Musings, opinions, observations, questions, and random thoughts on island life, Fernandina Beach and more

Musings, opinions, observations, questions, and random thoughts on island life, Fernandina Beach and more

With The SCOTUS Leak The Left Rediscovers Women

With the leak of the SCOTUS opinion overturning Roe vs Wade it appears that the left suddenly discovered that biological women are really a thing?

Vice President Kamala Harris said on Tuesday, May 3, that the potential Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade represents an attack on women. Women?

Wait! What happened to the “birthing people”, particularly the bearded guy with the baby bump? Wouldn’t that guy have made a great cover for MAD Magazine or the National Lampoon?

In light of the Supreme Court’s unprecedented leak of a draft opinion this week has anyone asked the newly appointed non-biologist Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, her opinion? During her confirmation hearing she was unable to define a woman saying she’s not a “biologist.”

Friend and Amelia Island resident Amanda Borghese provided us with the photo above of protesters in front of the Fernandina Beach’s Centre Street Court House this past Wednesday, May 4. They’re  obviously enraged that this profound moral question may now be decided and settled the way it should be in a democracy – by the people.

What these pathetic people don’t understand is that overthrowing Roe will not be the end of abortion in America. It merely returns the issue to the states. If it is overturned some states will restrict or ban abortion rights while others may make it easier. The confused, unhinged protestors base their arguments on emotions, not logic.

The left’s collective meltdown is because they won’t be able to tell Texas, Florida, and other red states what to do.


Here Come The Crazies: The SCOTUS leak has accomplished one thing. It has driven the fanatics, fruitcakes, lunatics, and just plain evil folks out from under the refrigerator like cockroaches and into the bright light.

After the leak anti-Christian hatred spread like wildfire across the internet, including a profane, abortion-promoting rabbi who fumed, “Shame on all who hold the cross” and, “Time to go to war” to thousands of his fellow online vigilantes posting, “F—- Christians” with veiled or outright threads of violence.

Columnist Michele Malkin reported that Planned Parenthood and the American Civil Liberties Union in Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, and New York City held “impromptu” protests and literal screamfests, where masses of spontaneously gathered rabble-rousers carried spontaneously printed, carbon-copy signs from the billion-dollar-funded giants of the Death Lobby.

Unhinged TikTokers called for “riots,” “gas” and “torches;” “burning it all to the ground” by targeting “all those old white men and the women who support them;” and “mayhem in the streets” that will dwarf the “global protests around George Floyd.”

A Hollywood feminist, Amanda Duarte (a self-described “barren, child-eating sex witch”), tweeted her fantasy involving the “little white daughters” of pro-life “white supremacist lawmakers” getting “raped and impregnated by black men.”

These people aren’t just nuts. They’re evil.

Regardless of your view of abortion, the leak from SCOTUS is a fiasco that should never happen again. They need to find that person and jail them for 20 years. It is an attack on one of the main pillars of the constitution.


Look, A Squirrel! Maybe the SCOTUS leak was a strategic ploy on the part of Democrats to knock the Biden administration’s ineptitude and bungling off the front page. For the past few days, we haven’t seen stories on the Hunter Biden mess, Biden’s mental fitness for office, illegals pouring across our southern border, the Afghanistan debacle, raging inflation, rampaging crime, looting, riots and arson, men destroying women’s sports, a tumbling stock market, tampons in boy’s bathrooms, police being shot, fired, disrespected and quitting,  Special Counsel John Durham’s investigation, food shortages, astronomical gas prices, Putin’s nuclear threats, tax increases, and more.


Disinform THIS! What have Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders, or Joe Biden ever done outside of Congress. What did AOC have the aptitude to do when she graduated from college other than bartend? Now she is trying to tell us what to do. What about Kamala Harris? How did she get ahead other than sleeping with leftist California politico Willie Brown? These are the people who are telling us how to think. And now the Biden administration has the Disinformation Agency- that Joseph Stalin called the Truth Department with the same goal. Are you comfortable with that?


A Mayoral Scolding: Fernandina Beach Mayor Mike “Left Coast” Lednovich tells me to “get my information right” saying in a comment posted here last Friday: “Dave: for the umpteenth time please get your ‘facts’ correct.”

Lednovich moved here from California, but for some reason, apparently doesn’t want anyone to know that. In his comments to me he says: “I am not a transplant from Southern California having grown up in Ft. Lauderdale and attended Westwood Heights Elementary, Parkway Junior High and graduated from Stranahan High School in 1965.”

He adds he was once a reporter for Ft. Lauderdale News and Sun-Sentinel. I’ve heard he covered golf for that paper, he doesn’t say.

He concludes imploring me to: “Please put some effort into correctly reporting on the people in your blog.”

I just did that by filling in the gaps left out about the mayor’s past including that he is a recent transplant from California.

Oh, I should add that Mayor Mike wants to ban smoking on the beach. I’m not a smoker so I don’t care. But how the Dickens is that going to be enforced? They can’t enforce drinking on the beach which is also banned. Now he wants the cops to run around looking for smokers too?

Mayor Mike who is pictured here during Shrimp Fest wearing a hat clearly identifying him as “Mayor” in case folks were wondering who the mayor in these parts might be. Why didn’t the masked mayor wear his “Mayor” hat when he marched in the local parade holding up a sign supporting the violent, corrupt, and fraudulent Black Lives Matter organization?


Not In Florida You Won’t: A federal judge on Wednesday, May 4, denied the Biden administration’s request to dismiss Florida’s lawsuit seeking to halt its “catch and release” immigration policy.

The Biden administration said Florida didn’t have legal standing to challenge its policies, and its polices “are beyond judicial review.” The judge essentially told them “Nuts.” In a blistering 37-page ruling U.S. District Judge T. Kent Wetherell of the Northern District of Florida Pensacola Division rejected the administration’s arguments repeatedly saying they “weren’t persuasive,” “defy logic,” and its policies are “not immune from judicial review.”

His scathing rebuke of the Biden lackies said: “Suffice it to say the Court is wholly unpersuaded by Defendants’ position that they have unfettered discretion to determine how (or if) to comply with the immigration statutes and that there is nothing that Florida or this Court can do about their policies even if they contravene the immigration statutes,” Judge Wetherell wrote.

“This position  is as remarkable as it is wrong because it is well established that no one, not even the President, is above the law and the Court unquestionably has the authority to say what the law is and to invalidate action of the executive branch that contravenes the law and/or the Constitution,” he continued. “Thus, if Florida’s allegations that Defendants are essentially flaunting the immigration laws are proven to be true, the Court most certainly can (and will) do something about it.”

Pathetic and bumbling DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas’ sweeping enforcement and deportation policies includes mandating that “unlawful presence in the United States will alone not be a basis for an immigration enforcement action,” directly contradicting federal law. Unlawful presence is grounds for detention and deportation, according to the law.

Several in Congress – Democrats and Republicans – have called for the sniveling incompetent Mayorkas to be impeached. Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody and other state attorneys general have called for his immediate resignation.


Welcome To Florida: Blue state refugees headed to Florida to set up residence will soon be greeted by a friendly notice reminding them why they decided to move here.

Amelia Island resident and conservative patriot, Amanda Borghese, inspired a group of like-minded  folks to donate $5,000 toward the above billboard that will stand from June 13 – November 15 southbound on I-95 leading into the area. The location leads to the I-295 beltway, which loops around Jacksonville. This is a high traffic area coming from Georgia that  also leads into Jacksonville (Downtown, I-10) from the north section of town. It’s estimated the billboard will be viewed by some 166,000 people weekly.

Ms. Borghese says the entire cost – artwork, taxes, etc., will be approximately $7,000.

She says she’s thrilled that so many local folks contributed, and she will continue to accept money to help keep the sign up after its expiration date. Ms. Borghese says she would like additional contributions but will personally make up the difference.

Contributions can be sent to: Amanda Borghese, 705 Ocean Club Pl, Amelia Island, Fl.32034. She says if she gets extra money she will create an ad in local media outlets with the same message. You can contact her at


Reality Vs. BS Department: A recent poll by Yougov asked a cross section of Americans a variety of questions about their perceptions of their fellow citizens. One of them was “How many Americans are transgendered?”

Poll respondents said “21%”. In actuality it’s less than one-half of one percent.

Their answers were obviously based on the distortions the public is seeing in the mainstream media on a daily basis and while watching TV and movies, particularly ads.

Another extreme example of how skewed perception is from reality took place in England. I don’t know what the hell is going on in Norfolk, England, but my crack English correspondent, John Bachelor, alerts me that the Norfolk police department has obviously been infiltrated by the Monty Python cast of characters.

John informs me, and a Daily Mail newspaper article confirms, that a guide listing “37 different gender terms and sexual identities has been issued to police officers and staff there to help them when dealing with members of the public.” Yep, 37!

The Norfolk Constabulary’s document, “The + in LGBT,” explains current terminology alongside a picture of a “gender bread person” – a play on gingerbread man.

In a colossal understatement critics there called the effort a “complete waste of taxpayers’ money.” To read the Daily Mail article go to

We can only hope that this leftist insanity has so alienated the average person in the UK and here that it will collapse of its own weight.


Another Reason To Live In Florida: Florida never fully shut down for long during the Chinese plague and reopened quickly relative to the rest of the country. While the mainstream media and the Biden administration blasted Governor Ron DeSantis, reality is, business here reopened fairly quickly for the most part, and recovered quickly, and the health issues, including hospitalization and death, were no worse per capita than California, which shut down completely, and kept kids out of school. The Biden Administration, Fauci and the teachers unions did more damage to the country than the pandemic ever did.


Awful Keeps Getting Worse: The best thing I can say about the online Fernandina “Blind” Observer is that it is consistent in its awfulness.

One of the most bewildering aspects of this local media train-wreck is the confusion over who writes the drivel that appears in it.

Here’s a recent example that occurs on a daily basis. An article about the Ocean Highway & Port Authority’s tugboat revenue last Saturday appeared under the byline of Wes Wolfe, a reporter for the wire service Florida State

The Observer’s teaser for the story, headlined: “Answers could be coming on Fernandina Port’s unknown tugboat revenue,” was followed by the dateline “April 29, 2022” and a sentence that read “posted by Suanne Thamm.” On the right side of the article was a photo of Ms. Thamm under the heading: “About Author,” followed by a brief bio of Ms. Thamm. At the end of the article was another photo of Ms. Thamm, her name and another of her bios.

Doesn’t this leave the reader wondering who the Dickens wrote this story — Ms. Thamm or Wes Wolfe?

Mr. Wolfe wrote the entire article. It didn’t contain a single word contributed by Ms. Thamm despite her name appearing on it three times, once under the heading: “about author.” Her bio appears twice. The Observer does this consistently. Apparently it’s their way of saying: “Look at ME! Look at ME!

This hapless crew never tires of embarrassing themselves.


Speaking Of Media Outlets: Apparently News Leader Editor Scott Bryan is leaving. His departure wasn’t officially announced in the paper that I saw, but a classified ad in the Wednesday, May 4 edition reads: “The News-Leader, Florida’s oldest weekly newspaper is seeking an experienced editor to lead its new department of four reporters. The local media scene is getting more and more interesting.


Positive COVID Side Effects: Governor DeSantis  announced that he is ready and plans to sign a bill authorizing Constitutional carry in Florida, as soon as it is presented to him. More than 25 states now have Constitutional carry laws, another unnoticed side-effect and hidden blessing of the pandemic.


For Sale…Again! The Sandbar & Restaurant at Main Beach in Fernandina Beach that sold about three months ago for $6,250,000 is on the market again.

The trio of new owners have placed the building and property on the market for $5,416,667. That’s just the building and property, not the business, which is the current tenant that operates the Sandbar & Restaurant. Below is some of what the listing says. For full details go to:

The investment overview says the Sandbar is no longer locally owned and operated. It says “….operator currently owns and operates 31 restaurants in the Southeastern U.S., including 16 located in coastal and beachfront communities. Operator’s principals were previously instrumental in assembling and operating a portfolio of 98 casual, fast casual, polished casual, steakhouse, seafood, and fine dining restaurants comprised of 13 different brands operating in 17 states as part of a consolidation strategy for a single private investor…”  An Applebee’s by the Sea?

Prior to the personable local resident, Kevin Dooner, closing on the sale of the Sandbar he had verbally agreed to purchase an ad in the 2022 News Wrecker. The Sandbar has been a News Wrecker advertiser since 2017. In fact, the last pre-Covid Sandbar ad Kevin placed in the fall of 2019 was so successful he had t-shirts of the colorful octopus juggling cocktails made for his servers. The shirts also sold at the restaurant’s front desk for $20 each.

The new management has been less than accommodating and less than civil.

When I asked Joey Helms, an assistant manager, who the new manager was, Helms pointed  me toward a guy named “Blaine.” When I asked Blaine over a period of three weeks if the Sandbar was going to purchase the ad, his response was: “I’ll get back to you.” He never did. Helms spat: “That’s between you and Kevin.”

When I invited the team of  News Wrecker volunteers to the Sandbar for a working lunch in March Helms trotted out and bounced around our patio table with a silly grin, refusing to answer questions about the ad. It was a bizarre performance that left us unanimously puzzled and shrugging our shoulders asking aloud: “What’s up with this strange little guy?”

Despite the fact that that the new ownership didn’t purchase an ad and never had the civility to  respond, I stopped by late last Sunday afternoon, May 1, and dropped off 200 copies of the Wrecker they could give to their customers.

When I went to the upstairs bar and ordered a beer Helms approached me with his customary silly grin asking: “How are things going?”  I responded by asking why someone at Sandbar didn’t have the courtesy to get back to me to say: “We’re not taking an ad” instead of repeating, “I’ll get back to you” or him sarcastically responding with: “That’s between you and Kevin”? Helms, who I understand has no authority to make any such financial decisions declared: “I heard you called me a slimy snake and a weasel.” I responded saying: “I never called you a slimy snake. However, I did call you a weasel and you still are.”

His faced reddened and he blurted: “GET OUT!”

When I asked if I was being “thrown out” he angrily affirmed that I was and that I should take the newspapers I left at the front reception area with me.

As I exited and walked to my car in the far west side of the city parking lot to drive back to the entrance to pick up the papers, Helms and a female bartender had already carried them to the city’s dumpster and were tossing them in it. As I drove past Helms laughed and waved as he trashed 200 News Wreckers.

Welcome to the new Sandbar!

The fact they didn’t take an ad isn’t an issue. Many businesses that were approached didn’t advertise, but they were courteous and professional in their responses. Not the new Sandbar management, just the opposite.

Almost 20,000 copies of  the 2022 News Wrecker have been distributed on Amelia Island to various restaurants, shops, bars, B&B’s, and hotels hereabouts. The reception so far has been excellent from readers and advertisers. Many have called or emailed me asking for additional copies and reserving ad space for next year’s issue.


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  • My wife and I went to the Sandbar last week. We had an order of wings, an order of Nachos, and two cocktails. $63.00! Overpriced food and the drinks were not made correctly. I’m done with that place, what a rip off.

  • He wears the mayor hat with pride. He’s a public figure but god forbid you get him triggered over any questions about the city and BLM. Either he stands by BLM or he doesn’t. I anxiously await his apology to me. I’m
    Not holding my breathe. Living in California changed him I am sure.

  • Things about “Constitutional carry” . . .

    1) It is a sad redundancy to have to pass a law to recover this right that has been made a privilege is so many States.

    2) Constitutional carry may come with a temporary downside carry permit holder should be aware. That is a potential loss of reciprocity with other States.

    What does that mean?

    It means that currently Florida has Conceal Carry reciprocity with 36 other States, granting the carry permit holder ability to carry in 37 States. This “Reciprocity” is largely based on other States recognizing the standards of eligibility that a State has to issue Carry Permits. Almost each time make a change to our (Florida) Carry Permit legibility rules we may lose or gain reciprocity with other States.

    For example, when we went from a 5-year permit validity to 7 years, we lost reciprocity with Nevada because they believe people should go through a background check every five year. Ultimately it’s (requiring a background check every 5 years) moronic because we all know that criminals don’t follow the law, so if someone is going to carry a gun illegally, adding a law or a background check won’t make a difference.

    So . . . what can we expect? I am not 100% sure, but we can look at Vermont as an example. Vermont does not require a permit at all to carry a gun. Anyone can carry in Vermont, residents, non-resident, it doesn’t matter. The result, however, is that reciprocity for Vermont Residents is with about 10 States, which is a drop from 36 for Florida Residents.

    Florida Reciprocity is so sought that people from many other States get Florida Carry Permit to benefit from the reciprocity. It is also the case with Texas, Utah and North Carolina permits that have a high reciprocity.

    What should we do if we lose our reciprocity? The answer will be to get a Utah carry permit.

    SELF-SERVING STATEMENT: As a Firearm instructor, Firearm Instructor Instructor and Certified Law Enforcement Firearm Instructor who already deliver Firearm Training Certificate right here on the island since 2005, I will complete the process required with Utah so I can provide you with the certificate you will need to get a Utah Carry permit. Check me out at

  • Looks like that the secret is out
    on Amelia Island and it’s being
    overran with monied folks who
    have little or no social skills. Going out to lunch or dinner is
    much like eating in the Bronx
    or Nathan’s.loud and rude is the
    new southern charm.So very
    sad to see this happen to such a
    beautiful place that used to be
    a haven for laid back and friendly people.Oh well money
    talks huh!

    • I know we never agree on anything, R. Troxel, but you are SO right! I have lived here, 40+ years, and it is nothing like the wonderful, beautiful place with friendly people that it used to be. It does seem that money talks, and manners and courtesy have gone the way of the dinosaur- extinct.

  • All on,

    My wife and I walk the beach from Sliders south to the pier several times a week. I picked up 6 cigarette butts and placed them in a trash container. Mind you this was about a mile an a half each way scouring the sand for those who have left their trash behind. 6. Seagull poop was a more prevalent problem.

  • None of the protesters in front of the Fernandina Beach’s Centre Street Court House appear to be young enough to be a “birthing parent” including the man (I assume he identifies as a birthing parent also).

  • Mayor Mike wears his Fernandina Beach Police hat most of the time. He easily gets triggered over questions yet wears these hats publicly. Irony. Someone tell him to open his COFB emails I sent him. Never question the man or he blocks you on social media even his mayor account. He doesn’t like to be scrutinized. Walks around in La La land with his hats.

  • Your personal attack on Joey Helms is shocking and unnerving.
    You called him a weasel.
    You mocked his smile.
    You said he was a strange little man.
    You seem to be punishing Helms for not having the authority to buy your advertisement.
    Your article admits that Mr. Helms had no such power.
    Joey Helms is not a weasel.
    You should be ashamed of yourself.

    • If it walks like a weasel, talks like a weasel and acts like a weasel, it’s a weasel… No authority to answer a professional question, but authority enough to throw out a customer?

  • Now that the short-sighted and pedantic editor of the News Leader is out, I hope this means that Pat Foster-Turley’s weekly column “Wild Ways” will return.

  • If you’re getting flak, it’s probably because you’re right over the target.

  • That’s a shame about the Sandbar….they just lost this local’s business. I’m sure they’ll never miss me as long as northern transplants and tourist continue to flock here.

    Another one bites the dust.

  • We quit eating there a long time ago. They’re not on our mind whenever I ask my wife, “where would you like to eat”.

  • Dave: With each attack on me, you confirm your inability to get any of the facts correct. The reason I didn’t wear the Mayor cap at the 2020 Fernandina Beach Black Lives Matter march is because I wasn’t the mayor at that time. A credible journalist would have checked that fact.

    • As the Mayor you are an a*#. BLM is simply a Domestic Terrorist Organization that lies about it’s mission and uses the donated money to fund the leaders lavish lifestyle. It is not Dave Scott misrepresenting you. It is you misrepresenting your role. You are not a sworn police officer and the real police or Sheriff’s Department should lock you up for impersonating a police officer. You should scrapper back to the west coast hell hole you came from.

  • Was pleasantly surprised to read
    Mr.Langshaws message agreeing
    with my comment on the not so
    southern atmosphere taking place on the Island.
    I’m a rare Florida native that
    grew up in Jacksonville and would come up to Fernandina
    ito play golf at the city course.
    In those days this was a sleepy
    little village that time seemed to
    pass very slowly.You can’t stop
    progress but at least leave the
    Nrw Yawk attitudes behind.
    Nuff said!!

  • Wow, what hateful, misinformed drivel DS writes. Just goes to show that a head can write and have no heart. He just seems so angry, or afraid, or angry and afraid. All black and white (and especially white), no gray allowed, or brown or tan, either.


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