Fernandina Beach Mayor Miller Should Adopt Groucho’s Refrain For His Next Campaign

groucho-marx-quotes-020“Whatever It Is, I’m Against It” was Groucho Marx’s most famous refrain and I’m convinced that Fernandina Beach Mayor Johnny Miller could adopt it as a campaign slogan if he intends to once again run for a seat on the City Commission or any other political office he aspires to attain. It would also grant him instant credibility if he were to ever apply for a position with Greenpeace or the Sierra Club.

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Sometimes ‘The Sound Of Music’ Is Too Much; But Many Local Bands Hit The Right Note

Musician plays a synthesizer in abandoned industrial interior

Not too long ago I walked into an off-island restaurant, took a seat and while looking over the menu, asked the waiter if he could turn down the ear-splitting music that was piped in from ceiling speakers. He said: “No, the guys in the kitchen like it.”

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Study Says Bart Simpson Was Mistaken When He Said “Don’t Have A Cow, Man!”

bart_dudeA recent study by Carnegie Mellon University is enough to give even the most passionate vegetarian environmentalist heartburn.

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A Wrap? I Don’t Want No Stinkin’ Wrap! What I Want Is An Old-Fashioned Sink Sandwich!

Large Chicken, Ham and Turkey Sandwich


Go to almost any eatery, scan the menu, and where sandwiches should be there’s a listing for something called wraps, which consist of a bewildering combination of leaves, twigs and colored goop stuffed inside a tortilla that’s rolled up into a rubbery tube.

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Fernandina Beach’s New “Amelia Tavern” Will Be Boon To Downtown & Beer Lovers

Rendering of Centre Street Amelia TavernWhen former Amelia Island Ritz-Carlton professionals Al Waldis and T.J. Pelletier met for happy hour about five years ago the ideas the two of them batted around over a few margaritas have materialized to positively alter the landscape of downtown Fernandina Beach’s bar and restaurant scene.

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