2017 To Be Year of Restaurants And Bars; Cheers-Like Joint & Gastronomes Planned

2017 will be a boon year for the bar and restaurant aficionados on Amelia Island with seven new restaurants and bars planning on opening and six others being refurbished under new ownership or management.

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What Celebrity Would Have Travelers Hip Hopping Down The Florida Tourist Trail?


Young Beautiful Woman with Money Dreaming About how to Spend. Pop Art Vector illustration

I’d never heard of Pitbull until Governor Rick Scott sacked the state tourism chief and a pair of his executives resigned after it was discovered they signed the Miami rapper to a secretive state-funded million dollar contract to promote Florida.

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Small Plates? I Don’t Want No Stinkin’ Small Plates!

aeb25e21a2ee1e9639a68b68b1110ec35a34ca7938caa79c0f3315cdfc79036a(This will be the last commentary of 2016 as I am taking a Christmas break and will resume the blog January 6, 2017. I wish all readers a very happy Christmas and a prosperous, healthy and fun New Year.)

Two popular restaurant trends I don’t like are wraps and small plates.

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Bob Dylan Was Right – The Times They Are A-Changin’ And Faster Than He Imagined

Artificial intelligence ideas as a robot head symbol made of gears and cog wheels emerges out of an open light bulb or lightbulb as an icon of highly advanced creative computing technology.

In 1977 I was a member of the public relations team that helped put together the dedication ceremony for IBM’s new General Systems Division Headquarters building in the northwestern section of Atlanta.

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Go Ahead, Make Somebody’s Christmas Day; Put Dirty Harry’s Magnum in Their Stocking

1940da75e7d7c25e45eaee0f9ae14d03Remember when you were a kid and you and your chums raced bleary-eyed out of the almost four-hour Saturday matinee of a western double-feature, six cartoons, a news reel, previews of coming attractions and a Flash Gordon serial, pointing cocked fingers at each other pretending you were Roy Rogers, The Durango Kid, or Gene Autry?

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