Democrats Falsely Whine At Local Campaign Rally: “You an’ me, we sweat an’ strain”

“Nobody should have to work three jobs to support their kids,” said a guy named Russell Harper, president of something called the North Florida Central Labor Council, who was a warm-up speaker at a sparsely attended Amelia Island Democrat Party rally for Chris King, the party’s candidate for Florida’s Lt. Governor, last Sunday afternoon. “Can we survive? Can we retire? Can we get healthcare when we retire?” an obviously confused and anxious Mr. Harper asked the crowd.

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Hate The Boss? Then He’s Likely A Good One

If you don’t like your boss very much that person is probably a good leader. If they’re humble, even better. 

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Florida: The Deadliest Place To Ride a Bicycle

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve enjoyed biking as a leisurely and efficient way to get from one place to another.

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Mayor Moonbeam’s Top 10 Silly Thoughts

Fernandina Beach Mayor Johnny “Moonbeam” Miller’s embrace of wacky causes is reminiscent of the Monty Python Ministry of Silly Walks sketch, where candidates perform highly exaggerated and outrageous gaits to obtain government endorsement and grants.

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Publication’s Fawning Restaurant Reviews May Be Hard For Many Readers To Swallow

Readers looking for articles about dim, corrupt politicians, the police blotter, chaotic and confusing city and county commission meetings, and angry and incoherent letters to the editor,  needn’t bother reading the Amelia Islander Magazine. It’s as squeaky clean as the monthly “United Church Observer.” 

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