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Musings, opinions, observations, questions, and random thoughts on island life, Fernandina Beach and more

Area Lib Screams For Attention With Pricey Newspaper Ads But All They Buy Are Reader Ridicule And Head Scratching

Jumbled left-wing gibberish gushes out of Stephan R. Leimberg like tortured screams.

He clutters local newspapers with full page advertising messages but is incapable of conveying a coherent message that a rational reader would take seriously or comprehend, much less act on. He apparently has the funds to purchase pricey forums but lacks the talent to effectively utilize them.

In a Friday, July 9, full-page Fernandina News Leader Page 3 advertisement headlined: “The Demagogue’s Handbook: 2nd   Edition” Amelia Island resident Leimberg unveiled his latest incomprehensible manifesto. He didn’t reveal where the 1st Edition of his “Handbook” might have appeared, not that many people would be searching for it after reading any of his recent twaddle, which makes the jailed Unabomber’s rants look lucid. And that was a guy whose lawyers justified their insanity defense by characterizing his writings as the work of a madman.

Leimberg’s ad was as intellectually persuasive as that of a screaming leg-kicking toddler sprawled on the kitchen floor demanding a pre-dinner cookie.

It’s impossible to explain what Leimberg’s “Demagogue’s Handbook “manifesto is about except to confirm that he is angry…really, REALLY angry. His “Handbook” claptrap is bursting with phrases such as: “would be dictator”, “taking control and suppressing or diminishing the public’s trust”, “alternative realities and outright lies”, “a snake’s nest of fabricated and absurd conspiracies,” and “puts marionette cronies into high level leadership positions.” It goes on and on ad infinitum like this in a grey sea of tiny eye-squinting type. Hold it up to a mirror to read and it makes just as much sense.

He doesn’t mention names, dates, incidents, or political affiliations. However, based on his previous tirades and pro-Biden ads, he’s attacking Republicans and Donald Trump. His frenzied and confused commentary could just as well describe the Biden administration, Cuba’s Communist dictatorship, Black Lives Matter, Antifa, etc. This forlorn fellow’s nonsense is so bewildering that it might be time for the Leimberg family to consider an intervention or a conservatorship.

He arrogantly prefaced his most recent load of bunkum declaring:  “…..I am dedicating this 2nd Edition of The Demagogue’s Handbook to all the Nassau County high schoolers and recent grads.” At the end he even adds that they “….have my permission to reproduce and circulate this commentary.”

Not to worry. Our local students are far too intelligent to swallow any of this guy’s chaotic, angry, head-scratching codswallop. High schoolers passing out this swill know they would be perceived by recipients as though they had just broken out in open sores.

I painfully waded through it, so you won’t have to. None of it made sense. Leimberg never makes sense no matter how much newspaper space he buys. He spews out garbled and inconsistent political statements and makes charges that are not connected to facts or reality. His tripe is meant solely to stir emotion, not inspire intellectual thought or reason. His aim is to divide, not unit. He genuinely believes that his crazed musings are the height of virtue and introspection. However, they only confirm his shallowness, fanaticism, and intellectual bankruptcy.

I also encourage local high school students to read it or attempt to. If they suffer from insomnia this will be a sleep aide. His pathetic effort to save them from their own backwardness and lead them out of the muck of their insensitivities is an excellent lesson that exposes the dangers of left-wing fanaticism and hypocrisy. For example, he says racists on the right want to divide people by skin color. However, when those on the right correctly say that the left is dividing people by skin color by teaching Critical Race Theory he is furious.

To supplement his $3,981.40 spittle-flecked Page 3 word jumble, Leimberg was granted a lengthy tantrum-like “Letter to the Editor” in the same News Leader edition demanding that Critical Race Theory be part of the curriculum in Florida schools. Again, not to worry. Much to his chagrin Governor Ron DeSantis has signed a law ensuring that will never happen.

At the end of Leimberg’s advertising tirade he writes: “At this point you’re thinking it can’t happen here.” Not really. By that point I was thinking I’ve never read such an extensive, preposterous load of rubbish since living here. I was also left thinking that its author is possibly in need of some serious mental health care to treat his neurosis, anxieties, and paranoia.

Fanatically believing in an extreme ideology while unable to effectively communicate that passion due to a lack of communications skills and worthwhile subject matter must be excruciatingly painful for Leimberg, a guy who conspicuously proves the old adage: “A fool and his money are soon parted.”

I attended high school with a pompous rich kid who was generally disliked. Each year daddy bought him a news sports car. We all “oohed and awed” over it for a day or so. But it didn’t change the fact that the guy remained a schmuck despite his luxurious ride.

It’s ironic that Leimberg, who will probably buy many more ads, uses his wealth to publicly endorse Marxism, which rejects capitalism, the very system that enables him to purchase his pricey ads and disseminate his absurdities.


Speaking Of Critical Race Theory: The Critical Race Theory garbage that the left-wing addled local Stephan Leimberg demands be taught in Florida public schools, is a getting lots of push back that has Democrats and nutjobs like Leimberg running scared.

Moms and dads are rising up in communities around the country against the CRT racist claptrap that teaches kids to hate each other, America, and their own skin color.

Quisha King, a mother in neighboring Duval County, attracted national attention recently saying:  “Telling my child or any child that they are in permanent oppressed status in America because they are black is racist – and saying that white people are automatically above me, my child or any child is racist as well. This is not something we can stand for in our country.”

Ms. King, like many other parents – black and white – doesn’t believe that blaming problems on other people based on their race should be taught to children.

Parents like Ms. King from one end of the country to the other are giving their school boards an earful about CRT and the 1619 Project, that holds that the American Revolution was primarily a defense of slavery.

In a recent interview filmmaker, author, and lecturer Christopher F. Rufo says at least 25 public school districts in 12 states are now teaching “Not My Idea,” a book that claims “whiteness” is the devil, luring children with the promise of “stolen land [and] stolen riches.”

According to Biz Pac Review (BPR) “Not My Idea” is a book “….that depicts the devil (isn’t that a religious figure, what’s he doing in a public school?) making a bargain with white people to give them privilege and benefits in exchange for their whiteness. The message is not so subtle: Being white is evil since it is a gift from the devil.”

And, oh yeah, this load of garbage is recommended for second graders.

Rufo correctly defined critical race theory as a Marxist concept rooted in racial essentialism, a rejection of capitalism and, in fact, a rejection of all of the core values — due process, freedom of speech, etc. — that undergird American society.

“Critical race theory in simple terms is an academic discipline that holds that the United States was founded on racism, white supremacy, and patriarchy and that those forces are still at the root of our society today. Critical race theory reformulates the old Marxist dichotomy of oppressor and oppressed, but it replaces the class categories of bourgeoisie and proletariat with the racial categories of white and black,” he said.

“And if you look at the academic literature, the critical race theory isn’t merely saying we should examine the history of racial inequality or racial injustice. They’re saying things that are much deeper. They call in to question the Fourteenth Amendment, equal protection under the law, they call into question the First Amendment, right to free speech. They oppose capitalism and believe that a system of collectivism must be implemented in order to improve society. It’s not a benign philosophy,” he added.

No wonder America’s moms and dads are speaking out against these dangerous whack jobs who want to indoctrinate their children with racist rubbish.


Meanwhile Back At The Ranch: A number of locals, including the fast-growing membership of area watchdog group Common Sense,  have expressed  their anger and dismay over Fernandina Beach’s favorite consultant group Passero’s response about why they delayed the damage report on downtown Brett’s Waterway Café, which is allegedly unsafe and in imminent danger of collapsing into the Amelia River.

If the data on Brett’s were so critical, why would they not announce it immediately asks Common Sense?

Another wise local says: “This all goes to the credibility of city hall and Passero, allowing critical information affecting public safety to be a lesser priority than other work.” He says: “Either Passero was negligent in sounding the alarm, or city hall is overreacting.”  Which is it? Did Passero not consider the situation so critical as to condemn the property, yet city hall did?

No wonder citizens are distrustful of city government.

This involved local wise man says Commissioners Bradley Bean and David Sturges may be the city’s only hope for fiscal sanity. He correctly accuses the others – including City Manager Dale “Big Spender” Martin – of illegally collecting impact fees and playing games with the enterprise funds. He says it’s a pattern of behavior by city hall that requires investigation from both legal and fiduciary points of view. (See the poll on this site.)

“It is important to keep up the pressure on these guys,” he says. “Bean and Sturges are local boys, the others are carpetbaggers, and the locals are wary of the out of towners, especially Chip “I Run This City” Ross, who can’t gain any traction with them.”


HUH? Raise your hand if you agree that there is something wrong in New York, Seattle, Atlanta, Chicago, Minneapolis, Portland, Los Angles, San Francisco, etc. when a man in blue gets less respect than a man in a dress.


And The Horse You Rode In On… My favorite part of cackler Kamala Harris’s trip to Latin America “to discover the root causes” of the hordes of illegal immigrants pouring into the U.S. was when she landed in Guatemala, and instead of being greeted by a flag-waving crowd, demonstrators carrying placards told her to shut up and go home.


Water Down The Stew, Here Come The Royals: To read my latest column on the national Biz Pac Review (BPR) site go to:


A Psychiatrist In Need Of A Shrink: Things are so out of whack on college campuses these days that I would think somebody made this up if I hadn’t read about it in several different outlets.

Yale’s School of Medicine invited New York-based psychiatrist Aruna Khilanani to deliver an online lecture. She told her online audience that she entertained fantasies of unloading a revolver into the head of any white person that got in her way, “burying their body and wiping my bloody hands as I walked away, relatively guiltless, with a bounce in my step.  It would be like I did the world a big f—ing favor.”

As my favorite west coast columnist Burt Prelutsky says: “I wouldn’t say she would necessarily be the worst blind date I was ever on. But I would say that any patients who sign up to be treated by Ms. Khilanani need to have their heads examined.”


Liberal Logic: A higher percentage of blacks than whites get out and vote and have done so for many years. Yet, Democrats keep screaming about blacks being excluded, but can never come up with instances to make their case or even try to explain exactly how a specific piece of legislation harms black voters.

In much the same way, they can never produce a single black person who lacks the means of proving his or her identity, although they keep insisting that millions of blacks would be disenfranchised if they were forced to prove who they are at the polls.

I challenge anyone to produce one voting-age individual in this country who doesn’t have an ID?


Bulletin! Politicians  around the country are contacting Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s office asking for the secret of how to make all Democrat legislators leave the state.


More Biden-Harris Bloopers: Joe Biden has been lying about voter reform bills designed to enhance election security and integrity by instituting common-sense rules such as a requirement that voters display their ID to vote. “President Biden and the Democrats must stop the misinformation. Texas is very simply making it easier to vote and harder to cheat,”  said Texas Governor Greg Abbott.  In an absurdly outrageous statement, the sock puppet Biden accused Republicans and their election integrity efforts of “being the greatest threat to American democracy since the Civil War.”

Vice President Kamala Harris, confirmed just how out of touch with most Americans she is when she said that voters in rural areas don’t have identification because they don’t have access to photocopiers or a Kinkos, implying that rural Americans live in primitive, backward locales. Oh, Kinkos disappeared 17 years ago when they were bought out by Federal Express. The cackler needs to get out more often.


Wisdom From West Coast Columnist Burt Prelutsky: While China has a 2.5-million-man army, a massive navy with newly deployed aircraft carriers and submarines, advanced weapons technology and an ever-increasing air force with advanced fighters and bombers, the Biden administration is focused on sensitivity training.  “Even more appalling was hearing the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley babbling on like a fledgling social worker about white rage and grasping the niceties of Critical Race Theory,” says Burt. “In spite of the uniform and the eight pounds of medals, he hardly came across like a leader of men. Actually, he came across like his first name should be Milley.”


Drinking, Dining & Dancing: Piano man John Springer and his sidekick drummer Rob  Taylor will be poolside tomorrow, Saturday, July 17, at Marriott’s new 2700-2 Atlantic Avenue Springhill Suites and Courtyard Hotel from 4-6 pm across from Fort Clinch.  Each Monday this summer the same hotel announced that it’s featuring a “Main Beach Monday” for locals. From 3-7 pm on Mondays at the hotel’s Tides Pool Bar & Grill. It will feature live music, half-price cocktails, domestic canned beers for $3.50, nachos one-half off, and pulled pork biscuits for five bucks. They didn’t mention if you can use the pool if you’re not staying at the hotel but wear a bathing suit and take a chance. Just a short walk away folks can saunter over to the Main Beach Sandbar & Kitchen to hear the Honey Badgers play tonight, Friday, July 16, from 6 to 10 pm.




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  • Dave- 50 years ago I did a 3 year stint at a municipal engineering outfit
    It was quite common to pass envelopes of cash under the table to gain consulting and/or construction projects
    Thank goodness things have changed (I think)

  • As a senior citizen who made great strides in the business world with no college degree but hard work and
    dedication and a little luck. I am sick of hearing about White Supremacy and how we whites have kept the rest
    of other races from being successful in life.That is a terrible lie and most rational people would agree our
    country has made great strides in seeing ALL races succeed.I am also vey weary of being told by so-called
    leaders that all whites are racist.This misinformation is very confusing since the messengers are also white.Does
    this mean that they are also racists? Makes one wonder if we elected the wrong messenger!

  • The founders were against slavery, The cotton and tobacco trade coupled with vast amounts of propaganda
    from the English crown assured slavery would stay in America. Black people that think this country was founded on slavery should read a few history books. Is the word read racist?

  • Kinko’s?

    I’ll just snap a picture of my ID with my Obama-phone and print a copy on my second grader’s ink jet printer.

    By the way – don’t most post offices have copiers in their lobbies? Ditto for supermarkets, Walmarts, etc. Not to mention sneaking a “personal copy” from your workplace. Nah! No one would ever do that.

  • Democrats tend to over-explain when the should be keeping it simple, but when Dave Scott pretends that Steve Leimberg’s message is “incomprehensible” he is clearly being disingenuous. Let’s me put it simply enough for Dave to understand: Donald Trump is a dangerous nitwit who would destroy our core democratic principles in a desperate attempt to retain power and remain in the public eye.

    • Trump has been out of office since Jan 20th. No other President in our history was the direct recipient of constant attacks during his entire administration. Those attacks consisted of invective baseless accusations from the Dems, the deep state and their fellow traveler activist media. After being impeached yet not convicted, the harassment has continued after his leaving. He is the only national figure from any country whom is censored by the democrat party’s supporters like Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. Interesting considering they would rather us hear uncensored propaganda from a host of our enemy nations. As far as being a leader, I’d rather have Trump making the calls then a deteriorating mental midget like our current President who parrots what he is told by his handlers. In 50 or so years in Congress he has not one piece of significant legislation to his credit. He was known as a nasty political hack and a plagiarist. His vision of the future is a country transversed by speeding Lionel styled trains while passengers read critical race theory handbooks. Bottom line, I’d vote for Trump again over his soon to be replacement who could not even garner a primary win.

    • Oh, get a grip! What core democratic values did he destroy? You obviously are either a low-information voter, or have not been watching the news. Our Dear Leader (or the people pulling his strings) have said THROUGH THE STOOGE JEN PSAKI that they want social media to crack down on ‘misinformation’ – which apparently THEY get to decide. They want cell carriers to monitor SMS (text) communications for misinformation. THAT IS CENSORSHIP, direct or by proxy.

      Trump was right, though I would not call them fake news, but rather lying filth. Where is the reporting on Hunter’s laptop? Filled with porn, and obvious corruption, bribes, influence peddling and more. All corrobrated by his associates who have given the FBI passowrds to gmail accounts containing the email chains.

      Are you unaware of the Arizona audit that found more mail in ballots returned than were mailed? How about the lack of chain of custody of ballots in GA? How is pointing this obvious fraud destroying any values? Do you not support free speech, no matter by whom? Or do you support Marxists in power now that are actually suppressing free speech and eroding our other liberties? Or don’t you care at all?

      • What core democratic principles did he destroy? How’s this for a short list:
        1. Undermining a free press by routinely calling anything that was remotely critical of him “fake news,” and also branding the press as the “enemy of the people.”
        2. Undermining the faith that we have in our election system by declaring, before the election even happened, that the only he could lose was if the election was rigged.
        3. Undermining the public’s faith in the very concept of “experts.” That there are people who actually know something about a complex topic because they studied it extensively and amassed a dedicated career’s worth of experience.
        4. Undermining the concept of an independent judiciary by referring to the Supreme Court (that is majority conservative) – openly suggesting that Supreme Court members had a responsibility to support him, saying, “I’m not happy with the Supreme Court. They love to rule against me,” he said, after referencing three Supreme Court justice nominations that he made throughout his presidency. “I picked three people, I fought like hell for them but they couldn’t give a damn.”
        5.And, from what I’ve seen, it is undeniably true that Donald Trump would gladly sacrifice the faith that the American people hold in their institutions and each other if it furthered his own selfish goals.

        …and as for the claim that I am a “low information” voter, you could not be more wrong. I absorb a lot of information from a wide variety of sources. It is obvious from the “important news stories that you cite that you are a dedicated viewer of FoxNews – that it, if you haven’t already moved over to OAN or NewsMax. Hunter’s laptop is a non-story, the Arizona audit was widely deemed unnecessary and universally criticized as being unprofessional – with many calling it a joke. As for supporting Marxist… you are a fool for even asking that question. There are no Marxists in power in the American government. that’s Hyperbolic nonsense.

      • For starters, Trump has attempted, and continues to attempt to destroy (along with his lapdogs) our free and fair election process.

        • I call BS! You provide ZERO evidence to support your thesis. This is not the lapdog lamestream media that will allow this to go unchallenged, so please provide specific examples of his past actions (not words), and how they violated any voting laws that have been passed by the various state legislatures. And as far as your assertion that he ‘continues to attempt to destroy’, he has no power other than the bully pulpit, so the only ‘action’ he can take is to exercise his first amendment rights to free speech, and rightly point out that in every state that did not conduct elections according to the laws passed by the legislature, that election is fraudulent and therefore neither free nor fair.

          • Calling BS is indeed protected speech. It doesn’t however mean there’s any validity to it. It seems lost on you that while you claim to know what you’re talking about, over 60 judges, many appointed by Trump, don’t agree with you. Judges whose job it is to rule on what is lawful and what isn’t. But hey, your one and only out is that it’s all one big coordinated conspiracy. Good luck with that.

        • Did you read Bill Owen’s comments? Free election, yes. Fair election, to be determined. Arizona preliminary audit, with zero help from Maricopa County shows enough discrepancies to turn the result to Trump. Georgia is next.

          • An audit conducted by a private company with ZERO experience in election audits. What could go wrong? Oh yeah, they’ve been exposed as idiots with no understanding of the data that they’re claiming as discrepant. Here’s a news flash. The Arizona election will stand. On the bright side, you can add it to your list of conspiracies.

  • I’m a fan of Harvard’s School of Medicine! I’m wondering how this quote is out of context. I am curious to know Aruna Khilanani’s “entire point” now…and why they asked her to speak. I’m sure there’s more to it. I’ll Google it 🙂

  • Another fabulous edition of Dave Scott’s Blog. The Demagogue’s (Dumbacrates) Handbook: Edition 2, piece was priceless. Stephan R. “Limburger” needs locking up for the safety of our children, he stinks bad enough to cause physical harm to those around him.


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