Dec. 12 Last Chance To Stop The Grinch From Descending Mt. Crumpit To Terrorize Locals

Following last Friday’s blog urging readers to vote for Fernandina Beach City Commission candidate Orlando Avila and not Chip Ross, I received an email from Ross saying: “Too bad you did not stay to the end of the forum last night …my closing statement was written with you in mind.”

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Family’s Home Became A Bottomless Money Pit Due To Candidate Chip Ross’ Legal Antics

John and Teresa Sauer, and son, John Jr., expected to be settled in their new home for Thanksgiving, instead they were in a hotel thanks to legal actions taken by Fernandina Beach City Commission candidate Ronald “Chip” Ross.

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Famed Local Pundit Shares His Eye Witness Accounts Of American Politics In New Book

Amelia Island resident Neal B. Freeman’s new Book “Skirmishes” is one that I defy readers to pick up, open to any page, and stop reading. The book is broken down into six subject chapters, each rich with this fascinating man’s insight, wit, eye-witness historical perspective, thought-provoking commentary, and more.

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This Thanksgiving Marks 40th Anniversary Of Amelia Island’s “Highest” Level

Next week Amelia Island will celebrate the 40th anniversary of what would be a very memorable event if any of those involved could remember what the hell it was.

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“There’s Nothing To See Here” Says Times-Union About Kneeling Jaguars And The NFL

“I do not take a single newspaper, not read one a month, and I feel myself infinitely happier for it.” — Thomas Jefferson.

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