Sheffield Group Gets Bourbon St. Influence; Downtown Works To Fill Empty Storefronts

Colorful Glowing Neon Lights Graphic Designs for Cafe and Motel Signs on Black Background.

Joey Ledet has only been in town six weeks, but his influence is already being felt.

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JAX Paper Apologizes for Calling Bruce “Bruce”; Commissioner Miller Provides Comic Relief

Group of young people reading newspaper. Looking very surprised and interested in

This past Sunday the Florida Times-Union‘s Editor Frank Denton, who writes a weekly Sunday column, fell all over himself apologizing that his paper: “…did not reflect the reality that it is Caitlyn Jenner — not the former Bruce Jenner — appearing on the cover of Vanity Fair…”

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Smoked Mullet, Cold Beer, Hot Women, Surging Sturgeons & More Await In Cedar Key

Cedar Key WaterfrontI knew I was really going to like Cedar Key, when local oysterman Mike Davis, who was ¬†perched on a bar stool opposite me at the funky waterfront Tiki Bar,¬†revealed the secret of happiness the way Tom T. Hall wrote songs: “A smoked mullet, a cold beer, and a hot woman.”

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Consumer Reports Rips Imported Shrimp; Says U.S. Wild Caught Tastiest and Safest

Shrimp boats docked at downtown Fernandina Beach's harbor provide some of the tastiest and safest shrimp available anywhere. (Photo courtesy of Rick Scott)

Shrimp boats docked at downtown Fernandina Beach’s harbor provide some of the tastiest and safest shrimp available anywhere. (Photo courtesy of Rick Scott)

The June 2015 issue of Consumer Reports contains a revealing seven-page special report confirming what most of us living on or near Amelia Island already know about the delights of eating fresh wild-caught shrimp and the dangers and foulness of the imported and farm raised rubbish.

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Florida Times-Union Columnist Dismisses Jacksonville’s Soaring Crime As “Venting”

American Flag Buried In Violence Headlines

Just when I thought the Jacksonville-based Florida Times-Union newspaper had reached its limit of absurdity with its massive nonstop coverage of that city’s three-victory NFL football team, which hasn’t played a game in almost six months, along comes FTU editorial columnist Tonyaa Weathersbee with outrageous excuses for that city’s mindless violence and crime.

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