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Musings, opinions, observations, questions, and random thoughts on island life, Fernandina Beach and more

Instead of Hailing Israel U.S. Liberals Are “Seig Heiling” Hamas

Instead of recoiling in revulsion and demanding a reckoning, the American left insists that Israel play nice with the October 7 Hamas Islamic butchers.

Radicalized antisemitic Pro-Hamas demonstrators in New York (top photo) and in Washington, D.C., above.

The psychopathic Hamas terrorist killers attacked Israel without provocation or warning October 7 to intentionally slaughter Jewish women, children, the elderly, and anyone else they came across.

These depraved butchers murdered some 1,400 people and kidnapped another 240 to hold as human shields. As their helpless and horrified families were forced to watch they beheaded and burned their babies alive and raped and tortured their daughters before the parents were then slaughtered. Like the Nazis, they documented their atrocities by filming them.

The American left consistently makes Israel-Nazi comparisons and denials about murdered babies amidst their anti-Israeli rhetoric while calling conservatives and Israelis fascists. Those marinated in university classroom radicalism toss around the word “fascism” liberally and see it everywhere – except when they look in the mirror.

Zombie-like hordes of American liberals have become today’s version of what political journalist Jonah Goldberg labeled  “Hitler’s Willing Executioners,” the title of his 1997 book. It provides specifics on how average Germans were willing accomplices in the murder of more than six million Jews.

Progressive and Nazi fascism share the same intellectual tools, much of it emanating from college campuses. The similarities between the antisemitic U.S. college campus crowds, those waving Nazi flags marching through American streets and the citizens of 1930’s Germany are chilling. Jewish students have a legitimate right to fear for their safety. Even a California college professor was arrested November 17 for the death of a Jewish protestor. Others are running for their lives on college and high school campuses.

Today’s American college kids are pathetically ignorant of history. They devour whatever the fuzzy brained disheveled professors feed them and then run through the streets shouting the slogans they are spoon fed and don’t understand.

These gender studies and turfgrass science majors couldn’t find Israel or Gaza on a map, but they have been indoctrinated to believe that the Jews are bad. Most have no concept of the Middle East’s history. They haven’t been taught history, so they don’t know that the Jewish state provided a home for the displaced Muslims whose countries did not want them. All they’ve been taught is that the Jews are bad.

Today’s U.S. liberal fascists aren’t the blood thirsty German “Einsatzgruppen” mobile killing units, or crazed Hamas murderers. Not yet. They’re the naïve  female students working on education degrees from Penn, NYU, Cornell, Columbia, etc. These college kids, who know nothing about history, are what can he labeled “Hamas’s willing accomplices.” They haven’t actively joined in the mass killing but are enthusiastically cheering the jihadist murderers. They have no idea what the slogan on the mass produced signs they’ve been handed saying “From the river to the sea” means.

Why are college campuses so quick to issue trigger warnings for classic novels, but now encourage their students and educators to praise the intentional slaughter of Jewish civilians?

College administrators out of a mixture of cowardice and sympathy for the terrorists refuse to punish the ignorant antisemitic goons. Why? Maybe because they themselves were once the leftist thugs who roamed college campuses in the 1960s and 70s doing the same thing…badgering, beating, and intimidating.

The inexplicable climate of “anti-Semitism” that made Hitler’s pursuit of his genocidal goals possible and the radical persecution of the Jews during the 1930s popular has been taken up by America’s progressive crowd including the Democrat Party, American academia, a crazed congressional circus labeled “The Squad”, Ivy League professors, Hollywood, NPR, CNN. MSNBC, and has even infiltrated major American corporations.

This antisemitic crowd isn’t hailing Israel’s valiant attempt to pursue and punish the mass murders it is “seig heiling” them – rebuking the victims and applauding the killers.

Why aren’t average Americans aghast, alarmed and speaking out? Where are the civic leaders, churches, law enforcement agencies, and activist groups?

No matter what, Israel is not deterred. It’s future existence depends on fighting back. And it is doing so in a method unprecedented in warfare.

How many armies in the world have been trained not to kill civilians? The British and U.S. in World War II? The Japanese, Russian, the German, Chinese, North Korea, North Vietnam? No. Only Israel.

In contrast the Hamas Islamists are the only military force on the planet whose stated objective is to kill civilians. It’s written in their charter. They teach it in their schools. They preach it in their mosques. It is a purely evil culture, breeding an even more barbaric, evil ethos. Like ISIS and al Qaeda it needs to be wiped off the face of the earth.

A ceasefire means nothing to Hamas except an opportunity to regroup and rearm. They have never once honored a ceasefire. October 6 was a ceasefire, and the result was the October 7 massacre.

There is no redemption for the Hamas barbarians. People that cheer it on and defend it are to be feared. They are as dangerous and as psychologically unbalanced as the Hamas fiends.

No matter what happens Israel will hunt down and kill every Hamas leader involved in planning and executing the October 7 massacre. Like the Munich Olympic killers, the Entebbe airline hijackers, Adolph Eichman and many others, Mossad’s assassination unit will not be deterred. Hamas’s “dead men walking” signed their own death warrants when they carried out the barbaric attack.

Meanwhile U.S citizens need to be very concerned as it has become obvious that American colleges and universities are not churning out harmless comedic “Soup Nazis” portrayed on Seinfeld but the real thing.

(An abridged version of my above commentary appeared in the national news site BPR Friday November 24 at


Photo taken by local resident Ken Timmerman upon his arrive at Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport last week.

Local Newsman/Author Reports From Israel: Local author, Time Magazine war correspondent, political commentator, and former Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) terrorist hostage, Ken Timmerman, sent his on-the-scene thoughts to me Wednesday. Ken is in Israel working on a film project and talking to his contacts in the government and military there

“My Israeli government sources tell me that the current ceasefires will extend at most for ten days, as initially planned – four days plus six one day extensions”, he says.

“After that Israel will resume its clearing operations. There is way too much pressure on Netanyahu for him to cave to relentless urging from Secretary of State Blinken to extend the ceasefire. Israel is going to finish Hamas this time once and for all, “ reports Ken. “It won’t be pretty. But neither will it be reported accurately by Big Media. Just today, there was social media video of Israeli soldiers helping Palestinian civilians evacuate to the south out of the firing zone. Any word of that on MSNBC? CNN? ABC or anyone else? You know the answer.”

Commenting on the county’s reaction to the October 7 massacre he writes: “Israelis are shell shocked and heartbroken.  Nearly every family I have met — beyond the immediate hostage families — knows someone who was killed or abducted and many more have sons, daughters or grandchildren now deployed in combat. And yet Israelis remain resilient. What an amazing country.”

He has confidence in the Israeli resolve but says Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will not survive politically once the war is over, but he will lead the nation to victory.

Ken’s 12th book of non-fiction, AND THE REST IS HISTORY: Tales of Hostages, Arms Dealers, Dirty Tricks, and Spies, is now available from PostHill Press. It can be ordered directly from Amazon by clicking here.


Representative Brian Mast.

A Man I’d Like To Meet: Brian Mast (R-FL) is the only member of Congress to serve with both the U.S. Army and the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). This courageous man represents Florida’s 21st Congressional District or what is called Florida’s “Treasure Coast” that extends from Fort Pierce down to West Palm Beach on the Atlantic coast. He volunteered for the IDF after losing both his legs and a finger while serving in Afghanistan.

Mast put the current situation in Israel and Gaza in perspective recently saying: “Imagine if the United States after Pearl Harbor proclaimed: ‘We need to be proportional and exercise restraint.’” He said: “You have to eliminate the threat. Not to scare the threat…you can’t buy them, you can’t give them more land, you can’t give them more money. You have to destroy the threat with the same resolve that you would destroy the Nazis.”


“Give it to me , I’ll read anything out loud.”

A Courageous Man I DID Meet:  Just one month after Hamas killers slaughtered babies, raped, mutilated, killed women, the elderly etc. Fernandina’s obnoxious pompous City Commissioner Chip Ross read a proclamation supporting, not Israel, but an unidentified person in Massachusetts who was allegedly killed for being transgendered.

The victim of this 24-year old unresolved crime 1,500 miles from here had no relatives or acquaintances anywhere near Fernandina Beach, yet Ross ignored the rest of the City Commission’s wishes not to issue the meaningless proclamation and stepped out from behind the dais and read it to the local crowd of enthusiastic LGBTQA+ supporters that demanded it.

Ross ignored the 1,400 slaughtered and 240 kidnapped Jews as did the City Commission. The LGBTQA+ crowd ignored the butchery as well, saying nothing, expressing no sympathy.

How many of those murdered Israelis had friends or relatives hereabouts? Ross and the LGBTQA+ crowd didn’t know, ask or care. “Just read our damn proclamation you homophobic cretins”,  they demanded.

In contrast to the abysmal and meaningless city hall display I met a man at the grocery store here last Saturday who showed me a picture of his cousin, a beautiful young women who appeared to be in her late teens or early 20s. She was a victim of the Israeli slaughter. “We couldn’t even recognize her after they killed her,” he told me. “And I can’t describe to you what they did to her.”

This gentleman, who was born in Israel, served as a pilot in the Israeli Air Force during the 1980′ s helping protect Israel against its aggressive Arab neighbors. He is a no-nonsense man, understandably angry and shaken by what happened to his relative and others in his native country.

I didn’t ask him what he thought of Chip Ross’s disgusting display at city hall as I didn’t want to create a commotion in the produce section. And I made no mention of the City Commission’s silent, sniveling reaction to the slaughter by the Hamas mass murderers. He wasn’t exactly in a receptive tolerant mood.


Local Sniveling Stooges: I don’t mind folks offering criticism in the commentary section of this blog. I’ll admit that it stings when someone finds a factual error or lousy grammar, but I accept it and correct and acknowledge it if it’s a major faux pas. However, a couple of frequent critical commentators to this blog have now resorted to calling me a “racist.”

One of them is Coleman Langshaw, who used to be a somewhat lucid local liberal pundit until he was fired as manager by the private company that took over the city marina a number of years ago. Something in his head snapped after that, and he turned bitter and now specializes  in sophomoric vulgarities. The other remains anonymous, cowardly hiding his identity behind the name “Moderate Majority.” He’s not as immature or childish as Langshaw in his obvious dislike for the commentaries posted here. However, he’s made it clear he doesn’t care for me, my opinions or conservative ideology.

This duo’s “racist” comments came following a commentary I wrote November 17 saying that companies are suffering a talent void because of their excessive DEI hiring, citing a news wire survey. I concluded by declaring:  “Go woke go broke.”

Neither of these two provided a single example to back up their empty racist accusations. In fact I doubt either one of them can define racism, most people who toss the word around can’t. Here’s what most dictionaries say:

Racism. n. 1. A belief in the inherent, genetic superiority of one race of people over another and a belief in the right of the superior group to dominate that racial group believed to be inferior.

Nowhere have I ever written anything that comes even close to that definition. A person can dislike someone, or some group, without feeling inherently or genetically superior to them. They can distrust them, scorn them, avoid them, run from them, fear them, make fun of them, admonish them, etc. without being racist.

The problem with people like Langshaw and “Moderate Majority” is they throw around the word “racist” when they have no factual arrows in their quiver.

With their racial set-asides, racial quotas, Diversity Equity Inclusion (DEI) silliness, etc. liberals like Langshaw and M&M share most of the racist Ku Klux Klan’s premises. And like the KKK they see the world in terms of race and ethnicity. The only thing missing with Langshaw and M&M are the white sheets.


Wait! What? The sight-impaired online Fernandina Observer  may have blown its PR retainer with the city when pretend reporter Mike Lednovich stopped pretending and actually reported that newly appointed City Manager Ty Ross fell off his bike October 29 and said his fall was because he had “too many drinks”. In a written statement Ross said: “I had a bicycle accident on Atlantic Avenue. I fell pretty hard and messed up my bike. The accident bent up the handlebars and scratched up the paint job. I also hurt my wrist but sustained no permanent damage. Bad day obviously. The police responded to a call for aid and gave me a ride home. This probably would not have happened had I not had too many drinks downtown that afternoon.”

This is all very interesting. Ross called the police, there was no test for alcohol and he was sitting on the ground when the cops arrived. And former City Commissioner, failed candidate for reelection, and Black Lives Matter cheerleader, Mike Lednovich, reported the incident.

Does any of this make sense?  It all seems very odd.


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  • Really Dave?!?…”liberals like Langshaw and M&M share most of the racist Ku Klux Klan’s premises. And like the KKK they see the world in terms of race and ethnicity. The only thing missing with Langshaw and M&M are the white sheets.” You need to find your hinges, because you have become completely unhinged with such an idiotic and absurd statement. Whenever you or your myopic minions can’t find a solid retort, you resort to absurd lunacy, which on one hand makes your blog hilarious, but on the other hand, makes it pathetic. Your minions have called me a communist, and now you label me as a klansman. Say it to my face so I can truly respond, without censorship. My words unedited versus yours. And bring your idiot, racist posse, if you feel you need support, because your words and beliefs are no better than your hero, “xxxx-grabbing”, former president! I am sure you’re going to censor that, but he already said it, and you endorse him and his rhetoric and mindset.

  • The last couple of months have presented the world with daily demonstrations of the hate and ignorance that some college and university students and professors possess and proudly display. I am thankful and proud that I am not an alumni of those places.

    My ‘encore career’ was teaching business and employment law at FSCJ. There, I saw high school students earning college credit through the Dual Enrollment Program that allowed them to earn the first two years of a fully accredited bachelor’s degrees while they earn high school credit from their teachers who are also fully accredited to teach college-level courses. After earning dual credit for courses during high school, they could move immediately into good jobs, or continue their education toward a bachelors degree either at FSCJ or by transferring to universities in Florida or other states.

    There, I also saw higher education opportunities provided to our Northeast Florida neighbors who had already started careers and were now learning medical, technology, business and other high-demand skills at the Certificate, Associate and Bachelor Degree level while they worked full time and raised families. Those courses were offered during the day and evening, and online.

    In the courses I taught were also active duty members of every branch of service, and the FSCJ reach was thousands of miles from Jacksonville. One of my most vivid memories was receiving an email from a Marine stationed in the Middle East. He apologized for submitting a paper two days late. He explained that his forward operating base was attacked by the enemy, and he was busy fighting those trying to kill him.

    Those are some of the thousands of students I was privileged to teach, and they were in such contrast to those students I saw on TV in New York City, who were waiving Swasticas and blaming Israel for responding to the butchery of innocents conducted in that country.

    I say this to remind us of the obvious – the woefully ignorant and indoctrinated students and others who we see prancing around on TV are NOT in any way representative of our students, faculty or staff, both here locally and in most colleges and Universities in the U.S.

    • Hey Dave, don’t forget that we were both (along with any other white folk) called “racist” by Julia for eating mullet! Speaking of that fish, I didn’t make it to St. Pete and Ted Peter’s Smoked Mullet Restaurant over Thanksgiving.bringing you that promised meal. Too many relatives, friends living in the Tampa area to visit and entertain in my two says during the holiday. It’s probably a good thing as you (we) have eaten at Ted Peter’s (Est. 1955) and need to change the narrative of our “racist” past as we both frequented that smoked fish house on our way to and from St. Pete Beach.

  • Dave, I’m afraid you may have misunderstood some of the intellectually gifted sign-wavers in the Israel/”Palestine” public space. For example, the woman holding one sign has an interesting subtext beneath her “Nazis=Israelis” visual: “…they have surpassed Hitler in BARBERISM.” I know Hitler fancied himself a painter and an architect, but a barber? (That’s a guy you wouldn’t want standing behind you with a sharp pair of scissors.) Alas, this woman’s grasp of world events is at least as impaired as her spelling.

  • Great job Dave. Didn’t take much to get Langshaw to re-expose himself. Wonder if he intended to prove your point in his response. Classic! Much background noise from him. You must have been directly over target. Langshaw must have had his own Kool-aid for breakfast.

  • In Students for Fair Admissions v. Harvard, the US Supreme Court ruled that a policy that included “race” failed strict scrutiny and as such cannot be subject to meaningful review (i.e. liberal lunacy), and with no logical end point. Case #20-1199 dated 6-29-23.

    Thus, there is hope for a re-birth of sanity in our colleges & universities, I hope!

  • Good piece on Hamas/Israel war and atrocities, Dave. While Israel’s hands are not clean, the campaign of extermination against them is quite clear- River to the Sea, huh? The Oct 7 attack by Hamas was a huge, historic mistake. They knew they couldn’t win and were likely trying to spark a much wider war. Their useful idiots here and abroad have shown their colors. “Proportional response” is an absurd idea when the situation is existential. The collateral damage is all on Hamas- human shields, preventing flight. Israel going to extremes to preserve civilians, but with Hamas tricks, they can’t do it without abandoning their campaign to eliminate Hamas- not a good idea.

    The new City Manager is not setting a good example. Does he realize that cycling on public roads while intoxicated is a DUI?

    The Left’s absurd campaign to label all opposition “racist” or “Fascists” has overreached and backfired. Trump’s soaring poll numbers and event crowds demonstrate that.

  • Seeing as I used the word “racist” and not “racism” when commenting on your last blog, I think it appropriate to include here, the widely accepted definition of the word racist. According to Oxford: adjective – characterized by or showing prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism against a person or people on the basis of their membership in a particular racial or ethnic group, typically one that is a minority or marginalized. noun – a person who is prejudiced against or antagonistic toward people on the basis of their membership in a particular racial or ethnic group, typically one that is a minority or marginalized. You literally drew a straight line from a low rate of white-men hires among Fortune 500 companies to their suffering from a “lack of skills problem” as a result. If anything, I was remiss in not describing you as a misogynist to go along with racist. Mind you, the Bloomberg article made no mention of a “lack of skills” problem when reporting on Fortune 500 hiring demographics. You arrived at that conclusion all on your own and without any evidence. As they say, “If the shoe fits”. You channeling your best version of Alfred E. Newman in response to this week’s blog is disturbing. And for the record, I know very well the meaning of racist, as well as the meaning of gaslighting. Moving on…. The recent Israeli-Palestinian conflict has demonstrated that antisemitism exists on both sides of the political spectrum. It lies, to some extent, dormant until events occur that embolden antisemites to emerge from their caves to spread their hatred of Jews. I might be inclined to laud this blog for bringing attention to the rise of antisemitism from the left, but first I’ll need a reminder if similar attention was forthcoming when right-wing extremists were front-and-center with open displays of their hatred for Jews during the January 6th Capitol and Charlottesville riots. Otherwise, I have to question this blog’s sincerity when to me, it appears that antisemitism is just convenient fodder for bashing the left. Furthermore, there’s a tendency to conflate opposition to the Israeli government with antisemitism. Just as there is by lumping pro-Palestinian and pro-Hamas sympathies together. But this blog has long played loose with conceptual semantics to stir up its readers; e.g., Black Lives sentiments vs Black Lives organization. There’s no arguing the brutal atrocities committed by Hamas on Oct. 7th. To say that the attacks were without provocation, however, flat out ignores the larger picture. Failing to acknowledge that the IDF is killing three Palestinians (mostly women and children) for every Hamas militant it kills dehumanizes the tragedies being suffered by innocents. Or you can, if you will, view it in terms of spilling a gallon of Palestinian blood in retribution for every cup of Israeli blood spilled. Finally, I had to read this statement multiple times before I could trust that my brain was registering what my eyes were seeing. “They haven’t been taught history, so they don’t know that the Jewish state provided a home for the displaced Muslims whose countries did not want them.” Two weeks ago I chastised you for believing that only 6% of new hires at Fortune 500 companies were white men. This week, I literally have no words for this mind-boggling ignorance of history. Perhaps you meant to refer to the Arab countries that expelled Jews and who were subsequently welcomed by the Israeli government to live in Palestine. And since you mentioned being stung when readers pointed out your factual errors, it was 1200 killed by Hammas, not 1400. Unless of course, you don’t think the difference of 200 human lives is noteworthy.

    • You are a waste of time and energy to decipher your rhetoric MM, Coley, Polecat or whatever you’re calling yourself this week.

    • You know, I think we should just get rid of you folks from this blog. You contribute nothing of value to the comments.

    • Because people like P. Ole Katz would manipulate the poll and we wouldn’t get the true results.

  • Y’all should move to Russia where police carried out raids on gay venues this past Friday, just one day after the country’s top court ruled to ban the “international LGBTQ movement” and labelled it an extremist organization. I am sure Putin would welcome your way of thinking.

  • This is a great blog that I look forward to every Friday. I do not always agree with every comment where the author identifies himself or herself I still look forward to reading them. As to the ones that use fake names or pseudonyms such as Moderate Majority or Miami Muscle I don’t waste my time reading them. If you are not man or woman enough to state your name you have no value in your comments. As a straight conservative white male I do not support the LGBTQ+/Gender Confused Community but that is my choice. I also believe All Lives Matter and feel the BLM Movement is just another form of Domestic Terrorism like the KKK, Proud Boys, and Antifa just to name a few. I personally have no use for most of the current Fernandina City Council or City Attorney, the previous council member that thinks he is journalist. He is as fake as the men who claim they are women but do not have the gonads to really become the woman they play. Anyone offended by my comments so be it as you are not the first I have offended. However, I am proud to be a God Fearing. Bible Believing, Family Loving, Gun Toting, Christian Southern Man that Stands With Israel and Supports Our Military & Law Enforcement Officers local, state, and federal 100%.


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