of dumb NOT to wear a mask in crowds during a pandemic (even in the waning times). Just a quick question Mr. Timmerman, as I infer from your comments, your are anti-mask, do you also think its against your personal rights to be forced by the state to wear a shirt and shoes in a restaurant for health reasons? Or even better, with anti-mask logic in play here about personal rights…what about the government mandate making it illegal to go naked in public? After all, I am not harming anyone, its my personal choice, clothes make me uncomfortable, you know so binding and all…but still I have to adhere to laws and socially acceptable behavior for the benefit of others. Take a minute before replying, unless of course, you are another member of the Hypocrite Party.

      • You seem to forget one basic fact, if you knew it to begin with, a mask is to keep a sick person from spreading their germs, not the other way around. In point of fact, and you can verify it, a surgeon wears a mask to protect the patient from his germs, not the other way around.

        • Thanks for clarifying for those who don’t understand the purpose of wearing a mask. Unselfish behaviour like masking is essential in protecting people around oneself. Typically, we don’t know when we are sick, while we are already contagious, and accordingly we should take proactive cautionary measures, Just like when someone is sick with any communicable ailment. and stays home instead of infecting others, wearing a mask during a pandemic is a common sense prophylaxis. I can’t understand the argument against it, and you made the point very well. Thanks.

  • Admittedly, there’s not much that I disagree with in today’s column. Of late, we seem to be electing presidents on the basis of whom we want to keep out of office, and Biden floated to the top. However, we are currently in a crisis mode brought on by Putin’s War. Putin respects one thing above all else: Power. In his mind and utterings, this is not just about Ukraine. America’s national divisions, internal distractions, and indecisive actions helped embolden him to instigate this horrific invasion. It could get worse – unless he senses that he is now dealing with a strong and truly united country. I have little respect for Biden, but now is the time to unite behind the force projecting institutions and efforts of our country (including this CinC). It’s the best option in the short term.

  • Trying to blame Biden solely for Putin is in typical form, the mindset of the Hypocrite Party. Presidents of BOTH parties are to blame for this, not least of all your hero, Donald J. Trump who coddled, kowtowed, and basically kissed butt (if not other parts) of Putin. Oil policies aren’t the cause of Putin’s horror Dave, appeasing dictators is the problem here. and your incessant myopia, along with so many of your like-minded ilk, are a big part of the problem. This is a time to stand behind the President, like him or not, and not continue to give aid and comfort to our enemy, by such disparaging commentary. We all stood behind President Bush on September 12, 2001 (the day after 9/11), regardless of how we felt about his politics, but these days, you and other mouthpieces of the Hypocrite Party, just go on like its another party day in your angry and twisted view of the world. Jeez, Dave. How disappointing of you- I expect far better from you!!!

    • I hate to quote Bill Maher but he did say this the other night: If Putin thought Trump was really that supportive, why then did he not invade Ukraine when he was president? Coleman, don’t hurt your brain trying to wrap your rhetoric around that one. Even a blind liberal can see the logic of his comment.

      Meanwhile I will give your guy props, he has not sent in the US military to bail out Ukraine. He seems to be following the FDR plan prior to WWII by support through less than direct confrontation. I give him props because FDR could hide behind an isolationist Congress. Biden does not have that luxury as there seems to be large support for him to send in the Military which I think would be a huge mistake for us and the world. Putin obviously overplayed his military’s ability here and were it not for the tacit backing by China financially would be in a tenuous spot. This event shows we better prepare ourselves for the duplicity of China’s policies.

      • I stayed with the narrative in every one of my replies. That narrative being your quoting Bill Maher. My replies sought to dispel the simple-minded drawing of a conclusion from a correlation. I used Trump’s appointee (Bolton) to make my case. Today’s NPR interview with the former Ambassador to the Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch, further cements my case. As for thanking me for playing, you’re welcome.

      • Putin has sought to undermine the NATO alliance. Trump did that for him. Putin wanted to weaken the E.U., and Trump did his best to criticize the E.U. Putin was all in favor of the U.S withholding military support to Ukraine and applauded Trump’s attempt at a quid pro quo. Putin has long sought to weaken the U.S. political system and Trump has aggressively done just that. Why would Putin rock the boat by invading Ukraine under Trump’s watch when Trump was doing exactly as the Kremlin wished? These aren’t my words, they are John Bolton’s. Do a little digging and find out exactly why Trump got rid of Dan Coats. Hint: Mr. Coats was so puzzled by Trump’s genuflecting to Putin that he became convinced that Trump had been compromised by the Kremlin.

        • “Trump did that for Putin”? In what way, forcing them to pay up? Marshall plan ended some time ago. I also believe Trump had put sanctions on Russia. So, by your logic he put them on to weaken the E.U.? Makes no sense.

          As far as US withholding military aid to Ukraine, I have a clear picture of Biden bragging about telling Zalinsky if he did not fire a prosecutor, he would withhold a billion in aid which incidentally was while he vice president and no such authority to do so. Furthermore, he was vice president when Russia grabbed Crimea.

          Last I looked, Dan Coats was not elected, Trump was. He was an advisor, not policy maker. If he thought Trump was beholding to Putin it is a good reason to fire him because he was not of clear mind.

          • You want to change the narrative over one word, “alleged”. No point, who cares. I stand by the rest of my commentary. Neither Bolton nor Coats was elected, they were advisors as in they advise. The President is the one who makes the decisions. Bolton never saw a situation where he did not favor the use of military. Not my way for doing things. It has gotten Putin into a world of hurt right now internationally, Anyway, the salient point of this whole discussion is Trump was not and is not now a pawn of Putin. Two impeachments, the FBlie, CIA and rest of the bunch including the entire democrat party were not able to prove that by either beyond a doubt or even with the preponderance of the evidence( there was none).

            Thanks for playing.

          • Clearly you don’t spend much time listening to Bolton’s actual interviews. These aren’t “alleged” words, they are BOLTON’S WORDS. Google the interview Bolton did with Vice News. You can see the words come right out of his mouth. Alleged? That’s funny, but also indicative of your frame of mind [denial] when it comes to Trump. Who cares what I think when there’s first-hand knowledge? But since you asked, I think that there’s never been a president with a higher rate of turnover among political appointees during his term in office. I think there’s never been such a steady succession of ex-administration advisers — including some of his highest-ranking Cabinet officials who spoke or met with him regularly — who have spoken out against Trump’s leadership and character, which is a remarkable break in precedent from past presidents. I think when Bolton, IN HIS OWN WORDS, says Trump made it easier for Putin to invade Ukraine, we should believe him.

          • Widely known he wanted to leave NATO, by whom?? I believe Bolton said in his view he had one foot over that line in 2018. Furthermore, I think that one foot over the line on this issue had to do with pressuring the NATO allies to ante up on their commitment. (interesting Germany just recently decided to go all in on their military finances). On the other blather, don’t hide behind Bolton’s alleged words, speak of your own mind and witness. When all the smoke clears from these arguments, what was in it for Trump to do these things?? What was Putin going to do, name him US Viceroy?? I doubt it. Bolton seems to be speaking from the point of view that Trump was a neophyte regarding foreign affairs. Probably so, but the bottom line is Trump was elected, Bolton was not, EVER.

          • Guess you missed the part where I wrote, “These aren’t my words, they are John Bolton’s”. Ergo, this isn’t “my logic” but Bolton’s. It’s no mystery why it doesn’t make sense to you. Given Bolton served as an ambassador to the UN as well as National Security Advisor I think I’ll defer to him. It is however widely known that Trump always wanted to leave NATO, was talked out of it in 2018, and according to his aides, would have done so if he won the 2020 election. Without the US, NATO would have been greatly weakened, playing right into Putin’s plans.

    • Trying to blame Putin for the mess that Obama’s, oops I mean Brandon’s, bad admin policies is rich. But then, when the lapdog lame stream media is incapable of reporting the truth, the gobble gook coming from Jen Psaki becomes believable … it’s like a bad dream – no, a nightmare. Mid terms can’t get here soon enough.

        • There you go again with your lame, makes no sense, no one but you says it: Let’s go Donald!. Give it up and at least try something else. Let’s go Brandon!

  • I find it very disturbing that the
    most used reply to the question
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    Nuclear Power.

  • Just 3 weeks ago Dave began his weekly blog by asking the question:. “Why do corporations and their CEOs believe they need to voice an opinion on issues totally outside of their areas of expertise?”. As far as I know, Starbucks, Burger King, McDonald’s, Mars, PepsiCo, Phillip Morris, TJ Maxx, Adidas, and a slew of other US-based corporations aren’t experts in foreign affairs. Yet, they have not only voiced their opinions but put their money where their mouths are by joining in the economic sanctioning of Putin and Russia. In a free economy, investors and consumers can dictate how corporations respond to “issues totally outside their areas of expertise.”. Unless Dave is sticking by his assertion that corporations should keep their noses out of the Ukrainian war, I imagine he’ll have to get used to once again having to eat his words.

    • Member of the Hypocrite Party can flip-flop without impunity. They mean this, unless they mean that, and when they say something, it doesn’t apply when it means another thing…confused? Yeah, well, consider the source. The only constant is bashing the opposite view regardless of the hypocrisy, but they don’t even know what crow taste likes, because they cover it with bologna, I mean BALONEY!

      • Coleman, I think there are plenty of examples that the hypocrisy you speak of is in both parties. I am not an anti-masker but you have to admit that the flip-flop of the CDC guidelines just a day before the State of the Union address raises questions about whether they have really been following the science. Most people don’t have any idea the role that fossil fuels, particularly oil, play in the manufacture of so many of the products we consume on a daily basis. We all know that the electric car is not the end all solution. Factor in the average cost (according to Kelly Blue Book) of an electric vehicle of $56,000 as well as the environmental issues related to the batteries. Two-thirds of battery manufacturing is controlled by three companies—CATL, LG, and Panasonic—based in China, South Korea, and Japan although they are building plants in the US due to the shipping costs. So much for US energy independence.

        • I agree with you Dave Lott, and the big point I am trying to make to the rest of these Dave Scott peeps concerning Putin, is that oil policies alone don’t explain Putin’s actions, but enabling him does…and as you state, the blame goes many directions, but myopia of some, precludes any logical discussion. All the arguments about policy are superfluous right now. What really ticks me off, are these people still trying to make political hay instead of unifying in a time of real crisis. To me they are aiding and abetting the enemy. I cannot call such commentary very patriotic, but unlike them regarding my opinions, I absolutely support their right to freely express their opinions regardless…unlike in Putin’s Communist world. Puck Futin!

  • I wonder if the fighters for the Ukrainian folks remember their neighbors moronic postulations from past statements? In the fog of war idiots and their ideology last about as long as dogs which chase cars. Virtue signaling just isn’t what it use to be.

  • I can’t pass up a chance to
    answer Langshaw’s comment
    about Putin.
    Coleman it is a shock to read
    your awful untrue statement
    on who really kisses his commie
    ass. How many troops were sent
    to Europe during war actions
    under Trumps reign. The score
    is Trump ZERO Biden a big ONE:
    Biden has and continues to play
    kissy face with Putin and protects him on every turn.Just
    closely examine the Sanctions
    that are supposed to strangle
    Russia and Putin.Biden placed
    hands off on Putin.You need to
    join the real world Coleman snd
    admit your guy is way out of his
    league.The next three years
    cannot pass fast enough.Nuff

  • What you read below is a full-on demonstration of our great failing as the American Experiment– inability to bring disunity to unity–e pluribus unum.


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