June 2018 Posts

Fernandina Beach Tax Payers Getting Hosed; The City Commission Promises It’ll Get Worse

If you’re a property owning tax payer in Fernandina Beach you’re getting hosed and it’s going to get a lot worse, the City Commission and City Manager guarantee it.

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Walk To Demonstrate Support For Local Police; Cross The Line Crosses The Line For Veterans

Opining weekly about the hapless Fernandina Beach City Commission, its slippery City Manager Dale Martin and his double-talking sidekick Commissioner Chip Ross is getting depressing.

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The Observer “Observes” But It Doesn’t Report; Ban Collective Bargaining Not The Police Dept.

When Susan Steger announced eight years ago that she was creating an online newspaper, the Fernandina Observer, I was enthusiastic.

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City Manager & Commission Bet Big On FEMA But Throw Snake Eyes And Stiff Tax Payers


Common Sense, the recently created Fernandina Beach watchdog group, sent the local media the opinion piece “The $12 million Elephant In The Room” (below) about the marina situation this week.

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Democrats Get Rioting & Protesting Confused; City Has Taxpayers Drowning In Marina Debt

If the “protests” that broke out across the country are peaceful cries for justice, then I wouldn’t want to be within 10,000 miles of an actual riot.

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