2019 Posts

Let’s Buy A Cop A Christmas Coffee!

(Editor’s Note: I will take a couple of weeks off to celebrate the Christmas season with family and friends. The blog will resume January 10. I appreciate your readership and comments and hope all of you have a very happy Christmas and a prosperous 2020.)

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Are “Fat, Drunk & Stupid” Keys To Success?

“You can’t go through life fat, drunk and stupid son,” said Dean Vernon Wormer in the 1978 film Animal House to Delta Tau Chi fraternity member Kent “Flounder” Dorfman, who boasted a 0.2 GPA.

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I’m Sorry! Except, I’m Really Not

When I was kid I led some pals of mine through a neighborhood yard trampling freshly planted flowers into mush, an incident that incited the neighbor to call my mother and complain.

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“Midway” Stands Out In A Sea Of Film Trash

I don’t go to movies very often.

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Parks? We Don’t Need No More Stinkin’ Parks!

The Fernandina Beach landowner that owns the most property is the city itself, which owns about one-third of the approximately 7,000 acres of land in the city limits. And it wants more.

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