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Musings, opinions, observations, questions, and random thoughts on island life, Fernandina Beach and more

Illegals’ Damage To Schools Shocks Congressman Bean; Nassau County System Says It’s Constrained By The Feds

“Illegal immigrants are wreaking havoc on our K-12 education systems and putting students last,” said Fernandina Beach native and Florida’s 4th District U.S. Republican Congressman Aaron Bean, explaining how a subcommittee he chairs uncovered a chaotic mess caused by illegals pouring into the country


More students on their way here.

In a June 5 letter to constituents Congressman Bean, the Chairman of the Early Childhood, Elementary, and Secondary Education Subcommittee, said: “I can sum up the hearing with one word: shocking! We learned that teachers are teaching in hallways, schools are housing illegal immigrants, resources are being diverted to illegal immigrants, and the safety of students and teachers is being compromised.”

Bean said, “The financial impact is staggering. Educating illegal immigrant children requires substantial resources, altering the learning environment for all students. Overcrowded classrooms, the need for new facilities, and strained student-to-teacher ratios are just some of the challenges.”

He concluded saying: “But that’s not all. Nationwide, it’s estimated that illegal immigration has increased education costs by more than $2 billion a year.” Bean’s  letter can be read by clicking here Congressman Aaron Bean

So how is Biden’s chaotic border mess impacting schools, students, and tax payers in Nassau County?

It’s hard to tell. The Biden administration hamstrings state and local governments from reporting what’s actually taking place.

According to Nassau County Assistant Superintendent of Schools Mark Durham there may be 200 or so students who require English Language Learner (ELL) teachers in the Nassau County System, and they are mostly Hispanic he says. However, he says it’s hard to even measure that effectively because the system is restricted by law from even asking a student’s status. He estimated that it’s about 1.6% of the student population.

“It’s against the law to even ask their immigration status or deny any child,” he said. “However, they do have to provide evidence they are residents of Nassau County.”

Apparently there are lots of folks in neighboring Duval County who would like to enroll their kids in the highly rated Nassau County system.

Representative Bean related that a teacher recounted having a migrant student in her class who appeared to be in his 20s, while claiming to be 18 on his documentation.

I was personally alerted in December 2021 by both a parent and a teacher of their concerns about a non-English speaking “illegal” who appears to be in his early 20’s and claims he’s 17, was enrolled as a freshman at Fernandina Beach High School. The parent was concerned for her young daughter’s safety ( ).

Congressman Bean

Because the feds restrict the local boards from asking, it’s unclear how many undocumented illegals are co-mingling with local students in the Nassau County School System and how much it costs taxpayers.

If Ms. Burns does have detailed information she’s not providing it to her School Board. Her opponent for the Superintendent job, School Board member Curtis Gaus, told me: “We don’t get that information shared with us by Burns.”

Locally and nationally Representative Bean has sounded the alert.

“It’s just happening more and more” Bean wrote. “I think it is because everything’s out of control. Enough. Let’s fix this border. Let’s get back to American schools doing what we do best, which is teaching our students math, reading and science.”

Bean said the negative effects of illegal immigration puts a further strain on U.S. schools, which are still reeling from COVID-19 lockdowns and the abrupt shift to remote learning.

He said the results of both crises are seen in standardized test scores, which he calculated to be the worst in about 20 years.


How Do Illegals Get In The System? According to the Nassau County School District’s website parents need to provide the following “necessary documents” to enroll a child in school:

  • Child’s birth certificate, health examination certificate by a private physician or the County Health Department (The examination must be reported on a special form provided by the Health Department.)
  • Certificate of immunization for the communicable diseases of poliomyelitis, mumps, diphtheria, rubeola, rubella, pertussis, tetanus, varicella, and Hepatitis
  • Proof of residency (e.g., lease agreement, utility bill, etc.)
  • Child’s social security card

Other than proof of residency, where are the illegals getting these other documents? The state and county say they are required. The federal government says they can’t be denied admission regardless. And if they don’t need them, why do Americans and legal immigrants need them? If the system can’t deny illegals a “free and public education,” then it can’t deny that to Americans and legal immigrants either can it? The state and the county appear to be caught in a Catch 22 thanks to the Biden administration. Florida’s state guidelines can be read at techassisresource.pdf

I look forward to learning more this coming Monday, June 17 at Deb Boelkes “We the People” candidate forum from 5- 7 p.m. at Holy Trinity Anglican Church Parish Hall, 1830 Lake Park Drive, Fernandina Beach featuring Burns and Gaus.  Those wanting to attend can contact Ms. Boelkes at  904-310-9602 or I’ll see you there.


What You See Is What You Get Department: Is it any wonder that the deranged pro-Hamas crazies in Washington D.C, this past week have time to deface statues, harass U.S. Park Rangers, and scream profane inane slogans they can’t explain. Did you hear them or get a glimpse of any of them?

Their faces contorted in anger and hatred are only obscured by their incomprehensible screaming, radicalized fury, dishonesty, and hysteria. Their venomous attitudes incoherently proclaim that those disagreeing with them must be silenced, vilified, punished, and destroyed.

For most of these pathetic slobs their appearances match their dispositions. It’s obvious many of these sad sacks don’t miss many dinner bells. What else do these massively obese and hideous creatures have to do? Where would they go other than an All-You-Can-Eat Golden Corral Buffet”? Who would hire them? Would you invite them to Sunday lunch with mom and pop, to have a beer with you and your pals, or date one of these behemoths who appear to be measured in time zones?

In addition to their unhealthy and disheveled looks they are saddled with severely limited intellects. Based on their idiotic chants these “useful idiots” (Vladimir Lenin’s phrase for U.S. Communist Party sympathizers) have no understanding of the war between Hamas and Israel and the Palestine issue. They behave like simple-minded 13-year-olds as they shout obscenities, spray paint vulgarities on monuments, and throw garbage and bottles at unarmed park rangers.

Like Lenin’s recruited and financed corps of  “useful  idiots” these foot soldiers of Hamas push their homicidal agenda by fomenting dissension, rioting, recruiting other paid stooges, and propagandizing according to Hamas’s dictates.

Where were the police? Why did these antisemitic crackpots deface a statue of French General Rochambeau, who helped the colonists in their fight for independence? They don’t know. Nothing they do makes sense.

For example, while these mindless thugs were free to vandalize the Washington D.C. monument with spray paint, over in Spokane, Washington, two young teens were arrested for allegedly defacing a “Pride” crosswalk mural painted on a street by leaving scooter skid marks on it. The state says their scooter skid marks could land them years behind bars and are asking $15,000 bond. Skid marks on a roadway? Good grief! None of those intentionally vandalizing  D.C. national monuments were arrested or have been charged.


It’s Worse Than You Think: I’ve watched interviews with the pro-Palestine protestors by FOX news reporters and amateur online reporters. The protestors can’t name which river or which sea they’re chanting about, and they don’t understand the impact of an Islamic government with the full powers of sharia law.

Why isn’t the other mainstream media reporting this? Why aren’t they identifying these people?

One guy came out with an amusing way of educating the crowd; he’s on YouTube (LivingLchaim). He walks through the crowd with a clipboard full of papers telling people that he is gathering signatures for a free-Palestine movement. Everybody in the video jumps at the opportunity. But then he tells them he must explain what that means before they sign his petition.

By supporting Free Palestine you agree to the terms and conditions:

  • You agree that every Jew, Christian and non-Muslim in the world must be slaughtered.
  • You endorse making homosexuality punishable by jail or death
  • You support strict Sharia Law which bans women from showing their knees, hair, playing sports in public, not being able to travel without a man’s permission.
  • You want a terrorist group that beheads babies and rapes girls to replace the only democracy in the middle east.

Not one of the potential signers knew any of this. They all hurriedly backed away.

The question is why they didn’t know these details?


Overheard At PJD’s Beer & Wine Garden: “I heard that the first nine fans at the next Oakland A’s home game will play.”


Is There Somebody Else In There We Can Speak To? In addition to being raised by Puerto Ricans, having experiences as an over-the-road truck driver, lumber yard worker, top of his class law student, civil rights freedom fighter (joining the NAACP at 15), and graduating from an all-black college, Biden was also a student of French history. As one pundit put it:  “Don’t trust a man whose uncle was eaten by cannibals.”

Many pundits are predicting that Biden’s public stumbling, dementia, corruption, sinking poll numbers, and the turmoil in the Democrat party will force him out and, in fact, he may not even make it to the debates. His imitation of a department store mannequin at the White House Juneteenth celebration drew criticism even from left wing media outlets.

As Florida pundit Jeff Childers wrote in a recent commentary: “Folks are starting to realize that, sooner or later, the Democrats are going to get us all killed with their gain of function science, shrinkflation, proxy warmongering, mandatory medicines, wide-open borders, no-bail policies, and defunding police.”

From what we can all see it is obvious that Biden isn’t calling the shots at the White House. Who is? And why hasn’t Congress acted upon this obviously senile and inept president before he does something catastrophic?

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  • In bowing to their Orange convicted felon who they compare to Jesus, many Republican congressmen and congresswomen have thwarted real bipartisan change in immigration policy to address immigration issues. It’s a classic case of Munchausen syndrome by proxy (MBP) in an attempt to curry favor with the Republican base. In a ray of hope, self-described conservatives across the river in Camden County, Georgia took to Facebook to call out incumbent state Rep. Steven Sainz for including border security in his platform while campaigning to retain his seat. “Dog-whistling” was among the criticisms levied while admonishing Sainz for ignoring responsibilities to serve his local constituents to their benefit. Congressman Bean is no different. He repeats the debunked claim made by DeSantis that tax-payer-funded schools are housing illegal immigrants. This blog is complicit in the attempts by the likes of Sainz and Bean to insult voters’ intelligence. May I live long enough to witness the pendulum swing back to elections that produce governance instead of social and democratic deterioration. BTW, the link purporting to contain Bean’s June 5th letter to constituents does nothing but open up a mail client.

    • Dear “Moderate” Majority: Of course public schools are “housing” illegal immigrants (the legal term is actually “illegal aliens”). That is undisputed by rational people who are awake (not “Woke”). They are required to, last I heard. The reason that most Republicans oppose the current border bill is that it is a Trojan Horse, full of exceptions and double talk which won’t solve the problem. The nation would be better off if we had an administration which would merely enforce existing immigration laws.

      Re: “May I live long enough to witness the pendulum swing back to elections that produce governance instead of social and democratic deterioration.” You may, if Trump is elected in November, ridiculous show trails and Lawfare notwithstanding. Please pray and work for it. We will.

  • The overwhelming invasion of our borders is not spontaneous- it is engineered by Globalist forces in the UN, some major NGO’s, churches, Democrat Party and our own government. More disturbing than this outrage is that the so-called opposition party and courts are doing little to stop these major violations of our laws. And we are being made to pay for it, too.

    As far as the so-called “Palestinian” protesters, that too is an artificial construct, the subject which could easily fill many books. It is disappointing to see so many students and ill-informed people sucked in by it. What they are advocating, whether they realize it or not, is the destruction of a whole nation, the only democracy in the Middle East. It also has a distinctly anti-Semitic flavor to it. This goes way beyond “freedom” and ignores what has been happening there in recent times, back before WWII and thousands of years ago, when the Jews were ejected from their homeland, came back, were subjugated, nearly exterminated in Europe and now at last have re-established their homeland as a thriving nation. Israelis left the Gaza strip, supported the government there even as it was plotting the destruction of Israel and hosted forces which have lobbed thousands of missiles at Israel and actually invaded it, killing thousands of Israelis and kidnapping hundreds and holding them hostage. So what did you expect the Israelis to do? Hamas is particularly brutal, not only to Israelis, but to Gaza inhabitants, using them as human shields. Recent evidence indicates that it is a formal policy to “make Gazans bleed” for propaganda purposes. The result? Many have died while Israel attempts to clean out the rats’ nest that is Hamas. Now Biden is giving them $400 million? Did Congress vote for this? Is it even legal?

  • Dave, out here at glacier National park. Great to be able to read your blog and catch up. Spend a night in Spokane, clean city,, lot ofi investment in downtown . But being home to at least two major universities it leans left. Was disappointed in this, I though all the crazies were in Seattle.
    What a difference in the State of Montana. Self reliant independent people. Friendly, and polite. Went to the local rodeo last night where the flag was honored and salute by everyone, and the National Anthem was sung, followed by a prayer. It was a great crowd and a great sight to see.

  • As I have said in the past the woke idiot who hides behind the moniker “MODERATE MAJORITY” is not worthy of listening to his opinion without identifying who he/she is. The Senile, Demented’, Buffoon Joe Biden is 100% responsible for allowing the thousands if illegal aliens into this nation. He has stacked the deck with cabinet appointees who cannot do their jobs. He has brought in queers, men claiming to be women, and a chief spokesperson who is queer and the poorest excuse for a press secretary this nation has ever been subjected to. The constant issuance of rules by unelected bureaucrats was finally addressed today by the Supreme Court in striking down the rules on bump stocks. The court ruling was firm that Congress must be the law maker and not individuals unaccounted to the voters. I just hope this ruling and the mindset trickles down to states, counties, and cities so elected officials are held accountable.

  • So, Undocumented Democrats are now taking their toll on our little bubble of paradise. NC School district will require additional mils (in your tax burden) to teach the English language to those in need. And remember the 1 mil tax, you voted for, will increase with every rise in your yearly appraisal.
    Wouldn’t it be a welcome change to limit all taxing authorities to the same 3% or less, similar to the county and state burden.

  • So …. it’s against the law to ask someone who has broken the law (illegal immigrant) their immigration status. That’s freaking laughable. As a taxpayer, I am disgusted that my money is being spent on those who break the law. Take a look at what’s happening in Europe … immigrants have taken over their countries and are becoming the majority. If we don’t close our leaking borders, we’ll be in the same boat. The Washington swamp is just a pawn for the global elite. They have taken over the Democrat party to create the new world order. So, those who are diehard democrats …. your party is dead. This is no longer about political parties … it’s now about America’s survival. Donald Trump is the only man who can battle this evil.

  • How does “Moderate Majority” justify his/her handle ? He or she is not moderate and not in the majority … maybe a better handle would be “Suffering from TDS” ?

    • You must justify your handle as being representative of the smallness of your mind. Nassau County as well as most other places in the southeast are overwhelmingly republican, however, only a small percentage of the population subscribes to the ideologies expressed on this blog. In my opinion, MM does in fact represent a more moderate viewpoint and is more typical to the nicer people I have met since arriving some 20 years ago.

  • Repeating. The 2020 census reveals that just over 70% of Nassau County registered as Republicans. One should assume that they are “The Conservative Majority.”

    • Repeat yourself as often as you like but don’t think for a minute that the tide isn’t changing.

  • Let’s continue to back our wonderful Congressman, Aaron Bean!! We went to a breakfast with him last week, have donated to his campaign, and encourage everyone who hears his “common sense” solutions to back him in whatever way they can! Bean is an outspoken opponent of allowing “illegal aliens” (let’s call a spade a spade!) to bring down most all the standards we have built within our public schools. Look NOW – our standardized test scores are calculated to be the worst in 20 years! Those on the Left are continually about putting OTHERS first, not Americans! People who have come into this country, ILLEGALLY, no matter the cause or excuse, are CRIMINALS, pure and simple. They have broken our laws. In every other country this is understood. Compassion must be directed towards OUR people, and especially, towards OUR children! Our children are being pushed aside for criminals, and relegated to second place citizens. Aaron Bean understands this principle….and all OTHER American principles given to us by our Constitution. Aaron is a real Patriot. Go Aaron! Go Trump!

  • Obviously, I think Trump is a foul man and not fit or qualified to hold the office of President of the United States of America. That’s pretty clear to most people, including a growing number of the republican majority in the State of Florida. I am really just curious how y’all reconcile Trump’s words and behavior with your self professed righteousness?

  • Why don’t you just tell your thoughts on the “constant stream of vulgarity…” because apparently you have quite a few thoughts.

  • What are your thoughts on the constant stream of vulgarity that emits from the soulless being, Donald Trump?

  • Lack of education leads to lack of vocabulary leads to using vulgarity as the only means of verbal communication.


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