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Musings, opinions, observations, questions, and random thoughts on island life, Fernandina Beach and more

Democrat Party’s Pantry Contains Only Vile Verbal Abuse; Florida’s 2021 Hospitalization Statistics No Worse Than 2018

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was smeared as being “missing in action” by leftists while he was accompanying his wife Casey DeSantis during her cancer treatment. The couple made the diagnosis public back in October.

Moronic and hypocritical Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (D-NY), vacationing mask-less in Miami, was one of the mindless ghouls chiming in.

At a recent press conference DeSantis responded saying: “Sometimes you are fortunate to have the adversaries you have…”

The Democrat’s callous cold-hearted attacks prompted the Daily Wire to rejoin proclaiming: ”Every time they try and smear him he just comes off looking better and better. These critics are bringing attention to DeSantis and his beautiful family…I hope they keep it up!”

And they are. Democrat Nikki Fried, a Florida gubernatorial candidate tried her hand at slandering Gov. DeSantis with a brand of high school locker room humor that contained all the wittiness of a Kathy Griffin joke.

“Ron DeSantis is doing everything he can to become a dictator. He’s already half of that word there,” Ms. Fried tweeted, expecting people to laugh. In case folks didn’t get it, she added a follow-up photo of DeSantis standing in front of a photoshopped photo of a pile of ‘taters.

She was justifiably chastised on social media and her insipid tasteless Tweet was mocked nationally. Her parents must be proud.

The Democrats are lashing out in desperation. It’s all they have. The Democrat Party is in total disarray. Joe Biden’s popularity is shrinking faster than the fleeing office staff of his incompetent and unlikable Vice President Kamala Harris.

In an attempt to ensure that every misfit toy on the island has a seat, Biden’s cabinet resembles the lineup from a 1950s midway fair freak show minus any talent. They’re the 1962 Mets, frantically striking at every pitch, watching ground balls bounce between their legs, and colliding with each other in the outfield.

There is literally nothing for the Democrats to look forward to but pain and disappointment. Polls are predicting Republican victories in the 2022 midterms which will be the leadup to Biden’s 2024 election Waterloo. And it will only get worse for Democrats in a GOP controlled Congress as they close in on 2024. By politicizing the impeachment process the Democrats opened the door for the Republicans to retaliate making the inept Biden a sitting impeachment duck.

In 2024 the Republicans can boast formidable presidential possibilities that include former President Donald Trump, former Secretary of State and CIA Director Mike Pompeo, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, Governor Ron DeSantis, Former South Carolina Governor and UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, South Carolina Senator Tim Scott, and former Vice President Mike Pence, to name a few.

The Democrat lineup is made up of a snarling cadre of interdependent, anti-American sociopaths and contrarians, each seeing how far they can push the envelope of human depravity.

Opening the border to every illiterate Covid-infected ragamuffin, drug dealer, human trafficker, and sex offender from Kinshasa to the Baja Peninsula to be suckled at the U.S. taxpayer teat isn’t enough for this crowd. The psychedelic idiots on the Democrat far-left are unanimously pissed off because Biden hasn’t adequately pushed climate change, the Green New Deal, and the economically disastrous stalled Build Back Better agenda. So, they’re threatening to primary him in 2024.

Apparently only Democrat presidential candidates that are psychotic in the causes they embrace make the list to oppose him. The party’s pantry is empty. They have no new agenda. They continue to call for more socialism, wide-open borders, gender-free public restrooms, prepubescent transgender rights, dividing people by skin color, assaults on American history, more taxes, and government regulations and control. They campaign with the frenzied enthusiasm and urgency of their supporters filmed looting Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Louis Vuitton, etc.

Candidates frequently mentioned as possible Biden challengers include “Squad” members Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass.) and Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.), and former presidential candidates Julián Castro, Senators Bernie Sanders (D-VT), Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), a radicalized group of hysterical, dishonest, abusive misfits determined to punish Americans financially, academically, and culturally.

In less than a year Biden has created a variety of economic, cultural, societal, and political crises including unprecedented inflation, American battlefield retreat, unchecked immigration, rising crime, education chaos and pandemic ineptitude. If a 79-year-old cognitively inept Biden can muck things up this badly, it’s terrifying to contemplate the damage one of the extremists on the Democrat’s bench could inflict.

Hopefully Democrat voters have had their fill and will agree that the time has come to pull the plug and put their party back together again.

A version of this commentary can also be found on the national Biz Pac Review site at


Wait! What? In one of her more absurd statements White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki told reporters Thursday January 6, that President Biden “needs time to think.” Based on his dismal performance so far and his miserable approval ratings, the American public will be rewarding him with ample thinking time in 2024.


Speaking of Snarling Sociopaths:  When I wrote a couple of weeks ago that the frequent frenzied blog commentating duo of Coleman Langshaw and Richard Norman Kurpiers accounted for 40 percent of the comments in the December 17 blog, they struck again with equal ferocity. This time the two combined for 31 percent or 11 of the 36 December 24 comments.

Their tedious far-left retorts, incoherency and illogical stream of thought are proving entertaining to amused readers who take great delight in accurately poking their flimsy arguments full of holes.

My favorite Langshaw comment Dec. 24 was his lame attempt to bat down my criticism of the duo when I wrote: “Their comments indicate that they scorn secure borders, a strong military, less regulation, lower taxes, smaller government, education reform, the right to bear arms, drilling for oil and gas, voter ID, etc.

Langshaw said he did oppose oil and gas drilling, admitted he didn’t serve in the military, but attempted to proclaim his support of the armed forces by listing his family relations who served. He said he was a gun owner then contradicted himself saying he opposed gun ownership by “idiots and nut jobs.”

My favorite Kurpiers retort was his outlandish attempt to justify the Biden administration’s failure to enforce immigration laws saying it was good economics and that all these alien miscreants are money makers for the rest of us. He said the problem was at the northern border claiming that it’s mostly Canadians sneaking across and not paying into the system that we should be wagging our fingers at ‘eh!

Their comments mimic their lack of factual data and reasoning power, like the smart-alecs in the classroom who add nothing but juvenile taunts and distractions but provide a chuckle or two. I hope they don’t stop submitting material, even though it fails to persuade, as readers find it as entertaining as I do.


It Ain’t Adding Up: Jeff Childers a Gainesville, Florida attorney who posts a daily online “Coffee & Covid” column, reports that in 2018, Florida’s winter flu season recorded that 194 people were hospitalized per 100,000 in that pre-pandemic year — for all causes. This week, in the middle of the Omicron surge, Florida’s 7-day rolling average all-cause hospitalizations amounts to 197 per 100,000. In other words, about the same as 2018. Mr. Childers reports that For the U.S. overall, national hospitalizations are currently significantly LOWER than historical rates for this time of year. So there!

Childers also reported Thursday, January 6, that we can calm our fears about Covid refugees coming to Florida and voting blue. He pointed to an analysis by PJ Media of voter registrations since April 1, 2020, showing +274,503 Republican registrations and -51,995 Democrat registrations. “It’s the coalescing of the free-state coalition,” he says.

Childers will appear here in person Monday, January 10, at a “We The People” gathering at the Hidden Crab, in Yulee beginning at 5 p.m. The Hidden Crab is located behind the Circle K convenience store at the intersection of Old Nassauville Road and Highway 200. Contact Deb Boelkes at 904-310-9602 or at


Beam Her Up: Vice President Kamala Harris’s trip to Central America “to get to the root causes” of millions of illegal aliens flowing across our southern border reminds me of one of  late Ohio Congressman’s Jim Traficant’s one-minute speeches on the House floor.

In late 1998 he said: “Take today’s fast track, for example, another fast track that will send more American factories, more American investment, and more American jobs overseas, this time to Central America. In return, America will get two used Ford pickup trucks, another 50 tons of heroin and cocaine, and three baseball players, to be named later. Beam me up Mr. Speaker.”

Traficant was a populist Democrat who used his platform to further the interests of blue-collar Americans, a group abandoned by the party’s radical lefty loons today.

Harris’s comments Thursday comparing January 6 to Pearl Harbor and 9/11 were even more absurd. This woman is demented  and dangerous. She may be the most incompetent person in a position of authority since Jimmy Carter or Caligula.


Things I Wish I’d Said:  “It appears he might do the right thing, but only when supervised and cornered like a rat.” – Senator John Kennedy (R-LA).


Speaking Of Senator Kennedy: Like many people I get hundreds of emails from politicians around the country seeking donations to finance their campaigns. With few exceptions they almost all read the same.

Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) is one of the exceptions. I delete most requests without reading them but always open and read Senator Kennedy’s appeals because of his entertaining and folksy style.

Here’s the latest from the eloquent southern senator:


I have hope for my Liberal friends…jellyfish have survived for more than 165 million years without a brain, so there is hope for a few of them.

If you are on my team and have a brain, unlike the D.C. radicals, then I’m asking for a quick donation to get us situated for this month. We just might beat out Chuck Schumer if we hurry.

I’m a simple man. I like a good book, taking my dogs for a Sunday stroll, and beating Chuck Schumer in any way possible.

Will you give me the satisfaction of outraising that Yankee in New York?

God Bless You,

Senator John Kennedy


Woke Side Story: The release of the classic “West Side Story” last month by Steve Spielberg is an entertaining film but what the hell is a transgendered character doing in a street gang on the violent 1950s New York streets? Odds are that character wouldn’t survive five minutes in 1958. Not even Officer Krupke could help him.


Please RSVP! The invitation by the Biden administration to the United Nations to examine race and human rights in the U.S. is one of the most insane and divisive things ever contemplated by an American administration. It calls for the UN to investigate the United States for signs of racism, discrimination, and human rights violations. This is the same UN that placed Cuba, China, Pakistan, and Russia, on its Human Rights Commission.

These twits extended an invitation to an intensely anti-American organization to hammer the United States and fuel the Russian, Iranian and Chinese propaganda machines. It will also feed the Black Lives Matter and media false narrative.

Who the hell got the White House to think this was a good idea? It’s obvious that Biden is on board with this or is too stupid to understand what is happening around him. Biden supporters insist he isn’t demented, but he keeps making it harder and harder for people to take them seriously as he displays 1972 Democrat presidential candidate George McGovern’s radicalism combined with Jimmy Carter’s incompetence. No other President in American history has acted so ineptly, foolishly, and arrogantly as Biden, a doddering incompetent who belongs in a nursing home not the Oval Office.


Amen To That! Lewis  Farrakhan,  Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Jeremiah Wright and Georgia Senator Raphael Warnock, all answer to “Reverend,” despite being some of the most appalling bigots in America. Who disagrees?

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  • Dave, you’ve repeatedly asked for facts and figures with which to challenge your statements. I gave you the hat trick: facts, figures, and references in the last blog. Your comeback?
    “Their comments mimic their lack of factual data and reasoning power, like the smart-alecs in the classroom who add nothing but juvenile taunts and distractions but provide a chuckle or two.”
    You are free to challenge me with facts and references yourself, but it appears you’ve only the wherewithal to *chuckle* like the kid who gets caught with his pants down while peeing in the bathroom sink.

    However, for what’s it’s worth, I mostly concur with you on the state of the Democratic Party. I just wish like hell that the Republican Party wasn’t mired in the abyss of “The Big Lie”, conspiracy theories, voter suppression, and Jan 6th denials. It’s no party for us Independents to be caught between a rock and a hard place in the upcoming mid-terms, and probably 2024 as well.

    • Jesus…. Kurpiers goes off. This is great. He can’t help it. It’s like watching that dog trained by Scott….. I mean Pavlov. It is entertaining and makes me feel well, like Senator Kennedy nailed it.

      • Glen, That comment doesn’t even make sense, and that is proof-positive that your intellectual disconnect with Mr. Kurpiers’ comment is like a dog growling at an informational sign. Maybe you need a mulligan.

    • Did I read Kurpiers comment
      correctly? It came very close to
      being well thought out and from
      one Independent voter to another could be a breakthrough.
      I agree with the premise that
      Trump losing the election will
      never in his mind go away and
      only be a terrible distraction if he
      decides to run in 2024.His lack
      of support costs Georgia two
      Senate Seats as he continued
      to focus on his bruised ego instead. Trump did a lot of great
      things for our country but in his
      last few weeks in office pretty
      much wiped the slate clean due
      to his tantrums.What a shame!

      • Trump didn’t bail on GA, Kemp did! Sounds like you are a MSM hound. Pretty sure Trump’s successes were wiped clean by Biden and his impressive EO’s list, right after taking the office. But sure, Trump is to blame for all the lovely messes we find ourselves in not even a year into Joe’s bumbling attempts. LOL

  • I do not read your blog to hear the constant babbling of Coleman Langshaw and Richard Norman Kurpiers. My horse is named northbound. These two remind me of the southbound end of Northbound. If anyone does not make the connection these two are simply horses a#$es. Much like the city council of Fernandina Beach.

    • Hilarious! and Coleman’s reply is like a little kid taking his ball and going home, so no one else can play. Part of the fun of reading Dave’s blog is seeing the inane comments and back peddling of Cole and Dick when they get called on their “progressive” and one sided comments.

      • I never backpedaled once Freddy Kruger, but as always, don’t let the truth get in the way of your fact-avoidance logic. But, since we’re playing word games Fredricka, when a little kid takes his ball and goes home, he doesn’t also remain and continue to play, but that so obvious point alludes you, because you continue to howl into the wind, which in itself is hilarious. But keep trying, it proved Uncle Abe’s point that it would be better to remain silent and have people wonder if you are a fool, as opposed to speaking up with nonsense and proving them right.

    • nanananaboobo, so damn clever Charles. I never heard that before, except when I used it numerous times describing others. Just be careful, Dave might try to censor you, I once used the term Arse, and got a censorship warning…but then again you are a member of the Hypocrite Party, so you’re fine.

  • It is time for the Republican Party to change. We need to bring new Blood into the presidency. Trump should be gone he carries too much baggage. I lean towards Mike Pompeo Tim Scott over anybody else considering running. Of course if Joe manchin ran for president I would definitely vote for him.

    • It may come as a bit of a surprise to most of Dave’s readers, but I have actually voted for Republicans many times in the past, back when the Republican Party was about fiscal conservatism and actually really did want less government over-reaching. What has happened to the Republican Party is disheartening, and I can make that same statement about the Democratic Party too. For example, I think that Biden’s big plan, coupled with the progressive wing’s agenda is financially unfeasible. I understand and appreciate where Joe Manchin is with all of this too. The new Republicans, on the other hand, have let their social agenda, championed by Trump, turn concern into venom. Its a sad state of affairs, that America has gone far away from the days of Ronald Reagan and Tip O’Neil, who could have heated debates, then find a way to compromise, and not vilify the other guy as a tactic towards their own ends. They apparently were friends with very different points of view. The same could be said of Ted Kennedy and John McCain. Dave’s blog is a testament to this cancerous new age of opposing opinions. I have been a part of that too, and it seems now very hard to back away and take the high ground. But for the present time, if one is to be objective, your comment is spot on, since Trump is still apparently the standard barer of the new Republican Party, which I have dubbed the Hypocrite Party.

  • Another great blog, Dave. Does anyone else wonder what they mean when a liberal or democrat claim “voter suppression” ? When asked to provide examples, they can’t … I mean if requiring an ID to prove you are a legal US citizen is “voter suppression” then what is it when you board a plane, enter a hospital, withdraw cash from a bank, apply for social security, et als ? In recent elections, I didn’t read of anyone legally qualified to vote, being denied that right. And if Biden truly won POTUS, then who wasn’t allowed to cast a ballot ? They tell us 81 million voted for him. Hmmmm …

    • The question remains unanswered–how does a prospective voter prove they are a citizen as required by the Constitution?

      • I am under no obligation to indulge you in strawman arguments. Nor am I bound to spend time to answer that which you can answer yourself with a little research. However, if you decide to take the time, you will discover that the answer is different depending on the state. Now, if you want to remove the strawman from your response to me, first you must do two things:. 1. Explain how voter ids at the polling place proves citizenship. 2. Demonstrate proof that in-person voter fraud occurs with such regularity that requiring voter ids prevents it in greater numbers than it prevents legitimate voters from casting their ballots

    • Why do you call yourself Coconut Harry? Hmmm…. Nevertheless, you should extract yourself from out under the coconut tree and get out more. If you were to do so you might ask yourself why the Republicans are hell bent on passing restrictive laws to prevent voter fraud that they can’t even prove exits? But even more to the point of answering your question, visit votingrightalliance(dot)org. It’s a non-partisan 501c3 organizational that has assembled 61 examples of voter suppression laws that Republicans have passed. That is of course, assuming you can get Wi-Fi out there under the coconut tree.

      • Honestly, why are you and Coleman so obsessed with people’s names? Do you want to practice some Cancel Culture tactics? LOL I mean I get that you don’t like your first name (who would?), but we find it very fitting.

      • The liberals and Dems always have their “non-partisan” groups who never lie, alter facts, or push a political narrative. The “voter suppression” bs is the lame attempt to convince the sheeple that the GOP is the boogie man. Most people with a degree of reason know it’s BS. I like CoCoNUT Harry .. you should find a handle that you like, but would require a sense of humor, sorry.

      • …because he is cocoNUTS and I guess, too afraid to use his real name, you know, like all bullies that are cowards in sheep’s clothing. Apparently you and I are just regular NUTS who are willing to put our names behind our strong opinions.

        • If you took a minute to google “Coconut Harry”, you may find out who I am … and I’m most definitely not hiding. And besides, how do we know your real name is “Coleman Langshaw” – sounds like the character out of a Carl Hiaasen book. Let’s Go Brandon.

          • Ok, I admit it, I decided to use a name from those rich Carnegies over there on Cumberland Island, Coleman. and then added Langshaw. I thought it would be a more impactful pseudonym, better than CoCoNut Harry. You know, me being a liberal, using the name of a capitalist family, to make a point…except, the reality is…that is the name my parents gave me, Coleman Carnegie Langshaw. Silly as it is, I am actually Coleman Carnegie Langshaw, and yes, I am a descendant of Thomas and Lucy Carnegie, and I come from generations of capitalists Americans, so I get so humored by your nouveau conservative opinions. Our family has believed in capitalism, yet compassionate care for the needy. I guess that you are an uninformed, angry, white, wannabe, who thinks being a nouveau conservative automatically makes you superior to people who think that social responsibility is just some new age political absurdity. You are apparently just a self absorbed, neo-con, who would rather simply hate versus, trying to find a better solution, through learning to listen to opposing views, and find common ground. Thesis. Antithesis. Synthesis. A concept you should endeavour to learn.

          • Let’s Go CoCoNut. Still sounds like a coward in wolves clothing. Go ahead, tell us your real name. Most people who have lived here for more than a minute know Coleman Langshaw, like me or not.

          • Interesting. I took more than a minute, in fact, a lot of minutes, and I still don’t know who “Coconut Harry” is unless you own a surf shop in Costa Rica or you’re a golden retriever. Now, follow your own suggestion and Google “Coleman Langshaw + Amelia Island”. I think you’ll feel surprised, if not a little foolish. And if that fails, ask Dave about Coleman Langshaw.

      • I went to the website. It needs an “s” after right, just so others know. The list of 61 forms of voter suppression isn’t a list of voter suppression laws passed by Republicans. It’s a lost of 61 things that some people could consider voter suppression. For example, number 39 is voter intimidation with a bullet point “impersonating law enforcement personnel or immigration officers”. If Mr. Kurpiers can point to a law requiring or authorizing impersonation of law enforcement personnel for the purpose of intimidating voters, I’d like to see more details around that. I would agree that such a law is wrong. He also asserts that Republicans have passed laws requiring long lines (item 61). I’m not aware of such a law, but can’t confirm none exists. I don’t doubt that some of the items are legitimate reasons for people to choose not to vote, but I don’t see any, other than requiring voter ID (which I wholeheartedly support), that are laws passed by any party. But I am open to other information.

        • Mea culpa Mark. I am guilty of not reading the entire list of examples before writing my blanket statement. I stand corrected. As for your support if voter id laws, and Harry’s list of apples in response to a discussion of oranges, I will disagree. The Constitution guarantees the right of all US citizens 18 years of age and over the right to vote. There is a significant portion, enough to swing a election, that do not possess the required documents stated in some states voter id laws. Not having these documents does not invalidate one’s citizenship or actual age. I myself did not possess these documents when I first voted at the age of 18. But you and others seem ok with denying me the right to vote in 1976. Ad nauseam, voter id laws are purportedly in place to prevent voter impersonation. Yet, there has never been any evidence of widespread voter impersonation, at least enough to affect the outcome of an election. If you aren’t already familiar, look up Trump’s Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity established to investigate fraud in the 2016 elections. The short of it is, the commission was quietly disbanded and findings were not only hidden from some appointed and serving on the commission, but hidden from the public. The court ordered the documents to be released. What do you think we’re the findings?

          • Voter ID laws aren’t enacted for the purpose of proving citizenship. They’re restrictions put in place to prevent someone from impersonating a registered voter (in-person voter fraud) who has already proven citizenship by virtue of satisfying voter registration requirements.

          • “The Constitution guarantees the right of all US citizens 18 years of age and over the right to vote.”

            Note the word “citizens” in your statement.
            How does one establish that a prospective voter is a citizen?

  • Dave, you never fail to disappoint and lie by omission. You wrote:” Langshaw said he did oppose oil and gas drilling, admitted he didn’t serve in the military, but attempted to proclaim his support of the armed forces by listing his family relations who served. He said he was a gun owner then contradicted himself saying he opposed gun ownership by “idiots and nut jobs.” Of course, you omitted the parts that I stated: 1st-I was against oil and gas drilling IN ENVIROENMENTALLY SENSTITIVE AREAS, not a wholesale opposition. 2nd- I “admitted” that I didn’t serve in the military but “attempted” to to proclaim my [his] support of the armed forces by listing his family relations who served. I am very proud of my family and friends who served and wholeheartedly support the military, so you implication otherwise is not just insulting, but disgusting, AND you neglected to reiterate my point that your messiah Donald J. Trump did not serve either, but once again, in typical Hypocrite Party style, he gets a hall pass, by lying by omission, and I get insulted. Jeez, Dave, really??? As far as gun ownership, only morons support gun ownership by criminals, idiots & nut jobs. Protecting MY Second Amendment Rights does not require me to walk lock-step with morons who think any dangerous person should be able to own a gun. We require drivers licenses, fishing licenses, business licenses, etc., but apparently certain fools think we shouldn’t even vet people before buying a weapon (like a background check, etc.) No wonder people are challenging our Second Amendment Rights. Its the irresponsible wild, wild west mentality that is my putting my gun ownership rights in jeopardy. So god knows where you are going with your criticism of me with that Dave. But alas, the myopic minions will follow like sheep without giving nary a thought or understanding of the real picture and consequences. Maybe try a dose of unbiased truth once in a while, or will that ruin the Party?

    • The TDS is strong in you. Wonder if you can lift Kamala or Joe with all that power? Nah, I don’t even think you have the ability to make them look good. Wow, President Trump didn’t serve? You don’t say? Did the last 3 Dems in the Oval Office serve? Yeah, facts matter… As far as dangerous individuals owning guns, I’m sure yours should be locked up. What “harmless” individual goes on the attack and wants to identify any detractor, so they can do whatever they can to defame or insult them? Yep, it’s me again… lol

  • Your Mets analogy, “watching ground balls bounce between their legs” needs clarification. Are you referring to baseballs or nutsacks?

  • Lord, I love getting under Cole and Dick’s skin. Thanks for letting them continue to practice their verbal constipation.

  • Those figures for Florida registration, if accurate and up to date, are heartening – but Republicans shouldn’t rest easy. In deep red counties, such as Nassau, there is a long history of Dems switching party registration to vote for RINOs in the primaries or stand for office themselves (ex: Nassau Sup/Schools Kathy Burns). The proof is in the numbers on election day.

    I have long been curious what would happen if the county and state GOP required members to make an annual contribution to the party of $5 or $10 (max)? Most real Republicans wouldn’t object; but I’m willing to bet the Dem impersonators would dig in their heels and refuse. Might be worth a try to smoke’em out!

    • Chip Ross is another one. He’s registered republican but is a Democrat. It’s a tactic they use. We should start doing the same. Infiltrate the left


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