August 2018 Posts

Unintelligible Nonsense For Sale: $47,000

Jacksonville-based marketing and advertising agency Burdette-Ketchum is exceptionally skilled at verbal and written obfuscation.

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74 Million Baby Boomer Retirees Are Projected To Make Economy Go “Boom!”

Between 2008 and 2030 Some 74 million Americans born between 1946 and 1964 — about 10,000 a day — are retiring into the Social Security and Medicare system.

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News Leader’s Editorial Pages Are Following The Main Stream Media Wolf Pack

After the 2016 presidential election the media went totally off the rails becoming an unhinged, censorious, accusatory mob.

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Friendly Bank Executive Solves ATM Issue

“It’s a Wonderful Life’s” Clarence Odbody, a.k.a. Keith Leibfried

I don’t know much about banks or how they work.

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HELP! Mr. Potter Took Over My Bank

I recently received a letter from Keith Leibfried, CEO and President of First Federal Bank, headquartered in Lake City, a town about 95 miles west of here.

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