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The Amelia Island News-Wrecker Scheduled To Make Burgers Out Of Local Sacred Cows

This blog will take an extended Spring Break to complete the next issue of the Amelia Island News Wrecker, which will be on the streets starting during Shrimp Festival May 3,4,5 if all goes as planned.

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Movie’s “What We Have Here Is Failure To Communicate” Message Now A Social Issue

After clubbing prisoner Paul Newman, sadistic Florida prison Warden Strother Martin utters the iconic line “What we have here is failure to communicate” in the 1967 film “Cool Hand Luke.”

In addition to the coffee and scones, I enjoy visiting downtown’s Centre Street Amelia Island Coffee Shop to chat with folks, read a newspaper or magazine, or just people-watch.

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After A Tumultuous Commission Meeting Will We Have Litigation Or An Agreement?

Long-time Amelia Island residents Pat Keogh and Phil Griffin are successful businessmen, entrepreneurs, and two very savvy, well-respected citizens who disagree with Fernandina Beach City Commissioners Chip Ross and Mike Lednovich about the controversial Amelia Buff housing development. They articulately voice their opinions on why here. But first some background.

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Major League Baseball, Canadian Blue Hairs, And Mean Biker Gal All Part Of Guy’s Day Out

This past Monday I accompanied three local pals — Billy Cimino, Cameron Hansen, and Hupp Huppman — to a Spring Training baseball game between the Atlanta Braves and Pittsburgh Pirates at the Braves complex outside of Orlando.

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Anti-Development, Lawsuits, Chicken Poop; All Business As Usual For City Commission

A typical Fernandina Beach City Commission session.

A number of years ago while preparing a response to a media inquiry about the sale of a company asset I asked the chairman and founder of the corporation I worked for if the property in question was indeed for sale. He answered saying: “For the right price everything is for sale except my dog and my wife.”

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