June 2019 Posts

Fernandina “Stuck” Seeking An Identity

Fernandina Beach needs an identity. It needs something to make it stand out above the ho-hum, humid, hot, look-a-like Florida communities and divert attention from the stupid stuff going on hereabouts. So far it’s not going well.

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Business Bashing Still Popular In Newsrooms

These old newsrooms have faded away but the attitudes remain.

In newsrooms where I worked it was fashionable to sneer at businesses.

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Captain Jacks Smokehouse Latest Addition To Growing Landscape Of Island BBQ Joints

If you like barbeque — particularly beef brisket — then strap on a bib, grab a fork and knife, and head to the just opened Captain Jacks for some of the best tasting beef ‘cue you’ll put in your mouth outside of Texas.

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Stop Calling Us Names You #%$&*^!

I pointed out last week that the folks at Conserve Amelia Now (CAN)  don’t care for me or my opinions and they make that abundantly clear with their comments here and on their web site.

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