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The Biden Administration Is Channeling The ’62 NY Mets

The Biden Administration Is Channeling The ’62 NY Mets

There is no blog this week due to the Thanksgiving holiday. However, you can read my recently published national BizPac Review column at

While I’m thinking about it, I’m sure someone could make a fortune selling tickets to watch Joe Biden debate Joe Biden. Whenever he makes a statement the White House staff comes in behind him to contradict it, otherwise known in the West Wing as “Cleanup on Aisle 1.”

Happy Thanksgiving,

Dave Scott

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Duke Lebold - 28. Nov, 2021 - Reply

Miss Ya, Dave

Dean Abrassart - 26. Nov, 2021 - Reply

Love the article, Dave. Happy Thanks Giving.

DAVE WEDOW - 26. Nov, 2021 - Reply

Hello Mr. Scott

I am so HAPPY that Steve Nicklas introduced me to your Blog!!!

Have a wonderful holiday season!!!!!