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Musings, opinions, observations, questions, and random thoughts on island life, Fernandina Beach and more

Democrats Get Rioting & Protesting Confused; City Has Taxpayers Drowning In Marina Debt

If the “protests” that broke out across the country are peaceful cries for justice, then I wouldn’t want to be within 10,000 miles of an actual riot.

Democrats and media “observers” of the chaotic looting, arson, destruction, vandalism, and death insist these gentle folks were peacefully expressing their displeasure at systemic racial injustice. It appears that while the passive protesters were displaying their vexation they also paused to do some early Christmas shopping, sweeping many stores clean of their inventory then cheerfully setting yule logs on fire and tossing them inside.

Conservative Twitterer Robby Starbuck had one of the best responses to the curious take the media has on what constitutes a riot. “Those ‘protests’ must have magically caused spontaneous combustion that lit buildings on fire, threw flatscreen TV’s into the hands of innocent ‘protestors’ and caused hands to slam hammers into cash registers. What a wild series of events!” he tweeted.

The media can call it what they want. But Americans turning on their televisions, reading newspapers, or on the scene, see burning buildings, people running out of stores with arms full of stolen merchandise and thugs throwing bottles and rocks, might logically conclude that what they’re watching, which is conspicuously being called anything but a “riot,” is, in fact, a riot. It appears that well-organized Antifa and Black Lives Matter groups coordinated much of the rioting and looting. These vicious groups apparently ordered vans with obscured license plates that arrived in many cities transporting palettes of bricks, bottles and clubs that were left in convenient locations to be thrown through windows and were used on cops or any store owner or employee that resisted. According to authorities looters mingled among the “protestors” during the day to case targets and return at night to loot and burn them. The vans were then used to transport the stolen goods. While President Trump wisely declared Antifa a domestic terrorist organization the confused and clueless Democrat governor of Minnesota, Tim Walz, blamed white supremacists and drug cartels without offering any evidence.

I’m sure Martin Luther King, Jr. would have been proud as the rioters practiced diversity by looting and torching disparate businesses such as AT&T, Starbucks, and Macys in many different cities. AT&T, Starbucks, etc. have the resources to rebuild. But what about the locally owned neighborhood bars, pizza parlors or clothing stores around the corner. Their life’s work is gone. The virus pandemic had already economically crippled these hard-working folks while their friendly local and organized out-of-town looters performed the coup de grâce. I also watched as a number of children wandered around among the chaos. Who the hell takes their kids to a riot? “Hey, junior grab those shoes, I think they’re your size!” Maybe Nike can use their corporate spokesperson, Colin Kaepernick, to endorse a new commemorative looter’s shoe.

In Minneapolis rioters set fire to an apartment complex then tried to prevent fire fighters from putting it out and rescuing a child in the burning building. Fortunately, the firemen succeeded in getting the terrified family out before they were burned to death. In New York City two New York lawyers were arrested for making and handing out Molotov cocktails and throwing one inside a police van. Democrat mayors of these failed cities – who last week were telling residents to stay inside under penalty of law due to the virus — are now telling these residents it’s alright to hit the streets and protest as long as they agree with what they’re protesting.

The flummoxed mayor of Minneapolis, Jacob Frey, confirmed the fact that he’s a total failure and an idiot by surrendering a police precinct to the mob that vandalized it and then burned it to the ground. Some cops had to be rescued from the roof by helicopter. If the cops are told not to protect their own facilities, why would anyone expect them to protect the homes and businesses of the people who pay their salaries?

Four cops in St. Louis were shot and hospitalized and another killed, one was killed in Las Vegas, others were shot and pelted with bricks, bottles and incendiaries in Washington D.C., Milwaukee, New York, and many other cities. Over the weekend 10 black people were killed in Chicago. David Dorn, a 77-year-old black retired St. Louis police captain was shot and killed while trying to prevent a pawn shop from being looted. Dave Underwood, a black Department of Homeland Security officer was gunned down and killed outside a federal courthouse in Oakland, CA, and another officer beside him shot. But their deaths were ignored because they were murdered and shot by other blacks and not by Officer Derek Chauvin, who had an alibi because he was busy in Minneapolis murdering George Floyd. The U.S. looks like a third world banana republic thanks to these marauding thugs, biased media, and their Democrat Party allies.

Even before this chaos police departments around the country were having difficulty recruiting. After this, who in their right mind would want to be a cop? Members of the Democrat party, pandering to the criminal element, are telling police to back-off and promoting insane slogans such as “Defund the Police.” In Portland, Oregon, Los Angeles, and other cities far left groups — including some elected officials — are calling for disbanding their police departments that would leave their communities in perpetual chaos and terror, looking like a scene from a Mad Max film.

The dim, dough-boy look-a-like Minnesota Governor Walz, tried to one-up the moronic Minneapolis mayor by pandering to rioters saying: “I don’t know what it is like to live the black experience.”  So what?

The thugs who torched Minneapolis and other cities don’t know what it is to live a civilized life, what it’s like to attend school in pursuit of a profession. They don’t know what it’s like to get a job, work hard, start, and run a business, get married and support a decent, law-abiding family. The family of George Floyd, the man killed by the rogue cop, publicly pleaded for calm with his brother telling a crowd to stop its carnage saying: “We don’t want this. You are not honoring George.” The thugs didn’t listen. They killed, burned, beat, and looted.

The heinous actions of a Minneapolis police officer that led to the death of George Floyd and sparked the rioting were widely condemned by everybody with a brain. I haven’t seen a single report saying this guy’s brutality was justified. This jerk had 16 previous cases of abusing citizens both black and white. He was an equal opportunity thug no better than the rioters. He should have been kicked off the police force or jailed years ago. The videotape is hard to watch and his arrest more than justified. Nobody’s disputing that. What’s also hard to watch is the out-of-control destruction, bodily harm, and economic damage being done by gangs of roving thugs. The patronizing, hypocritical, pandering nonsense coming out of the mouths of the Democrat politicians and the media is even harder to listen to.

As riots broke out in American cities nearby Jacksonville wasn’t spared. Last Saturday night a Jacksonville police officer was stabbed in the throat by one of these gentle social justice “protestors” and a number of police cars and downtown buildings were damaged. Some of these thugs were arrested. We’ll see if they’ll get a well-deserved lengthy jail sentence.

I watched TV clips of looters hauling huge flat screen TVs out of stores, carrying bundles of clothing, and boxes of shoes, running down the street like happy contestants on “The Price is Right.” Meanwhile with civil unrest, looting and arson taking place nation-wide tone-deaf politicians like Democrat New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy were closing churches and changing the locks on private gyms without warrants. Columnist and commentator Mark Steyn called them Coronagruppenfuhrers.

While New York City’s stores were being stormed and looted by organized gangs of Antifa and Black Lives Matter gangsters the idiot Democrat Mayor Bill de Blasio was telling the police to take a “light touch” while media darling Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo was blaming the mayhem on police inaction. Huh? Remember de Blasio breaking up a Jewish funeral a couple of weeks ago because they weren’t social distancing? I guess looters are immune to Covid-19. That city’s police superintendent admitted on TV earlier this week that those arrested will be back on the streets looting in two to three hours due to the city’s no bail law. Looting in New York City is like speeding through the 12-items-or-less supermarket line except in NYC its labeled the “free stuff lane.” Sadly, the NYPD is caught between these two incompetent fools and the city’s residents and businesses are suffering greatly. Folks watching the apocalyptic film “Escape From New York” must think it’s a documentary.

Taking a break from their looting, thugs and gangs vandalized historic churches in Washington D.C. and national monuments including the Lincoln and World War II memorials while flashing obscene gestures for the TV cameras. The next time visitors see the vile obscenities scrawled on those historic buildings they’ll probably think “WOW!  That’s inspirational. It makes me want to speak up for social justice.”

Keisha Lance Bottoms, the black Democrat mayor of Atlanta, was one of the few politicians to show any backbone telling the rioting mob in her city: “If you care about this city, then go home. What I see happening in the streets of Atlanta is not Atlanta. This is not a protest. This is not in the spirit of Martin Luther King Jr. This is chaos. A protest has purpose,” Bottoms said. “You are disgracing our city. You are disgracing the life of George Floyd and every other person who has been killed in this country,” Bottoms said. “We are better than this. We are better than this as a city. We are better than this as a country. Go home.”

Closer to home Fernandina Beach Police Chief James Hurley issued a statement saying: “I want to assure our community that we do not tolerate the brutal behavior demonstrated in Minneapolis which led to the death of George Floyd.” He went on to say he rarely makes public comments about incendiary incidents taking place elsewhere. I would have felt more comfortable if Chief Hurley had said he also wouldn’t tolerate looting, arson, vandalism, or law-breaking of any kind in Fernandina Beach.

The left, with their unbridled stupidity and irrational hatred for Donald Trump naturally blame him for the George Floyd killing, the protests, riots, virus pandemic, intermittent cell phone reception, and high humidity. Joe Biden emerged mumbling and bleary-eyed from his basement bunker to point the finger of blame for the rioting at President Trump, who is calling for law and order and threatening to call out the U.S. Army if the blue state governors don’t act to protect their citizens. Using a much-needed teleprompter Biden never once mentioned protecting citizens and restoring law and order, a missed opportunity for a guy who desperately wants to look presidential. After uttering his usual banal inanities, he was ushered back into his cellar. Next I expect to see House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stand on the Capital steps to condemn Trump’s St. John’s Church visit, then tear up her copy of the Bible.

If the U.S. military practiced the same stupid tactics of “let’s sit back and let the riots play out because any pushback will only incite more violence” we’d all be speaking German and Japanese today.

It’s disgusting and frightening to observe police and elected officials “taking a knee” or kneeling in subservience before the people that are destroying their cities and businesses. Tell me how humiliating themselves at the feet of rioters is doing anything but showing approval for looting and violence? When we see the National Guard and Army kneeling we’ll know it’s all over and a white flag of surrender has been hoisted above the U.S. Capital.

CNN must have been incredibly surprised to see the large number of people in front of its signature building in downtown Atlanta. Despite the fact the mob vandalized their facility, those inside were probably more stunned at the number of people involved as they haven’t had an audience that large in years.

I completely understand now why the Democrats want to give convicted felons the right to vote. Following this series of riots, murders, vandalism and arson, the majority of their base will be in prison, except for those in New York City’s Rikers Island, who can come and go as they please under that city’s bungling Democrat leadership.

Despite what the race baiters, liberal politicians and media are saying, recent studies not only find that there is no “systemic” abuse of black suspects by the cops, but if anything, cops are more hesitant, more reluctant, to use deadly force against a black suspect than against a white suspect. “Remember Baltimore, when in 2015, a black man named Freddie Gray died in police custody?” Black columnist Larry Elder asks. “How could anyone, with a straight face, argue that resident blacks suffer from “institutional” racism?” The mayor was a black female; the top two officials in the police department were black; the city council was majority black; the state attorney who brought the charges against six officers was black; three of the six charged officers were black; the judge before whom two officers tried their cases was black; the U.S. attorney general was black, as was the president of the United States. Institutional racism? Good grief!

There are a lot of similarities between this rioting and the riots of 1968. Today we have a combination of stress from the pandemic economic shutdown and anger over the George Floyd killing. I was still in the newspaper business when riots broke out in 1968 following the assassinations of Dr. Martin Luther King and Senator Robert Kennedy so had a front row seat. Those riots came on top of the anti-Vietnam War protests, escalated after the assassinations, and were followed by the chaotic Chicago riots during the Democrat Convention that nominated Lyndon Johnson’s vice president, Hubert Humphrey, as its presidential candidate.

Former Minnesota U.S. Senator Humphrey lost the popular and Electoral College vote to incumbent President Richard Nixon who ran on a law and order platform. The American people were fed up with the rioters, their Democrat sympathizers, and media supporters. I suspect we’ll see a repeat of that this November, except in greater numbers. Otherwise we’re in big trouble.


Things I Wish I’d Said: “I’m going to ask my Mom if that offer to slap me into next year is still on the table.” – anonymous.


Minor League Mussolini’s: The elected City Commission bobbleheads and clueless City Manager that govern Fernandina Beach haven’t said a thing that I’ve heard about law and order. They’re too busy trying to figure out how to financially screw their constituents and buy all the needless goodies they want and say we need by raising our taxes. They ignore or try to hide huge financial blunders such as the FEMA-Marina fiasco and a budget the Pentagon would envy. When questioned about their rampant spending and sloppy bookkeeping they act like toddlers who stick fingers in their ears and repeatedly shout ‘nah, nah, nah’ to avoid hearing the facts.

Tweedledee Ross and Tweedledee Martin

Take a look at the downtown Marina-FEMA fiasco. While City Manager Dale Martin and his lacky, Commissioner Chip Ross, have repeatedly been telling us that the “FEMA check is in the mail” it turns out that FEMA has denied all but $1.8M of the City’s repair claim leaving Fernandina Beach taxpayers on the hook for $12 million, give or take a couple of million. Please explain this TweedledeeRoss and TweedledeeMartin?  And that’s just the marina. The continuing purchase of worthless private property, a massive new fire station, golf course gizmos, an unnecessary new Simmons Street park, new city hires, and more goodies aren’t even factored into this massive debt.

Members of the watchdog Common Sense group and other city observers who are involved with such things and work well with numbers explain this unhealthy fiscal situation saying the city will probably appeal FEMA’s decision and doing so will be a lengthy, complex, and expensive procedure, probably left in the hands of the new City Commission this November and designed for failure. Here’s how it’ll proceed they say:

  • The appeal with supporting documents must be submitted by July 27.
  • The appeal will likely be denied according to knowledgeable sources
  • The City can then either appeal to FEMA HQ or request arbitration.
  • If the City wins, FEMA pays for cost of making the appeal
  • If the City loses, the City pays e.g. taxpayers

According to a source intimately familiar with the marina issue the odds favor FEMA because their main contention is that the original docks should have been repaired, not replaced. Further, the new docks are larger and more elaborate than the ones damaged – FEMA will not pay to replace a mobile home with a McMansion.

So, says my source, it is likely the City will be left owing about $12 million in debt, which is $1,000 for each man, woman, and child residing in Fernandina Beach. He says if the City Commission issues a special assessment of $1,000 per person ($4,000 for a family of 4), that would clear it up in one step. The marina would be debt-free and all attention could turn to the golf course and maybe do the same thing there. Then on to the waterfront park for more endless and expensive dithering. How much more can city taxpayers bear particularly following the economically crippling virus shutdown and the FEMA-marina bungling?

Are the Marina Advisory Board  and City Commissioners livid that the city manager has put the city in this position? Shouldn’t it be?  If FEMA thinks the marina should have been repaired, they obviously have reasons for justifying it. Does the city have any information or correspondence from FEMA explaining their reasoning? Let’s see it.

The blame game has already started with TweedleleeRoss’s statement that the downtown businesses urged the replacement. Here’s what he said:

“Recently the City has dredged, repaired and upgraded the Marina with a projected completion date for the end of July 2020.  In the process, it has acquired a $15 million debt. The Marina was reconstructed partially at the urging of the local downtown business community to provide “foot traffic” for downtown merchants.”

From the looks of it City Manager TweedledeeMartin mismanaged city assets, accumulating obscene debt for the city, and possibly withheld critical information regarding the opportunity to repair the marina rather than replace and upgrade it. Commissioner Ross provides cover.

By now other City Commissioners should have a very sinking feeling about the marina and are probably looking to assign blame. The buck stops with Martin. Are lame duck Commissioners Johnny Miller and Phil Chapman covering for Martin too? If so why? We know Ross is. The community should be outraged as it is our money these bunglers are wasting. Residents should flood the commissioners with their opinion. Why wait until they get an astronomical tax bill?

To join the Common Sense group or voice an opinion contact them or join by calling Frank Quigley at (312) 259-1741 or Jack Knocke (470) 295-4365. Or contact by: Email: ​ FaceBook: ​ Web:​http:/// 


Public Service Announcement: “Local bars need your help. They can only open their doors to one-half of their capacity! So those of you who can’t drink for two are kindly asked to leave the premises and give up your stools to professionals.”


Drinking, Dining & Dancing: Today is “Belly up to the bar day!” as area bars are finally allowed to open their doors to their thirsty patrons. This includes Downtown’s Green Turtle, Local’s at Sadler & South 14th St., Fletcher Avenue’s Hammerhead, the Palace Saloon, and bars in restaurants. Popular PJD’s Beer & Wine Garden opened this morning at 10 a.m. after being closed due to the virus pandemic for almost three months. While his 12 South 2nd Street joint was closed Pajamadave took advantage of the time off to paint, polish and further spruce up the comfy local watering hole while his fiancé Zan Maddox investigated a variety of new beers that she plans to feature. I’ll see you there at the back table. Inside is restricted to 50 percent capacity while outside requires social distancing. However, if you decide to riot you can probably stand anywhere you want.

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  • Good stuff Dave.
    I’d like to see Commissioners and Candidates come out in favor of reducing taxes during these awful times. Why would anyone want to exacerbate a financial meltdown, unless they are already so wealthy that they can’t relate to, or don’t care about the budgets of the poor and less-well-off?
    I think THAT person gets my vote.

  • Hi Dave. Sure was hoping you’d take the opportunity to use your platform in a positive way, instead of spreading anger, fear mongering, and encouraging more division in our country. You think this is about George Floyd, when for people of your age Emmett Till is still as fresh as it ever was. I’m not sure why you’re so hateful, but I truly wish you could find peace, and become a part of the solution. You’re better than that.
    As far as local issues-I find it interesting that it’s always people like you, haven’t lived here very long, that think things are so awful. You don’t have ties, or a lot of family here, so if it’s so bad, why not pack up and find somewhere else? I will start a gofundme, and help raise money for the cause. I’ll do it for the kids. Cause I’m telling you, word around town from the locals is you’ve worn out your welcome, bigly.
    Thank goodness PJD’s is open so you can go creep out on young women, and pretend to be some sort of local celebrity, in a place of comfort. Tada!

  • Hey Dave. Excellent! Have not worn out your welcome according to everyone I talk to. More people need to speak the truth about what’s going on instead of ducking the issues for fear of being called “racist”. Ask a clueless Democrat to explain why these riots….ah….excuse me….protests are helping anyone’s cause and they just stare at their sensible shoes like a child with no answer for their actions. Keep up the good work.

  • Not sure what Mike has been
    watching for the past 10 days’ on TV. I saw much the same as you Dave.Peaceful
    protesters infiltrated by young thugs who looted and
    burned stores of all types.
    They even firebombed a police precinct building that
    was abandoned on orders from the cowardly mayor of
    Minneapolis. Here in Atlanta
    the same type hoodlums did
    several millions of dollars of
    damage to scores of small
    mom and pop stores plus large mega banks.After being
    shut down for several months
    due to the pandemic most of
    the small shops will not reopen. My son is director of
    construction for a large Atlanta area firm that was hired to board up the windows for a large national
    retailer in an upscale part of
    Atlanta. Their cost to do this job was $27,000.00. The store spent another $60,000.00 to replace the
    broken windows.Mike, you
    can spin this outrage anyway
    you wish but bottom line our
    country is in real trouble.
    Luckily you are in the minority thank god.

  • As usual it appears the “Media” is only reporting the salacious aspects of Floyd’s death at the hands of an overzealous/angry police officer. An Officer who should have been removed from the force a long time ago with respect to a dozen other complaints from both White and Black citizens. What follows is clearly a “racists” view of Who Floyd was. These “Riots” are the symptom of the systematic breakdown of our society. I had hoped it would never have come to this…

  • This column is easily the number one worst column that you have ever written. It sounds like a Fox News regurgitation. A white policeman killed a black man – is that political? All colors of people are protesting for changes in social justice – is that political? Is the rioting all Democrat related? The good news is that the bars are opening and you can get back to drinking your beer again instead of the Trumpican Kool Aid that you’ve been drinking and showering with for the past few months.

  • Dave
    Do you know any other word but Democrat ? Dave
    do you know any way to describe a man other than with a ridiculous childlike name? I’m sure most people who read this would think you want all Republicans in office. That would be a wonderful one-party system. Most one-party systems have an authoritarian leader. Those are the type of leaders who use military might on their own citizens. Those are the type of leaders the prosecute any political opponent for the sole reason of staying in power. Those are the type of leaders who squash the Free press. These leaders also discredit government agencies who find fault with their policies,they also discredit election results and use various tactics to suppress voters.
    Boy, we sure are lucky not to have a leader like that.
    It’s absolutely amazing how the many thousands of people who are exercising their first amendment rights are all card-carrying Democrats Can you imagine if they carry their enthusiasm to the polls, actually I think you can. It is becoming evident President Trump does. It is astounding how all these card-carrying Democrats are bad people who are destroying cities. I am sure I have my head in the sand because I watched every news station, yes even those that are fair and balanced, and have yet to hear anyone condone the destruction. Not one has labled these protesters Republican or Democrat.
    They all want the looters and arsonist arrested and brought to Justice.
    The death of George Floyd is a stain on this country. The four officers involved are a stain, not only on the nation, but on the police force in general. 99% of all our police forces throughout the nation are good hard-working dedicated men and women. It is sad when a few bad cops leave such a stain on an otherwise outstanding group of people. It is also sad when a group of lawless self-serving individuals leave the stain on otherwise thousands and thousands of Americans who are exercising their right to protest.
    Should they be out during a pandemic? I don’t know the answer to that but, it seems that those protesters who are white, black, Brown, Asian, young and old felt the need to express the fact that these type of killings justify the risk.
    One of the best ways to divide the country is to repeatedly blame one party or the other. Another great way, is to squash the Free press and call opponents childlike names. Leader unite people, not instill fear and anger. That only divides people.
    I’m sure you know the old saying, before you can fix a problem you must recognize the problem.
    We have a huge problem at this point.
    The problem isn’t The killing of an innocent man in front of the whole world. The problem goes much deeper than that. I know you know that. The question remains what do we do to fix the problem. Personally more division isn’t the answer. More hatred isn’t the answer. More name calling isn’t the answer, and more Twitter isn’t the answer. I hope President Trump comes to grip with these basic facts of leadership. We need a leader now and I hope he stands up to yhe task.

    • Tony, I rarely reply to a comment here. In your case I’ll make an exception. Over the years you and I have disagreed ideologically on most things. However, you have always proven respectful and dignified in your rebuttals. Your well written comment here is an example. Unlike many who voiced an opinion here today, you clearly identify yourself and state your opinions backed up with sources and examples. Brevity is not your strong suit and based on this week’s commentary it isn’t mine either. I may not agree with you Tony, but your comments are always welcome here.

  • Albuquerque-Atlanta-Boston-Columbus-Chicago-Davenport-Denver-Detroit-Los Angeles-Louisville-Madison-Memphis-Minneapolis-Nashville-NYC-Oakland-Phoenix-Philadelphia-Portland-San Francisco-Santa Monica-St Louis-Seattle-Washington, D.C.

    Can someone out there explain to us why all the above cities that experienced such extreme public and private property destruction are all governed by Democrats? Bizarre coincidence, or something more systemic? Their citizens don’t have good relationships with the police and police report to the mayors.

  • No. George Floyd’s death was not political, though much of the death and destruction that followed it has been. His death was a bad act committed by a bad police officer who will be headed to prison for his crime. The insurrection that followed is based on and excused by the horrific lie that this kind of behavior is typical. That American cops are little more than murderous ku-kluxers in blue. It just aint so. Study after study has shown that black criminals and suspects are no more likely to be the victim of unjustified killings by police than whites. Sure, there is brutality on our streets. But 99 plus percent of it is perpetuated by criminals, not cops. But in America when the subject is race, truth and rationality have about as much chance as a snowball on a Tallahassee sidewalk in August. I pray there will still be some America left by Independence Day.

  • Correlation does not equal causation. Only 13 of the top 50th largest cities are run by Republicans. Yet in every single one of those 13 [Republican run] cities there were protests and riots. But hey, I’m sure there are plenty of people who’ll buy into the [il]logical partisan theories with faulty statistical reasoning to support their divisive narrative.

  • And the Dow is up 900! With everything the country has been through recently there are lots of folks around the world who are bullish on the future of America. I’m one of them. Stay long the US.

  • Dave, Those are kind words and I thank you. You will however buy the first round. Hope this finds you and yours safe. We had a bite today at Amelia Tavern and it was great. The staff all had on masks and cleaned everything in sight. Stay well and safe and wear a mask. Thanks again

  • I have witnessed in horror the destruction of the city I live in, once a gem in the NW of USA; now a city invaded by homeless, drug users and mentally deranged people that are demanding the ‘right to dream’ be handed to them. They are housed in apartments in prime real estate area: downtown, given cell phones and even being sent to drug clinics once a week for their Methadone dose. They shout “culture cancelling”, “I am ashamed to be called American” and all kind of slogans and I stop and wonder ‘what happened?’ Buddha said that in order to respect oneself, he/she needs to respect his/her roots. I am a naturalized American that escaped socialism/communism where we were persecuted. I loved USA, the Constitution and I was so mesmerized about ‘the check and balances’ that was crafted by the forefathers because no matter how much corruption there was or will be, the system based on the check and balances brought it to light. There is no nation in the entire WORLD that has it. I was always grateful for the opportunity. I worked hard, went to University while working 3 jobs without a day off. When I enrolled in University, the most hated students were not the African Americans but the Asians. I found it odd that someone that could hardly articulate a full sentence in English gathered the envy of the ones that were so fluent and in their element being born in such a great country. I took Chemistry and I aced every test acquiring all the bonus points (due to my math skills, I could hardly articulate a full sentence in English) and I was asked to see the instructor in his office. To my disbelief, I was informed that my classmates were very unhappy with me because I ‘threw off the curve” (I didn’t have a clue what that meant) and the professor nicely informed me that he needed to take my grade off from the calculation of the ‘average grade’ because otherwise half of the class would flunk the class. He assured me that my grade will not suffer. I did not mind but wonder why the others didn’t put more effort into studying and took the complaining route. I was raised in a system where my voice did not matter and I had to keep my mouth shut and pray that I would not talk in sleep and even though I was an outcast in my Chemistry class due to my performance, I appreciated the open communication and caring that the professor showed for the other students. Upon my arrival in the USA, I vouched myself that I would never join a party and always be guided by my conscience and not platforms. While I did not agree with some issues during President Clinton, President George W Bush and President Obama I always called them ‘President” and respecting them as a person and the office they represented. While I don’t like the current President’s personality, some of his ideas and his manner of speech, I did not use hateful and disrespectful words towards him since he was elected and after all was the President of the United States of America. I watched with great sadness and shock when rep Rashida Tlaid was selling “impeach the MF” t shirts and many Americans thought that was ok and even cheering and applauding her for it. I could not digest what I saw…How come an immigrant that was welcomed in the United States and who left her country for a better life comes and ridicules the President of the grateful land that embrace her, in such a manner. “If you don’t like it why did you come? Are you nostalgic of the system of your country? Go back! You should not change it to the country of your origin! Have some decency!” I keep telling a lot of immigrants and no one can call me racist because I am an immigrant that came here without anything (actually loans for my ticket) and I talk from experience and not ignorance or ‘imagination’. It’s no different than a guest going over your house and starts changing the furniture and interior of your place, because ‘you are not in trend’ and while they are being your guests they need that in order to feel good and welcomed. Ah, of course you = the host should pick the tab … Would anyone put up with such a guest? I saw some comments ‘a white cop killing a black man’…but there are so many white men, Hispanics, etc. that were killed by white men/cops. I condemn the treatment of George Floyd and reform needs to happen to the police force and on multiple grounds…Do you know that even right now the Asian children in NY are discriminated against the African Americans because they study hard and are able to enter good schools based on their test results. Because of the ‘race card’ the city officials wants a certain percentage of African Americans because otherwise there is no equality. One Asian parent said that she feels like her child is penalized for studying hard…and she is right. Is this equality? (by the way, I am Caucasian). There are so many African Americans that did something with their lives and reach wealth and fame that maybe you and I will never reach…Maya Angelou, Oprah, Dr. Ben Carson, Beyonce, and many more. Have you heard any of them gettin out there right now and telling how grateful they are for the opportunity given in the USA where they were able to reach fame and wealth? (Ah, Beyonce is getting out her album “Black is King!” which I think the title shows arrogance, defiance and racism) If their ancestors would have not come here but be left in Africa where would they be? Does any country in Africa would have given them such opportunity? They keep posing themselves as victims, and demanding compensation for the history that happened? But what would the present be if that history did not take place? There is no GRATITUDE but only complain, looting, destruction and chaos. Any African American living here had more opportunity than any immigrant that came to this country in the last decades…they spoke the language, they did not have to learn a new culture…the opportunity was for everyone to grab: Financial Aid, housing, Affirmative Action, etc. Even more grants were reserved for them…but what everyone wants in the end is benefits without efforts, entitlement. Even for the influential African Americans (entertainers, athletes, etc.) there are not many that put their wealth to promote their communities by giving back and mentoring…History serves us by helping us draw valuable lessons: white were slaves, African Americans were slaves, Asians were slaves (and some still are and in more sinister conditions that anyone has ever been…Uighurs!!!) … societies will strive to do better at promoting understanding, tolerance and unity but none will happen as long as the victim mentality is constantly played. We should all celebrate health as a privilege to work, serve and leave the World a better place regardless of the color of the skin. There is not country in Europe, Africa, Asia or Americas that will be so welcoming of immigrants like USA, no country in the World that help other countries through aid as much as the USA, no country with so many graceful people like the USA, no country that will give everyone who works hard opportunities like USA … and I am proud and grateful to be a naturalized American. I love my adopted Mother, USA! What we need are not LABELS, but a civil society coming together treating each other with respect, tolerance and understanding respecting our ancestors (they had flaws but so do we) because without them we would not be here!


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