Musings, opinions, observations, questions, and random thoughts on island life, Fernandina Beach and more

Musings, opinions, observations, questions, and random thoughts on island life, Fernandina Beach and more

Fernandina’s New Ranking As Most Conservative FL City Exposes Candidate Minshew’s Phony Conversion To GOP

A recent national real estate site study that ranks Fernandina Beach as Florida’s most conservative city exposes the blatant hypocrisy and transparency of leftist City Commission candidate Genece Minshew’s stealth switch to the Republican party.

City Commission candidate Minshew.

Minshew filed to run for Seat 2 against incumbent David Sturges, on Wednesday, April 24. The day before, Tuesday, April 23, she registered as a Republican dropping her Democrat affiliation. Why?

The former local Pride group president is a lot of things, but a Republican ain’t one of them. Not even the Log Cabin, variety. She evidently saw the handwriting on the wall and flipped only for appearance reasons in this, her third attempt to secure a City Commission seat.

In addition to her far left activism, she is now faced with Fernandina Beach’s new-found reputation for being ranked the most conservative city in one of the most conservative states in the nation and a major hub for the Republican party. A conservative is something else Minshew ain’t.

A clue to the area’s Republican heritage and deep-seated conservatism is the billboard (pictured above this column) that Amelia Island resident Amelia Borghese spearheaded. Two of these “Vote Red!  Rescue America” signs will appear soon on two highly trafficked sections of Interstate 95, that lead to the airport. She is hoping to purchase a third one soon. The cost of the signs are $3,000 per month not including the design, taxes, artwork, etc. Contributions from locals helped cover some expenses but more would be appreciated and can be sent to Ms. Borghese at AJB Renovations, 705 Ocean Club PL, Amelia Island, FL 32034.

“Even though some of Florida’s larger cities tend to be more moderate, there are plenty of small to mid-sized cities that are still a haven for Republicans” says the new report. “Fernandina Beach heads that list”, says Property Club,  a New York-based  online  real estate platform that helps people market, search for, buy, rent, and invest in real estate.

Following is the organization’s ranking of the 10 Most Conservative Cities in Florida:

  1. Fernandina Beach
  2. Panama City Beach
  3. Crestview
  4. Fort Walton Beach
  5. St. Augustine
  6. Ocala
  7. Naples
  8. New Port Richey
  9. Zephyrhills
  10. Melbourne

The study says: “Fernandina Beach is the most conservative city in Florida. Located in Nassau County just north of Jacksonville in the far northeastern corner of the state, the small city has a population of about 13,000 residents. Jacksonville has a reputation for being one of the most conservative large cities in the US. But while Jacksonville does have a fair number of Democrats as well, Fernandina Beach is almost exclusively home to Republicans. Nassau County is one of the most conservative areas in Florida, and 72.2% of residents voted Republican in the last presidential election, while only 26.4% voted Democrat.”

The full article can be read at

Mike Lednovich publicly displaying his allegiance.

Maybe Minshew just wanted to be on the winning side for a change. But unless she can rationalize her sudden conversion and convince the sea of red voters surrounding her, it won’t be as a member of the City Commissioner team in Fernandina.

How does she explain her switch to voters? What does she now offer Fernandina’s mostly conservative residents, or anyone else?

Her past associations, statements and affiliations with leftist groups will be as hard to shake as the image of Observer “reporter”,  left-wing activist, and failed City Commission candidate Mike Lednovich, parading through town draped in his Black Lives Matter sandwich board while wearing a red clown nose.  Don’t ask. He’s never once attempted to explain away that hysterically hilarious performance.

Minshew, the former president of the local LGBTQA+ Pride organization, who advocates making Fernandina Beach a gay vacation destination, is attempting her third bid for a Fernandina Beach City Commission seat.  To persuade voters she’s going to have to present her rationale for switching from the Democrat party to the Republican party than is more convincing than her argument that men can suddenly become women and women can become men.

If she thinks nobody noticed that she only shifted parties at the last minute, she’s mistaken. Based on local street chatter her sudden do-over is as desperate and devious as Anheuser-Busch handing out free Bud Lights at a gay AA meeting.

As a born-again Republican will Minshew make public appearances and propheticize her conversion?

Has she joined the Federated Republican Women of Nassau organization? Has she asked Deb Boelkes if she can speak at her “We The People” group? Has she contacted Jack Knocke and his Citizens Defending Freedom organization requesting membership or a speaking slot? If she gets invited and agrees, count me in. I’ll be there in the front row with a bag of popcorn.

She may have switched parties, that’s easy, but it’s extremely doubtful she’s suddenly adopted Republican values.

Does Minshew believe that the city and Nassau County School Board should enforce and endorse the state law that prohibits members of one sex from entering a restroom or changing facility designed for members of the opposite sex? Republicans do.

Does she agree with Republican Governor Ron DeSantis’ initiated state law that Florida schools cannot indoctrinate children with transgender ideology or attempt to transition children behind their parents backs? Republicans do.

Even though the race is nonpartisan does she believe the Republican party will not endorse or help fund either candidate when two or more Republicans are running for the same seat?

Minshew’s vision for Fernandina Beach.

Did she intentionally register as a Republican to deceive the electorate, hoping they won’t notice and prevent funds from going to her opponent? Does she think that as a registered Republican she might actually pick up some GOP votes? Maybe even some conservative cash? If so she must think local voters, particularly Republicans, are stupid. What do Democrats think of her switching parties? Are they in on the ruse?

These are all questions she should be asked during public candidate forums.

It’s understandable why she switched. In Fernandina candidates with a “D” behind their names generate a voter reaction comparable to flashing a crucifix in front of a vampire. Combine that with Minshew’s extreme activist history such as promoting drag queen story time for children and promoting Fernandina as a gay vacation destination and her candidacy puts an entirely new blush on the word “optimist”.

She faces an electorate that was just voted the most conservative in the entire state. If she wins her campaign will be a political science case study in universities across the country.

Her leftist Ideology and activist activity will certainly be highlighted by honest and objective area media like the Citizens Journal Florida, and the Yulee News.  It’ll be ignored by the pathetic News Leader and its leftist bumbling myopic Editor Tracy Dishman. Forget the sight-impaired online Observer, and its clueless BLM activist pretend reporter Lednovich. He’ll slobber all over her candidacy. So will Dishman.

Early voting starts August 20.


More On City Shakedowns: Attempting to unseat Commissioner David Sturges would be an uphill struggle for anyone, much less Minshew.

Construction company owner Sturges was instrumental in the city’s decision to rightly return more than a half million dollars in purloined building and permitting fees to local builder Ron Flick recently. Sturges, Mayor Bradley Bean, and Commissioner Darron Ayscue are influential in attempting to clean up the extortion taking place in the city Building Department. However, they still have much more work to do. How about asking questions about the missing permits for Commission candidate Tim Poynter’s new 14 South 2nd Street location?

Mayor Bean highlighted Sturges’ knowledge of the construction business as a major factor in righting the bureaucratic bungling and illegal snatching of Flick’s money. The trio started the long overdue cleanup of the shakedown of local businesses by the city, an issue which I’ve never heard Minshew even mention.

Don’t stop guys. Keep cleaning.


Meanwhile Over At The School Board: The two candidates running for Nassau County School Superintendent – current Superintendent Kathy Burns and School Board member Curtis Gaus – appeared at the June 17 session of the “We the People” organization and answered a series of questions prepared by moderator Deb Boelkes.

The 40 or so attendees were told by Ms. Boelkes they couldn’t ask follow-up questions and there would be no audience question opportunity “Talk to the speakers following the event”, they were directed by Ms. Boelkes. So I did.

Based on the answers to Ms. Boelkes’ questions and the conversations I’ve had with both candidates there are no serious differences between the two candidates. As far as I can tell Gaus, a current School Board member and former high school principal in West Nassau County, doesn’t offer anything new and his positions parallel those of Ms. Burns. Nassau County schools are rated some of the best in the state so why change?  I’ll be voting for Burns to continue as Superintendent.

For detailed information on the session to the excellent story by George Miller at Nassau School Superintendent Forum Puts Candidates on Record – Citizens Journal Florida. Both the News Leader and pathetic Observer ignored the session.


Things I Wish I’d Written: “Vice President Harris is sort of a Chauncey Gardiner  celebrity, famous for just being there.” – Daniel Henniger, Wall Street Journal columnist.


Useful Idiots Department: Hamas has publicly boasted it wants to slaughter Jews and wipe Israel off the face of the Earth. It’s even in its charter. These crazed psychopathic maniacs have publicly boasted that they would repeat October 7 “over again and again.”  Yet, absurdly, Israelis are the ones being accused of genocide.

Hamas’s pathetic protesting puppets in the U.S. have no idea what they’re chanting or doing. These “useful idiots” follow instructions, chant the slogans they’re handed, wave professionally produced banners and signs, then accept paychecks.

The alleged “innocent” Palestinians they claim are being attacked by Israeli forces are the same “innocent” murderers that keep hostages confined in their homes as slave labor. They are as abhorrent as the sadistic Hamas butchers.

“Hamas is stealing up to 70 percent of all food and fuel that’s coming into Gaza,” reports TV and radio show host Mark Levin, an attorney, author and former Chief of Staff to Attorney General Edwin Meese. “Biden knows that. We all know it. Then they’re selling what they leave over at some exorbitant price to their own citizens. They’re firing artillery into their own hospitals they’re killing their own citizens.”

Commentator Levin said on his TV show recently that despite all this: “The only country in Gaza that is ensuring, or trying to, the delivery of food and medicine to Gaza civilians is Israel! Not Egypt. Not the United States. Not Jordan. Not Iran. Israel.”

He continued adding: “Biden doesn’t mention this, and he continues to repeat, throughout the day, throughout the weeks, the lies from the Hamas terrorists about the number of civilians that are killed. No matter how many statisticians and experts tell him he’s wrong, he doesn’t care,”

Unrelenting Levin said: “Because Biden is evil. Biden is betraying not just Israel but also our country. And it’s happening in real time.”

The Biden administration’s combination of evil and stupidity is disastrous for America. The election in November will hopefully bring an end to this insanity.


Kitchen 251 burger and slaw.

Forget Area 51 says this Fat Man from Space. Kitchen 251 is the place to get a burger that won’t alienate anyone.

The Fat Man says Kitchen 251 is a bit of a hidden gem in Fernandina Beach, just East of Shave Bridge. The location on the river and next door to the Amelia Island Marina makes for a great view. In fact, if you’re looking for a sunset spot with a glass of wine it is super nice. On that warm summer afternoon I decided to eat outdoors to enjoy the view. There was no wait and once again the service was great. I ordered The Kitchen 251 burger medium with a side of slaw (I couldn’t do fries after Shuckers, they were that bad). The burger came with the usual suspects. It had fresh toppings of lettuce, tomato, onion, and American cheese. This is a nice hardy hand-patted burger and I’d guess near 1/2 pound. The first word that comes to mind is “juicy.” This was one delicious big burger. Darn good! Kitchen 251 is probably more of a seafood/Cajun restaurant but don’t let that keep you from trying this burger. You will not be disappointed. The slaw was to my liking too. Light, fresh not loaded with mayo. Really nice side order for a hot day. The Kitchen 251 Burger with cole slaw on the side, $15.95

No disrespect to the burger and slaw but maybe the best thing I had were the oysters! They were great. Shipped all the way in from the state of Washington. I could have mowed through about two dozen. Give me cold water oysters any time of year. Kitchen 251, 251 Creekside Dr., Fernandina Beach, FL. 32034.

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  • I think the voters of Fernandina Beach will not allow Genece Minshew’s switch to the Republician Party to sway their votes. She will only get a few votes from fellow members of the LGBTQ+/Gender Confused Crowd she parades with. It is my belief that that if Minshew was any more dumb over this fake switch she would require twice weekly watering.

  • If a neighborhood in Fernandina Beach wished to secede from the city, what actions would be required to do this?

    I know that the city would likely welcome a neighborhood that wished to join, but could one ‘unjoin’? Or is the city like the Hotel California?

    • Unfortunately for the would be secessionists, wherever they go they’ll still be there. If you don’t like the rules, vote. And, if it really matters to you, then put down your beer, get off your fat redneck ass and become involved.

    • A better solution is to rid the city of the nasty varmints that, per the cited study, constitute a majority of the citizens.

  • Minshew swap is two folded. One reason was to block funds from her opponent. The other is to trick people who walk into the voting booth and just vote for the “R” candidate without really knowing much about them. While I wish there was a better opponent against Sturgis, I know she isn’t that answer. If she can so easily and blatantly lie to our faces prior to election then I don’t think there’s any limit to the things she would do as a commissioner to cheat FB city blatantly. Past behavior gives indication what future behavior will look like and this scammy behavior puts a very bad taste in my mouth. She’s a hard pass for me.

  • The difference between those running for Superintendent is very clear to me. The incumbent did not take anyone’s advice regarding a 1mil increase and the challenger at least thought about it. Call it what you will, but your taxes are going up again.
    I also spoke to both candidates at that meeting. Interestingly, Ms Burns, who admitted she has a budget surplus,”for now” requested my email, which I gave her, so she might get back to me on the topic.
    My question was “how will you return the budget surplus to the taxpayers or will you adjust the millage for the next 3 years.
    As of this date, she has not responded.

  • Hi Y’all! I now know where I want to live and I hope y’all look me up. I really look forward to meeting you guys 😉

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