November 2018 Posts

Local & National Media Have Lost All Credibility While Pro Sports Is Now A Propaganda Forum

The media – nationally and locally – are justifiably suffering and doing their best to conceal their self-inflicted wounds.

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Fernandina Marina Awash In Debt & Double Talk; Area Trump Supporters Rally By Land, Sea & Air

Fernandina Beach City Manager Dale Martin is scrambling in all directions to obfuscate his ineptness and the collective incompetence of the City Commission in their handling of the FEM/Marina fiasco that has left the tax payers holding the bag for more than $15 million of debt.

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Things Are Getting “Curiouser and Curiouser” Here In Our Fernandina Beach City Rabbit Hole

Just when you think things can’t get any nuttier in Fernandina Beach they do.

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Conventions Provide Two Contrasting Views – GOP: Hope & Optimism; Dems: Gloom & Doom

The contrast between the dark, gloomy, negative atmosphere of last week’s Democrat Convention and the upbeat Republican one this week couldn’t be greater.

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Attention Democrats! Karl Is Not A Marx Brother

When I see and hear Democrats, TV news talking heads, newspaper columnists, professional sports team executives and their players, corporate CEOs, and Nassau County locals praising and donating money to Black Lives Matter (BLM) I’m appalled.

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