December 2019 Posts

Democrats Block Critical American Relief Bill To Push Their Garbage-Filled Far Left Agenda

During the past week’s Congressional debate over the economic and medical relief package, Democrats were surprised to learn the stimulus bill would actually stimulate the economy and therefor want nothing to do with it. No matter how much Americans might suffer, a stimulated economy is bad news for these left-wing fanatics at the ballot box. While most Americans are worried about the Coronavirus these far-left congressional loons are afflicted with a terminal case of

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“Left-Coast” Lednovich Realizes An Epiphany While Dr. Ross Still Writing Rx’s For Spending

“Hey folks, we’re gonna carve some fat outta that turkey.”

Wednesday evening Fernandina Beach City Commissioner Mike Lednovich did an impersonation of a rehabilitated Ebenezer Scrooge on Christmas morning as he looked down on the street and offered to pay the first boy he saw a huge sum to “deliver the big turkey hanging at the poulterer’s to Bob Cratchit’s house.”

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Amelia Island’s Economy Heavily Impacted By Consequences Of The Coronavirus Hype

Amelia Island’s economy, which is heavily dependent on the hospitality industry, is getting whacked as the Coronavirus has businesses and tourists canceling plans to visit while others are contemplating doing the same.

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Local Group Seeks To Hold Fernandina Beach City Staff And Elected Officials Accountable

Several months ago Fernandina Beach City Commissioner Chip Ross contacted a handful of individual city residents who have been publicly critical of the city and city commissioners for a variety of reasons, ranging from the management of city assets (golf course, marina, etc.) and conservation land purchases to the city’s deteriorating infrastructure, budget growth and hiring and spending practices.

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As The Election Looms Democrat Candidates Become More & More Desperate And Extreme

As I watched the Democrat Presidential debate this past Tuesday evening it occurred to me that not once did any of the hopefuls have a single positive thing to say about the United Sates…not one.

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