July 2019 Posts

Americans Are Tiring of Being Called Names; “The Squad” Succeeding In Destroying Dems

Last Saturday, July 20, Peggy Noonan devoted her weekly Wall Street Journal opinion column to America’s need to rediscover tact, citing Democrat NY Governor Mario Cuomo’s “rubbing their noses in it” act of lighting up New York City skyline landmarks in pink following his Democrat controlled state legislature passing one of the country’s most pro-abortion laws, Nike’s decision to pull its Betsy Ross American flag sneakers off the shelves, and other not so subtle acts.

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Amelia Island Executive, Author Deb Boelkes Is Never Reluctant To Express Her Opinions

I first met Amelia Island resident Deb Boelkes when I was invited to attend one of her “We the People” sessions to hear a Heritage Foundation guest speaker. I was impressed.

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Silent Spokesmen & Lawyers Who Can’t Lawyer Star In Local Activist Group’s Comedy

What Amelia Island’s loud, tiny, fist-shaking activist groups lack in rational reasoning and organizational skills they make up for in entertainment.

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Nassau County And Fernandina Beach United In Their Thuggish Anti-Business Tactics

Laura DiBella plays a delicate balancing act.

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