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All The News About The Jaguars That Fits, The Jacksonville Times-Union Prints

The editor of the Jacksonville Times-Union’s Metro Section apparently didn’t get the memo regarding the paper’s Friday, July 25 edition as his was the only one of five sections that day that didn’t run a story on its front page about the city’s hapless pro football Jaguars along with an accompanying photograph. Even the Money […]

For Doing Absolutely Nothing I Won A $50K Car, Trips, & More! Or Did I?

The other day at our house someone named Alex representing “The Notification Center” called and left a message saying that he had “excellent news” for me.   On the recording he said I “had been selected in an official contest – that I or someone else may have entered in my name” – and I […]

Is Current Fernandina Beach Commission Getting Credit for the Work of Others?

Steve Nicklaus, an island financial adviser who writes a weekly “Steve’s Market Place”  column for the Fernandina Beach News-Leader, is an entertaining and fun guy to join for a couple of cold beers, and his columns are well written, interesting and amusing. I’ve discovered that he is most always factual and rarely lets things get […]