July 2018 Posts

Fat Men From Space Proclaim A Dead Heat For Amelia Island’s Number One Hamburger

Following a year of munching their way through Amelia Island hamburgers the Fat Men From Space have reached the end of the grill and announced their list of the top 10 places to get a really good burger among Amelia Island’s United Federation of Hamburger Joints.

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The Fat Men From Space Boldly Go Where No Hamburger Reviewers Have Gone Before

Hamburgers — The final gastronomic frontier.
These are the voyages of the Fat Men From Space.
Their one year mission:
To explore all available Amelia Island hamburger possibilities.
To seek out new and better burger enterprises.
To boldly go where no burger reviewers have gone before!

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JAX Ad Agency Lays Another Branding Egg That Might Cost County Tax Payers $47,000

WOW! Is this “true to their nature?”

The Jacksonville-based Ketchum-Burdette marketing and advertising agency presented its revised Nassau County branding program to the County Board of Commissioners last Monday. It didn’t go well. 

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This Is Not My Mother’s World!

Not once did I ever hear my Mother swear.

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