Captain Jacks Smokehouse Latest Addition To Growing Landscape Of Island BBQ Joints

If you like barbeque — particularly beef brisket — then strap on a bib, grab a fork and knife, and head to the just opened Captain Jacks for some of the best tasting beef ‘cue you’ll put in your mouth outside of Texas.

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Stop Calling Us Names You #%$&*^!

I pointed out last week that the folks at Conserve Amelia Now (CAN)  don’t care for me or my opinions and they make that abundantly clear with their comments here and on their web site.

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Development? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Development!

The folks that populate the recently created Conserve Amelia Now (CAN) organization obviously don’t care for me or my opinions very much as indicated by their recent Facebook postings in response to my comments last week condemning their Amelia Bluff and other anti-development activities.

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Conflicted Local “Conservationists” Lash Out At Those Most Willing To Help Their Cause

Ask any of the folks representing the three conservationist groups – Conserve Amelia Now (CAN), Amelia Tree Conservatory (ATC), The local Sierra Club – how much they have contributed to the city’s conservation fund, and they’ll quickly change the subject. The answer is nothing, not a cent.

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Kate Smith, George Washington & John Wayne Must Be Erased From U.S. History

Democrat left-wingers are doing a Taliban-like job.

When I was growing up in the 1950s the Cold War was raging, and my elementary school classmates and I were ducking under desks to protect ourselves from the imminent Soviet Union nuclear attacks.

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