Some Commissioner’s Comments Regarding New City Manager Search A Real Gas(s)


Comic pop art colorful design, vector illustration.

Based on some of the comments made by one Fernandina Beach City Commissioner to the recruiting firm searching for a new city manager it appears that she didn’t give much thought to the fact that anything said might be a matter of public record or she didn’t give a rip.

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A World War II Paratrooper’s Amazing Tale; Naked Bartenders? Sorry, They’re Off Today

Paratroopers in the sky

Have you ever had someone tell you something that sticks in your memory and just won’t let go? A couple of weeks ago it happened to me when I met newly arrived Amelia Island resident from Kentucky, Mike Creed, while sipping a beer on the balcony of the Salty Pelican.

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Eliminating The Name “Redskins” Has Many Washington D.C. Football Fans Seeing Red

138837_600Raise your hand if you’ve ever seen a red person. Yeh, me either.

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When Screwing Tax Payers It’s Good To Be The King; But It’s Better To Be The President

In his hysterical 1981 film “History of the World: Part I,” Mel Brooks, playing the role of French King Louis XVI, turns to the camera several times after molesting a number of buxom filles d’honneur, declaring to the audience: “It’s good to be the king.”

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Sheffield Group Gets Bourbon St. Influence; Downtown Works To Fill Empty Storefronts

Colorful Glowing Neon Lights Graphic Designs for Cafe and Motel Signs on Black Background.

Joey Ledet has only been in town six weeks, but his influence is already being felt.

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