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Musings, opinions, observations, questions, and random thoughts on island life, Fernandina Beach and more

Biden’s America Beginning To Resemble A Soviet Era Hellhole

I’m old enough to remember watching news reports about the Soviet Union and its Eastern European satellite states describing electricity blackouts, stores with empty shelves and people standing in long lines at shops to purchase scarce necessities.

Commentators explained how only government officials had access to nice homes or cars and how only government employees and Communist Party members were exempt from the rules they established for the populace.

I saw it for myself in the early 1960s when I visited East Germany, crossing through Check Point Charlie, into East Berlin. I visited again 20 years later in the early 1980s before the “Wall” came down. Nothing had changed in that 20-year interval. The city was still drab, people on the street dour and scruffily dressed, and store shelves still empty.

I witnessed the armed VOPO (Volkspolizei) guards, mine fields along the border wall, and vicious dogs that kept their sad citizens from crossing into the West. The guards, army and government agents were the only people in East Germany with guns, the populace had long ago been disarmed.

In an attempt to spend the worthless East German currency, we were forced to accept at the border crossing in exchange for West German Deutsch Marks my colleague and I approached an elderly woman on the street selling a few bottles of booze from a sparsely stocked shelve on a wall behind her. We each bought one of her last bottles.

A few weeks later in my apartment in Paris a friend from the UK was visiting and explaining to me the marvels of socialism and how Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was ruining Britain. I offered him a drink, poured him a glass of my East German hootch, and asked him to tell me what he thought. He wrinkled his nose, pursed his lips, and spat: “That’s the worst thing I’ve ever tasted. What is it?” I responded saying, “It’s what you’re talking about.”

I recall thinking during both visits to East Germany how fortunate I was to be a citizen of the United Sates, a country and culture that gave the world miraculous advances in science and medicine and a free market that raised billions of people around the world out of poverty. The misery I saw in that East German socialistic hellhole was nonexistent in America, just the opposite.

Not anymore. In just 18 months under Joe Biden the United States is becoming what I observed in East Berlin.

Everything Biden says is a lie. He blames inflation, supply chain problems, astronomical gas and energy prices, his foreign policy failures, potential rolling electricity blackouts, racial division, high crime, rioting and looting, Covid, etc. on Donald Trump, Putin, greedy oil companies, the weather, the bogeyman under his bed, etc. He ignores the wide-open southern border, failing to even acknowledge the massive illegal invasion, human trafficking, drug smuggling and hordes of terrorists and criminals pouring into the country. He actually said our Constitutional rights, particularly the Second Amendment, “are not absolute.”

He assembled a cabinet that resembles the island of misfit toys including a transportation secretary that couldn’t deliver a newspaper from a bike; a Treasury secretary who admits she miscalculated for inflation when that’s her job, her only job; an energy secretary whose answer to rising gasoline prices is laughter or suggesting folks buy electric cars they can’t afford; and an interior secretary who has done absolutely nothing but run up energy prices for the American consumer and make the U.S. dependent on foreign oil again. Their ignorance is unexplainable.

For the past 40 years historians’ lists of America’s most disastrous presidents have consistently  ranked John Tyler, James Buchanan , Andrew Johnson, and Jimmy Carter as four of the most incompetent. Two (Buchanan and Carter) were elected and served just one term while the other two were vice presidents who entered the Oval Office following the deaths of a president:  Johnson was Lincoln’s VP and Tyler served under William Henry Harrison.

Based on just 18 months in the Oval office Joe Biden is racing to the top of the worst, heading any historian’s list of America’s most ineffectual, unqualified, and inept presidents. Our country has never been faced with such a blundering, tone deaf, and probably mentally unbalanced individual in the White House. Sadly, there’s not a Harry Truman or Teddy Roosevelt waiting to succeed him. The woman waiting in the wings should Biden be removed from office is even less qualified.

Some in the mainstream media and a few social media platforms have finally begun to acknowledge that he’s a colossal disaster, a fact that was obvious during his 40 years in the Senate and as Obama’s VP. Yet they supported him despite a record of failure, an allergy to eloquence, his obvious mental confusion, lying and other character flaws that render him unfit to even operate a front yard lemonade stand. Worse, his mental acuity has only gotten worse, and his low intelligence appears to have hit rock bottom.

We are stuck with this mess for another thirty-two months. The only consolation is that no other president or administration will ever want to emulate or continue his disastrous programs or be compared to this bungling incompetent.

We can only pray that the November elections will result in enough opposition to put a stop to America’s slide into an East German-like state before this disastrous term ends.

(My above commentary also appeared in the national Biz Pac Review site this week at ).


“Look – A Squirrel!” The New York Times ran a story Tuesday, headlined, “Jan. 6 Hearings Give Democrats a Chance to Recast Midterm Message.” That means they’re desperate to change the subject away from Biden’s disasters.

How brazen, desperate, and demented are these left-wing twits?

In its story the Times reported that Democrats have scheduled more than 90 ‘watch events,’ in various states, including a ‘flagship’ event at the Robert A. Taft Memorial and Carillon in Washington, where Democrats will set up a Jumbotron and dish up free ice cream to attendees. I didn’t make that up.


Democrats Unhinged Continued: Under socialism, the government owns all the businesses and the means of production. Under fascism, the businesses are privately owned, but heavily influenced or controlled by the government. It appears that Democrats are fascists, more than they are socialists. Either way they’re extremely dangerous and destructive.


You’re Gay! Trans! Whatever! So What? June is “Pride” month, and I don’t give a rip. I’m not homophobic. I’m not afraid of gay, transgendered, or whatever people, I simply don’t care if you’re gay/trans or whatever. I’m tired of being told that I should ‘celebrate’ gay and trans people. That’s like celebrating people who are 6-foot two inches tall, or 2-foot six inches tall. So, what, who cares?

Woke corporations like State Farm Insurance, Disney, Pizza Hut, etc. want to stuff  “rainbow flags” down our throats and sexualize young elementary school children, actions that should get them closed down and arrested.

Celebrate who you have consensual sex with all you want. But don’t tell me I have to attend the party, applaud it, underwrite it, or condone the sexualization of young children.

And what rights does the LGBTQ/whatever crowd want it doesn’t already have?

Men have been men and women have been women for millions of years. What’s up with all these absurd new pronouns?

Somewhere around one-half of one percent of the population identify as transgender, a percent or more as gay.  A miniscule number of women identify as men and vice versa.

If you’re a biological guy and you can’t handle competing against other men in a sport because you keep getting your clock cleaned, then practice until you get better or find another sport where you don’t suck. Don’t expect me to cheer for you because you put on a dress and now compete against women. What you’re doing is taking unfair advantage and that is sexual abuse. You should be arrested for entering the girl’s locker room and exposing yourself, not awarded a trophy for defeating her in a sport and exposing your arrogant idiocy.

We are told that we ought to stand up for women’s rights by the same people who insist that Lia Thomas is a woman; we are told that you don’t need to be a biological female to be a lesbian; we are told that biology dictates behavior, but that biology must never be used as an identifier. We are told men can have babies and sanitary napkin dispensers belong in the boy’s restrooms in schools; we allow gay pride and BLM symbols in schools while a white football coach is fired because he took a knee and prayed on the field. None of this makes any sense. But we’re supposed to take pride in it? What a crock!

The last poll on this site asked: “Do you agree with Florida Governor DeSantis and the new state parental rights legislation, which prohibits teachers from discussing gender fluidity and sexual identities to third-graders and younger?” Some 253 people participated with 94 percent or 237 saying “Yes” and only 6 percent or 16 saying “no.”

An entire month is designated “Pride” and only one day as a Memorial for our fallen veterans?


Things You Don’t Need To Know But Do Now: A paper in the journal Scientific Reports says cats can learn other cats’ names.


Florida’s Biggest Loser: Charlie Crist hasn’t won a statewide race since 2006, when, to the surprise of many, he won the race for governor as a Republican. Since then, he’s lost a race for U.S. Senate in 2010 as an Independent and a race for governor in 2014 as a Democrat. In 1998, Crist also lost a race for U.S. Senate as a Republican.

Since Crist’s last statewide win in 2006, more than three and a half million new residents have moved to Florida and know nothing of Crist and for the first time in the state’s history there are more Republican registered voters than Democrats.

Those who remember Crist can hardly be impressed by the fact that he’s the only candidate in Florida history to have lost statewide elections as a Democrat, as a Republican, and as an Independent, an unenviable hat trick. Oh, this loser will be Governor Ron DeSantis’s opponent in November.


Thinking Out Loud:  If an electric car costs $65,000-$100,000 and then I have to change the batteries after 100,000 miles for between $15,000-$20,000 that doesn’t seem like a very wise investment. That $15,000-$20,000 will buy a lot of gasoline even at today’s prices. Also, batteries don’t generate electricity, they store electricity that has been produced by gas, nuclear or coal-powered facilities. Something else is going on here.


Overheard At PJD’s Beer & Wine Garden: “There seem to be only three kinds of people in the lower 48: those living in Florida, those planning to move to Florida, and those on the way.”


Drinking, Dining & Dancing: Piano man John Springer and his sidekick drummer, Rob Taylor, will be at the Atlantic Ave Marriott Hotel’s Tides poolside bar this evening, Friday, June 10, and tomorrow, Saturday June 11, from 4-8 pm. They’ll also perform there next weekend June 17 and 18 and June 24 and 25, all from 4-8 pm.

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  • “Island Issues”? Came here looking for a glimpse into the local culture and goings on but I find very little of that and, instead, a plethora of far-right/white nationalistic/racist/homophobic/etc. (you get the idea) leaning ramblings on matters not really appropriate for a blog titled such as this one. False advertising!

    Searched the archive but I can’t find any mention of Riverstone? County Commission hearings over a proposed settlement of matters relating to massive development on the south end of the island and no mention of that? Princess, don’t you agree that is a more important local real estate issue than what we learned in the summary of the obviously suspicious r/e related shenanigans of the new owners of the beachside bar and restaurant where Mr. Scott now has a tiff with the new management. I guess when a small national chain utilizes the same strategy used by Walgreens, CVS, Sherwin Williams and a majority of the fast food chain restaurants to manage growth and focus on their core business, something must be amiss. Perhaps this calls for a stakeout. Who are their employees and customers? Where are they coming from? Yup, we all need to boycott this business because the manager had the guts to eject Mr. Scott and to distance the establishment from his offensive news paper parody. Not me, next time I am in town I am going to give the place a try again. Seems like it may be changing for the better.

    Speaking of changing for the better, anyone here ready to accept that the election was not stolen from Trump? Hope y’all enjoyed that January 6th Committee public hearing opener. Stay tuned, more to follow!

    Thursday evening update – another mass shooting. The 254th mass shooting this year, as the country is on pace to match or surpass last year’s total, according to the Gun Violence Archive. It also comes as the US House of Representatives have passed several bills aimed at gun reform, but those measures have little chance of passing in the Senate. All so sad. Let the example set by Liz Chaney be the thing that convinces those standing in the way to reset their moral compasses.

    • Pitiful… that’s all I can say about you. I won’t even go into your insane ramblings. I’m just glad that there are plenty of folks here that will negate your vote.

  • The stupid rant of the misplaced
    ( obvious Northern New Jersey )
    person who was first in line to post a comment today is a classic example of pretesting to
    qualify for residency of Amelia.
    As they say: You can’t cure Stupid!

  • So, from your most recent article I won’t be seeing you Saturday downtown for the “parade”? Well, you won’t be seeing me either, but maybe at PJD’s!!

  • Alan, don’t bother coming back to town. Your “values” have already wrecked too many good places in America. We don’t want to go back to the USSR

    • “We don’t want to go back to the USSR?: That’s about the most moronic thing I have ever read in Dave’s posts and commentary…it doesn’t even make sense, but ironically, it is funny at the same time, as you and your like-minded ilk want to go back to the way it was before the liberals supposedly destroyed things, which by your comment, means back to when we were just like the USSR, but you don’t want to go back to the USSR, which, hell is just so absurd and beyond any common sense. The only ones going back to the USSR are the Russians, under Putin’s regime, which NATO (you remember the organization Trump wanted to dismantle essentially) is preparing to defend against, if that idiot tries to step one foot into NATO territory. I would say we are doing a whole lot not to go back to the ERA of the USSR, but WE are not going back, because we were never there in the first place. You should stop day-drinking Ken.

  • Biden gives Jimmy Carter’s ineptitude a bad name.

    Let the people decide in November.

    The trends tell the tale.

    Look out, Dems.

  • Alan T: Smart people who conclude that they have been duped or mislead (“False Advertising!”) typically walk away and don’t return. Encourage you to do just that as there is nothing in your diatribe addressing the core content of the current post. The comparison of Soviet-Era failures with the current Administration’s incompetent leadership and experimental socialist economic policies is spot-on. Due to failed leadership and public policy experimentation our economy and society is in free-fall, and nothing suggests improvement is on the horizon.

  • Dave: you’re get-off-my-lawn-historical (your visits to Wast Germany, etc.) rant that includes references to lousy presidents and highest inflation rates in 40 years omits U.S. economy stats during the same approximate years. You’ll recall — or can look it up — under Republican Presidents Nixon and Ford between 1972 and 1976 inflation at 9-11 percent was higher than today’s. An especially lovely companion then were mortgage rates, which hovered between 7.25 and 9.20 percent. The economy moves in cycles, my friend. I still have my Gerald Ford WIN (Whip Inflation Now) button from 1974. Like other presidents, his lame campaign has no impact. If you want a more recent look back, check the economy under George Bush circa 2008 — the worst American economy since the Great Depression. If you want to blame presidents, then I assume you credit Barack Obama for righting the ship and starting an unprecedented period of economic gains, low inflation rates and — I’m sure — huge gains in your investment portfolio’s worth. BTW, I’m visiting Amelia for the first time next month, assume the restaurants will have food to prepare.

    • David:

      I hope you enjoy your upcoming visit to Amelia. As a long time resident to Florida and the island please take it from me that Amelia and Free Florida are terrible places. So if relocation is in your plans I can provide a list of places where you and the Mrs might feel more at home.

    • If you can’t see or admit that the current administration and government is negatively impacting your life, there is NO hope for you! LOL on Obama, sure pump billions/trillions into the stock market, artificially deflate interest rates, change the unemployment accounting, bail out corporations, should I continue? I guess you forgot the rising cost of gas (at one point higher than $4 locally), the change in quantities and amounts of goods/services to keep the prices around the same price? Didn’t notice you crediting Trump with all the great economic gains and growth? Why is that?

  • What scares me most are the 5 people who said they haven’t been negatively impacted by Biden and his cartel. These are the ignorant liberals who will continue to vote for a Democrat. They obviously don’t care about our country and should get the hell out.

  • Democrats are so desperate after watching Biden ruin our country, that they concocted a J6 commission to try to embarrass Trump and his supporters in the lame stream media, hoping their sheeple will nod along with them. What I remember was a summer of riots, buildings burned, innocent people threatened and some hurt. To Democrats, all of that chaos was perfectly ok, but hold a protest over obvious vote irregularities and their outrage knows no bounds. BS.

    • During the January 6th riots, Trump privately said that his Vice President, Mike Pence, “deserves to be hanged.” As Proud Boys stormed the Capitol chanting just that, Trump sat back in his ivory tower and watched as the people he put in danger were being evacuated or worse.

      The Jan 6 hearings are underway, and they’re uncovering facts that show just how jeopardized our democracy was that day. They have now established a firm link between Trump’s tweets and the riots themselves. They have shown how clear Trump’s intent to overthrow the election was — by force or otherwise. Above all, they have shown just how many of Trump’s inner people condemned his actions but were scared of him.

      If it wasn’t for Mike Pence’s refusal to go along with Trump’s coup, a constitutional crisis would have been created, and it is very possible that Biden would have never taken power, and we would have seen political violence across the country.

      In the coming hearings, the committee will lay out Trump’s seven step plan to overthrow democracy and hold power. We are witnessing the worst abuse of presidential power in history.

      It is crystal clear how guilty Trump is. And yet, the vast majority of the Republican party still will not break ranks. Trump’s grasp on the party is still just as tight, and barely any Republicans will go against him for fear of losing their jobs.

      This is a broken democracy. When a failed dictator has a complete chokehold on half of our legislators, we are in grave danger.

      • Like the brain dead cabbage, the diaper in chief that’s in office now? You must be one of the 81 million cretins who voted for him. You must be soooo proud, as he dictatorially took control of the supply of monoclonal antibodies, ordered mass vaccinations with an experimental drug in contravention of the Nuremberg convention, while allowing anybody -including terrorists – unjabbed, of course, to pour into the country, killed our energy independence, and surrounded himself with morons who think roads are racist, electricity comes out of the wall.. I could go on, but why? You will not EVER look at anything other than what the censors at farcebook, twatter and lamestream media want you to see. Do you know what pseudouradine is? Do you know how long Japanese researchers found mRNA to persist? Are you aware of the 40 percent mortality the insurance companies have reported, starting in the 3rd quarter of last year? Are you aware that millennials have experienced a Vietnam-sized loss of life? Have you noticed the unusual mortality professional soccer players? How about the number of fully jabbed people who are sick with covid? Are you still naive enough to believe this is a ‘vaccine? And why has the CDC changed the definition of vaccine twice since 2015? Do you know who Geert Vanden Bossche is? Dr. Pierre Korey? Dr Robert Malone? Dr Peter McCollough? Probably not, because you are likely a low information person with no curiosity, no ability to think for yourself, and no thought of ever questioning what your masters want you to think. Truly one of the masses from 1984, unable to see how bureaucrats are ruining the country. OK, my 2 minute hate is over.

      • Couple of things. First, we are a Republic, not a democracy. I’m sure you’ve heard that before. That committee is a sham, just like the Biden presidency. Quit living in the past and get your self straight right now. What will the result of a successful J6 committee do to affect your life or anyone’s? I didn’t see anyone carrying weapons or even rope (to hang someone), but I did see an unarmed Vet killed by Capital police, that could have easily been subdued by a half dozen other officers sitting on the other side of that window she crawled through.

        • So you don’t think Trump did anything wrong or failed to take action when he should have? Yesterday, on the second day of Jan 6 hearings, testimonies from Trump’s inner circle — including his attorney general, campaign manager, and even his own son-in-law — revealed they all told him the election fraud claims were bogus. Former deputy attorney general Richard Donoghue said he debunked the claims and told Trump it was a lot of fake news. Former Attorney General Bill Barr put it differently, indicating Trump was “detached from reality” following the election. As he testified, “there was never an indication of interest in what the actual facts were.”

          • Alan, Alan, Alan… who’s in charge of security at the Capital? Pelosi! Who offered the used of National Guard soldiers? Trump! Who ushered the protesters into the Capital? Their own Police! Do you think the President should stop the People from protesting? Can you not see the CYA in action? Again, what will you gain from the J6 Committee findings? Personal satisfaction of your political agenda? Enjoying those mass shootings, 40 year high inflation, record high gas prices, increased EVERYTHING prices, political clap trap, World violence, inept leadership? You got what you wanted, elections have consequences. Now suck on that lollipop and get on with your life – such that it now is!

  • Dave, let’s get serious for just one moment. If January 6 was indeed an “insurrection” (as some people are calling it) or an “attack” or “affront” to our democracy, would not the insurrectionists brought weapons with them? I would have thought so. But, alas, they did not. Why not?…because it was a protest that over the thought that a federal election was stolen…a protest that got out of hand, for sure – way out of hand. A protest that officials were knowledgeable about, but did nothing (deliberately) to beef up security. The only person killed (honestly, murdered) was Ashli Babbitt, who was trying to calm people down. An what of the Capitol Police Officer that shot her? He was let off scot free. Our world has been turned upside down by a minority of people who yell the loudest and have the lame stream media in their pocket. I’m feeling sad for my children and my grandchildren to be.

    • But Ron, haven’t you seen the latest footage of a “sharpened” flag pole? I mean imagine the damage they could have done with that! Oh wait, they didn’t, yet an unarmed Vet is murdered climbing through a door window? What do they call the CHAZ, CHOP, Summer of Love takeover?


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