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Publication’s Fawning Restaurant Reviews May Be Hard For Many Readers To Swallow

Readers looking for articles about dim, corrupt politicians, the police blotter, chaotic and confusing city and county commission meetings, and angry and incoherent letters to the editor,  needn’t bother reading the Amelia Islander Magazine. It’s as squeaky clean as the monthly “United Church Observer.” 

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Cancelled Road Trip Has Me Reminiscing About My Favorite Beer Joints And Dives

We cancelled our plans to take a 12-14 day road trip this week along the coastal roads in the Carolina’s, Virginia and Maryland because Hurricane Florence plotted the same route.

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Ges Who’s Running For Congress?

(Editor’s Note: This blog will take a two-week hiatus and will be back on Friday, September 28, 2018)

It wasn’t until I got to the wordy second paragraph of News-Leader Editor Peg Davis’ lengthy patronizing August 31 Page 1, article about a fellow named Ges Selmont that I realized she wasn’t gushing about a rock star scheduled to perform locally.

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Unintelligible Nonsense For Sale: $47,000

Jacksonville-based marketing and advertising agency Burdette-Ketchum is exceptionally skilled at verbal and written obfuscation.

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74 Million Baby Boomer Retirees Are Projected To Make Economy Go “Boom!”

Between 2008 and 2030 Some 74 million Americans born between 1946 and 1964 — about 10,000 a day — are retiring into the Social Security and Medicare system.

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