Major League Baseball, Canadian Blue Hairs, And Mean Biker Gal All Part Of Guy’s Day Out

This past Monday I accompanied three local pals — Billy Cimino, Cameron Hansen, and Hupp Huppman — to a Spring Training baseball game between the Atlanta Braves and Pittsburgh Pirates at the Braves complex outside of Orlando.

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Anti-Development, Lawsuits, Chicken Poop; All Business As Usual For City Commission

A typical Fernandina Beach City Commission session.

A number of years ago while preparing a response to a media inquiry about the sale of a company asset I asked the chairman and founder of the corporation I worked for if the property in question was indeed for sale. He answered saying: “For the right price everything is for sale except my dog and my wife.”

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Who To Tip, Who Not To Tip, What To Tip, And Where To Tip Have Me At The Tipping Point

Do you dare not tip the chef?

A few days following my 16th birthday I landed a part-time at a Kwik Chek grocery store on Tampa’s Bay-to-Bay Boulevard where I worked until graduation from nearby Plant High School.

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Far Left Democrats Bring Two Films To Life Imitating “Life of Brian” and “Being There”

“Life imitates art far more than art imitate life” claimed Oscar Wilde, citing a child’s tendency to imitate what he or she reads in books and stories as an example. 

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Cuba Tour Illustrates Democrat Party’s Vision Of Their Plan For The Future Of America

A Cuban family enjoying their government housing.

Pat Keogh

(Editor’s note: Guest editorial writer Pat Keogh is an entrepreneur, businessman, lawyer and investor who owns restaurants and other properties in Fernandina Beach and Nassau County. He recently returned from a trip to Cuba and shares his views of what he saw there that  Democrat Party Socialists now enthusiastically want to foist onto the American public. Mr. Keogh left Fernandina Beach in 2016 for Austin, Texas. He has since purchased another home on Amelia Island, while intentionally avoiding buying within the Fernandina Beach city limits due to its “outrageous city fees, taxes and bureaucracy.” )

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