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Musings, opinions, observations, questions, and random thoughts on island life, Fernandina Beach and more

Fernandina’s Online “Blind Observer” Doxes A Local Resident; Its “Veteran Reporter” Says She Doesn’t Know What Doxing Is

The online Fernandina “Blind” Observer reached an apex of awfulness this week with an article that was so exceedingly tasteless and inappropriate it’s hard to know where to begin. It inexcusably and unjustifiably attacked a local resident for reasons it can’t explain.

The Observer, which traditionally serves as a mindless and harmless word-for-word mouthpiece for the City of Fernandina Beach and City Manager Dale Martin, and prints announcements of local knitting club meetings, has stooped to shaming local citizens that stray from its left-wing orthodoxy.

What little credibility this wretched, laughable hodgepodge of daily blather had left was totally obliterated when journalist wannabe Susan Steger, who calls herself  “editor”, authorized the printing of a disgraceful word jumble February 20 headlined: “Local residents helped fund protesting truckers” ( ).The story identifies or “doxes” a local resident. It identifies him, his residential area, where he was employed, his job title and the amount of money he contributed to protesting Canadian truckers.

Why? What’s the local angle? Did the Canadian truckers pose a threat to Fernandina Beach? Did they threaten Fernandina residents? Are the truckers headed our way? Is the local guy’s money funding armed insurrection? Did Publix run out of Poutine? None of that was addressed in the Observer’s absurd claptrap.

The Observer never reported on the Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioting in the U.S. while they were looting, shooting, shouting profanities, and breaking and burning things in American cities the past two years. Just the opposite. Steger, who is taking hypocrisy to new heights,  triumphantly covered the local Fernandina Beach BLM parade as if that event were a fund raiser for the Sisters of Charity. Did the alleged “journalists” at the Observer make an effort to trace BLM contributions for that Marxist organization back to local Nassau County residents and then “dox” them? No. Why not?

Last summer when local News Leader columnist Steve Nicklas and I accurately reported the late-night flights of illegal aliens to this area from Texas by the U.S. government the Observer was silent and has remained silent. It’s printed nothing even after the national media picked up the story and reported that one of the illegals murdered a Jacksonville father of four. It’s still as quiet about that issue as the vacuum in their heads.

Who are these crack Observer staffers that revealed the alarming breaking news story about contributions to truckers in Canada by a local resident?

Doxing? What’s that?

Anne H. Oman wrote the nasty piece of swill about the local contributor. She preposterously admitted she had never even heard the word “doxed” before. “Reporter” is not a suitable title for this woman, a Washington D.C. transplant who admitted she has no idea what she was writing about as she feebly attempted to respond to the Observer’s numerous angry online comments that attacked her sloppy, inaccurate, and uncalled for attempt to smear a local resident.

What about the locals that contribute to BLM and Antifa Ms. Oman? Or would doxing them require some hard investigative reporting and alienate your left-wing pals? For Oman it’s easier to copy material directly out of the Washington Post, the far-left newspaper that initially reported the names and amounts of those who contributed to the Canadian truckers.

When confronted by outraged Observer commenters Oman’s blubbering defense was: “I looked up the word ‘doxing,’ which was new to me.” WHAT? That word has been all over the Canadian trucker issue for weeks, has been used thousands of times in journalism the past few years, and is in the Associated Press Style Book. It means publicly revealing private information about an individual with malicious intent. She wouldn’t have to know the word’s meaning to realize that is exactly what she did, and what Steger endorsed.

Oman apparently is a graduate of the “Close Cover Before Striking School of Journalism and Screen Door Repair,” Steger’s alma mater. Her frantic attempt to backpedal from the reeking stench of her Observer rubbish confirmed that journalism to her is an alien concept. She has no clue about the issue or what she’s writing about. She’s so incompetent and ignorant she’s dangerous. She was obviously taken aback by the massive volume of criticism justifiably heaped on her, the stumbling Observer, and its bungling amateur editor, Steger.

The Blind Observer’s journalism style guide.

Editor Steger staggered to Oman’s defense, and her efforts were as successful as moving deck chairs from the Titanic to the Lusitania. Following is Steger’s feeble excuse for the slanderous mess as she unsuccessfully attempted to stem Observer readers’ anger:

“From Anne H Oman: ‘I tried very hard to get in touch with the individual named, and we held the story for several days awaiting his reply. I wanted to ask why he contributed. Had he responded and asked me not to include his name, I would have given his comments anonymously. I found it interesting that a former Commerce Department official helped fund people who were disrupting commerce. Out of consideration for his privacy, we did not publish his address.”

The inept editor defended the inept reporter by repeating the inept reporter’s inept excuse. Ineptness over there is not in short supply.

Who are these crack Observer journalists?

Oman’s Observer bio says she has written articles for the Washington Post (that explains a lot), the Washington Star (recipes?) and “Family Circle (more recipes?). Her photo portrays a woman who appears to have been around for a while so  “innocent youthful indiscretion” is not an excuse.

Steger was a banker before proclaiming that she’s a journalist. I have no idea how she performed in the financial industry but if she managed money the way she manages facts she should be serving time. It’s been obvious hereabouts for some time that journalism is not her strong suit. She’s managed to give “fake news” a bad name by plunging the Observer into moral and intellectual bankruptcy.

Just how awful was the Observer’s trucker article?

Last Friday, February 18, the Jacksonville-based Florida-Times Union (above) accurately reported the Post article as a straight news story writing that Fernandina Beach was one of top U.S. areas that contributed money to the Canadian truckers. It also reported that the Post material had been hacked and to its credit did not print names of contributors listed by the Post.

Oman laughingly attempted to justify identifying the Fernandina Beach resident writing: “The name of the local contributor was already published in the Washington Post, which has a much larger circulation than the Fernandina Observer.”

I’m not sure which part of her statement is the most ludicrous – the one comparing the Post’s circulation to the Observer or the local guy’s name being previously revealed. In Oman’s twisted mind the large circulation Post smeared the guy so it’s OK to pile on by seizing an opportunity to have a bit of fun by waging a local campaign of personal destruction against a Fernandina Beach resident.

The Post story listed U.S. communities that contributed to the Canadian truckers by zip code. Fernandina Beach ranked sixth in donations. The Post admitted that its information with donors’ names was hacked, e.g., stolen. The left-wing Post has a long and dubious history of printing purloined material. That’s not a concern for the Observer’s distaff stooges – Oman and Steger.

They wrote THAT?

Oman’s lame excuse for her incompetence and reprehensible claptrap was ignorance as she wrote: “I looked up the word “doxing,” which was new to me” – just like writing a balanced, accurate, unbiased news article, right Ms. Oman? If Fernandina Beach Middle School has a journalism class is there a student over there that can volunteer to tutor this pathetic woman?

Unlike the American BLM and Antifa rioters rampaging across the U.S., the Canadian truckers were a peaceful group. They didn’t spew profanities, attack police, onlookers, store owners and shop keepers, carry weapons, use force, or loot or burn anything. Instead, they waved Canadian flags, sang the Canadian national anthem, and politely and articulately expressed their opposition to the Corona virus vaccine mandates.

The truckers did block the Canadian/U.S. border disrupting manufacturers on both sides of the border. Canadian police peacefully broke that up and the truckers and cops departed after shaking hands. That was before the truckers were rewarded for their decent behavior in Ottawa by authoritarian Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau with martial law, beatings by police, confiscation of their trucks and bank accounts, threats to kill their pets, arrests, and more. That doesn’t bother Oman and Steger in the least. They’ll attack in print anyone who breaks from their radical leftist orthodoxy. They’re just not very good at it.

The Blind Observer’s Steger and Oman looking for facts.

The local Observer duo openly sides with the BLM and Antifa thugs while cheering the Canadian government’s brutal attack on its protesting truckers. If that’s not true why were they silent during the BLM and Antifa riots in the U.S. and so antagonistic toward the peaceful Canadian truckers? My guess is they don’t know because they don’t know much about anything. If journalism malpractice, ignorance and stupidity were contagious these two would be in guarded quarantined lockdown.

The Blind Observer’s pretend journalists exist in a perpetual red zone of antagonism and adulation. They’re like the “cool girls” cafeteria table “oohing” and “aahing” over the high school quarterback, e.g., the Fernandina Beach City Manager, while attacking those they consider not so cool, e.g., conservatives. For example, they print anything they can get their hands on from the city including slobbering profiles of city employees while ignoring the local citizen watchdog group Common Sense’s messages.

Steger lives in a Pollyannaish bubble and both she and Oman exist in a perpetual state of phony outrage. Anything that goes against their preconceived ideological notions is ignored or poo pooed. Like “doxing”,  “embarrassment” is an unfamiliar word to this clueless duo.

It may appear to readers of the Observer’s nonstop crap that the businesses that advertise on its site endorse its garbage. Those firms may want to reconsider how they spend their ad dollars.


CONVOY! The Blind Observer staff will probably be busy attempting to smear/dox more locals as American truckers fed up with the unscientific and unconstitutional government overreach endured the past two years, are headed east and requesting donations to fund their cause. A “Freedom Convoy” driving from California to Washington, D.C. is scheduled to begin rolling March 2.

Money collected will go directly to paying for fuel and food for the truckers in the convoy. With gas prices skyrocketing fuel for the cross-country trip is expected to be $5,000 per rig.

Some of my pals and I will contribute so the Observer sad sacks don’t have to dig deep to dox/smear us. They can stop by Pajama Dave’s Beer & Wine Garden at downtown 12 South 2nd Street any afternoon after 5 pm and if there’s any of us there we’ll happily introduce ourselves.

To contribute go to


Hide The Women & Children – The Canadians Are Coming. In an announcement guaranteed to terrify inept scribblers Susan Steger and Anne Oman at the Fernandina Blind Observer, Canadian visitors to Florida reached 359,000 in the last quarter of 2021, nearly three times as many as in the previous quarter.

The Canadians were among the highest number of Florida visitors to arrive than any other year in recorded state history – nearly 118 million people the newsgathering organization Center Square reports. It reported that Florida’s total hotel revenue also reached its highest level in state history — $17.3 billion, a 2% increase from 2019.

Travelers “flocked to Florida as a refuge from lockdown policies,” said Florida’s no-nonsense Governor Ron DeSantis when he announced the numbers released by VISIT FLORIDA, the state’s tourism agency.

“In Florida, we put freedom first, and as a result people are choosing to vacation in our state from across the country and the world to escape lockdowns, including the politicians who advocated for those reckless policies and who are often spotted vacationing here,” he said. “While tourism in other states is only just beginning to recover, Florida is at the front of the pack – now we are surpassing pre-pandemic levels and setting new visitation records.”

Those of us living in Florida are indeed fortunate that Ron DeSantis is in Tallahassee. Living in states governed by Democrat clowns such as Gavin Newsome (CA), Gretchen Whitmer (MI), Kathy Hochul (NY), Tim Walz (MN), and Phil Murphy (NJ) must be wretchedly miserable. Maybe that’s why we’re seeing so many of those states license plates hereabouts.


Way To Go Joe! Joe Biden’s speech Thursday, February 24, announcing sanctions against Russia for its invasion of Ukraine raised more questions than it answered.

Biden stammered on about trade and monetary penalties the Russians will face but failed to discuss the most obvious issues.

If his administration is attempting to financially strangle Russia then why is the U.S. buying some 500,000 barrels of oil a day from Russia providing Vladimir Putin the cash to fund his military aggression?  Maybe because the loons running the White House eliminated oil and gas exploration in the U.S., cut off our pipelines, and placed unnecessary environmental regulatory restrictions on the U.S. energy industry. Remember, before Biden America was energy independent, exporting oil.

Biden’s sanctions also do nothing more than drive Russia into the arms of China, providing America’s number one enemy with even more cash flow from enemy number two and cementing their relationship. Nice work Joe!

Joe Biden has demonstrated he is the most dangerous person in America. The next three years are going to be terrifying.


Hometown Hero:  I was alerted by his daughter, Mary Jane, that my good friend and local Amelia Island resident Francis Lott (pictured above), has been honored by his hometown of Douglas, GA, and Coffee County for his many endeavors to encourage economic development in Georgia’s Coffee County. The Community Foundation of Coffee County recognized its founding board member and community champion Lott by renaming the Douglas-Coffee County Economic Development Fund in his honor. The newly named Francis Lott Community Economic Development Fund will make grants to projects in Douglas-Coffee County that either support the county’s economic development activities or enhance the quality of life in Coffee County. Folks can read more about Lott’s impact on Coffee County and the state at


Drinking, Dining & Dancing: Tomorrow evening, Saturday, February 26, tuxedo-clad piano man John Springer will take requests along with his drummer sidekick, Rob Taylor, as they perform at American Legion Post 54, at South 3rd Street and Gum, beginning at 5 pm and running until 9 pm. The event is open to the public and a $15 per person special Italian dinner of chicken Parmigiana, fresh green beans with sliced almonds, Caesar salad, garlic bread and Italian cookies is available until 7 pm or until it is sold out.

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  • Dave. You sound more mafia each post. Now even more like a Russian/Trump apologist. It always helps to know what you apparently can’t swallow – in this case good reporting on an important issue involving financial assistance to a sponsored, cross border attack on Canadian interests – with local connection. All here judge motives accordingly. Most of us understand that true conservatives are not thugs – they used to relish details about criminality, civility, and good government. They now are in very short supply.

      • Fred. We do. And this one is an informed, registered “No party affiliation” voter in Nassau County.

        • Bob, please note I said “Conservatives” not Republicans. Party affiliation is not a prerequisite to intelligence and thanks for self identifying as one of the idiots…

          • Oh Bob, or is it Bobby? Gets so confusing with you name needing people. Don’t really care what your name is to be honest. Don’t need you snooping stalkers out there trying to mess with people’s lives. I suppose you have a problem with pseudonyms too? Poor ol’ Twain is probably wounded by you and the rest of the onomatophobia people on here.

          • Enjoy, “Fred”. I fully understand Party affiliation is not a prerequisite to intelligence. Like Edmund Burke. That’s why I am a registered “no party affiliation” voter in Nassau County. And, by the way, I have and use a last name.

        • So, you enjoy sitting out the primaries and just voting for whoever wins the primaries in the general election? Sounds very informed to me. Not.

          • Quoting you, Richard, here: “Who discovered the loophole? Answer: Political parties. Who uses the loophole? Answer: Political parties. My point prevails despite your twisting into a pretzel to prove otherwise”

            My retort: Who LEGALIZED the loophole? The COURTS. And to use your words now as mine: “My point prevails despite your twisting into a pretzel to prove otherwise”

          • Who discovered the loophole? Answer: Political parties. Who uses the loophole? Answer: Political parties. My point prevails despite your twisting into a pretzel to prove otherwise.

          • No Richard, it does not solidify your point. The only fact in you point was that 67% of the voters (actually 64%) approved the amendment. The fact is that the Florida Supreme court ruled that write-in candidates were valid opposition thus creating the loophole. So the “tribal politics on both sides of the fence have fought tooth and nail to block the will of the people” was actually the Florida courts.

          • You do realize Mr. Waller that what you’ve added in “context” to my “cherry-picking the facts” further solidifies my point, don’t you?

          • And a little context to your cherry picking of the “facts” Richard:

            n 1998, Floridians overwhelmingly voted for an amendment that allowed every voter to vote in a primary election when only one party fields candidates and would face no opposition in the general election. It passed with 64 percent support, at a time when a simple majority was still the threshold for approval.

            Upon passage, the political parties sought an opinion on whether write-in candidates constituted valid opposition. The state said yes, and the courts upheld that view.

            A loophole for undermining the will of almost two in three Floridians thereby became available to partisan political operatives. Since that time, Republican and Democratic leaders alike have enlisted bogus write-in candidates so that they could keep their primaries closed to all the voters who are not registered members of their parties.

            The most egregious case involved a candidate who recruited her mother to run against her as a write-in in two consecutive elections.

          • Since 1998, when an amendment to allow open primaries was approved by 67% of Florida voters, tribal politics on both sides of the fence have fought tooth and nail to block the will of the people. The most recent attempt in 2020 to secure open primaries for Floridians received 57% approval but again, a full-on assault by both parties prevented the amendment from achieving the 60% now required for an amendment to become law. I’d hardly call a refusal to participate in tribal (gang) politics “uninformed”.

  • In typical fashion, Dave’s ranting spews unimpeded by real facts or logic from week to week. Recently he complained about the price of gas at the fuel pump only to follow it up this week with suggestions that Biden take steps to further restrict oil imports in order to punish Putin. He uses inaccurate figures, like writing that the the US imports 500K of barrels of oil per day (the US imports 150-200K per day – 3% of total consumption) and follows it up with incoherent jabbering about the White House eliminating exploration and pipeline shuttering. High information voters either already know or will seek to research for themselves reasons for high prices at the pumps. Low information voters will blindly take Dave at his word. The former kind of voters are also aware of the severe impact the Canadian truckers protest was having on US businesses and workers. Hint:. The US depends far more on trade with Canada than it does with Russia.

    • Your distinction of “high” vs “low” information voters seems discriminatory, elitist, and presumes that only you know the truth. Voters know what they know. Seems your distinction is a version of Mrs. Clinton’s “deplorables”. Unfortunate and unhelpful. Facts can be presented without insulting people–bear that in mind.

      • I refer you back to Dave’s blog dated 1/21/2022 where Wil Wielgosz referred to me and others as “low information voters” because we used Trump’s name in the comment section. Since he fired the first salvo I think it is only fair game that I make the distinction going forward. Ergo, your beef should be with Mr. Wielgosz unless, of course, you’d like to make a case for why the information I provide doesn’t rise to a level above “low”.

        • As your information is a mix of fact and opinion, I would say neither category applies.
          State fact as fact (your 150-200K barrels of oil per day is verifiable) and opinion as opinion. Rise above the fray and earn respect.

    • Facts are facts and decimal points can be so troubling at times. Both of you are wrong. From the Department of Energy in November 2021 the US imported an average of 8.5 million barrels of oil per day. The largest sources were Canada (54%), OPEC countries (12%) with Russia being third at 7%.
      The only true financial sanctions that can really cripple the Russian economy would be to shut down Russian financial institution’s access to SWIFT which is the international wire transfer network – but Germany and Italy seem to be opposed to such action which only is effective if all the other countries impose the sections. Still wouldn’t be completely shut down as many companies would resort to cryptocurrency transfers to effect funds transfers.

      • Yes, Dave, facts are facts but I’ll add words matter. Dave wrote “barrels of oil”. It might seem like splitting hairs but your and Dave’s figures pertain to oil AND petroleum products. The link you provided shows the total barrels of crude oil AND petroleum products. Ergo, my statement of 150K – 200K of “barrels of oil” still stands as correct.

    • One can argue oil import figures all day long, as the information sources vary depending on the political side they’re on, but one thing IS true – we were energy-independent under Trump. And when you & I go to fill our tanks, we’re paying much more now … than under Trump. Do these facts make me a high-information voter ?

      • Energy independence doesn’t mean we don’t import sources of energy, it means we export more energy than we consume. Also, the capacity to produce energy is distinctly different from the actual production of energy. The U.S. doesn’t suffer from a capacity to produce, it suffers from a reluctance to produce enough energy to meet the current demand for fear that the demand may suddenly drop with another round of Covid infections. Perhaps you are aware that earlier last year a barrel of oil dropped to less than $0? A repeat of this is what oil producers fear. It’s also important to note that the price of a barrel of oil is set by the world market, not individual countries. Finally, oil prices are more dependent on demand rather than supply. The US has alternated from net positive oil export to net negative oil exports under both Obama and Trump. Neither president had much influence over the price of oil with the possible exception of the law passed by the Obama administration that allowed domestic oil companies to export refined oil, which had the effect of incentivizing domestic oil producers to produce more barrels of oil. NOW, you’re a high-information voter. You’re welcome.

        • Hmm–should “low information” voters be allowed to vote? Should there be some sort of “information” test, sort of like the old “literacy” test? Please advise so we can all be “informed”.

    • Well grounded, anarchists (paid or voluntary), or thugs imposing anarchy by force on Canada, a peaceful neighbor? I think the term “common sense” is used out of context here.

      “…The convoy is spearheaded by truckers, but its message of opposition to life under government control has brought onto the icy streets countless, once-voiceless people declaring that they are done being ignored. That the elites—the people who have Zoomed their way through the pandemic—had better start paying attention to the fentanyl overdoses, the suicides, the crime, the despair. Or else.”…

  • I shudder to think what the next
    few weeks/months will bring to
    our country and the world.
    Mr.Biden is playing the role of
    macho world leader a role he is
    woefully not up to.
    Putin has no fear of sanctions
    as he like most gangsters have
    no fear or respect of law or doing the right thing.
    Germany and Italy are not going
    to be hard nosed on Russia’s
    sanctions due to their large oil
    and natural gas purchases from
    the Kremlin.
    We will suffer even higher fuel
    prices that will bring even more
    inflation to America thus we are
    going to be unwilling partners
    in this scenario.Nuff said!

    • NICE R. TROX, Bad mouth the President, when ALL Americans should be standing behind him in this terrible time of Putin’s nasty communist actions! I wasn’t a George W fan, but I stood by him when he said we must go after Osama Bin Laden. We ALL should be 100% unified behind OUR President and America, along with our allies against that A-Hole Putin! Your words are disgusting and shameful. What kind of American are you??? This it not the time for your petty political whining, save it for domestic matters, what a jerk! P*** FUTIN!

      • Calm down Coley, you’ll bust a blood vessel in that skull that houses such a little brain. You’re about freedom of speech, but only if you identify who you are? LOL Perhaps you should call our Founding Fathers and Mothers chicken hawks? too? Your President is a joke! There is nothing to stand behind. Stand behind him doing what exactly? I’m sure you were 100% behind my President Trump, right? You still can’t let his actions out of that empty space between your ears, even though he’s been out of the office for over a year… lol Hypocrite much? Oh and just so you know, nobody gives a rat’s ass about you and your well being. No need to look over your shoulder while crossing the street. Seems you have some kind of weird obsession with knowing people’s names? Why is that? What does it matter, if you don’t plan to do anything with their name? I’ll bet you were pulling your hair out when Anon was in full swing. LMAO

  • Great article Dave
    so glad i do NOT live in FB, just visit whenever my bride & I can
    Thank my lucky stars the Steve Nicklas turned me on to your blog
    Keep up the EXCELLANT WORK !!!

  • To those mouthing off about oil imports the logical thing is to return America to total energy independence as we were with Trump. Senile Buffoon Joe “#Empty Shelves” Biden destroyed our independence. He is a total idiot in this job and will destroy our nation if he is not removed and replaced with someone who can deal with Putin.

  • Using the online “voter” website that Ms. Oman cites in her doxxing screed, you find that Anne H. Oman is a 81-year old White, Non-Hispanic female, registered as a Democrat (no surprise there) using her Fernandina Beach address, who uses a mailing address in St. Leonard, Md, 20685. I’m not going to provide her FB neighborhood, address or phone number, all of which are available, although she doesn’t seem to extend the same courtesies to Republicans she doxxes.

    Liberals should be careful what they wish for.

    • Some of us are not liberals – rather we like transparency and the knowledge that comes with it.

  • While the overall article on the level of contributions from the FB zip code is legitimate, the doxing of an individual is totally unacceptable. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

  • Three cheers for my good friend, Francis Lott for the recognition he received from Coffee County, Georgia for his role in the Douglas, Georgia and Coffee County community economic development. Our own city commissioners and manager could learn a lot from talking to Francis. But alas, no idea is a good one unless it comes from our politicians. How sad!

  • Dave:

    You’re going to have to tone it down a bit. Your loony local lefties have to get up early to comment on your blog. My bet is they had a restless Thursday night anticipating your Friday AM truth telling. Please try to show some restraint because guys like Robert W and Richard Norman need their sleep. All their understanding and empathy requires a lot of energy.

    I just got on the Observer site and noted the businesses advertising there. I’ll make it a point to not patronize any of them.

  • Dave, occasionally, much to my surprise, I agree with you, but not about the truckers. Two years ago Canada closed their borders to everyone including residents who were not fast enough to make it back by the deadline. Now, with many restrictions lifted, the less then 10% of Canadian truckers who are not vaccinated decide that needing a vaccine to cross into the US is against their personal freedom. If any of us want to travel to any country outside US we have to prove we have had the vaccines demanded by that country, and if we want to return to the US we had better be vaccinated to US standards. So why should it be any different for truckers wanting to enter the US? And a bunch of nutty US truckers want to use expensive fuel to cross the country to complain about restrictions that are slowly being lifted. If they were fussing about the higher cost of fuel I would understand, but why beat a dead horse?

    • The issue in Canada, as well as the US, is not vaccinations, per se. The issue for many people is the mandates.

      Canadian truckers (the majority of them already vaccinated) were protesting the mandate, not the vaccination itself. Some news organizations and commentators choose to spin/misinterpret the anti-mandate argument into an anti-vaccine argument.

      • Rather have a Canadian mandate derived from scientific expertise and credible decision making than knee jerk reactions that try to impose uninformed views on others, by tactics of force and intimidation. I dislike like the idea of private mercenaries operating outside our own national borders as well.

        • Where is the science? Almost everywhere you look, vaccine mandates are being dropped. Sorry, science failed us, and ideology prevailed. Remember junior high science, and the scientific methiod? How does that comport with the garden gnome saying that disagreeing with him is being anti-science? Why does the US have one of the highest death rates compared to 3rd world countries with low vax rates? Perhaps because the pharma-medical-media complex denied clinical evidence of effective theraputics in favor of an experimantal vaccine? Can you point to one example of the medical establishment treating the illness before the patient became so sick they required hospitalization? And you have the fools at Farcebook, Twatter, etc. blocking any reasonable discussion. You do know that FB’s fact checker is funded partially by Pfizer, right?

          I doubt that most people who claim to ‘follow the science’ do anything resembling science – look at opposing views, sort through the data.. Nope, easier to follow the herd. I hope you do more research than this on behalf of your legal clients!

          BTW – I use an alias here for just the reasons that have been demonstrated by the odious Ms. Oman. I do not need to be doxxed and have some loonies storm my house.

          • You use an alias, simply because you are a coward. Most of you and your ilk can’t stand me, hate my opinions, and would probably run me over if you could get away with it, but, I still have the cajones to publish my name. But you need not worry, I would never run you over, because unlike yourself, I would still defend your right to express yourself, regardless how much I can’t stand your opinion. That’s because I am a TRUE American who really believes in our Constitutional rights. Just don’t give us your BS excuse for not publishing your real name. You a are simply a Chicken Hawk, plain and simple.

        • Not to mention that we have people on the US side of the border sending donations to truckers who refuse to work while largely ignoring the estimated $200 million in lost wages to US workers who were idled due to the Canadian protests blocking border trade.

  • According to Dave: “Those of us living in Florida are indeed fortunate that Ron DeSantis is in Tallahassee. Living in states governed by Democrat clowns such as Gavin Newsome (CA), Gretchen Whitmer (MI), Kathy Hochul (NY), Tim Walz (MN), and Phil Murphy (NJ) must be wretchedly miserable. Maybe that’s why we’re seeing so many of those states license plates hereabouts.”

    But Dave, hate to break it to you, and burst your hazy bubble, but…first of all, its WINTER, and Canadians and other northerners, with their out-of-state license plates, come flocking EVERY year., in droves The same holds true at the marina every spring and fall, when the snow-bird migration is in full tilt.

    It wasn’t the Mayor of Amity, I mean Gov. Ronnie, telling people, open the beaches, there is no Great White Shark eating visitors, or pandemic here. It is people who smartly vaccinated and benefitted by many others from doing the same, but I hate to let medical science get in the way of good political spin. Jeez.

    And before I end, instead of yet again blasting current President for taking actions against Putin, let’s never forget the secret, cuddle up between Putin and Trump, where no one else was allowed into their meeting but interpreters, resulting in no punitive actions against Putie. And lets not forget who wanted to dismantle NATO. And yeah, I know, the US pays the lion’s share, but so did we in the rest of the Cold War. Right now, we should be damn glad we have that alliance, or all of Europe might be taking Russian lessons.

    All I can say is: F! PUTIN! and anyone who supports him in any form, shape or fashion! Its TIME TO MAKE DEMOCRACY GREAT AGAIN!!!

    • Oh Coley, if you despise FL so much, why do you stay? Trump didn’t want to dismantle NATO, he wanted them to pay their fair share. Just like the UN should, but doesn’t. I guess you’re cool with that too? What about the “not so secret” cuddle fest between Let’s Go Brandon and the Ukraine President, where he blackmailed them into dropping attention away from his artist son? No wonder he doesn’t give a flying flip about them. It shouldn’t come as any surprise to those that understand and remember more than a couple of years back. Oh and by the way, if you haven’t heard, we are a Republic not a Democracy. Look up good ol’ Ben Franklin and see what he had to say about it…

    • If you knew anything, you would know that the MOST Trump could have done is withdraw the US, but hey – don’t let facts stand in your way! And remember, almost every single NATO member was not paying their required 2% GDP; only his threat to withdraw the US (and our funding!) made them even begin to ante up. What’s the benefit to the US of our membership in NATO? What NATO members are doing more than a token gesture toward Ukraine, who is not even a member of NATO?

      As far as alleged ‘cuddle’ with Putin, who was it who bombed a Syrian airbase that had a Russian presence? Is that cuddling? How about the sanctions agains the Nordstream-2 pipeline that the Diaper-In-Chief removed, giving Putin access to natural gas sales to Europe? How about when Obummer’s famous quote “Tell Vladimir that I’ll have more flexibility after the election”?

      Yes, Puck Futin, and the brainless puppet here in the US – Putin invades, Diaper Boy goes to Delaware AGAIN! And not a word frum the uranilists in the lamestream media – the same ones who were critical of every Trump golf outing.

  • Great job Dave. Fun to watch the dumbocrats scurry into the cracks when they get called on their Bovine Scatology. Keep up the good work.


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