Florida Times-Union Columnist Dismisses Jacksonville’s Soaring Crime As “Venting”

American Flag Buried In Violence Headlines

Just when I thought the Jacksonville-based Florida Times-Union newspaper had reached its limit of absurdity with its massive nonstop coverage of that city’s three-victory NFL football team, which hasn’t played a game in almost six months, along comes FTU editorial columnist Tonyaa Weathersbee with outrageous excuses for that city’s mindless violence and crime.

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Alcoholics, Drug Addicts & A Sex Offender Straining An Island Neighborhood’s Patience

"Well, they seemed nice."Suppose as many as 24 people, whose objective was to shake alcohol and drug addiction, jammed themselves into the four-bedroom house next to you? And suppose the owner of the house was a registered sex offender? Would any of this concern you?

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Fernandina City Manager On Hot Seat After Verbal Flogging By Two Commissioners

Letter F grade on a report card rating a terrible, bad, poor preformance in school, a class, job or other scored activity

Mexico couldn’t hold a candle to the goings on at the May 5 Fernandina Beach City Commission session as not even a drunken Cinco de Mayo celebration could have topped the fireworks inside City Hall this past Tuesday evening, May 5.

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Fernandina City Commissioner Miller Going On “Fishing” Expedition To Washington, DC

Don Quixote and windmilOops! Last week I said Fernandina Beach City Commissioner Johnny Miller was asking anyone who would listen to send him money to finance his trip to Washington, DC to help him save the world from plastic bags.

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News Wrecker Parody Newspaper Pokes Fun At Amelia Island’s Sacred Cows

newswreckercoverLast April in this space I announced that I was considering producing the Amelia Island News Wrecker, a satirical newspaper devoted to good naturedly spoofing the island, its history, businesses, government and anything else in my sights and said the target date for publishing it was Shrimp Festival 2015.

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