Musings, opinions, observations, questions, and random thoughts on island life, Fernandina Beach and more

Musings, opinions, observations, questions, and random thoughts on island life, Fernandina Beach and more

It’s Time To End Mayor Moonbeam’s Madness

chicken-little-sky-is-falling-1a1Folks who read this blog regularly obviously know I am not voting for Johnny Miller for Fernandina Beach City Commissioner and am encouraging others to vote for former commissioner Eric Childers to oust Moonbeam Miller from that commission seat.

Of all of us that joined together to work on Johnny Miller’s 2013 election campaign, there is only one person in that group that I know of who still supports him, while the rest of us are doing all we can to ensure that Mr. Childers is elected.

Our reasons for opposing Mayor Miller are simple. He deceived us and he lied to us. When he ran for the commission three years ago I joined with several others, many of them local business owners and managers, to help on his campaign. We were encouraged by Mr. Miller’s promises that included pledges to look into the unfair and destructive impact fees; revising and stopping burdensome and expensive city regulations and a pledge to look at speeding up city permitting procedures.

In his campaign literature in November 2013 Mr. Miller said: “…..equitable fees, understandable and fair regulations, faster permitting, fixing unfair impact fees, and clear communications between the city bureaucracy and its constituents are elements that will help businesses prosper, attract new enterprises and residents, and provide a comfortable place to live and play.”

Moonbeam madness

He didn’t mean a single word of what he said and certainly didn’t honor his promises. Once elected Mr. Miller did a 180 degree pivot, running up and down Centre Street flapping his newly sprouted Chicken Little wings hysterically squawking that each warm summer breeze is an apocalyptic omen that demands a ban on aerosol deodorant spray, fracking, horse poop, plastic bags, and more. Not that environmental issues aren’t important, but that’s all Moonbeam focused on.

He didn’t follow through on one single campaign promise, never mentioned them again and offered no explanation for his transformation into a hysterical, frothing-at-the-mouth extreme environmentalist, running to and fro screeching about banning everything from plastic bags and balloons to seismic testing and puppy mills and promising pot in every pot.

Ignoring the fact that he was elected to serve the residents of Fernandina Beach, the self-absorbed Mr. Miller went on the Internet begging for money to finance his Don Quixote trips to Tallahassee and Washington, D.C. to meet with like-minded lemmings in their cackling hen group think sessions to trade vegan recipes and discuss how to best reduce our country’s standard of living.

In a complete and total reversal of his campaign pledges three years ago and during a rambling, disjointed talk at a meet-and-greet session at the Green Turtle Tavern recently, Johnny was apparently targeting the votes of the hollow-eyed, sunken-cheeked crowd that prowl the tofu aisle of the Nassau Health Foods store saying: “They are widening the roads in Yulee. We are under attack. This is a paradise for developers.” And in a gross example of government overreach and brazen government interference, he went after individual property owners saying: “Google the area at 14th Street and Lime. It’s a wooded area now open for development for affordable housing.” Converting a mosquito-infested, swampy area surrounded by industry into affordable housing for the area’s police, teachers, etc. is anathema to Moonbeam Miller who admires the living conditions of the African dung beetle and wants the rest of us to follow it. And to add icing to his harebrained liberal sop the bartender-mayor also urged the gathering to come down to the Palace Saloon and talk to him while he’s working, saying he’d write their concerns down on bar napkins adding: “If you want to legalize weed that’s cool…talk to me about that, I’m all for it.”

In a nutshell in 2013 Johnny Miller lied to those of us that worked on his campaign and he lied to the voters. His loopy antics are now so outrageous and over the top that members of the local Chambers of Commerce and Nassau Economic Development Board would probably like to see the whacky mayor locked in a closet when they invite prospective businesses for a look-see, much like nervous fraternity and sorority house members hide their legacy closet cases during rush week.

The soft-spoken, no-nonsense, local businessman and former commissioner, Eric Childers, not only is supported by the local business community and those who would like to see the city represented by reasonable, level-headed politicians, but was also endorsed by the local fireman’s union, local 2836, this past week. “Feel free to use our name and logo in any political advertisements or announcements,” said the letter to Mr. Childers from the local firemen and signed by their president, James Tucker.

A vote for Mr. Childers is a vote for a balanced environmental and business platform, efficient and accountable city government, reasonable code enforcement, and much more, while bartender Miller’s “Oh, look is that a television camera?” inflated ego platform is a toxic cocktail of caterwauling, chaos and confusion.

The only supporters of Miller that I am aware of are a few blurry-eyed regulars at the Palace Saloon where Miller toils as a fulltime bartender, his immediate family, a small number of local extreme greens and a handful of far left whackos such as former commissioner and News-Leader columnist Ron Sapp.

Remember folks this vote is for four years, not three, and the residents of Fernandina Beach can’t afford to laugh off 48 months of Moonbeam Miller’s hysterical, wild-eyed antics. Three years of Moonbeam making us the laughing stock of Florida is enough. Let the egocentric Moonbeam chase television cameras and post “Internet selfies” on his own dime from now on and stop embarrassing our community and its citizens.


Speaking of Elections: In the other elections I’m casting my vote for Marco Rubio for U.S. Senator; John Rutherford for District 4 Congressman; 8240578Charlie Cofer for Public Defender, 4th Judicial Circuit; Bill Leeper for Sheriff and John Drew for Tax Collector. Kathy Burns has more than earned my vote for Superintendent of Schools and I’m curious if Janet Adkins’ strawman Cheryl James will get more than 20 votes. It’s a no-brainer vote for attorney Bob Sturgess for Ocean Highway and Port Authority, District One over his whiney, hand-wringing Democratic opponent Coleman Langshaw. I’m saying “yes” to the retention of all three Supreme Court Justices and all six Court of Appeal judges as I can find no reason to do otherwise. In the straw ballot for Fernandina Beach Mayor, the articulate and informed educator, Robin Lentz, gets my vote as she fully researches every issue before voting, while the other choices, Roy Smith, seems as incisive at times as an unsharpened pencil, while Len Kreger, since being elected to the commission, has only perfected his expert imitation of a garden gnome. Thomas Ford gets my Nassau Soil and Water Conservation District 4 vote, only because folks I know and trust recommend him, as I really can’t find a thing about him or his opponent anywhere else. As for President, keep reading.


Hillary & Bill, an early photo.
Hillary & Bill, the early days.

Speaking Of Hillary: Because we live in a litigious society and because some people are terribly dim, companies have been forced to put labels on items such as soap asking the purchaser not to eat it, and on irons, suggesting they don’t use them while wearing clothing that needs to be pressed.

Perhaps Hillary Clinton needs a label too as there are a lot of dim and ideologically blind voters out there.

It also appears that most Americans don’t share the Democrats belief in Hillary Clinton’s greatness or presidential plans ballyhooed by the Democratic party’s one-trick donkey.

Fifty-eight percent of Americans believe Clinton should have been indicted; 69 percent believe she is neither trustworthy nor honest. And 75 percent of Americans think that, under Obama, the nation is headed in the wrong direction. And the FBI has reopened its email investigation of her, ratcheting these negatives upward.

Columnist Pat Buchannan summed up the Clinton campaign nicely saying: “After its Cleveland convention in July, Trump took a 62-23 lead among white high-school graduates, those who constitute a disproportionate share of our cops, firemen, soldiers and Marines – and those interred in Arlington National Cemetery.” I assume these are Ms. Clinton’s “deplorables.”

Mr. Buchannan observed that at Clinton rallies: “…. we have seen Old Glory burned and Mexican flags flaunted. We have seen Black Lives Matter chant, ‘What do we want? Dead cops!’ – then watched black racists deliver dead cops in Dallas and Baton Rouge.”

At rallies and in interviews, Democrats invoke terms of hate, such as racist, fascist, homophobe, misogynist and sexist to describe the Republicans. This not a pleasant group of people that you’d want to join you at happy hour.

If she wins Ms. Clinton would enter office as the least-admired president in history, without a vision or a mandate. She would take office with two-thirds of the nation believing she is untruthful and untrustworthy. On top of that there are reports of poor health and lack of stamina and the fact that she is under criminal investigation. She is not a natural politician with her shrill voice, cackling laugh and phony smile, and lacks the personal and rhetorical skills to motivate people to action.

Hillary Clinton’s statements reiterate the left’s hate-filled message calling Trump supporters deplorables — “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic, you name it.” Based on what I’ve seen and heard it appears that the Clinton camp’s main argument is mostly about insulting Americans with differing views.

Judge Jeanine Pirro said it best when she summed up Ms. Clinton saying: “You, Hillary are a liar, and a pathological one at that. You’re a cheat. You’re dishonest. You are condescending, arrogant and contemptuous.”

So, despite the fact I don’t much care for him, I like Hillary Clinton even less, and am voting for Trump. Better, I think, to have General Bullmoose in the White House than Bonnie and Clyde.


And More Political Stuff: Democrat vice presidential candidate Tim Kane held a rally in West Palm Beach Monday, October 24 that drew just 30 people including reporters and campaign operatives, while Donald Trump’s St. Augustine rally that same day drew so many that some 3,000 were unable to get into the event and some 20,000 showed up at his Tampa and Orlando area events. Friend Monty Kitchen and I attended the Trump rally in Jacksonville yesterday (Thursday) afternoon and the police told me they estimated the crowd at about 4,000. I’m not sure how many folks Trump’s VP running mate Mike Pence would have drawn on his own, and I’m sure it wouldn’t top the number at the Trump rally, but am convinced it would certainly top the 30 for Kane, who cancelled a scheduled rally in Sarasota, probably due to lack of interest.


New Pajamadave clothing line

Move Over Yves St. Laurent: To celebrate the introduction of a new signature clothing line Amelia island’s favorite eccentric, Pajamadave Voorhees, will host a launch party at his Pajama Life shop at 12 South 2nd Street Thursday, November 10 from 5-7 p.m. to introduce his new line of Pajamadave pajama wear. In keeping with the upscale nature of the clothing line and to attract only the most discriminating fashion conscious shoppers, I’ve heard from reliable sources that the function will feature a wide selection of ice cold Bud Lights and pickled pig’s knuckles. Be there to see and be seen! The pajama man’s new web site is Or call ’em at 904/310-9314. I’ll see you Thursday at Pajama Life! “Urpg!”


Local Funny Business: Rarely do I find an item in the local News-Leader that makes me laugh out loud, but this past Wednesday there was a notice announcing that the paper’s far-left columnist and former city commissioner, Ron Sapp, would lead a session on “How to facilitate respectful dialogue between people who disagree with one another.” I assume that during this course the humorless and liberal Mr. Sapp, would instruct attendees to forcefully place a pillow across their adversary’s face and once that person stopped thrashing about the debate would be won, as I can’t possibly picture the former high school indoctrinator advocating a fair and logical give-and-take.

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  • The thought of Hillary being elected is the scariest thing I can imagine.No doubt she is the most arrogant person on this earth,and her administration would be like a four or eight year prison sentence for America.How she and Slick Willy have escaped arrest and jail is beyond me.This election may bring about the much needed cleansing of the dirty politicians in Washington starting with the DOJ and Loretta Lynch for sure.It might even reach the Oval Office,fancy that!

  • Eric Childers is not the right choice. He relied on cue cards during the recent forum, and if there wasn’t one to answer a question, he said as much, and had no answer. He, and or his supporters, have stooped low to undermine Mayor Miller, doctoring a photograph, lying about his service in Iraq, wrongly suggesting he avoided paying taxes in Maryland. We don’t need a tired politician like Eric Childers. Miller has a worked hard for the community, for wise development, and for our environment. He deserves anther term.

  • Trudie, the problem is with Johnny is everybody has given him a free pass for too long. The observation you make “stooping low” is finally asking the hard questions. I mean the bounced check that should had disqualified him that he blamed on his wife should had been enough. The point about taxes was NCFLI reached out for to receive comment from him, which would had probably stopped the story, but the mayor refused to comment.

    However like Dave says in his post, NCFLI would had probably been better off going down to the bar to get an “official” response from the mayor. It’s pretty laughable that city business is conducted with the mayor in the bar. Did you see the last Shrimp Drop where the mayor gave a speech that sounded kinda slurred? Johnny has no plan for this area other than to rally his supporters who are more focused on this environmental boogeyman than every day things. This is the danger of a social media cult of personality.

  • Eric Childers was an honest transparent commissioner in his first term. He will continue these desirable traits into a second term. His agenda is good government and honest representation of the desires and needs of those of us who reside in and pay taxes in Fernandina Beach.

    The controlled growth and the support and encouragement of local government as promoted by Eric Childers will result in prosperity and support a higher tax base. The policies supported by Miller and cronies of his like Ron Sap reduce the property values in Fernandina Beach and yield higher taxes with fewer tax payers.

    Childers acknowledges the complexity of Fernandina Beach and will strive to safeguard our unique attributes by providing an honest and supportive local government. Miller seems to view the world through a green lens of anti prosperity, anti business and restrictive government.

    And yes, I too was fooled by Johnny Miller. I contributed to his campaign and then found he was unavailable to discuss his anti business stances.

  • Thank you for mentioning my candidacy for Ocean, Highway & Port Authority (OHPA)-District 1, and for allowing me the opportunity to respond.

    My opponent (to whom you have endorsed) and I share the same concern about the right of “home rule”, and the right of local jurisdictions have a say in whatever activities or proposals affect their constituents, in regard to the OHPA (or any other entity that might impact upon our community.)

    This being said, “home rule” is only one important issue, among many the OHPA Commissioner must address.

    My opponent is only focused on the port itself, and believes that “shrinking the OHPA” is the solution to any problems facing the port and our community, but I think the notion of “shrinking the OHPA” to address Home Rule, is short-sighted. I do not advocate “growing” the OHPA, nor do I want to “shrink” the OHPA, I think in its present structure it is designed to address a myriad of issues facing our county.

    A major issue impacting our community is the growth on the island, and its related ever-increasing traffic congestion and gridlock, is of equal importance. Sticking our heads in the sand by “Shrinking the OHPA” will not address this problem. We have to use the tools of the OHPA to advance sensible, sustainable growth in areas off-island, which will not only benefit Fernandina and Amelia Island, but ALL of Nassau County, including the West Side of the County- which is all too often ignored.

    My opponent (and you, Mr. Scott) want to make this race all about partisan politics.

    I do not think the residents of the county think of this race as being partisan, nor do they want any more partisan divisiveness. The issues we face are all of our concern, and if elected, I will represent ALL of the people in the county…but if being pro-business, pro-employment and pro-sensible and sustainable growth makes me partisan (and a whiner), then I am a partisan whiner…but not just to a label or a party, but for programs that improve our community.

    The real irony here is that if the OHPA were non-partisan, people would think I was more like a Republican, when it comes to promoting business, than my opponent. I think there’s an expression that gets thrown out from time-to-time: RINO (Republican In Name ONLY). Sometimes candidates use labels to make voters think they are something, they may not be. In the case of my “Republican” opponent, he is anti-port and anti-growth related to the port. He will say the port is broke and can’t afford such investments that I proposes, like an inter-modal truck-to-rail facility, or a chipping facility or warehouses, located on the west side of the county. But doing nothing, proposing nothing, not wanting to work with the private sector to find an economically viable way to make these investments, is not good business.

    It takes vision and cooperation and innovative thinking to make things happen. If my ancestors didn’t invest in challenging opportunities to make America the great nation it is, where would we be now? Its time to put away the labels and roll up our sleeves and get to work on making things better for our county (and beyond).

    • You are always welcome to comment here Coleman even though it appears that brevity is not your long suit.

  • WOW! Thanks, Dave for affirming my vote for Johnny Miller. If you need to resort to name calling, you’ve lost the argument. In addition, I support environmental protection regulations, and having businesses absorb the cost of their externalities. I invite you to join me one summer evening and help clean the beach. Think plastics and styrofoam don’t have negative consequences for marine life (including death), goggle it. Talk to your friend Pajama Dave about the decline of the oyster beds. Investigate – dare I suggest – climate change. Then, devote some time to write a letter to future generations, explaining the actions you are taking today. You are an excellent writer, but I’m not sure even you can make a case for the policies you are promoting – at least not one that will resonate with them.

  • Hillary was not my first choice to represent the Democratic Party. But, I do support the parties policies and philosophy. Even more than that, I want someone who is knowledgable on world affairs domestic policies, who has both experience working the national and foreign leaders, and temperament to maintain her composure. When conservatives from David Frum, David Brooks, Colin Powell, both President Bushes, former Mayor Bloomberg., and the editorial boards of all leading papers including the Times and the Wall Street Journal support her and warn against the dangers of a Donald Trump presidency, I think we need to listen.
    Sorry, comedians, you are just going to have to work harder for your material.

  • Please sign me up to receive your blogs. I enjoy learning about our little island as I moved here last year. And…….. I did not vote for Miller. Already been warned that would have been a real dumb move.

  • Dave, you are right, brevity is not my strong-suit, but I guess that is why my grandfather gave me the nickname “Lippy Langshaw”…he might have had a point there!


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