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Knuckleheads, Knuckleballs & Idiots Who Knuckle Under

Knuckleheads, Knuckleballs & Idiots Who Knuckle Under

A knuckleball is one of the most difficult pitches to throw and few baseball players have successfully mastered it. However, being a knucklehead is easy.

Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred became the game’s most notorious knucklehead when he yanked the All-Star game out of Atlanta because of Georgia’s new voting law, a piece of legislation he doesn’t understand and evidently never read.

He was joined on the Knucklehead Express by Delta CEO Ed Bastian and Coca Cola CEO James Quincey – heads of two Atlanta-based companies – who called the Georgia law, which requires an ID to vote, repressive to black voters. When you don’t know what you’re talking about it’s best to keep your mouth shut, a lesson these three bozos are quickly learning judging from public push back.

It must suck to be as dumb as these guys who eagerly climbed aboard the left’s Woke train thereby alienating one-half of the country’s population against their organizations. American Express, not wanting to be left off  the Stupid Train, eagerly jumped aboard.

Georgia’s GOP dominated state legislature has already stripped Delta of millions of dollars in tax benefits because of its outlandish public statements. As House Speaker David Ralston explained: “You don’t feed a dog that bites your hand.”

Maybe Coke’s legacy of its products being major contributors to deadly medical disorders will now begin receiving the attention it deserves.

If these obscenely paid corporate crackpots had read the law, which they obviously didn’t, they would see that it actually expands voting, adding early voting and additional equipment and poll workers. The little they know of it is what they heard squinty-eyed ‘ole Joe Biden mumble when he said the law “prevented people from getting water while waiting in line to vote” and was “Jim Crow on steroids.”  Shareholders in these publicly traded companies should be terrified if these CEO clowns are making decisions based on advice from this guy, who can only boast of 50 years of ineffective government experience.

As usual Biden doesn’t know what he’s talking about and the people that write what he reads don’t know either. Somebody needs to throw a bucket of cold water on Biden, whose idiotic statements about the Georgia law, were awarded four Pinocchio’s by the Washington Post fact checkers.

These corporate twits applauded Manfred’s boneheaded decision to pull the game out of Atlanta, a move that was opposed by the Atlanta Braves baseball team and even far-left delusional Democrat loon, Stacey Abrams, who thinks she’s Georgia’s governor. The two new Democrat Georgia senators also oppose the move.

During the now cancelled event, the Braves had planned a ceremony to honor the late black baseball legend, Hank Aaron. The move will also cost the majority black Democrat city of Atlanta more than $100 million in economic benefit. The left has a strange way of showing its appreciation to a “diverse” population it counts on for votes. Maybe this will be a wakeup call for black voters to see how blatantly the Democrat party uses them as pawns.

MLB recently announced that the All-Star game has been moved to Denver, a city that is 9.5 percent black as opposed to Atlanta, which is 52 percent black, and is in a state that has more stringent voting laws than those in Georgia.

The hypocrisy of Delta, Coke, AX, MLB, etc. are staggering. People need to show an ID when buying Coke’s alcoholic hard seltzer drink, Topo Chico, and are required to show an ID when entering its Atlanta headquarters building. Passengers are required to show an ID when buying a Delta ticket and when boarding a Delta plane or buying alcohol from one of its inflight waitresses. Fans also need an ID to buy an MLB baseball ticket and the last time I attended a game in Atlanta I was told I couldn’t bring water inside the park.

MLB is attempting to expand in China and both Coke and Delta do business in China, a country that has concentration camps for its Uighur population and doesn’t even have elections. These corporate zeros stay silent about China rounding up slave labor to make shoes, t-shirts, and other cheap crap for American consumers. These corporate cretins haven’t voiced any opposition about that to the Chinese Communist Party dictators. Why don’t they suggest yanking the Olympic games out of that totalitarian hellhole? Or would that cost them Chinese customers for their products and services produced by forced labor?

I’m sure that British citizen and Coca Cola CEO Quincey is proud that his company’s sugar filled beverages are a leading cause of diabetes, obesity, tooth decay, and other deadly medical conditions. How many blacks, who are most susceptible to diabetes, has Coca Cola killed with its sugary sludge? The company’s so-called diet drinks don’t fare any better say major clinical studies. It would be healthier for the citizens of Atlanta if it booted Coke out of town, not baseball’s All-Star game. Didn’t we stop listening to these pompous British jerks 250 years ago.

The repercussions have already begun. Texas Governor Greg Abbott wrote a letter to the Texas Rangers baseball organization refusing their offer inviting him to throw out the first ball saying: “I will not participate in an event held by MLB.” He also made it clear his state didn’t want the All-Star game or “any other MLB special events.”

At a local gathering of conservatives at Shuckers this past Monday, April 5, Fourth District Florida Republican Congressman John Rutherford expressed his outrage saying that he has notified his financial manager to divest his portfolio of Delta, American Express and Coca Cola stocks and cancelled his AX card despite the large number of frequent flier miles he had accumulated on it.

Congressman Rutherford also expressed confidence that Republicans will win back the House and possibly the Senate in 2022. He said he sees strong indications that many other state legislatures will fix their election laws much the way Georgia did, requiring voter ID.

Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio wrote a letter asking Major League Baseball (MLB) Commissioner Rob Manfred to “relinquish his personal membership at Georgia’s Augusta National Golf Club” after MLB’s boycott of Georgia over their new voter ID laws.

“I am under no illusion that Major League Baseball will sacrifice business revenue on behalf of its alleged corporate values,” Senator Rubio said. “Similarly, I am under no illusion you intend to resign as a member from Augusta National Golf Club. To do so would require a personal sacrifice, as opposed to the woke corporate virtue signaling of moving the All Star Game from Atlanta.”

What will happen to these cancel culture nitwits when the “Woke” mob turns on them and they request Republican assistance?

I  know it won’t have much of an impact but I don’t care, Coke and Delta are now on my “do-not-buy” list and Linda and I will be vacationing in Texas later this spring.


Speaking Of Knuckleheads: The next time you vote you may want to remember that Democrats defeated a congressional bill to provide tuition assistance to children of veterans killed in battle but approved giving free tuition to illegal aliens. New York State has just approved legislation to give undocumented workers (aka illegal aliens) $15,000 in tax payer money if they can prove they worked. Oh, in Mexico people need a valid ID to cast a ballot. And while we’re talking about Democrat incompetency and presidential malfeasance I do have to agree with Joe Biden that the situation on our southern border isn’t a crisis. It isn’t. It’s a full blown catastrophic disaster and getting worse daily.


Speaking Of Baseball: There are a handful of professional baseball records that fans of the game agree probably will never be broken or equaled.

Among the unbreakable are pitcher Cy Young’s 511 career wins; Joe DiMaggio’s 1941 56-game hitting streak; The 2,632 consecutive games played by Cal Ripkin Jr.; and Rogers Hornsby’s five year (1921-25) .403 batting average. I also don’t believe another player will ever hit .400 again. The last to do it was Ted Williams, who posted a .406 average in 1941. Detroit Tiger pitcher Denny McLain’s 1968 record of 31-6 (a feat accomplished by only 11 players in the 20th century) will probably never be matched or exceeded. And does anybody think Cincinnati pitcher Johnny Vandermeer’s back-to-back no-hitters in 1938, first against Boston on June 11 and four days later against Brooklyn, will ever be equaled?

A little-known unbreakable baseball record I’m convinced will never be matched, much less surpassed, was achieved May 13, 1952 by Ron Necciai, a pitcher for the Bristol Twins, a Pittsburgh Pirate-affiliated Class D Appalachian League farm team, against the Welch Miners.

When the game was over the 19-year-old Necciai was told by his manager that he had made baseball history by striking out 27 batters in the nine-inning no-hitter, a feat that has yet to be equaled in professional baseball and probably never will. In his next start Necciai almost did it again, whiffing 24.

The National Association of Professional Baseball Leagues called the 27-strikeout game “the greatest individual performance in the history of baseball.” Baseball legend Branch Rickey compared Necciai to Dizzy Dean saying: “…except Necciai throws harder.”

How impressive is a 27-strikeout nine inning game? It’s like an 18-hole game of golf with all holes-in-one. A tennis match with all aces or picking every winner, with correct scores, in the NCAA-tournament basketball pool.

Never heard of the guy? That’s understandable. He got called up to play for the Pirates in August 1952 and ended the season there. By the time he was 22 his career was over due to a torn rotor cuff, something doctors couldn’t repair back then. He went on to build a successful sporting goods business in Gallatin, Pennsylvania, where the 88-year-old still lives.


More Media Madness: The Saturday/Sunday April 3, issue of the Wall Street Journal had a small two-paragraph article at the bottom of page 2A that reported: “Seven officers involved in the in-custody death of a Black jail inmate in Texas whose family members say may have been suffering a mental health crisis have been fired, a sheriff said.”

On page 3A the same WSJ news department ran a half page top-of-the page article headlined “Officer, Suspect Die In Capitol Attack.” Nowhere in the lengthy article did the three bylined reporters mention that the victim was white and the perpetrator black. Why not?


Things I Wish I’d Said: “One minute you’re young and frisky; the next, you’re turning down the car radio in order to see better.” – anonymous.


Monthly Word Jumble: The bi-weekly Fernandina Beach print News Leader newspaper doesn’t have a comics section. It doesn’t need one as long as habitual letter writer Steve Leimberg continues submitting his joke of the month, flimsily disguised as a “letter to the editor.”

“That Leimberg stuff is hilarious!”

Leimberg keeps the unintended laughs coming with his April 2 howler to the paper headlined “Reasonable gun laws needed.”

If the paper doesn’t intend to label Leimberg’s submissions humorous then it might consider another approach by asking its readers to attempt to unravel his lengthy, disjointed, rambling word jumble and offering a prize to the puzzle solver. An NRA membership would be an appropriate reward.

Deciphering them won’t be easy. His latest incoherent mess reads like he shook a dictionary over a blank piece of paper. Clarity, research, accuracy, and sentence structure are not Leimberg’s strong points. Wading through his gun control screed is like attempting to read a book report by an insufferably arrogant kid who didn’t read the book.

French poet Paul Valéry called the type of opinions expressed by Leimberg: “The products of intellectual flatulence,” adding that they “relieve the man giving vent to them but pollute the intellectual air for others.”

Leimberg ignored a variety of statistics including the fact that if gun control laws actually worked, Chicago, New York and Washington, D.C., would be Mayberry, R.F.D. Or that the NRA murders zero people and doesn’t receive a dime in government funds. Planned Parenthood kills 350,000 babies every year and receives five hundred million tax dollars annually.

I have no problem with some reasonable background checks proposed by Leimberg when it comes to firearms. While we’re at it, though, let’s do the same when it comes to immigration, voter ID and candidates running for office.

I applaud the News Leader for once again enabling Leimberg to make a public fool of himself by continuing to print his vacuous nonsense.


Building A Retched Reputation:  A very unhappy crowd of locals packed the sidewalk in front of city hall during a two-hour Tuesday, April 6, workshop on the city’s disreputable and much criticized Building Department. A variety of speakers expressed their contempt for the department and its head, Steve Beckman, with many calling for the function’s abolition.

Home owners, builders, architects, and contractors related horror stories of the department overreaching its authority, excessive fees, delayed responses, approvals/then reversals, unnecessary procedures leading to higher building costs, over enforcement and accusations of retaliation. Many outside waved Chamber of Commerce provided signs of protest.

Fernandina Beach residents that would like the city’s Building Department to disappear.

There was a tiny contingent of two or three supporters with the most absurd being a builder of high-end houses on Crane Island who said the building department worked well. “Don’t change a thing,” said John Hillman. Mr. Hillman is vice president of sales and marketing for a firm that builds high-end houses on Crane Island. He penned a slobbering opinion editorial in the News Leader a few weeks ago saying the same thing.

Hillman is doing what marketing guys are paid to do – suck up to the folks in charge of providing his company permits to build and sell houses, that’s his job. He doesn’t give a rip about the rest of the community as long as he can get permits to sell his firm’s houses. Like his title says, he’s a marketing guy. Marketing guys sell rope to the hangman then compliment him on a job well done.

A poll question in this space the past few weeks asks if readers want to dissolve the city’s Building Department and  merge it with the county. So far a majority of 90 percent said “yes” and only 10 percent “no.”

The raging controversy and anti-Building Department sentiment hasn’t slowed down City Manager Dale “Big Spender” Martin. The city’s obedient online PR firm, the Fernandina Apologist (aka Observer), didn’t mention the Tuesday city hall protest in its Wednesday, Thursday or Friday posts but they  posted lame story Saturday, April 10, and misleadingly  dated it April 8. They ran a photo caption April 7, announcing that the city is continuing efforts to pad its already bloated staff including the ranks of the controversial Building Department. Without identifying the grinning man facing the camera the caption an Apologist photo caption said: “The City of Fernandina Beach is currently hiring for multiple full and part-time jobs, including positions in Streets Maintenance, Public Safety, Building, Planning, Utilities, and at the Golf Course.” It then described how to apply for these positions, something I refuse to do, as the city needs fewer of these publicly-funded bureaucrats, not more.

Like a good PR firm, the Apologist did run a lengthy patronizing piece on Commissioner Chip Ross, a pompous gasbag who is rummaging  around in the Ocean Highway and Port Authority’s (OHPA) files seeking ways to milk them out of funds, the same way the city does its tax payers.

It’s becoming very obvious that nobody in authority at city hall is listening or gives a rip about the Building function’s extortion tactics. It’s also becoming obvious that a toothless and clueless City Commission doesn’t know what to do and doesn’t have the courage to stop Martin’s empire building and the pillaging and plundering of the local citizenry.  Both “Big Spender” Martin and spineless suck-up Mayor Mike “Stop The Music” Lednovich, even wrote letters to the media recently supporting Beckman’s out-of-control rampage. Something stinks in city hall and the stench is getting stronger daily.


A Wasted Hour: Watching the “60 Minutes” interview with Hunter Biden last Sunday I couldn’t help but think that there’s a two-year-old girl out there somewhere who has a stripper for a mother, a crackhead for a dad, and a grandfather who is President of the United States. Also, if Joe Biden is so intent on controlling guns shouldn’t he order the arrest of his son, Hunter, who lied on a federal ATF gun form, a felony offense?

The 60 Minute show’s outrageous hit on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is a prime time example of how biased the media has become. Even Florida  Democrats are coming out of the woodwork blasting the program’s slanted coverage. The show refused to interview Florida Democrats who agreed with the governor’s vaccine rollout approach and selectively edited his press conference comments to make him look bad.

The Publix grocery chain, which the network claimed was treated favorably because it donated to Governor DeSantis’ campaign, was refused an opportunity to air its side of the story, which contradicts the sloppy CBS broadcast. Even the left-wing Public Broadcasting System found the coverage inaccurate and slanted. On the other hand, CBS has yet to devote one minute to NY Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo’s disastrous approach to the pandemic or his numerous sexual abuse allegations.

I won’t be spending another minute – much less 60 – watching that network rubbish again.


Drinking, Dining & Dancing:  I’ve heard that the iconic now closed North 2nd Street Crab Trap has been purchased and will reopen under its old name at an unnamed date. When the popular and personable Richard “Choo Choo” Germano passed away last year it marked the end of an era. The Germano family decided to shutter the eatery a few months ago and from what I’ve heard it has been purchased by a gentleman who owns two other popular area restaurants. I have it from reliable sources that the closed Pozzi Bistro on Ash and South 2nd Street will be taken over by Cup Cakes bakery and will be open for breakfast and lunch soon.  Area restaurants including the Marina and Peppers on Centre Street have been forced to curtail hours and close on certain days because their staffs fail to show up for work once they received their “stimulus” checks from the feds. Apparently this isn’t unusual hereabouts. The Wednesday, April 7, front page headline in the News Leader newspaper screamed “HELP WANTED” with an article detailing how local hospitality businesses hereabouts are scrambling to find workers. It has been reported that Omni has more than 300 open positions it is having trouble filling and other local hospitality businesses are experiencing similar problems. Speaking of the News Leader, Linda and I were looking forward to hearing a talk at the Amelia Island Museum of History Wednesday, April 7, by Gary Powers Jr, whose father Gary Powers was shot-down in a U2 spy plane over the Soviet Union in 1960 that scuttled a planned Eisenhower-Khrushchev summit.  The News Leader last week reported the talk would be held this past Wednesday at 6 pm. However, when Linda double-checked Wednesday afternoon to confirm the 6 pm time that she read about in the News Leader she was told by the museum: “No, it was at noon today.” So we missed it. Then on that same day we read an item in the “Out & About” section of the paper reporting that the presentation would be held “at noon tonight.” The News Leader’s Wednesday edition also reported that the paper has hired a new reporter, hopefully one that can differentiate between day and night and accurately calculate time.


Frank D Petersen - 30. Apr, 2021 -

Nice meeting you last Saturday night @ Pajama Daves! Although not Mr. Jack Kemp i enjoyed our short conversation

Edgar - 12. Apr, 2021 -

Why is it that the Republican Party, who insist that voter IDs are essential to election integrity, do not conduct a national campaign (especially in Georgia) to assist citizens in obtaining this important document? Why not? You know why not.

Republicans declare that obtaining an ID is easy–OK, so help.

Harrison - 14. Apr, 2021 -

A federal judge in 2018 in an Alabama case about Voter ID filed by the NAACP, Greater Birmingham Ministries and others threw the case out because “minorities do not have less opportunity to vote under Alabama Photo ID law because everyone has the same opportunity to obtain an ID.”

Look it up.

Edgar - 14. Apr, 2021 -

August, 2020—The NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund is asking a federal appeals court for a rehearing in its lawsuit challenging Alabama’s photo ID law as racially discriminatory.
The Alabama State Conference of the NAACP, Greater Birmingham Ministries and minority voters had sued over the law in 2015, calling it discriminatory and an infringement on voting rights. They contended Alabama politicians knew when they enacted it that black and Latino voters disproportionately lack photo ID.

“It is clear from the statements of the legislators who enacted Alabama’s photo ID law that they passed it for the unconstitutional purpose of discriminating against voters of color,” LDF Senior Counsel Natasha Merle said in a statement.

Coleman Langshaw - 10. Apr, 2021 -

In my haste to lambast Dave (which he lets me do on a regular basis, without censorship or editing BTW, and will sit and have a beer with me on occasion, befuddling political lefties and righties equally), I forgot to weigh in about BASEBALL:

Apparently, Steve Carlton is the only pitcher to win a Cy Young with a last place team in the 20th century. He did it with the 1972 Phillies. He went 27-10 on a team that only won 56 games (basically he won 50% of all of their games that year). Jeez, now there’s a stat I didn’t expect, but certainly makes sense, because he was a great player- who fought on in spite of a slippery slope steeper than Tuckerman’s Ravine on Mt. Washington.

Dave Lott - 10. Apr, 2021 -

Another record never to be broken although it didn’t take place in an official game was the 732 MILE LONG – yes that’s right – miles not feet home run hit by Babe Ruth in an exhibition game at the original ballpark of the Atlanta Crackers in 1928. Seems the Babe hit a towering homer that cleared the fence and landed in a railway car on the adjacent tracks and the ball wasn’t recovered until the train stopped in Joplin Missouri.

Mr. SpellCheck - 09. Apr, 2021 -

“dispute the large number of frequent flier miles…”


Bill Hughes - 09. Apr, 2021 -

Thanks for the insightful journalism Dave! We have been away from our beloved island for almost 10 years but with many return visits! It’s sad, sad, sad to hear the political BS that determines the fate of that beautiful place. I can only hope and pray that more of the “left” read your blog and not just the people that agree with you. Thanks my man!

Richard Troxel - 09. Apr, 2021 -

It is apparent to me that Mr.Martin and
Beckham know where all the bodies are
buried.Why else are they still employed
by the city? After all they do work at the
pleasure of the city commissioners and are subject to dismissal with cause.Mr.
Martin works on a contract that is on a
renewal basis based on a time frame I
am not familiar with.Other than elected
officials all other employees unless they
are Union protected are subject to dismissal with cause.

A Wilking - 09. Apr, 2021 -

The name is spelled “LeiMberg,” FYI. M not N.

David Scott - 09. Apr, 2021 -

Thank you for alerting me to my spelling mistake. It has been corrected.

Micah Ward - 09. Apr, 2021 -

Hey Dave, on the baseball subject. I don’t think we will ever see another pitcher win 300 games. With 5 man rotations and starters pulled after 6 innings the game has changed in a way that decreases any pitchers win total.

Brian Coyne - 09. Apr, 2021 -

Dave, this is my first time reading your blog. Well done sir. I like your thoughts and input. I will suggest you fact check some of your comments. I think you will find the truth about the veteran’s kids being denied tuition assistance was not a congressional move. If I recall reading about that when it happened, I think it was Emperor Cuomo and his NYC Democrat mobsters who shot that down and awarded the money to the illegals. After all, following the democrat playbook, there are only a few kids of veterans that would have qualified, but there are thousands of illegals who are potential democrat voters.
Thankfully, I live in Yulee and don’t have to deal with the anti-Fernandina government. On the one hand, I don’t have much sympathy for the people of the city since they continue to vote these losers in.

CoCoNUT haiRRy - 09. Apr, 2021 -

Always look forward to Fridays – your column appears in my email to kick off the weekend !

“60 Wasted Minutes” should be relegated to Netflix reruns so that if anyone wants to watch it, they can fast forward through their content and just watch the commercials.

CAROL FEY - 09. Apr, 2021 -

The Omni cooked their own goose when they let 300 people go in June. My daughter-in-law was one of them and she was in a management position. She got another job and so did a lot of other people. Wrong move on the Omni. The head general manager was from corporate headquarters in Texas and had no idea how this island operates. Sad since it is only going to busier here with summer coming.

Patrick J. Keogh - 09. Apr, 2021 -


The reason Martin and Lednovich support Beckman is clear. He exacts obscene amounts of money in fees from citizens he coerces in administering state building codes. It’s the same reason prior mayors and city managers consistently condoned Pay to Play Mandrick in his extortionate and unlawful administration of state impact fee laws. The leaders of Shakedown City’s government use these guys to keep the local geese under control and laying those golden eggs.

“Shook a dictionary over a blank sheet of paper” re Leinberg’s writing. Love that line.

Vince Cavallo - 09. Apr, 2021 -

Speaking of Baseball records, I don’t believe anyone will top Nolan Ryan’s 7 no hit games pitched. At age 44 he tossed his last one for the Texas Rangers against the Blue Jays. He struck out 16. The last out was a strikout of Roberto Alomar, a career .300 hitter, on a 96 MPH fast ball. I was lucky to have been present as the crowd response was electric, more so than any world series game I have attended.

The Hunter Biden story is an example of how the media kowtows to the lies liberally spewed by the democrat party. The 60 minutes piece glossed over these facts: the laptop’s numerous photos of himself cavorting w/ prostitutes, the laptop’s numerous messages only Hunter could have sent implicating the current president with various family enriching deals, the Delaware shop owner having Biden’s signature on the repair order, the Biden family lawyer came looking for the laptop, the FBI demanded the laptop from the repair shop, and the laptop was registered as belonging to Hunter Biden. There may just be a few clues here for any investigative journalist to follow but no they sit like lumps as Biden feeds nonsense responses.

The paradox here is the same show tried to deep six our governor with a bunch of innuendo in an effort to undermine his political standing. Of course, DeSantis is a republican.

Bill Shaffer - 09. Apr, 2021 -

Let us all hope the majority of local residents are paying attention.

Thank you, Dave.

Tom Yankus - 09. Apr, 2021 -

Add part-time Amelia Island resident Bobby Cox to the list of MLB records never to be broken. The skipper was tossed a record 161 times in his long managerial career! With the advent of the overused instant replay it’s pointless to get an early shower. Earl Weaver is 2nd on the list some 50 ejections away.

peter john edgette - 09. Apr, 2021 -

Once again, i smiled seeing “the Dave Scott Blog” on my incoming mail. Thanks for enhancing my morning cup of joe..

Coleman Langshaw - 09. Apr, 2021 -

Dave, let me see…you hate Commissioner Chip Ross….does anyone not know this? So in your blinded-by-hate myopia, you are even willing to give the Port Authority Commissioners, sans Ms. Hill (and at times, Mr. Franklin) a hall pass for their financial corruptness and greedy self-serving behavior, which in a small part rides on the backs of City Taxpayers (vis-a-vis the PILOT controversy), just to swat at Dr. Ross? Hypocrisy may be a hallmark of present-day Republicans, post-Trump (and even during his miserable tenure), but I cannot believe someone who pisses and moans about the City wasting taxpayer money, is so willing to turn a blind eye to the Port Authority and their obscene and “knuckleheaded” shenanigans. I guess being a “conservative” is a style that fits the suit when it convenient. Come on Dave, sharpen you mind and your pencil and go after the OHPA oligarchy that gleefully thumbs their noses at the citizens and taxpayers. Now THAT would be a GREAT blog coming from you!!!

John Goshco - 09. Apr, 2021 -

It’s hard to agree with Mr. Langshaw 90% of the time, but he does have a point. If the Port owes the City an annual payment, then that certainly helps to reduce the amount of taxes the citizens pay. Kudos to Commissioner Ross for digging into the issue.

On the other hand, a 28-year old letter from a former Port Chairman indicates that there was some sort of agreement in place, but the devil is always in the details. (Terms, conditions, expiration date, etc.)

Danny Fullwood - 10. Apr, 2021 -

Mr Langshaw, you know absolutely nothing about the Port Authority and never have. You never attend our meetings except the couple of times when you unsuccessful ran for port commissioner. You seem to still be angry about that and continue to bash the authority any chance you get. Try to put that behind you. You are a typical democrat, that never takes the time to learn the truth. You are clueless. I could explain it to you but I can’t understand it for you.

Diane Kirkland - 09. Apr, 2021 -

Love your column! So refreshing to read excellent commentary by someone who understands grammar and punctuation, as well as irony and humor.

Nomadi Costieri - 09. Apr, 2021 -

On Biden’s idiotic statements about the Georgia voting law: Throughout his entire 50 plus year political career, Joe Biden has continuingly been able to make contradicting and deceptive statements, successfully betting that no one remembers the collective litany. His current and fictitious smear on Georgia, a state that gave him 16 electoral votes on a mere margin of less 12,000 statewide votes and gave the Democrats control of the Senate, is confusing and political pandering at its worst. One would expect a “Biden Shout-Out” for the State’s Support… but that is not what has happened. And as a current example of that “Biden Bet” do any of the partisan democrat “folks” out there remember this Biden heartfelt statement made only 78 days ago: “My whole soul is in it. On this January day, my whole soul is in this: Bringing America together. Uniting our people. Uniting our Nation.” (WOW!)