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Is City Of Jacksonville Guilty Of Identity Theft For Posing As Amelia Island To Conde Nast?

If a city could be arrested for identity theft then Jacksonville would be in the slammer. Here’s why.

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Inquisitive Luncheon Quintet Chews Over How To Digest Lack of Conservative Views

During lunch at Lagniappe Restaurant earlier this week I dined with an eclectic group of very successful Amelia Island businessmen and entrepreneurs with island politics being one of the topics we chewed on.

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Zany Duo Plan November City Hall Routine That Will Have Locals Laughing Out Loud

Just when you thought the politicians and environmental wackos in Fernandina Beach couldn’t get any crazier they do.

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Astute Local Students Ignore Silly Protestors Who Can’t Locate The Planet’s Thermostat

With the exception of a handful of the usual suspects the local “Global Warming Climate Strike” gathering in Fernandina Beach’s Central Park looked more like a sparsely attended family picnic with just a few dozen crazy uncles and batty aunts showing up last Friday in an attempt to locate the planet’s thermostat and turn it down a notch or two.

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The Most Destructive, Disingenuous & Dim People Making A Mess Of Nassau County

Last week I listed a variety of duplicitous public figures who—in my opinion — are screwing up our country. I also asked readers to help me identify those who are working overtime to mess up Nassau County. A number of locals responded, and with few exceptions their nominations mirrored mine.

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