June 2018 Posts

“Oh, Say DID You See……”

Do you have a cause or an issue that you care deeply about?

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Recent News Leaders Offer Poor Judgment, Shoddy Reporting And Editorial Nonsense

Maybe if I keep at it News Leader Publisher Foy Maloy will buy me a laptop.

As you work your way through the dreary local bi-weekly News Leader newspaper occasionally something odd happens. You notice something. It can be informative, but usually it isn’t. More often than not it’s puzzling.

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Will The “Looks-Like-An-Airplane” Terminal Top Atlanta’s “Big Chicken” As An Attraction?

That munching sound is me eating my words.

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“Extra! Read All About It!” Oh, Never Mind

For the first time in my life I no longer have a local daily newspaper delivered to my home.

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The Annoying Mr. Cooper; County Branding Bandits; Killer Bambi; How Not To Be A Jerk

Who The Dickens Is Mr. Cooper?

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