Two Commission Candidates Make Top Grades; Fernandina News-Leader Flunks Out

Group of young people reading newspaper.If I was to once again grade the five Fernandina Beach City Commission candidates during their second forum, this one sponsored by the online newspaper Fernandina Observer at City Hall Thursday, October 16, here’s what their report cards would look like:

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Northeast Florida Food “Critics” Are a Free Buffet For Local Restaurant And Bar Owners

human hands showing thumbs upI’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I’m not a restaurant or food critic, but I am a critic of restaurant and food critics.

If I eat somewhere and the clam chowder tastes like a boiled rubber boot, I’ll probably not mention that in this space as there may be others who enjoy the flavor of poached latex, I’m just not one of them.

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NJ Storm, Romance, And Orphan Bartender Put Six-Degrees Theory To A Positive Test

Ed and Michele Johnston with Artie officiatingThe six degrees of separation theory that proclaims that everyone and everything is six or fewer steps away, by way of introduction, from any other person in the world, was somewhat proven about five years ago on a blustery winter night at the Newark Airport by four people, three who are now full times residents of the Amelia Island area.

A severe winter storm that struck the Newark Airport dramatically altered the lives of this quartet of diverse personalities and resulted in all of them coming together at Amelia Island’s Chem Cell Club on Riverside Drive for a reunion and celebration in mid-August.

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If Election Was “Amelia Island Idol” Talent Show These Two Challengers Would Be Finalists

Election word cloudIf political forums operated like talent shows and applause was the deciding factor, then two city commission candidate challengers — restaurateur Tim Poynter and educator Robin Lentz — would be declared winners. During last Tuesday evening’s gathering at the Amelia Park Holy Trinity Church of all the candidates running for city commission seats Poynter’s and Lentz’s answers to a series of seven questions consistently drew the loudest and most sustained hand clapping from the almost full house. Poynter is challenging incumbent Charlie Corbett while Lentz is challenging incumbent Sarah Pelican. Retired businessman Roy Smith is also challenging Corbett, and all five attended the session. If I was a debate instructor assigned to grade the participants, here’s what my report card would look like:

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That Flushing Sound Is $600,000 Of Our Tax Money Disappearing Down The Toilet

Money Flows Down ToiletClose to $600,000 of our Fernandina Beach tax money has been needlessly flushed down the toilet as Adam Kaufman reports in the online newspaper Fernandina Observer last week that the city has spent almost that much prosecuting and defending the two indefensible cases involving its imposition of “impact fees” on new water customers as a result of its purchase of the City Water Utility in 2002.

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