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Tony Crawford
4 years ago

David as usual I loved your column, you did make a few partisan errors however. In your column comparing President Trump to the candidates running against him, under Joe Biden you mentioned sniffing hair. Which I think many will take as Joe Biden acting disrespectful to women, fair enough. When it comes to a canadate or elected official for that matter and the way they treat women you did however forget to mention President Trump’s record with women. You forgot to mention about 24 women have accused him of one form or another ,of sexual misconduct, we all know what he openly stated he likes to grab, and I’m sure most of us remember his crude remarks to Fox’s Megyn Kelly. Hey maybe it was the last three letters and her last name that set him off. Well mentioning all his accomplishments you also excluded the fact that the majority of his products I made overseas.I find it amazing for somebody that wants to make America great again and bring jobs back to America. That our own president, who buys own account, is worth billions, even as a gesture of good faith and good example would not move his product back to America and give us even more jobs. I’m sure these are all things you just forgot to mention. Love the column hope to see you soon