September 2019 Posts

Local Climate Protestors Fail to Locate Planet’s Thermostat & Smart Kids Ignore Their Silly Advice

With the exception of a handful of the usual suspects the local “Global Warming Climate Strike”  gathering in Fernandina Beach’s Central Park looked more like a sparsely attended family picnic with just a few dozen showing up last Friday in an attempt to locate the planet’s thermostat and turn it down a notch or two.

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Here Are The Most Destructive, Disingenuous & Dim People Making A Mess Of Nassau County?

Last week I listed a variety of duplicitous public figures who—in my opinion — are screwing up our country. I also asked readers to help me identify those who are working overtime to mess up Nassau County. A number of locals responded, and with few exceptions their nominations mirrored mine.

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Here Are A Few Of America’s Most Dangerous, Disingenuous & Dimmest Screwups

When I was a child my mother warned me about people who lie, exaggerate, steal, take advantage of others, capitalize on the misery of unfortunates, and say and do stupid things. “Avoid them,” she said. “They’re toxic and people like that will not do you any good, just the opposite.”

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Hurricane Dorian Observations, Immigrant Kids, Norwegian Socialism, And Fighting City Hall

While trading emails about Hurricane Dorian with friend, Tampa Plant High School classmate, and American Spectator writer, Larry Thornberry, I noted that when I was in the local Publix it appeared they had over-ordered water as I heard an announcement requesting: “Assistance on Aisle 17, customer drowning.” I also said I found it ironic observing local liberal friends stocking up on gasoline and butane gas containers. Apparently the stores were sold out of solar panels and windmills.

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