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Chicken Little Has A Pal – Chicken Littler!

That clucking noise coming from the Fernandina Beach City Commission chambers is Commissioner Johnny Miller and Dr. Ronald “Chip” Ross, two Chicken Littles, frantically attempting to peck to death a proposed affordable apartment project with their preposterous “end of the world” scenarios.

How About An Airport On A Stick?

Since Fernandina Beach City Manager Dale Martin and the town’s commissioners are hell bent on building an airport that looks like an airplane why not an airport on a stick?

Work From Home? “Fuggedaboutit” Says IBM

IBM recently announced that telecommuting from home or the local coffee shop is no longer an option and that the 152,000 of its 380,000 employees currently tapping away on computers from the master bedroom or the local coffee shop need to get back to the office pronto or hit the bricks.