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Musings, opinions, observations, questions, and random thoughts on island life, Fernandina Beach and more

College Campuses Have Become Hotbeds Of Hate & Hypocrisy; The Blind Observer Intentionally Endangers First Responders

It’s shocking how quickly U.S. college campuses transformed from being ridiculous clown shows packed with whimpering sniveling snowflakes into dangerous seething cauldrons of violent antisemitic hatred?

What happened to all the speech codes and the assortment of pronouns universities insist students must use along with demands for expulsion for saying anything “hurtful” to minorities? Where are the “safe spaces” for the minority Jewish students being threatened and attacked by fellow students and faculty?

Why don’t Jewish students qualify for protection from physical attack and hate speech? Are pro-Hamas and antisemitic speakers being shouted down and chased off campus? Just a few weeks ago the delicate whining students and hypocritical faculty couldn’t abide views they disagreed with but now rationalize torture, rape, and the murder of babies and the elderly.

Since the massacre of 1,400 people by the Arab terrorist group Hamas in Israel October 7, all the leftwing campus blather about diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) has been exposed as a lie.

There are no on-campus penalties for spewing dehumanizing and denigrating filth at Jewish students. Marxist faculty members delight in joining campus student mobs encouraging them to abuse Jews.

Campus hypocrites who spent years decrying disagreeable phrases, challenging books, advocating for minority rights, and chasing conservative speakers off campus, now advocate and condone hatred and violence of the most sickening kind. Black lives may matter to this crowd, Jewish lives not so much.

Some financial donors are taking notice and are yanking funding from these institutions of idiocy and immorality. Hopefully parents will realize these campuses aren’t settings they want their kids simmering in unless they want them trained in concentration camp tactics and gestapo interrogation techniques.

The most egregious are those who publicly display their lack of moral clarity on campus and label others they disagree with “Nazi.” For them every day is a “Kristallnacht,” an evil that ironically took place in Germany 85 years ago this month. They advocate with glee the tactics of the “Einsatzgruppen” whose purpose was to slaughter Jews.

Recent despicable campus incidents include:

  • Berkeley students who voted to ban speakers that advocate for Israel placing them squarely in the Hamas category of “useful idiots.”
  • Disgusting and offensive groups at George Washington University that displayed lighted hate messages on the wall of the library, which was paid for by holocaust survivors.
  • Cornell associate professor of history Russell Rickford who publicly ranted that he was “exhilarated” and “energized” by the Oct. 7 Hamas slaughter of families in Israel.
  • A group of Jewish students at New York City’s Cooper Union University chased into the library by pro-Hamas supporters who screamed at them while banging on the door and windows.
  • A student who admitted to Internet posts threatening to “stab,” “slit the throats” of and “shoot up” Jewish peers at Cornell University.

Nothing quite underscores the campus left’s disconnect with reality better than its belief that Islamist attitudes toward the LGBTQ crowd will be shelved to unify against a common oppressor.

During demonstrations demanding that Israel call a “cease fire” in its war on the Hamas terror organization, there have been a number of signs reading “Queers for Palestine.” The Pride lifestyle is explicitly condemned in Muslim countries where there is a history of throwing gay people off of buildings among other even more severe punishments.

“The people of Palestine will not allow a single homosexual in our land, such perversion brings the wrath of Allah,” an Islamic scholar at Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa Mosque, said in a brutal reality check for the “Queers for Palestine” crowd.

Some on social media quipped, “Queers for Palestine” is like “Chickens for KFC.”

These mindless campus demonstrators don’t stand for human rights. That’s all a sham. The screaming student and faculty haters appeared the day of the Israel massacre, weeks before Israel responded, making it obvious they were cheering the mass slaughter of Jewish families, nothing else.

These misguided, empty-headed campus loons should be shown the videos and photos of what the terrorists did to women and babies, and then ask the students – are you really protesting in favor of these incredibly barbaric actions? Do you not understand what occurred? Did you ever hear of the Holocaust? Nope, not if they had professors like Russell Rickford they didn’t.

Too many U.S. college campuses have created an environment similar to Gaza under Hamas where children are indoctrinated with a hatred steeped in lies. They end up being enthusiastically willing to participate in the destruction of Israel and the annihilation of Jews.

Those whose job it was to ensure the health of America’s educational system have dramatically and horribly failed. Instead they have created a cadre of dangerous haters who don’t have the educational skills to perform any sort of meaningful task other than creating grammatically incorrect protest signs and chanting meaningless slogans.

(An abridged version of this commentary appears at College campuses hotbeds of hate & hypocrisy (


Advice From A Liberal: “As an Ivy League graduate who knows the value of a liberal education, I have one piece of advice for the youth of America. Don’t go to college. And if you absolutely have to go, don’t go to an elite college, because as recent events have shown, it just makes you stupid,” Bill Maher said at the beginning of his show Friday, October 20.

Maher, an admitted liberal, continued adding: “The fact that college presidents who usually love to speak out about anything couldn’t find their voice to condemn the worst attack on Jews since the Holocaust says a lot about who really controls colleges and why. If ignorance is a disease, Harvard Yard is the Wuhan wet market.”


Fernandina Observer uniform.

Stupid? Malicious? Or Both? California transplant and pretend reporter Mike Lednovich once again proudly displayed his total lack of awareness when he doxed Fernandina Beach firefighter and City Commissioner Darron Ayscue in an online October Fernandina Observer “nothing burger” article.

Mike Phillips, another recent arrival to Fernandina, who swept up what was left of the sight-impaired Observer wreckage from Susan Steger, made a feeble attempt to defend Lednovich’s maliciousness in the outlet’s comment section but quickly flamed out due to his lack of logic, ability, and substance.

In a lame and futile attempt to discredit Commissioner David Sturges in a non-story headlined “Commission Financial Reports Reveal Just a Little” California transplant Lednovich continued  to reveal how dim, irresponsible and irrelevant that he and the online outlet are and why voters booted him as a city commissioner in the last election.

In his latest episode of scattergun reporting the pathetic Lednovich attempted to justify his violating a state law prohibiting the revealing of home addresses of state first responders. The state statue clearly states why and can be found in detail at Statutes & Constitution :View Statutes : Online Sunshine ( . Following is the specific law:

d. The home addresses, telephone numbers, dates of birth, and photographs of current or former firefighters certified in compliance with s. 633.408; the names, home addresses, telephone numbers, photographs, dates of birth, and places of employment of the spouses and children of such firefighters; and the names and locations of schools and day care facilities attended by the children of such firefighters are exempt from s. 119.07(1) and s. 24(a), Art. I of the State Constitution.

Lednovich publicly displaying his normal lack of judgement.

The law exists for a variety of valid reasons. First responders work almost exclusively shift work and spend many hours and some nights away from their homes. This leaves their houses vulnerable to robberies and their families vulnerable to attacks. First responders encounter a variety of dangers and not all of them involve fires, wrecks, shootings, etc. A firefighter could enter the house of a drug dealer for a medical call. Should there be a reason the drug dealer chooses to retaliate, if he has the firefighter’s name, he could search public records to get the address. With the help of this law, it makes it difficult for people wishing harm to easily get personal information on a firefighter or police officer.

It’s hard to gauge the depth of Lednovich’s ignorance and malfeasance as he continues to display his extreme idiocy and recklessness in the oblivious Observer week after week. If he knew about the law then his actions were intentional and malevolent. If not he is an idiot. He continuously exhibits a combination of both, displaying why nobody takes him or this online mess seriously.

This pitiable episode did not ingratiate Lednovich or the blind Observer with Commissioner Ayscue or any other area first responders.

Firefighter and Commissioner Ayscue was justifiably upset saying: “The Fernandina Observer attained public records in regard to state mandated financial records that commissioners, some board members, and some city staff must file annually. In these public records an address associated with these records was redacted from my form.”

“The Fernandina Observer used other sources to attain personal information that is not intended to be public record and is exempt from public record laws. It was clear with the information that was published in their article that my personal information should have been withheld in accordance with state law. This reckless reporting has and will continue to endanger my family while I serve the community in my capacity as a firefighter.”

Lednovich and Philips during an Observer editorial meeting.

The irresponsible Lednovich and the equally negligent Phillips should be called out and punished for violating the state statue. The shameless Lednovich who at times brazenly wears a Fernandina Police Department cap, put first responders families and their property in jeopardy. His only objective is to follow some leftwing narrative dictated by the equally dim left-leaning Phillips. In his lame attempt to justify his callous disrespect and carelessness Phillips responded to Ayscue’s rebuke by weakly whimpering from the wreckage of the article: Our only agenda is transparency in government.”  

Almost 11 years ago I suffered a stroke at home and credit the Fernandina Fire Department’s Emergency Medical Service EMS with saving my life. Within five minutes of my wife calling 911 a unit responded, efficiently diagnosed my condition, loaded me into their ambulance, and while constantly consulting with an emergency room doctor, transported me to Jacksonville’s Baptist Stroke & Cerebrovascular Center. The EMS team’s quick thinking to whisk me to Jacksonville instead of the Amelia Island facility and their constant communications with the neurologist there saved my life and resulted in me having the mobility I enjoy today. My wife Linda’s rapid response in recognizing my symptoms played a major role.

It’s clear to me and many others I’ve spoken with that Lednovich and Phillips owe Commissioner Ayscue and the Fire and Police Departments hereabouts a huge public apology. Their actions are inexcusable and despicable. The best thing these two losers could offer would be the cessation of their online word jumble thus preventing any further damage to local residents and public servants. If there was a yearly list of the most disgusting, vile, inept, and simpleminded people in Nassau County, these two would vie for first and second place annually.

Instead of an upcoming proclamation declaring a “Transgender Day of Remembrance” Mayor Bradley Bean should consider taking time to condemn the Observer and these two twits for endangering the families and property of dedicated local public officials who selflessly serve the entire community. Mayor Bean should issue a proclamation of appreciation to the city’s first responders.

Conspicuous by its silence in all this is the print News Leader. What say you Editor Tracy Dishman?


Bad News For Local Tree Huggers: According to new 2022 U.S. Census Bureau statistics, Florida is once again the top destination for U.S. residents moving from one state to another. The study found 738,969 Florida residents lived in a different state a year earlier. When subtracting the number of residents who moved out to different states that year, it was still a net gain of 249,000, said Stefan Rayer, Population Program director for the University of Florida’s Bureau of Economic and Business Research. “That is actually the highest net gain since 2005,” Rayer said. The top states for the influx of residents to Florida were New York and California. That’s understandable.

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  • The fact that these dimwitted, pro-Palestine, liberals are celebrating the murder of Jewish people is a perfect example of why we should not rewrite history, tear down statues or remove any other types of history. People need reminders of history so they can learn from past mistakes. These idiots obviously slept through WW II history lessons about the extermination of 6 million Jews.

  • I think you should list the names and addresses of the people who voted yes in your poll about publishing the names and addresses of first responders. They obviously can’t read because you plainly displayed that this is a Violation of the law. The country is being overrun by liberal idiots!

  • Can Ayscue bring a civil or criminal suit against Lednovich and The Observer? If yes, then he definitely should…or if not him directly, then the FB Fire Department for endangering one of their own. As the son of a former policeman, I find Lednovich and The Observer’s behavior abominable and disgusting! By the way, I’d say Lednovich absolutely knew what he was doing.

  • Excellent points Mr Scott ! Re doxing here’s some info from an attorney in Tallahassee:. Darron should contact Mr pumphrey
    (850) 681-7777
    Pumphrey Law Firm
    Pumphrey Law Blog What is Doxing and Is It Illegal?

    What is Doxing and Is It Illegal?


    Doxing, or publishing a person’s sensitive identifying information, like their address, phone number, name, and more, in an effort to target that individual for harassment has become a fairly common internet phenomenon. Popularized by gamers playing online and “doxing” an opponent as a means of bullying, retribution, or another motive, this action can result in severe consequences for the victims.

    Now a form of abuse more so on social media apps, like Twitter, doxing has been seen to be used to publish an individual’s name and unsavory views in an effort to “expose” the individual.

    In this blog, we will cover examples of doxing and the repercussions for both the victim and the individual releasing the information.

    Doxing Examples
    According to the American Library Association, doxing can take many forms, like:

    Releasing an individual’s private photos
    Publishing an individual’s phone number and address
    Releasing information about an individual’s family members
    Releasing information about an individual’s place of employment
    Asking or insinuating that others use the information provided to target and harass the individual
    Doxing became a part of popular culture in 2011, when Anonymous, a hacktivist group, exposed the personal information of 7,000 law enforcement members in response to allegations that they were looking into the hacking activities of the group. Anonymous has doxed hundreds of KKK members since then.

    How Does Doxing Work?
    Since “doxing” is short for “dropping dox (documents), it generally entails publishing on a public forum private “documents” or information about an individual. The methods people can use to dox others include:

    Tracking usernames and passwords
    Looking up domain name information
    Government records
    Tracking IP addresses
    Data brokers
    How Does Doxing Affect the Victim?
    According to a report done by SafeHome, Doxing is widespread and serious, with over 21% (43 million) of Americans having been doxed with results including employment or criminal repercussions.

    These are some of the personal repercussions the victims reported:

    Online Harassment – 46%
    Public Shaming – 38%
    Lost Friendships – 38%
    Family Harassment – 35%
    Photos Distributed – 19%
    With Professional Repercussion experience being:

    Harassment at Work – 27%
    Lost a Job – 27%
    And Criminal Repercussions including:

    Physical Threats – 36%
    Identity Theft – 33%
    Is Doxing Illegal? The Penalties
    While “doxing” itself is not a crime – what it can lead to or what it represents can be criminally charged.

    Cyberstalking is illegal in Florida and codified in Florida Statute § 784.048(1)(d), which states that cyberstalking means “to engage in a course of conduct to communicate, or to cause to be communicated, words, images, or language by or through the use of electronic mail or electronic communication, directed at a specific person, causing substantial emotional distress to that person and serving no legitimate purpose.”

    Cyberstalking is classified as a first-degree misdemeanor and is punishable by up to 12 months of incarceration and a $1,000 fine.

    Aggravated Cyberstalking
    Florida also condemns aggravated cyberstalking, codified in Florida Statute § 784.048(3), criminalizing any person who “willfully, maliciously, and repeatedly follows, harasses, or cyberstalks another person and makes a credible threat to that person commits the offense of aggravated stalking, a felony of the third degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082, s. 775.083, or s. 775.084.”

    A credible threat is defined in Florida Statute § 784.048(1)(c) as a verbal or nonverbal threat, in person or over the phone/internet, that places the victim in reasonable fear for their safety or the safety of their close associates and family, which is made with the apparent ability to carry out the threat.

    Aggravated cyberstalking is classified as a third-degree felony punishable by up to 5 years of incarceration and a $5,000 fine.

    Federal Cyberstalking
    If an alleged offender intended to cross state lines to carry out a credible threat or an alleged cyberstalking offense involved communication transmitted through interstate or foreign commerce, the crime could be subject to federal prosecution.

    The Federal government condemns this behavior and has codified this offense under 18 U.S. Code § 2261A, criminalizing any person who with the intent to kill, injure, harass, intimidate, or place under surveillance with intent to kill, injure, harass, or intimidate another person, uses any interactive computer service or electronic communication service or electronic communication system of interstate commerce that places an alleged victim in reasonable fear of death or serious bodily injury, or causes, attempts to cause, or would be reasonably expected to cause substantial emotional distress.

    This offense is punishable by 5 years of incarceration and a monetary fine.

    To learn more about Cyberstalking, click on our blog here.

    Tallahassee Criminal Defense Attorney
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    Written by Gabi D’Esposito

    Don Pumphrey, Jr.
    Attorney Don Pumphrey, Jr. is a former prosecutor, former law enforcement officer, and a successful and experienced criminal defense attorney. Don has achieved over 100 not guilty verdicts at trial and over 2,000 dismissals.

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  • Right on Dave – another great truth bomb on some of our disgusting island idiots – keep it up and God Bless


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