Musings, opinions, observations, questions, and random thoughts on island life, Fernandina Beach and more

Musings, opinions, observations, questions, and random thoughts on island life, Fernandina Beach and more

The Woke Mob Celebrates Gender Appropriation

Remember when kids were scolded by loony left-wing extremists for wearing sombreros on Halloween, telling them it was a form of demeaning appropriation? They said the same about white restauranteurs who sold tacos and burritos.

Don’t even think of wearing black face unless you’re the Prime Minister of Canada (Justin Trudeau) or a Democrat Governor of Virginia (Dr. Ralph Northam). That’ll get you branded a dim-witted dangerous racist bigot unless you’re a member of the Left’s woke crowd.

However, female impersonators, the largest category of appropriation offenders, are applauded by the woke mob. Males, who are normally labeled as oppressors, not only mock women but are celebrated by the Left as they perform an overtly demeaning form of appropriation. They are even encouraged to perform their vulgar raunchiness for young children at local schools and libraries.

In Dallas earlier this month elementary age school children attended what was billed as a “family friendly” event at a gay night club to celebrate Pride Month. At the same time a number of  U.S. school districts were hosting drag queen story times for elementary school kids.

Isn’t exaggerating feminine characteristics to absurd comic effect just like blackface? And why are young children being exposed to drag queens performing in a sexually suggestive manner that is totally inappropriate?

At the Dallas club a neon sign saying “It won’t lick itself” was lit up in bright colors as 10-year-old kids were encouraged to stick dollar bills in the garter belts of the female impersonators. “Having  a family friendly event at a gay club is like having a family friendly wine tasting at a winery with booze in juice boxes for kids,” reported the Fort Worth Star Telegram.

Where are the woke cultural warriors protesting this buzzsaw of  appropriation BS? And what were the parents of these children thinking by permitting their kids to attend such raunchy and offensive exhibitions?

Many parents are successfully fighting back against permissive pudding-headed school boards, teachers unions and progressive programs that encourage and condone this filth.

Incumbents are losing their seats at twice the historic average according to Ballotpedia which analyzed recent school board elections in several states.

Alert parents are fed up with these disgusting practices and how their districts manage race and gender issues.

One third of all school board incumbents in three states lost re-election bids says Ballotpedia. Voter recalls have also soared says the organization. The momentum is there, and it shows no signs of slowing down.

Florida is fortunate to have a governor who is not afraid to fight this garbage and its woke supporters. He sent Disney’s mouse limping back to its California corporate headquarters with a black eye and a lot poorer than he was before he attempted to tell Governor Ron DeSantis how to run the state’s schools with age-inappropriate bunkum.

In a recent campaign email DeSantis said: “The woke mob will go after the family unit, parental rights, traditional moral values, the church, and fact-based education.”

Disney’s mismanagement of the situation and its underestimation of Governor DeSantis sent its stock tumbling, put its PR Department into overdrive, cost it hundreds of millions in state taxes, and gave it a public drubbing that will take it a long time to recover from. Disney learned the hard way not to mess with no-nonsense Governor DeSantis and Florida’s parents who aren’t interested in having their kids celebrate Peter Pansexual or Snow White and the Seven Genders.

State Farm Insurance is another company that learned that you don’t mess with Florida’s school children. The company is no longer viewed a “a good neighbor” but a “creepy perverted one” in the Sunshine state. It has a lot fewer Florida customers after its Illinois HQ instructed its Florida agents to sneak age-inappropriate books into local schools and libraries.

The LGBTQA/whatever movement appears to have replaced the rebellious young adults who used to dye their hair green or blue, get facial tattoos or piercings and wear outrageous clothing. Today they’re identifying their “uniqueness” with sexual identities, including genders that don’t and won’t ever exist.

It’s all a bizarre and dangerous social trend that was initiated by the Left’s woke mob and could have serious long-term physical and mental consequences for many young children of misguided progressive parents.

If kids actually knew what they wanted to be at age seven America would be overrun with cowboys and princesses.

“I wanted to be a pirate,” says comedian Rickey Gervais. “Thank God nobody took me seriously and scheduled me for eye removal or peg-leg surgery.”

Don’t forget we have a school board election coming up this November in Nassau County. Study the candidates carefully.

An abridged version of the above appears in the national Biz Pac Review site at


Satirical Things I Wish I’d Said:  “The Biden administration honors the LGBTQ+ community on Father’s Day. Sends congratulations and best wishes to all pregnant fathers.” — Larry Elder.


Speaking Of Raunchy Rubbish: Female impersonator and “Jeopardy!” champion Amy Schneider, was selected to throw out the ceremonial first pitch at San Francisco’s Oracle Park prior to the Giants vs. Dodgers game, Saturday, June 11, to celebrate Giants’ Pride day.

Schneider, wearing  a multicolored tutu, looked more like she/he was dressed as some kind of bizarre team mascot or unemployed clown rather than a baseball player.

People are supposed to accept this and not question anything about it, particularly members of the LGBTQA/whatever community. Even if you’re part of that group you’re supposed to shut up if you disagree. If you’re a lesbian gal or a gay guy who thinks the movement has gone overboard you can go pound sand. Caitlyn Jenner and Chadwick Moore come to mind.

Baseball continues to alienate its fan base as hapless Commissioner Ron Manfred is doing his best to destroy the game’s traditions by moving last year’s All-Star game out of Atlanta for misguided political reasons; adding the designated hitter nonsense to the National League;  putting a man on second base when a game goes into extra innings; and contemplating a time clock for pitchers. This woke wrecking ball’s actions have major league attendance at its lowest level in years and disgruntled fans asking: “What’s next?”

It could be worse. You could be an Oakland sports fan. That beleaguered California city lost its NBA basketball Warriors team to San Francisco and its beloved NFL Raiders to Las Vegas. To toss salt into the wound the Oakland A’s baseball team currently boasts the worst record in the Major Leagues (23-47) and is settling comfortably into last place in the AL East, 21 games out first place. Of their 23 wins only eight have been in front of what’s left of their home fans.


So That’s Where He’s Been: Andrew Gillum, the Democrat gubernatorial nominee that ran against Ron DeSantis for governor in 2018 made one of his first public appearances since his defeat when he hobbled into a Tallahassee federal court Wednesday afternoon, June 22, shackled at the ankles and wrists. He pleaded not guilty to all charges of conspiring ”to commit wire fraud, by unlawfully soliciting and obtaining funds from various entities and individuals through false and fraudulent promises and representations that the funds would be used for a legitimate purpose.” A trial date was set for Aug. 16. He was released without bail with instructions not to leave the Northern District of Florida without permission. I’d speculate that his career might be over but since he’s a Democrat and CNN analyst it’s probably just taking off. Maybe he and Michael Avenatti can team up on a jailhouse podcast.


Bidenomics: The federal government says it will ban nicotine and menthol from cigarettes and this week the FDA also said it is preparing to remove Juul e-cigarettes from the marketplace. Both moves destroy millions in shareholder value and billion-dollar businesses. I don’t use either of these products, but they are both legal enterprises. Instead of  punishing legal businesses why the hell isn’t the Biden administration shutting off the flow of fentanyl coming across our southern border, an illegal drug that is smuggled by illegal aliens and drug cartels and is responsible for killing thousands of Americans, mostly young people?

Oh, don’t get too giddy the next time you take a peek at Zillow to see how much your home has appreciated. Folks that may be interested in buying your place are now looking at an average 30-year fixed interest rate of 5.78%. When Joe Biden took office it was below 3%. Even if you decide to sell where will you go? If you haven’t paid off your mortgage moving won’t be easy as you’ve got to find someone to buy your current home and another place to live. Maybe it’s time for payback and to  contemplate taking a hard look at your adult kid’s basement.


Can They Toddle? News reports out of Chicago say that despite the out-of-control crime in that “toddling town” it will get worse as a new policy bars police there from chasing after criminals on foot.

The city is governed by an inept, worthless, and totally incompetent Mayor Lorie “Beetlejuice” Lightfoot while the city’s Prosecutor Kim Fox has a revolving door policy allowing criminals to stop by the local jail to pause only long enough for a mug shot and a cup of coffee.

The new policy, which was introduced this past Tuesday, encourages cops to “consider alternatives” to pursuing someone who “is visibly armed with a firearm.” It has Chicago radio talk show host Bill Cameron asking: “So, if cops can’t chase bad guys, and judges won’t keep so many of them in jail and the states (sic) attorney so often won’t prosecute them, why is it called law enforcement?”

Like Oakland the outlook on the baseball front doesn’t offer an escape from the city’s political madness. Chicago fans don’t fare much better than the sad sacks in Oakland, with the South side White Sox in third place in the AL Central Division and the Cubs mired securely in fourth place in the NL Central Division, both teams sporting losing records.


The lunatic fringe!

The Lunatic Fringe: When I was a newspaper reporter several of the folks who penned letters to the editor were referred to me and my newsroom colleagues as the “lunatic fringe” because of their outrageous statements, unsubstantiated claims, and unproven credentials.

One of those “lunatics” popped up in the “Voice of the People” local News Leader letters section this past Wednesday, June 22.

In a letter headlined “COVID-19 vaccinations save lives”, a Fernandina Beach resident named Robert A. Sweeny criticized Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and the state’s surgeon general, blaming them for COVID-19 deaths.

Sweeney says in his letter that he is “a scientist who effectively employed vaccinations in South Central Asia to curtail plagues” and urged parents and guardians to vaccinate their 2-to-5-year-old children.

Here’s a guy without any verifiable credentials or verifiable medical background telling Fernandina Beach residents  to get their little kids vaccinated and blaming the governor and his staff for COVID deaths. Readers are supposed to take his word for it.

People like Sweeny, who portray themselves as authorities with no proof of their qualifications are dangerous. Following his advice could prove fatal as readers have no idea who he is other than what he tells them in his letter. Most folks out there are smart enough that they aren’t running to their pediatrician spouting his hokum and shouting “Quick doc, vaccinate my kid.” The News Leader should vet letter writers who encourage such dangerous practices or toss their rants.

Parents who have questions concerning vaccinations for their children should consult with their family physician or pediatrician, not take the advice of a an unknown blowhard newspaper letter writer from the lunatic fringe.


Meanwhile Back At The Ranch: An alert reader who does his research and knows more than most about such things wonders out loud about the disparity in the number of folks employed by Nassau County and the City of Fernandina Beach.

This wise citizen points out that Nassau County, with 89,000 residents, has 362 employees while Fernandina Beach boasts 239 employees and just 13,000 residents. Why does the city with 76,000 fewer residents require one employee for every 54 people while the county has just one employee for every 246 folks. Is it because the city’s spendthrift City Manager Dale Martin and a couple of commissioners like California transplant Mayor Mike (Left Coast) Lednovich and Chip (The Pompous Bully) Ross continually contribute to the bloat with overspending on parks, vehicles, facilities, etc. and never look at cutting budgets, only ways to increase them?

Some friends of mine and I met with a couple of City Commission candidates this past Wednesday evening whose fiscal conservancy will serve city tax payers well. Dr. James Antun, a local chiropractor will give the city budget a much needed adjustment, while Darron Ayscue, a local firefighter, will put an end to Martin burning through our tax dollars.

Mr. Ayscue is running for the seat currently held by Left Coast Lednovich while Dr. Antun is running for the seat being vacated by term-limited Commissioner Len Kreger. If elected they’ll team up with fiscal conservatives Bradley Bean and David Sturges to bring city expansion and spending under control and isolate the gas bag Ross. Oh, and it only takes three Commission votes to boot the city manager. More about these two candidates later.


Read All About It: The 2022 Amelia Island News Wrecker is now online. It can be accessed by clicking Approximately 20,000 of the 24-page tabloid parody newspapers were printed and distributed throughout Nassau County. There are still a few print copies available in local restaurants, bars, B&Bs, hotels and various shops.

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  • Mike justifies Fernandina Beach employee ratio by saying it’s needed for tourism. I have pressed him on the rations. No justifiable explanation.

  • Another great Blog Dave – keep it up!
    I know James Antum and he would be a great choice for a much needed change to the Fernandina City commision.

  • Dave you are always on top of your game. Please keep up the great news you publish. Billy and Dianne

  • Your post is spot on every issue you touch Dave. Thank you for being the voice of reason as always. I also am pulling for our local candidates including Dr. Antum to bring some sanity to the City Commission.

  • Good job Uncle David! Totally agree with you! So unfair that this small percent of people are forcing their sick agenda on the rest of us!

  • “…wise citizen points out that Nassau County, with 89,000 residents, has 362 employees while Fernandina Beach boasts 239 employees and just 13,000 residents. Why does the city with 76,000 fewer residents require one employee for every 54 people while the county has just one employee for every 246 folks”…Okay, Dave, let’s start with some basic math skills (and some geo-political re-education). The county is obviously a much bigger entity population-wise for sure, but if you look at the ratio of population to square miles, the numbers look quite different. Nassau County has about 1.23 people per square mile (89,000/726 sq. miles), Fernandina Beach has 103 people per square mile 13,000/12.6). Next, and god knows we all know this, the City and Island (yes, I know, the unincorporated area) are arse (its polite old English Dave, no need to censor me again about this) and elbows full of visitors, and the demands of that impact spill heavily on city resources…considerably more than the county on island. I know that could be debated, but from a WAG 75% of the visitors impact the City far more than the county side of things, on-island…but we could debate those numbers ad nauseum. So we are comparing grapefruit to, not even oranges, but grapes. I say, comparing the City and the County, without taking in the realities of the numbers, is just nonsensical political ranting without doing much or any real analysis. I pay a lot of taxes. over $10K a year (City and County), both could sharpen their pencils. Dave have a…well, lets call it an obsession against the City, and it skews your objectivity about other entities, not just the County but your favorite band of fiscal pirates, the Port Authority, who you continually, and unexplainably, give open hall passes. What gives Dave???

    • Where is the evidence that “visitors” present a crime wave or any significant threat at all to citizen safety? Bloat is bloat……glad you are so proud of the taxes you pay….no all are so giddy.

  • Strangely enough, I believe it was Bill Maher and not Rickie Gervais who uttered the bit about wanting to be a pirate. Nevertheless , another terrific blog post.

  • Dump the Democrats in the November midterms – they are not helping us. I don’t remember most of the problems we deal with everyday now when Trump was POTUS.


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