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Musings, opinions, observations, questions, and random thoughts on island life, Fernandina Beach and more

Media & Democrats Take Lying And Deception To New Heights

Prominent Ohio Republican Congressman Jim Jordan told an enthusiastic crowd at Amelia Island’s Walkers Landing last night (Thursday, September 1) that the media and the Democrats are in lockstep and “the disdain they have for ‘We the people’ is scary.”

Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan addresses an attentive Amelia Island audience Thursday, Sept. 1.

Speaking without notes or a teleprompter, the eloquent 15-year influential congressman didn’t hold back in his criticism of the press and the Biden administration during his fiery and emotional talk before an audience of local U.S. Constitution Scholarship Foundation members and supporters.

Despite what he says is the “lying media and the Democrats’ disdain for America” he was confident Republicans would take back control of the House and Senate because President Joe Biden and the Democrats “haven’t done one thing right and the American people – We the People get it,” he emphasized.

He cited the proposed hiring of “87,000 new IRS employees that will be coming after you”,  the Department of Justice’s calling American “mothers and fathers that speak out at school board meetings terrorists” and the “illegal” student loan forgiveness executive order as just three examples of the “left coming after you and me” and lying about it.

He got an enthusiastic round of applause when he reminded the audience: “The House controls the money, and when we win the majority back we won’t be giving the Department of Treasury the money to fund 87,000 more IRS employees.”

He didn’t hide his contempt for the media adding: “They lie about me every day, they’re always lying, and they’re going to continue to lie. We have to push back.”

In response to a question, he said the Republican leadership will soon unveil its “Commitment to America” program much like Newt Gingrich did with the “Contract With America” in 1994. That’s when Republicans won eight Senate seats and 54 in the House to take total control of Congress for the first time since 1952.

He concluded saying: “We need to get rid of these guys and put Republicans in charge,’ and then when we win, it’s on us to do what we told the American people we were going to do and fight for the things that really matter. The country gets that.”


Speaking Of Deceptive Media:  Rookie running back Brian Robinson of the National Football League’s Washington DC football team ne, Redskins (I can’t bring myself to use that insipid new politically correct team name) was shot multiple times in an attempted robbery and carjacking in DC last weekend.

Following the incident DC Police tweeted: “Alert: Shooting Investigation in the 1000 block of H Street NE. Lookout for two black juvenile males with shoulder length dreads, medium complexion, wearing a black or brown shirt with yellow smiley faces on it.”

Reporting on the story, the pathetic Washington Post did not mention the race of the suspects, a missing detail that some might consider helpful for folks who could identify them. If white cops had shot him you can bet their race would have been in the headlines. Oh, and if the shooters had been white, it would definitely have been part of the description. And surely the two shooters continued to wear the “smiley-face” shirts so they could be easily apprehended.

But hold it! Back up! The two DC perpetrators of the NFL player’s shooting were also identified by police as “males.” How does the Washington Post know for sure that’s true since the term “female” is fluid and so difficult to identify? New Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson testified under oath that doing so is even beyond her abilities.

The victim is black, and the police say the shooters are too. But that’s not unusual in America today. Black-on-black crime is rampant and conveniently ignored by the woke media. I’ve read government statistics stating that 90% of blacks murdered are killed by other blacks. After the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement rose to prominence police were pressured to back off policing black neighborhoods, an act that resulted in 2,000 more blacks dying than in the years before.

Last year about 58% of all the nation’s murders were committed by blacks who constitute only 12.5% of the population. And they murdered mostly other blacks. I’m sure BLM and the KKK equally support this self-censorship by the mainstream media.

Who’s to blame for this carnage? White liberals, the Democrat party and the mainstream media, are the black community’s worst enemies.

The late George Mason University Professor and syndicated black columnist Walter Williams said: “Black people cannot afford to buy into the white liberal agenda. White liberals don’t pay the same price,” he said. “They don’t live in neighborhoods where their children can get shot simply sitting on their porches. White liberals don’t go to bed with the sounds of gunshots. White liberals don’t live in neighborhoods that have become economic wastelands. Their children don’t attend violent schools where they have to enter through metal detectors.”

A frustrated Williams said, “White liberals help the Democratic Party maintain political control over cities, where black residents live in despair, such as Baltimore, St. Louis, Detroit, Chicago.”

He concluded adding: “Black people cannot afford to remain fodder for their liberal agenda.”

It’s becoming more and more obvious that sending high schoolers on a class trip to their nations capitol should now be considered an act of child abuse.

Meanwhile as the Post struggles to keep its head above water — something that owner Jeff Bezos isn’t used to — it’s rumored that it may have to cut 100 newsroom positions in a massive downsizing.


Speaking Of Biased Media: Nowhere in Florida’s Parental Rights in Education and Individual Freedoms Acts bill is the phrase “Don’t Say Gay” used.

That didn’t prevent Fernandina Beach News Leader reporter Holly Dorman, from mislabeling it the “Don’t Say Gay” bill in her front-page news article Friday, August 26. The nonexistent verbiage: “Don’t Say Gay” was also in the headline of her story running across all five columns at the top of the page broadcasting: “NCSD policies to align with “‘Don’t Say Gay,’ other acts.”

Ms. Dorman obviously did not read the bill (_h1557er.docx ( that not only does NOT contain the phrase “Don’t Say Gay” but not even the word “gay.”

Instead of reading the bill Ms. Dorman probably Googled it and plucked the phrase “Don’t say gay” from one of the numerous misleading mainstream media articles that conform to her own political views.

Pay attention Ms. Dorman. Not only does the bill not ban the word “gay” in school settings, but it also doesn’t ban casual discussions of topics relating to sexual orientation and gender identity in the classroom either. If you had read the bill you were reporting on you would know that.

What the bill does is prohibit classroom instruction on “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” with children in third grade or younger, “or in a manner that is not age-appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students in accordance with state standards.”

I suggest that if Ms. Dorman wants to continue to pursue a career in journalism that she obtain the book, “On Writing Well” by William Zinsser. That and the “AP Stylebook” will greatly enhance her performance and dissuade future criticism such as this.


Put Up Or Shut Up! As local election campaigns pick up steam from now until general election day, November 8, we will be subjected to a rash of meaningless, campaign generalities and mindless blah, blah that provide voters absolutely no clue about a candidate’s position on anything substantial.

During the recent primaries mailboxes were stuffed with flyers offering inane generalities  ranging from “Support law enforcement and smart growth” to “Create good jobs and lower taxes.” Those are actual examples. No specific details were ever provided. The only literature offering specifics were those candidates telling us how awful their opponents are, detailing every indiscretion since kindergarten, including failure to color within the lines and running with scissors.

Is a candidate going to support hiring more police? Ensure that district attorneys prosecute criminals? Vocally support police officers? Vote to prevent eminent domain? Strongly support residents’ property rights? Encourage new businesses and investment? Investigate the rampant abuse of impact, building, inspection, and permitting fees? Recommend cutting bloated government payrolls? Eliminate burdensome and expensive regulations? Insist on firing inept officials and do-nothing bureaucrats? Put an end to unnecessary purchases?

They all say they want to “balance growth with environmental concerns. That’s nice. But how? What exactly are you going to do to strike a balance between the tree huggers, the business community, and developers? They’re stumped for an answer. They’re afraid they’ll offend someone.

For example, if they’re running for one of the two Fernandina Beach City Commission seats they should tell us if they agree with the Mayor Mike “Left Coast” Lednovich inspired “no smoking on the beach” ordinance. If they do, how do they foresee enforcing this ban that law enforcement says is unenforceable? Can they explain the logic behind fining pipe and cigarette smokers, and vapers, but not folks smoking cigars?

California transplant Mike “Left Coast” Lednovich

The fact is most candidates have no idea what they will do. They listen to consultants, local party officials, Political Action Committees (PACs), and angry activist groups that pump out the meaningless drivel we receive in our mail boxes. Want to make a quick and easy buck? Writing this mindless political blather is money in the bank.

Before you write a check to a local politician’s campaign, first ask him or her to describe at least two specific issues they are advocating and detail how they intend to implement them if elected and how those two will benefit the entire community. If they can’t, don’t waste your money.

Oh, and in case you missed it last week, here’s a photo at right of current Fernandina Beach City Commissioner and Mayor “Left Coast” Lednovich, publicly supporting the militant and Marxist Black Lives Matter (BLM) organization while at the same time that group was rioting, burning, looting, and shooting and beating bystanders. He supports the violent BLM while opposing smoking on the beach, which he says, “violates his rights.” Oh, he’s running for the Commission again. I’ve posted the photo as a public service so folks will know who NOT to vote for in November.


It’s Time To Revive Dwarf Tossing: Some very stupid and devious people currently govern the United States. It appears that the shorter they are the dimmer and more deceitful they are.

This is not a condemnation of short people in general nor a play on the iconic Randy Neuman song, just a casual observation that’s obvious to most Americans with a TV set but is never said out loud for fear of appearing politically incorrect.

The most apparent and unscrupulous trio of height-impaired devious federal government bureaucrats are Attorney General Merrick Garland (5’6”); Director of NIAID Tony Fauci (5’7”); and White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre (5’3”). All three come up short when it comes to telling the American public the truth.

Garland has politicized the Department of Justice and the FBI, turning them into Gestapo-like agencies with unjustified midnight raids, on homes and offices. His short-comings are so obvious and despicable that Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) told him at a Senate hearing that he should “resign in disgrace.”

Dr. Fauci’s string of lies are legendary ranging from telling Americans to wear a mask, to wear two masks, not to wear masks, that he didn’t know where Covid came from, lying that he had nothing to do with helping pay for gain of function research that caused it, to blatantly lying about the vaccines. Medical doctor and Senator Ron Paul (R-KY) has caught this nasty raspy-voiced little man in lies so many times that he frequently calls him a liar at Senate hearings.

Ms. Jean-Pierre lies to the media and the public daily. This diminutive dimwit is so inept she has to read her fibs word-for-word out of a briefing book. FOX News correspondent Peter Doocy calls her out almost daily, inducing her to quickly look down and flip through her briefing book in desperate attempts to change the subject or find an even bigger whopper.

All three look their audiences directly in the eyes and spew their outrageous claptrap. It’s like they’re competing for a Liars Hall of Fame berth.

Since not a single American ever vote for one of these despicable lying bureaucrats it’s time to bring back the politically incorrect dwarf-tossing competition and pitch all three into the Potomac.


Speaking Of Nonsensical Claptrap: Folks who support Governor Ron DeSantis’s Democrat gubernatorial challenger, Charlie Crist, are backing a politician who actually said President Joe Biden is “a good man, he’s a great man, he’s a great president,” and who accuses Governor DeSantis’s conservative supporters as having “hate” in their hearts.

Crist, who scored an unprecedented political hat trick by losing state-wide elections as a Republican, Independent and Democrat, also promises a leftist agenda that will make Florida — as Governor DeSantis accurately put it — “a subsidiary of the Biden regime.”

For an entertaining knee-slapping funny read about the hapless Crist my friend Larry Thornberry has a fascinating new piece in the American Spectator. Go to

Based on their comments I’m assuming Crist and his supporters drink heavily.


Overheard At PJD’s Beer & Wine Garden: “We live in a time where intelligent people are told to shut up so that stupid people won’t be offended.”


RIP: I was saddened to read last Sunday of the passing of prominent Atlanta businessman and philanthropist Charlie Loudermilk (1927-2022).

I was fortunate to get to know Charlie, the founder of the national chain Aaron Rents, when he requested my assistance on a couple of projects in the mid-2000s when I lived in Atlanta.

The first venture was to collaborate with his son, Robert, to develop an awareness program for the Buckhead Alliance, a coalition of businessmen, various elected officials, community organizations and private citizens to address a rising crime rate in Atlanta’s affluent Buckhead business district.

The other undertaking was to gauge support for a 50-foot clock tower that Charlie personally wanted to have erected in a small park in Buckhead’s central business district. The tower was a replica of the prominent clock tower on the campus of his alma mater, The University of North Carolina. The promotion succeeded and the park is now named after Loudermilk who footed a large portion of the bill for the greenspace.

During a meeting, when I asked Charlie who Aaron was, he told me the “Aaron” in Aaron Rents doesn’t exist, never has. He used the name to ensure the company would always be listed first in phone books and other publications using alphabetical displays.

He was an interesting man and from what I experienced and witnessed treated those around him with courtesy, respect, and kindness. Atlanta will miss him.


A younger hirsute Pierre Guite on the ice.

Speaking Of Nice Guys: Pierre Guite, a former professional hockey player from Canada was a terror on the ice but a pussycat when not body slamming opposing players.

The French-speaking former pro player, restaurateur, and salesman, who has lived on Amelia Island for 18 years, hung up his skates long ago. He’s now concentrating on raising money for a Children’s Cancer Research Fund and pouring his athletic prowess into riding a bike 500 miles in 27 days to reach a $25,000 goal.

To do so he must log a minimum of 500 miles this month and he’s seeking folks to help him reach that goal. If are interested in contributing or sponsoring Mr. Guite go to, find his place on the list of fund-raisers and contribute what you can.

An active Rotarian, Guite was inspired to help when he heard about the cancer research fund’s Great Cycle Challenge and a young girl who said “cancer will kill her” unless someone finds a cure.

Pierre’s a good man aiding a good cause.

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  • Jim Jordan is one of the founding fathers of the “Big Lie”. He also called the rape of the 10-year-old girl in Ohio a lie. This clown has to backtrack so often he’s taken to putting his shoes on backward just to get around.

    • You meant Biden right? His many fibs include, he would bring the country together, no new taxes, he would cure Covid, inflation was temporary, he would improve the lives of the middle class, he would get every American out of Afghanistan. The Dementia Dude has been lying for decades. He had to drop out of his 1987 presidential run due to his lies and plagiarism. So you meant to write Biden right?

      • I long for the days when accusations of plagiarism and exaggerating academic achievements would disqualify you from holding public office. Those sure were the good old days.

        • A weak reply from the know it all Norman K. Norm calls Trump & GOP lairs weekly. But all is forgiven for him with Biden and the donkeys. Hypocrisy is a moral failure. Norm you morally fail week after week. I am convinced you are too weak of a man to know otherwise.

        • How about longing for the days of a politician extorting another government and then bragging about it? How about lying about basically everything he’s ever been accused of, including his interaction with his criminal family members?

  • Hard to believe that anyone would waste their time going to hear Jordan. His lies are indicative of all that is wrong with the Republican Party today. His promulgation of “The Big Lie” has damaged our country and our democracy.

  • As inspiring as it all is Scott, while not being a defeatist (because I am confident that the victory will come from elsewhere than elections) I believe voting is senseless and just a distraction. I went to vote because two friends were running, but I felt like a sheep going to the slaughter. Knowing they stole as large a landslide as President Trump’s election in 2020, they can steal anything, or even better, keep us believe that voting matters so that we stay quiet in our seat.

  • To Nancy Billington and Richard Norman Kurpiers’ responses . . . Nancy, you’re a registered Democrat, so hearing you say “that is wrong with the Republican Party” is beyond hypocritical, and it confirms that Jordan is on the right track! Thank you for that! Richard, with your no-party-affiliation I’d love to give you the benefit of the doubt, but you might as well join the wazoos.

      • I’m guessing you are referring to me,though you replied to a different comment. First, you d I didn’t answer my question. Second, I use an obscure name because of the propensity of liberals to do doxx those whose opinions they think are wrong.

        So I ask again – what laws has ttump broken and been convicted of? Put up or shut up and go away!

        • Amen! These TDS sufferers are so out of touch with reality, they can’t even see that they are in a worse place now than they were 2 years ago. Rather, they’d love to put a former President in jail just to feel morally superior… What a joke Nancy and Dick are. Nancy you better change your voter registration information or you won’t be able to stay “unbiased”. LMAO Oh and a public records search is not stalking, just saying.

    • You do not know how I am registered and in this country I believe I may express my opinions freely. Your statement that Jordan is on the right track is indeed your opinion, but certainly not mine. Jordan has done much damage to our country as has our former President. Do you deny that Trump has repeatedly broken the law? If so, you are in a small minority.

      • Nancy Billington, voter registration is public record in Florida. It took about 5 seconds to find out that you are 77 years old, live on Fernandina Beach and are a registered Democrat. It also lists your address and phone number, which obviously I won’t post here. Just so you know…..

  • Excellent recap of Jim Jordan speech. He takes a great deal of heat for speaking truth to power, asking excellent and probing questions at hearings. Ohio is lucky to have him.

    BTW, Scott you’re obviously being widely read by readers of all sorts and leanings. Your comments show your wide appeal. No one can accuse you of canceling comments you don’t like.

  • Last evening some were treated by a presentation by our addled president about his view of the opposition party. While we and our allies are being threatened daily by the likes of China, North Korea, and Russia, the country mired in an inflationary environment, an economy floundering, he continues to focus on the former president and his followers. Watching his performance, I had a recollection of a film clip of Hitler at Nueremberg. For instance, the arm movements were almost identical for both. Interestingly, while not in that speech, denigration of the opposition is a hallmark of the former German social democrat party leader too.

    Biden’s democratic philosophy is demonstrated by his issuance of Executive Orders and directives to go around laws (his immigration actions for one). He calls Trump and his voters fascists while not recognizing his actions are exactly what a fascist does. He promised to be a uniter; he has now shown by his words he is a shameless deceiver. George Washington had the reputation of never telling a lie; Biden will have the reputation of never having told the truth.

  • To Nancy Billington, it takes two clicks to check someone’s voter registration. You’re the only Nancy Billington in the County, and you’re a Registered Democrat. What a strange feeling, isn’t it, when you realize that you can’t hide from what you are, and suddenly people can see it despite the act. Ha Ha Ha!

      • At the risk of feeding the troll, exactly WHAT do you stand for? I’ve NEVER seen one positive comment from you on anything or anybody. So COMMIT to something – what do you believe in? Who, among our elected leaders do you respect? It’s time to pu up or shut up ang go away!

        • My comment on tribalism was in reference to seeking out one’s registered party in order to pass judgment on them – as was done to Nancy Billington and myself. But that’s where we find ourselves in this toxic political environment.

        • I respond to comments in Dave’s blog. Occasionally, he’ll write something that deserves a positive comment or at least an agreement on my part. Just last week I commented, agreeing that it’s a mistake to tackle student debt by forgiving it to the tune of $10K to $20K per debtor. Most times though he writes drivel, so I respond accordingly. There’s a list of Republicans, albeit a short one these days, that I respect immensely even though I may not always agree with their politics. Unfortunately, the Trumpers and extremists have ostracized and castigated them as RINOS. It’s pretty telling that the majority of Republican congressmen with the courage to stand up for democracy and reject Trump and autocratic extremism are the ones not seeking reelection. Ergo, my comment on tribalism.

          • Ok, I stand corrected on that, and I see a positive comment below, so thank you. But I reject the premise that it is somehow tribal to support the concept of Make America Great Again. That’s something every American should support. Strong military, secure borders, remembering that the Constitution is the law of the land and the states have all the power not explicitly granted to the federal government. Thus, the push to reduce bureaucracy, excessive regulation.and taxation. And for equal justice under the law. Hillary deletes 33000 subpoena emails and destroys devices – nothing. Biden brags on camera about bribing Poroshenko to Firenze prosecutor investigating Burisma – nothing. Leaders at DOJ, FBI, Supreme Court- nothing. Trump truly exposed the depth of corruption in DC on both sides of the aisle and touched a nerve that many had felt for a long time.And the swamp and their bootlegging lackeys in the press will stop at nothing to destroy him and anybody who resists

  • Imagine my joy this morning when I discovered I meet all the requirements to be Secretary of State. Unlike Sec Blinker-left-on, I know I’m not qualified, which makes me overqualified for our current administration. Dave, if you call looking for me today, I’ll be down at Hammerheads signing up for the wrestling match. Let’s just hope they have it set up by age categories. I’ll kick ass in the over 70 group. Of note, I prefer cherry Jell-O.

  • To Richard Norman Kurpiers. It doesn’t take much critical thinking to recognize a stolen election, a corrupt government and that the Democrat tribe viscerally hates everyone and everything that doesn’t fit their emotional reasoning. And it takes serious intellectual dishonesty (name it the “Suspension of Disbelief” if you relate to that better) to ignore the reality of the economical, strength and reputation destruction brought upon our Country by the Democrat tribe.

    • And yet no one, especially the election deniers, can produce any evidence of fraud sufficient enough to have affected the outcome of the 2020 election. Even Trump appointed judges have rejected every election fraud claim brought to them. And you presume to lecture me about “Suspension of Disbelief” while continuing to insist, without any evidence, that the election was stolen?

      • RE: “And yet no one, especially the election deniers, can produce any evidence of fraud sufficient enough to have affected the outcome of the 2020 election”

        You must not have been paying attention or are merely in denial. The question is, has it been adequately considered. I think not. Reams of evidence have been produced. Election law/deadlines made it very difficult to put together cases on a timely basis. I wrote about it after the election (see links below), but piles more evidence have been accumulated since. Some was specific proof of fraud, other was evidence of system weaknesses or deliberate activities that throw entire system into question, suggesting that the outcome could not be relied upon.

        The Empire Strikes Back

        Anatomy of an Election Steal

        “Not a Shred of Evidence of Election Fraud”

        Election Fraud Hearings Held in PA, AZ, MI …

        More recent research and movies such as 2000 Mules and Selection Code have only made it more obvious what happened in 2020 and what will happen again, if we allow it to.

        • The benefit of the doubt was wasted here, as was my time. I read the links you provided and if I hadn’t just taken a shower I would have taken one post haste. While you and some of your readers might be impressed by credentials in lieu of taking deeper dives, I am not one of them. Four degrees from MIT only prove that Shiva Ayyadurai is a good student – nothing else. When your own MIT colleagues, as well as professors from well-respected Ivy League schools call you a quack, thereby putting their own reputations on the line, I tend to give it credence. Not to mention that Shiva claims to have invented email in 1982 when my employer, Martin Marietta, was using a system called PROFS in 1981 that sent and received electronic mail. I could go on, but in short, Shiva is a nutjob. But it gets even worse. In your link referring to “Not a Shred of Evidence of Election Fraud”, under “Hearings”, you offer up two links spelled identically but hyperlinked to two different spellings of “election” (versus “elction”) as evidence that Google is somehow part of a conspiracy to hide proof-of-election-fraud videos. What kind of skullduggery is this?! At this point in my reading, any benefit of the doubt I afforded you was now gone. Thanks, but no thanks.

          • Pretty weak response, Mr. Kurpiers.

            Ayyadurai did use inferential logic to prove that some of the election results were highly improbable. Your attempts to kill the messenger fell short.

            Several people have at least some claim to developing forms of email- probably a lot more valid than the Algore claiming to invent the internet.

            One of the search links in my original article was google and one was another search engine The one letter error in one of them has little effect on the search results. It is very interesting how many of the search links have vanished, which kinda proves my point. I was able to find some of the ones that Google banished or downranked, which kind approves my point.

            I wouldn’t expect to convince you of anything, no matter how logical and how validated, as you are clearly suffering from extreme confirmation bias and TDS. We pray for your soul. My writing here is for other readers, not you. In any case, you would not have had time to go through all of those links, as you said you did, and still respond when you did. It is clear that you are a troll with an agenda, but you make a good foil for us.

            I was initially skeptical about the extent of fraud claims, but after staying up all night to watch the bizarre vote counting hijinks, reading about the tricks with mail-in ballots, drop boxes, “ballot curing”, signatures, blocking of legitimate observations and watching all the swing state election hearings, etc., my worst fears and more were confirmed.

            The first link I provided is a wider survey of election fraud, some of it outside the election procedures/activities themselves.

  • Great column, Dave. Be prepared for an online onslaught about your theory regarding short people in Washington. The three you mention by name are not only short in stature, but short on morals, dignity and regard for everyday thoughtful Americans. Would have enjoyed attending Jim Jordan’s local visit. He’s right on point with the issues that concern me most.
    In regard to Biden’s speech last night, it very much reminded me of the singing competition in “The Sound of Music” The Marines in the shadows were the Nazis. The lighting was spooky, and I bet a lot of people in attendance were wishing to escape.
    As for Charlie Crist…well, hopefully the voters in our great state will cut him off at the knees during the election, therefore making him eligible to be tossed in a river with the others. (But not the St. Johns river. Its polluted enough.
    One more thought regarding the speech. If Biden was going to cure cancer, why hasn’t he done it in the first FOUR decades of his stint in Washington? With the short time he has left, he may want to look into a cure for dementia. Biden and his ilk are all self serving anyway, what’s the harm in that?

  • To Richard Norman Kurpiers for your comment “Unfortunately, the Trumpers and extremists have ostracized and castigated them as RINOS.” Well, if they did so it’s because they are, and they must be if you like them. Talking about “ostracized and castigated” how does The Democrat Tribe comes across to you when going to GOP’s personal home, or refusing them service, or even threatening Supreme Court Justices? and . . . to Nancy Billington on your “Umm, what a talented stalker you are.” you are so funny! That’s not stalking, it’s doing homework, but how about Anne Henehan Oman (D) who lives on 1326 Atlantic Avenue and who in February published in the News Leader list of names for people to harass? That’s inviting to violence and retaliation, plain a simple . . . again classic Democrat Tribe primal behavior.

    • Bernard, you’re wasting your breath. You can always tell a liberal but you can’t tell them much. Liberals don’t want to hear the Truth because they are unable to cope with the thought of having their illusions (delusions) broken.

  • To Richard Norman Kurpiers. Since you only look at what fits your belief and reject all the evidences presented (from live TV news on election day accidently switching voting number while live on screen, to the 2,000 Mules documentary factually based on tracking, to the shenanigan in AZ and all the swing States) you indeed should be the last person to lecture others about (and I quote you again here) “independent and critical thinking”. “Obtuse” is probably the term that fits best. But in the end, you’re not going to change you mind, you’re just posturing, because there isn’t much left to do or you can do. And before you say so, yes, I will not change my mind either, but at least my opinion is founded on logic and experience, not emotion and the need to impress.

    • “…my opinion is founded on logic and experience..” What, your experience with cybersecurity and infrastructure (CISA)? You’d do better by staying in your realm of food service and security guard training before offering up long-ago debunked conspiracy theories as evidence of your ability to discern truth from lies.

      • And there you have it… Dick can’t base his opinion on logic, so how could anyone else? If that doesn’t work, just insult them… Right? If you’re going to defend Miller for no evidence, then you should extend the same courtesy to President Trump. All these investigations, unlimited resources have done what? The FBI and Congress has spent more time investigating Trump then they did 9/11… Our government and the current administration is a JOKE! The President’s son is guilty of so much crap it isn’t even funny. The “Big Guy” is in on it and is on video extorting Ukraine. How much more evidence would one need to be convicted? Perhaps a early morning raid on the White House would produce some evidence?

        • You mean the logic that relies on the fact that geolocation tracking on cell phones is only accurate to around 40 feet? And that’s using 5G when conditions are perfect (close proximity to a cell tower with direct line-of-sight and no electrical or other kinds of interference). Go ahead, turn on location tracking on your cell phone, share it with someone, and then ask them whether they can even tell if you’re inside your house or not. You mean the logic that informs you that ballot drop boxes are by design, placed in high-traffic areas in which the same person, like mailmen, delivery drivers, police, etc. pass by multiple times a day? I drive by a drop box location a minimum of 10 times a week. I guess that makes me a mule. You mean the logic that says when a Georgia Board of Elections investigator determines that nothing illegal has occurred when D’Souza shows a video of a man depositing multiple ballots into a dropbox, that D’Souza is lying? The man was identified and the investigation revealed that he was depositing the ballots for himself, his wife, and his adult children. All perfectly legal in Georgia. You mean the logic that clearly demonstrates an image was doctored (albeit poorly) when D’Souza presented it as proof that the same man deposited ballots into a dropbox on two different occasions? Or perhaps you mean the logic that says when a Yuma sheriff denies D’Souza’s claim that his movie sparked an investigation that perhaps D’Souza is lying? Or what about the logic that makes you wonder why, after repeated requests by the Arizona Attorney General, True the Vote steadfastly refuses to turn over evidence it claims it has in its possession? I mean, what’s the point of creating a movie about election fraud if you don’t want it investigated by outside authorities? Or what about the logic behind one of True the Vote’s biggest donors, who gifted the organization $2.5 million, and took the group to court to get his money back, citing their failed efforts? Here’s some logic for you. D’Souza is laughing all the way to the bank after pocketing millions off of the suckers who paid to watch 2000 Mules. A movie that FOX News refused to broadcast, promote, or even discuss on air.

  • Yawn. You continue to ignore the obvious Mr. Miller. Election fraud claims have gone nowhere because, well, they lead nowhere. In that world of denial you live in, how do you reconcile that the Supreme Court, including “nays” from the three justices appointed by Trump, has refused to hear the cases of election fraud submitted before it? Explain why, when Democrat candidates lose elections, they don’t scream fraud – with the exception of Virginia Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe who was referring to the election in Georgia in which Abrams lost. (It’s also worthy to note that the “liberal” media took McAuliffe to task for his accusation.) In cases of “put up or shut up”: 1. Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach argued before state lawmakers that his office needed special power to prosec­ute voter fraud because he knew of 100 such cases in his state. After being gran­ted these powers, he has brought six such cases, of which only four have been success­ful. The secret­ary has also test­i­fied about his review of 84 million votes cast in 22 states, which yiel­ded 14 instances of fraud referred for prosec­u­tion, which amounts to a 0.00000017 percent fraud rate. 2. Texas passed its strict photo ID law to protect against what it claimed was widespread voter fraud. Yet the chief law enforce­ment offi­cial in the state respons­ible for such prosec­u­tions knew of only one convic­tion and one guilty plea that involved in-person voter fraud in all Texas elec­tions from 2002 through 2014. 3. An invest­ig­a­tion in Color­ado, in which the Secret­ary of State alleged 100 cases of voter fraud, yiel­ded one convic­tion. 4. Or how about Rick Scott, who initi­ated an effort to remove what he alleged was 182,000 non-citizen regis­trants from the state’s rolls? That list quickly dwindled to 198. Even this amended list contained many false posit­ives, such as a WWII veteran born in Brook­lyn. In the end, only 85 non-citizen regis­trants were iden­ti­fied and only one was convicted of fraud, out of a total of 12 million registered voters. 5. Then there’s Trump’s special commission to investigate what he claimed was widespread election fraud in the 2016 election. Upon finding no evidence of such claims, Trump quietly disbanded the commission and then tried to keep the report’s findings hidden until a court ordered him to release the documents to Congress. 6. Most recently, DeSantis boasted in a press conference that his Office of Election Crimes Security had found 20 people convicted of felonies who illegally voted. When referring to these 20 people DeSantis said, “”They did not go through any process. They did not get their rights restored and yet they went ahead and voted anyways. That is against the law and now they’re going to pay the price for it…” Only, THEY DID go through the process and were sent voter registration cards along with permission to vote in the 2020 elections. In a poor attempt to backtrack his earlier statements, DeSantis then tried to blame local election offices for the snafu. Only his handpicked head of the election crimes office disputed that and said the fault lies with the State which supplies local elections offices with criminal records but failed to do so. As for your claim that a “one letter error in one of them has little effect on the search results” couldn’t be more wrong. Go back to that link where the “one letter error” exists, click on it. Now, with the results that come up, go through each result returned and right-mouse click, then “View Source”, then CTRL-F to bring up the Find input box. Type “elction” and hit ENTER. Viola! You will find in the source script occurrences of the word “elction”. See? No conspiracy. No Google banishing or downranking results or whatever other dark state fills your head. The original results you claim to have existed when you first wrote that blog simply no longer have the word “elction” in the source or tagged in the videos. Simple as that.

  • Why do some people always have the last word?

    There are many reasons people behave as they do. Trying to understand the psyche behind aggressive behaviors can help to plan your course of action if you regularly deal with people who insist on always having the last word.


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