Is Current Fernandina Beach Commission Getting Credit for the Work of Others?

molarrycurlySteve Nicklaus, an island financial adviser who writes a weekly “Steve’s Market Place”  column for the Fernandina Beach News-Leader, is an entertaining and fun guy to join for a couple of cold beers, and his columns are well written, interesting and amusing.

I’ve discovered that he is most always factual and rarely lets things get by him. That’s why I was surprised by two of Steve’s recent columns criticizing former Fernandina Beach City Commissioners for a variety of issues that were, in fact, not of their making and giving credit to current commissioners for good works they don’t deserve. In fact Steve just flat out got a lot of the facts wrong or

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Want to Talk to the Dead? Ride in a UFO? Meet Monkey Girl? Then Florida’s the Place for You

fancy dress ballThere is more to the state of Florida than beaches, swaying palm trees, and plenty of year-around sunshine. Lots more!

Pick up a copy of Lynn Waddell’s book “Fringe Florida” and you’ll discover some oddities you never imagined existed even if you’re a second or third generation native.

For example, did you know there is a small town 145 miles south of here between Orlando and Daytona Beach called Cassadaga that is dedicated to spiritualists who say they converse with the dead, is populated by psychics and mediums, and has consequently been named the “Psychic Capital of the World?” Ask our pal Pajama Dave and his girlfriend Zan Maddox about it as they’ve been there and have some spooky tales to tell about their unnerving overnight visit.

Or maybe you want to join a group of folks who sit around on the beach waiting to be picked up by a UFO, join a granny motorcycle club, or visit Gibsonton, a town populated by circus and carnival sideshow performers ranging from the Lizard Man and Lobster Boy to the Monkey Girl and the Human Blockhead.

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Fernandina City Hall About as Efficient As a ‘Mobile Park Home Owner’s Association’

flock of dollar fly awayIn a recent comment to this blog resident and tax payer Bill Kremler asks some probing questions about the $8,000 the Fernandina Beach City Commissioners gave to local gadfly Lynn Williams for a Water Injection Dredging (WID) project saying:

“Are we, as tax payers supposed to pay for equipment that Lynn Williams allegedly purchased to do a job that he was hired for? And also are we to pay for his travel expenses, to where, may I ask!! And are the items which were purchased (pump, valves, and gauges), now the property of the city of Fernandina Beach or will they remain with the contractor? My point is this, when a contractor is hired, doesn’t he bring along the tools to do the job.”

Mr. Kremler makes some valid points as I’ve never expected to pay for a contractor’s tools or travel expenses for work they do on my house or car. But the city agreed in a document signed May 15, 2013 that materials purchased will remain the property of Williams and David Cook. How come, since the tax payers paid for them?

If this $8,000 Water Injection Dredging (WID) idea has drawn critical local media attention and angst among his supportive Curly, Larry and Moe trio of city commissioners it should set off alarm bells about what else might be going on with our tax dollars down at city hall on a much larger scale.

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Media On The Offense Against ‘Offensive’ Conservative Columnists And The Redskins

Word cloud for Media biasThe nation’s media is on the offense to protect the public from what they consider “offensive.”

Editors of several major newspapers in California, Washington State, and Oregon have said they will no longer allow “Redskins” to be used in print in their publications and syndicated columnist George Will’s opinion is no longer welcome in the pages of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

The newspapers dropping “Redskins” from their reporting say they are doing so because they consider the 80-year-old name  “offensive,” while the Post-Dispatch announced that

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Research & Survey Say Niceville’s Mullet & Politics The Perfect Mix For A Happy Life

Political Parties Crossroads Sign Democrat and RepublicanThe results of a Clarity Campaign Labs questionnaire I participated in recently indicate that I should be living in Niceville, a Florida panhandle town near Ft. Walton Beach and Eglin Air Force Base as most of the folks there think as I do, or so say the Clarity folks.

A recent Pew Research Center report claims that the average American is much more likely to choose to live near folks who think as they do saying, “liberals like living in urban areas, within walking distance of shops and neighbors, while conservatives prefer the wide-open spaces outside the city that puts more distance between themselves and the next-closest house.”

Answering “Agree,” “Disagree” or “Don’t Include” to seven questions that include “I identify with the Democrats more than the Republicans” and “I attend religious services regularly” the Clarity people ask you to identify the state were you want to live and then tell you what zip code and towns within it suit you best. I got Niceville, zip code 32578, a pleasant enough sounding place with the next closest ideological town being Fleming Island, not far down the road from Amelia Island and then Shalimar, a town just a few miles from Niceville, and I’m thinking the proximity of a US Air Force Base has a lot to do with these panhandle town’s conservative leanings.

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