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Musings, opinions, observations, questions, and random thoughts on island life, Fernandina Beach and more

Are Ivy League Institutions Offering Degrees in Nitwittery? Baseball Will Soon Be Unaffordable For Its Most Loyal Fans

Perhaps nobody better describes the muddled mumbo jumbo and leftist arrogance spewed by the three nitwit presidents of Harvard, MIT, and Penn than Fernandina Beach/Gainesville resident commentator, columnist and pundit, Jeff Childers, in his online Coffee and Covid commentary.

Attorney Childers used his sharp literary skills to dice the three pathetically smug distaff stooges’ faculty lounge performance to bits and cleverly  explain why even the left is abandoning this grossly inept trio.

“They were unaccountably unable to adequately explain the apparent contradiction that their students can be expelled for calling a bearded male professor “he” — in a private conversation! — but at the same time it’s also perfectly fine under the schools’ Orwellian speech codes to call for genocide against Jewish students using a bullhorn,” wrote Childers in his Monday, December 11 ☕️ CHAINSAWING ☙ Monday, December 11, 2023 ☙ C&C NEWS ???? (

“I’m still analyzing where the three extra-diverse academics went off the rails, and why the left has completely abandoned them,”  he wrote. “The three ladies’ performances were a perfect storm of failure.”

He went on to add: “But part of the explanation must be how smug and arrogant they were as they linguistically wielded messy bowls of word salad like they were medieval maces. Grinning nearly to the point of shattering their botoxed cheeks, the three presidents seemed to revel in annoyingly, refusing to answer sensible questions from attractive House Representative Elise Stefanik, who was in all ways their exact opposite making for a fascinating study in contrasts.”

A trio of twits!

Jeff also expressed his delight in CNN’s surprise airing of the following segment with Fareed Zakaria segment on the weekend’s Global Public Square with Fareed Zakaria. Not only did Fareed spend the entire segment making the case against higher education — and he framed the argument as well as Christopher Rufo might have — but Fareed also shattered a whole glass cabinet of precious lefty sacred cow creamers explained Jeff.

Personally I equate today’s rampant campus antisemitism to the Nazi regime that turned monstrous while attempting to annihilate the Jews in the 1930s. It transformed one of  the most educated and cultured societies in the world into mass murderers and accomplices in genocide. Hamas advertises its butchery as a recruiting tool and it appears to be effective on Ivy League campuses.

Not only wouldn’t Harvard President Claudine Gay condemn calls for genocide on her campus, but she is also being accused of plagiarism by those she stole from among other academics. This woman is an obnoxious vile academic fraud. No publication sums up her abysmal behavior better than the Babylon Bee with the following headline: “Claudine Gay Responds To Plagiarism Accusations By Giving Inspiring “I Have A Dream’ Speech”.


Free Airline Tickets—One Way Only: There were news stories about a “mysterious” benefactor at JFK Airport in the days after the October 7 massacre of Israelis, who paid the tickets of men and women returning to Israel to do their reserve military duty.

The other evening a few friends and I discussed taking that benevolent idea a step further and creating a GoFundMe account for those anti-Israel protestors waving Palestinian flags on U.S. college campuses and city streets. If any of them want to fly over there, go to Gaza and join Hamas, we’ll be happy to contribute to pay their airfare. Round trips won’t be necessary as we’re sure the IDF will ensure they won’t be returning.

Those incredibly naïve members of the LGBTQ+ crowd seen waving pro-Hamas flags advertising “Queers for Palestine” will be seated in first class. Based on the terrorists’ charter their life expectancy in Gaza can be counted in seconds as they will be fired on from the rear and the front.


Moneyball: The most consistent complaint I’ve ever heard from baseball fans that have attended a major league game during the regular season is the pricey cost of a seat.

Well brace yourselves folks because those prices are going up. Somebody’s got to pay for the mega salary of superstar, Shohei Ohtani, who signed the biggest free-agent deal in baseball history, inking a 10-year contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers for an astounding $700 million.

Nassau County residents may be interested to know that the majority Dodgers’ owner, Mark Walter, also owns the White Oak Plantation in Northwest area Nassau County and his team’s ace pitcher, Clayton Kershaw, owns a home on Amelia Island.

Walter (63), who purchased the plantation from the Howard Gilman Foundation in March 2013, is founder and CEO of Guggenheim Partners, a privately held global financial services firm with more than $240 billion in assets under management with headquarters in Chicago and New York. In other words Mr. Walter has some deep pockets.

But back to Ohtani, a pitcher, and slugger who played for the California Angels the past six seasons and won the Most Valuable Player award in 2021 and 2023 and finished second in 2022.

His new deal  surpasses the previous payroll record, held by his former Angels teammate Mike Trout, at $426 million over 12 years. It’s also nearly double what Ohtani was earning in his Angels contract.

Despite their massive cash outlays the Angels haven’t been in a World Series game since 2002, the only Series they ever played in and won, knocking off the San Francisco Giant in seven games. That was also the first World Series since the 1995 inception of the wild card in MLB in which both wild card teams would play for the title.

Just how much more than other high priced major league players will Ohtani earn? Well , annually he’ll take home more money than the entire payroll of each of eight other major league teams. Following are their numbers compared to Otani’s annual $70 million salary:

  • Cleveland Indians (aka Guardians), $66.8 million
  • Miami Marlins, $65.9 million
  • Kansas City Royals, $65.4 million
  • Milwaukee Brewers, $61.6 million
  • Cincinnati Red, $59.9 million
  • Pittsburgh Pirates, $54.2 million
  • Baltimore Orioles, $42.8 million
  • Oakland A’s, $42.8 million


Speaking Of Baseball: Maybe Ohtani can repair some of the damage done by the Dodgers’ front office when those tone deaf twits hosted the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence — an outlandish drag nun group that mocks Catholicism. Not only did they piss off their fans (and many baseball players), but they also lost tens of thousands in revenue. In doing so they may have endeared themselves to the far left but alienated a majority of their actual fanbase.

On the other hand the World Series campion Texas Rangers decision not to join in the absurd hedonistic celebration of LGBT “pride” drew fan applause.

The Rangers have boycotted this bizarre “tradition” for a number of years, but that decision was especially thrust under a searing spotlight due to MLB’s own tumultuous entanglement with far-left LGBT nonsense this year.

“Our commitment is to make everyone feel welcome and included in Rangers baseball,” Executive VP for Communications John Blake said in a statement. Good for the Rangers and Blake.


“Houston, We Almost Had A Problem!” – The residents of Houston can breathe a huge sigh of relief as voters there handed Congress’s most embarrassing member a crushing defeat in her run for mayor of that city.

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX),  who once asked a NASA official if “the Mars Rover saw the American flag we planted there”, got  shellacked in the Houston mayoral race.

Democratic state Sen. John Whitmire defeated Democratic Jackson Lee in the Houston mayoral race in Saturday’s runoff election after a campaign heavily focused on voter concerns over safety on the streets.

Whitmire, a perennial tough-on-crime voice who for decades heralded Texas regulations over public safety, was declared the winner by the Associated Press with 57 percent reporting. At that point, Whitmire was leading by an almost 2-to-1 margin.

Jackson Lee didn’t help her campaign by her dismal treatment of her staff. An audio recording was released back in October in which Jackson Lee was allegedly berating staffers. On the recording Lee could be heard profanely haranguing staffers because they didn’t know the exact date of an event. Her language would make a Marine Corps DI blush.

Rep. Jackson Lee, whose district neighbors the Johnson Space Center, is a member of the House Committee on Science, so she spent part of one of her summer recesses visiting the Mars Pathfinder Operations Center in Pasadena, California. While there, according to a November 1997 article by Sandy Hume in The Hill, a weekly newspaper that covers Congress, Jackson Lee asked if the Pathfinder succeeded in taking pictures of the American flag planted on Mars by Neil Armstrongin 1969.

Jackson Lee’s deputy chief of staff, Leon Buck, wrote a letter to the editor of the Hill accusing Hume, who is white, of racism. What Buck didn’t do, however, was deny that she asked the question.

Good bye and good riddance. Houston voters have done Texas and the U.S. Congress a huge favor ridding them of this epic nitwit.


Piano man John Springer, left, and drummer Rob Taylor.


Drinking, Dining & Dancing: Folks hereabouts looking for a rousing good time will find it this Friday evening, December 15, at downtown’s North 2nd Street Crab Trap ( The Crab Trap – Amelia Island) where popular local tuxedo-clad pianoman John Springer will perform and take requests in the downstairs restaurant and bar accompanied by his drummer sidekick Rob Taylor. The fun duo will play for three hours beginning at 6:30 p.m. The eatery/bar will feature a limited menu of holiday cocktails, appetizer specials, and Christmas cookies! Reservations are not  necessary. I’ll see you there.

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  • “The rich get richer and the poor get (stay) poorer.” The Ohtani payout is a prime example of teams trying to buy a World Series. Working with his agent, the soon to be 30 year old Ohtani, structured a contract where he “only” gets $2M per season the next 10 years and $680M the ten years after his playing career will be over AND after he moves to a tax free/less state (country?) away from California with a 13% or so state income tax. Creative and smart? Yes.
    Speaking of baseball, we see where the All Star game has been awarded back to Atlanta in 2025. This comes after Commish Manfred took it way because of new “restrictive” voting laws passed in Georgia a few years back. Yep, Manfred had to “eat crow” (pun intended) after when in the next voting cycle the Peach State broke voting records.

    • “Eat crow”???? There you go again with your blatant insensitivity, racism and cultural misappropriation.

    • Tom, knowing the great state of taxafornia like I do, they will hound him long after he retires until the day he dies over that structured contract. The “franchise tax board” probably gives lessons to the IRS on how to extract money from individuals who worked for it. I recall when the state actually tried to tax individuals’ pensions for the portion earned while residing in that state long after their left. Given it has a multi billion deficit, partly in light of the flood of high earners having left, it will go into turbo drive to extract what it can, now and in the future.

      • As they should. CA is great and somebody has to pay for it. Maybe if FB could collect some tax dollars the place wouldn’t be such a s___t hole. So much wasted potential.

  • A GoFundMe account for those anti-Israel protestors waving Palestinian flags on U.S. college campuses and city streets???? A brilliant idea! Or – how about an even more inclusive Fund, for that matter, for ANYONE who hates Israel AND America. There seem to be MANY who hate anything “DECENT” about this country (ie: our history, our Constitution, our Border, our Freedom of Speech, etc. etc.) and want to change it. I am SERIOUS. I would be happy to be part of any Fund to rid this country of this plague of Israeli and American haters! A one-way ticket, of course, and proof that they plan to stay the heck out of our sacred and beloved land, FOREVER! I am willing to put my money where my mouth is. Are THEY???

  • So ex-Rep Sheila Jackson Lee lost her election bid … wonder if it had to do with her campaign staff urging supporters to vote for her …. but they published the wrong day of the election ?

    • My family in Houston tell me she was going down without the blunder. The people of Houston was beyond sick of her lunacy. Electing another DemoRAT may not help. Looking south it certainly not helping Jacksonville with a DemoRAT Mayor who was elected mostly with the sympathy vote.

      • While I agree that Jacksonville (or any other City for that matter) is better off with a conservative Mayor, Daniel Davis was just stupid in his attacks on Deegan. How do you attack someone for helping those with cancer, year after year? Run on your merits, versus the opponent’s shortcomings!

        • I am not a Trump person. My choice, depending on who wins, is Haley or DeSantis. I voted for Trump the first time but never again. If he is the one running in the final, I will just leave that selection blank. In my 71 years on this earth the only person with a D behind his name I have ever voted for was the Sheriff I worked for in my Deputy Sheriff career.

  • Dave, we live, as you know, in a (mostly) free-market economy. If the owners want to pay a player bazillions of dollars, let them. What we can do about it, as a (mostly) free economy, is stop going to the games (tickets and concessions revenue) and stop watching the games on TV, social media, and the like (advertising revenue). I enjoy watching baseball and so long as the advertisers believe they can get me to buy some crap beer or car, they will continue to waterfall dollars into advertising on baseball. Fortunately for us, we have the Jumbo Shrimp.

  • The three University Presidents have clearly “jumped the Shark”. Happy Days coming soon?

    • Harvard identity-based graduations excluded Jews in now-deleted webpage as antisemitism claims plague school

      From FNC

      Harvard University hosted graduation celebrations for certain identity groups in 2023 but excluded Jews.
      The now-deleted “Affinity Celebrations for Graduates” page on Harvard’s website boasts events for “Graduates with Disabilities,” “Indigenous Graduates,” “Latinx Graduates,” “LGBTQ+ Graduates,” “Arab Graduates,” “Black Graduates,” and more.
      “Affinity celebrations are student-led, staff supported events that recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of graduates from historically marginalized communities,” the web page stated. “These University-wide celebrations provide an opportunity for graduates to honor those who have helped them achieve their milestone while centering their cultural traditions and values.”
      According to the website, the celebrations “are made possible by the collaboration of the Office for Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging; the DIB Leadership Council; the Council of Deans of Students; the Commencement Office; and students.”
      It’s unclear if Harvard deleted the web page amid controversy over its president’s testimony to Congress on antisemitism.
      During the hearing on antisemitism, Harvard President Claudine Gay gave a non-answer when asked by Rep. Elise Stefanik, R-N.Y., if calls for the genocide of Jews would violate their institution’s policies on bullying and harassment.
      All of the events will be held at Harvard unless otherwise noted.
      Access digital programs for all events.
      o Affinity Celebration Honoring Graduates with Disabilities
      Monday, May 22, 9:00 – 11:00 a.m.
      o Affinity Celebration Honoring Indigenous Graduates*
      Monday, May 22, 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
      Affinity Celebration Honoring First Gen Next Gen Graduates
      Monday, May 22, 2:00 – 4:00 p.m.
      o Affinity Celebration Honoring Asian, Asian American, Pacific Islander, Desi-American Graduates
      Monday, May 22, 5:30 – 7:30 p.m.
      o Affinity Celebration Honoring Black Graduates
      Tuesday, May 23, 9:00 – 11:00 a.m.
      o Lavender Celebration Honoring LGBTQ+ Graduates: We apologize for the inconvenience, please view the LGBTQ+ livestream via Harvard
      Divinity School’s YouTube Channel
      Tuesday, May 23, 1:00 – 3:00 p.m.
      o Affinity Celebration Honoring Latinx Graduates
      Tuesday, May 23, 4:00 – 6:00 p.m.
      o Affinity Celebration Honoring Arab Graduates*
      Tuesday May 23 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM

      • Stop letting FOX News lead you around by the nose. Affinity groups are “student-led”. Unless you have evidence that Jewish students approached Harvard officials for inclusion and were denied, then they weren’t “excluded”. They chose not to participate. And why for God’s sake is it “news” that a calendar of events that occurred 7 months ago has been removed from the Affinity Celebrations website? Where was the outrage back in April? Typical shoddy reporting by Fox News designed only to rile up the ultra-conservative base.

        • Where were the other MSM outlets on this discrimination issue? Did they even cover anything associated with this? Or was it just more Charolettesville rhetoric? And how far back was that crap? MM you sound like you might have a “little” bias against Jews here…js


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