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More Proof Liberalism Is A Mental Disorder; Because Baby They’re Crazy Out There!

More Proof Liberalism Is A Mental Disorder; Because Baby They’re Crazy Out There!

Liberal Grinches have decided that the classic seasonal song Baby it’s Cold Outside — where a man tries to convince his love interest to stay at his place — should be banned because it promotes sexual harassment and non-consensual sex.

In an opinion piece in The USA TODAY by Mary Nahorniak, that publication’s deputy managing editor for digital, says: “Even if the intentions aren’t sinister, it’s simply exhausting to be a woman in that situation. In the original score, the male part is written as a “wolf” and the woman as a “mouse” — that speaks volumes about male predatory behavior. Many women know what it’s like to feel trapped by a man, whether emotionally or physically. In those situations, it doesn’t matter how it began or why she wants to leave, it only matters that she wants to go, now.”

The USA TODAY didn’t preface the piece by saying it was satire, a parody, or fake news, so I assume the editors and management there agree with this claptrap, putting that publication’s credibility even further down the toilet.

Banning this song is not new. It started a few years ago and has ramped up recently with more liberal fervor and passion as some radio stations are now refusing to play it. This Christmas season the movement has gained more momentum as a pair of songwriters have written alternate lyrics that will make the song more politically correct, socially acceptable, and completely awful.

Betty Garrett “seducing” Red Skelton with “Baby It’s Cold Outside” in 1949 film Neptune’s Daughter.

These delightfully wonderful Frank Loesser lyrics were first heard in the 1949 film Neptune’s Daughter where Ricardo Montelban tries to seduce Esther Williams. But later in the film the same “date rape” anthem is sung by Betty Garret to seduce Red Skelton. Where’s Gloria Allred when you need her?

And where are the outraged liberal voices when it comes to lyrics from rapper “crooners” who President Obama invited to the White House that extol the murder of policemen and call women “bitches” and blacks “niggas?” One presidential guest was named Common and his lyrics are so vile I can’t print them here. Another one of Obama’s invites in January 2016 was Kendrick Lamar, who met with the President in the Oval Office. Lamar’s “To Pimp A Butterfly” album shows a group of black men in front of the White House holding champagne bottles and hundred-dollar bills on top of the dead body of a white judge. Obama has said the rapper’s “How Much a Dollar Cost” which is on that album, was his favorite song of 2015.

These loopy Democratic and liberal defenders of morality and their admirers don’t realize what is real and what isn’t and the hypocrisy of their media allies is transparently staggering.

Baby, it’s crazy out there!


Just Wondering: Those judges who say football players have a right to kneel or stay seated during the national anthem demand those in their courtrooms stand when they enter. What would their reaction be if those folks took a knee?


There’s Nothing To See Here Department: Jacksonville’s daily Florida Times-Union newspaper plasters a steady stream of slobbering stories of the NFL Jaguars all over every section of its newspaper so it doesn’t have to print an honest conversation about the city’s ills.

The more Jaguars blather it prints, the less room it has for negative reportage of homicides, failing schools, cars whacking pedestrians, polarized race issues, etc. No need to distract Jacksonville’s besieged residents from the city’s NFL football team, whose players can’t figure out what they are supposed to do when the national anthem is performed.

What’s the matter with Jacksonville, a city that has been in disarray ever since I was a young reporter for the Tampa Tribune in the late 1960s? I recall comments among my Tribune newsroom colleagues when, prior to deadline, we flipped through the daily newspapers from other Florida cities of: “Look at this! No matter how bad things are here, thank God, we don’t live in Jacksonville.” Nothing has changed.

Let’s start with the local leaders of Jacksonville’s Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). How do these guys expect to help their constituents with their antagonistic, sophomoric behavior that is turning Martin Luther King’s dream into a nightmare for black citizens?

Isaiah Rumlin, president of the local NAACP, and the Rev. Levy M. Wilcox, president of the local SCLC, refuse to participate in the city’s January 12 Martin Luther King Day breakfast because they say they weren’t intimately involved in its planning. Therefore they want nothing to do with it. They offer no solutions to anything else either, just negative claptrap that adds to the city’s polarization and the black community’s economic stagnation.

All this silliness takes place while Jacksonville is setting city, state and national records. And we’re not talking about the over-hyped Jaguars football team going to the playoffs. Nope! Jacksonville, which is considered “The murder capital of Florida”, is on the road to setting a city and state record for homicides while simultaneously being recognized as the least safe city in America for pedestrians. Violence in the city is so bad that the police launched a program called “Operation Ceasefire” to try to curb it, unsuccessfully it turns out. Oh, it also has one of the worst school systems in Florida. Are these impressive figures or what? I bet the Chamber of Commerce and tourist development groups are over the moon.

Oh, by the way Mr. Wilcox and Mr. Rumlin, most of the homicide victims (62 percent) are black citizens of Jacksonville. And what does the hometown Florida Times-Union newspaper report? A front page headline screaming “Walking While Black” followed by almost four full pages of twaddle alleging that the Jacksonville Police Department is indiscriminately targeting blacks for jaywalking tickets, despite the fact that it’s mostly blacks getting whacked by cars. But hey, Go Jaguars!

On top of all that a large number of the city’s schools are failing so badly that the city council awarded an almost half-million dollar consulting contract to a former local school system principal’s firm to try to fix them. And what does the TU report? A front page story on how black students are being expelled or suspended disproportionately compared to white students. At least the paper is consistent in its “There’s nothing to see here” style of reporting mindless gibberish. Go Jaguars!

Like everyone else blacks want safe neighborhoods and good educational opportunities, so why aren’t the civil rights leaders and the newspaper promoting programs to stop the carnage or help fix the failing schools. Where’s the outrage over the fact that 132 homicides have been committed as of this writing, exceeding last year’s 120. At this rate the city’s 2008 record of 143 homicides will be exceeded by the end of December.

In the not too distant past many reasonable black voices complained about the lack of a strong police presence in their neighborhoods with Martin Luther King once saying: “…crime was the nightmare of the slum family” that had turned the ghettos into criminal “sanctuaries.” Now the black community is burdened with morons like former NFL player Colin Kaepernick, and the George Soros funded Black Lives Matter group claiming the police are the problem. And the local paper only adds fuel to this out of control inferno of claptrap.

As an alternative to splashing the Jaguars won-lost record on top of the front page, the paper should keep a running tally as the city approaches its record homicide numbers. Instead it criticizes police for issuing jaywalking tickets that prompt violators, mostly black, to use caution because they are in danger of being clobbered by crossing the street. Wait a minute, I thought black lives mattered. Oh, never mind, Go Jaguars!

The oblivious editors at the Times-Union and the city’s dishonest and infantile civil rights activists and protest groups are berserk with unfounded rage, contrived hysteria and paranoia, lamenting what — that their city is a nightmare of random killings, crime, inner city poverty, crummy schools, and chaotic traffic with mostly black victims and black perpetrators? Nope! That blacks, they say, are getting the short end of the economic stick and too much of the business end of the cops’ baton. They’re like cats in a litter box, scratching over a mess they don’t want to see. They offer no solutions, but hey, Go Jaguars!

The Times-Union even has a glossy new quarterly magazine called “J”, that in its last issue this past Sunday overly hyped the city is a series of articles ranging from revitalized buildings and museums to profiles of local companies and street art. Nice stuff, but for a magazine that its editor says is “100 percent focused on the revitalization of downtown” it misses the mark by a wide margin.

Any attempt to address the underlying causes of the city’s ills might be considered racist. The city’s leaders, civil right activists, protestors, etc. are unwilling to admit that it is mostly black-on-black carnage and aren’t willing to step up to offer realistic solutions to correct it. Instead these lame losers get all self-righteous and spout irrational hatred toward the police and other authority figures if any of that is pointed out. “Hey, let’s go tear down a statue of a Confederate soldier or one of Andrew Jackson, then go watch the Jaguars!”

In nutshell the Times-Union, Jacksonville’s white Mayor Lenny Curry, and the befuddled and useless local activists are afraid to be candid about crime in their city, the lousy schools, the disastrous consequences of out-of-wedlock births among blacks, or necessary welfare reforms, all begging for attention because they’re the root causes of this bedlam. If they did, they themselves would be labeled “racist” by the loopy left and hypocritical and inept black “civil rights” groups.

If they really wanted to make a difference, the self-righteous civil rights leaders could start by addressing the black family’s deterioration and cultural and moral decay driven by single motherhood, which may be the single most important and unreported social problem in America, eclipsing crime, drugs, poverty, education, homelessness and welfare because it drives all of those ills. And it’s going to get worse. According to the U.S. Census Bureau in 2005 — just 12 years ago — more than one-third of all babies born in the U.S were illegitimate. Single mothers account for 85 percent of homeless families and 90 percent of all welfare recipients. Being born to a single mother is like winning a prison lottery. It’ll take time — a generation or two to fix — but it will only get worse if the issue continues to be ignored.

In 2010 only 30.1 percent of blacks above the age of 15 were married and the staggering illegitimate birth rate among blacks is subsidized by the Aid to Families with Dependent Children, in essence paying women to have children out of wedlock. It’s a proven disaster for the black community that is now experiencing a 77.3 percent illegitimate birth rate according to The National Center for Health Statistics.

If black lives really mattered to these hypocritical blowhards they’d do something instead of ignoring root causes, waving stupid protest signs, chanting nutty slogans, and wagging their fingers at others for problems they can fix but won’t admit even exist.

In the law enforcement area Jacksonville needs to take a page out of the book of former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, a man who demolished that city’s crime rate. The entire time he was at it he was labeled a racist by leftist race-obsessed neurotics. But folks who were once again safely walking the streets on New York, saw it otherwise until they elected Democratic fruit loop Bill De Blasio, and Giuliani’s safe city reverted back to a crime infested cesspool.

Even the TU’s retiring liberal columnist, Ron Littlepage, chimed in on the root causes of Jacksonville’s crime rate writing a few weeks ago: “There are too many guns in the hands of people who shouldn’t have them; There are too many gangs; There is too much poverty; There aren’t enough jobs in neighborhoods where they are needed; and there are too many broken homes.”

Broken homes! Really? How can you have a broken home when there is no “home” in the first place, as many of these “broken homes” consist of unmarried, unemployed mothers on welfare with children with different last names and fathers nowhere in sight. Whose job is it to fix moral decay? Hey look over there isn’t that Everbank Stadium? Go Jaguars!

Jacksonville’s future is bleak unless its residents only care about NFL football. And if the local team’s kneeling NFL knuckleheads wanted to make a difference they’d work to help clean up the mess they maneuver their Bentleys and Ferraris through before and after their games at Everbank Field instead of staging immature, disrespectful and useless protests against the police and military during the performance of the national anthem.

My friends and I rarely venture into Jacksonville unless it’s for a medical appointment and those that visit for other reasons may require unexpected medical treatment.


Drinking, Dining & Dancing: Thanks to Zan & Pajamadave of  12 South 2nd Street PJD’s Beer & Wine Garden and pal Jeff McDowell, I had an opportunity to sample just about everything on the menu at the recently opened 232 North 2nd Street’s Wicked BAO. This included Chongqing chicken wings, pork and veggie pot stickers, kimchi beef fried rice, Indian curry veggies and rice, pork ramen, braised pork belly and more and all I can say is “urp!” as it was all very tasty. Jeff and Zan brought take out containers of the Asian goodies for us to taste over to PJD’s whetting my appetite for more. I’m really anxious to try the beef noodle soup with egg noodles and the charred octopus with a five-spice seasoning. Check ’em out at or call ’em at 904/775-5577. Don’t plan on grocery shopping January 19-28 as that’s Amelia Island Restaurant “Week”, a ten-day food orgy with some 30 local restaurants offering $19 and $29 prix-fixe dinner menus and many serving up $12 lunch specials. Tonight at 7:00 promises to be a fun evening at 12 South 2nd Street PJD’s Beer & Wine Garden as popular duo Dan Voll & Shell entertain. The local crowd here is as much fun as the entertainers. The Sandbar will be the place to be Saturday but get there early as the 7:00 p.m. performance of the Honey Badgers usually packs the place. The Fat Men From Space will have a busy few months ahead of them next year as they still have plenty of burger joints to try in their quest to discover the island’s best hamburger. Left on their “To Eat” list are: Bar Zin, 801 Kitchen & Bar, 29 South, Ritz-Carlton, Baxter’s, Sliders, The Tavern, Salty Pelican, Karibo, Crab Trap, Joe’s 2nd Street Bistro, Florida House, Brett’s, Jack & Diane’s, Galley, Ops, Barbara Jean’s, and Horizons. We may have to recruit another fat guy. The reigning Beach Bum Burger from Main Beach’s Putt-Putt is no longer in contention since they are only open six months of the year and it has recently changed hands, leaving the future of that award-winning burger in doubt. The Surf is also out this round since it is undergoing massive remodeling and completion dates are uncertain. Who are we missing here? The modestly named Dynamic Les DeMerle Trio featuring vocalist and Les’ wife Bonnie Eisele will entertain with two evenings of original arrangements of Holiday classics from their CD, “The Jazz Spirit Of Christmas”, at Horizons restaurant from 6-9 p.m. tonight and tomorrow, December 22 & 23. Oh, there’s a $15 per person charge and reservations are recommended so call 904/321-2430.


JEANNE WYATT - 24. Dec, 2017 -

Another blog right on target. Keep them coming. Merry Christmas and bah, humbug – I don’t like the Jaguars. Go Clemson! So far college ball players aren’t paid millions to whine.

Carol Ann ateood - 23. Dec, 2017 -

Unfortunately there will never be an HONEST conversation!
Enjoy your writing. Merry Christmas!

Pat VanHooser - 22. Dec, 2017 -

The line in the song, “Holly, Jolly Christmas “ that says: somebody waits for you, kiss her once for me – is a micro- aggression.
I was told this by a 25 year old school teacher. What a nut!

J. Effingham Bellweather - 22. Dec, 2017 -

Correct Dave, It is a mental disorder! One shining example: at this year’s NFL game in London, several members of the Baltimore Ravens and Jacksonville Jaguars knelt during the “Star-Spangled Banner,” but stood during Britain’s “God Save the Queen.” Merry Christmas Shad Khan, you can be proud of your social justice warriors.

Sheila - 22. Dec, 2017 -

Wow. New lows. Even for you, Dave.

We’ll get the liberals on you as you are almost guaranteeing that Coal will be shipped to Fernandina this holiday season.

Merry Christmas.

Chris Hadden - 22. Dec, 2017 -

I have to say Dave as and wealthy old white man you seem to spend all your time and negative thought process thinking about problems with black people. A little below the rants about black folk is something negative about woman speaking their minds. We also have the patriotic theme you like to pull out constantly. Usually that just circles back to rants against various black folk also. I was just wondering if the fact that you dwell disproportionately on these issues ever raises some questions about this behavior in your own mind? If you have not thought about it, I think you should. There are indeed a lot of issues the black community. Let’s face it, we white folk destroyed and disassembled the family structure of this whole group of people. We systematically discriminated against them in all areas housing, finance, education. Until 50 years ago they didn’t even go to white schools. The issues of race have not gone away, gotten better yes, but I will say that right here on the island I have heard just unbelievable racist comments from people you and I drink beer with regularly. We have a Humpty Dumpty situation here. I don’t know if you really care, or just like to rail against black people? It sounds like the latter. Perhaps you should get involved in the black community see if you can’t help with some of these issues.

Tom Yankus - 22. Dec, 2017 -

Don’t know this as fact but I believe that I read about Jack and Diane’s being closed? Go Jags!

Rich Lamken - 22. Dec, 2017 -

Since many of my friends think of me out of this world and I could use to lose a few pounds, i’m ready and willing to be your additional Fat Man from Space! Also, I’m a burger aficionado!

Peggy Waldron - 22. Dec, 2017 -

I think you should share some of your opinions with Bill O’Reilly. O’Reilly is my only source of news these days. You do a great blog!! Congratulations and keep it coming. Really enjoy being with you.

Jeff McDowell - 22. Dec, 2017 -

Gee Whiz, Dave Scott, couldn’t land on any contentious topics this week, eh? Well done! Since you mentioned the Christmas song, where’s the outrage about the woman’s ceaseless sexual assault of Santa in “Santa Baby”? Pressuring a working man for such lavish gifts as platinum mines, convertibles and Tiffany Rings…Shameful! Go Jaguars!