March 2018 Posts

Tibetan Yak Herders & Hungry Laotians Beneficiaries of U.S. “Spending” Bill

If Hillary Clinton had been elected she would have been thrilled with the “$1.3 trillion omnibus spending bill” signed last Friday by President Trump.

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The Times-Union Lays Another Editorial Egg Inspiring The Jaguars PR Staff To Celebrate

The Jacksonville Jaguars public relations department must have slapped themselves silly with high fives last Saturday when they picked up the Florida Times-Union newspaper.

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New Store Offers Books, Brownies & Booze With A Somewhat Progressive Environment

During a visit to the new 1430 Park Avenue (off South 14th Street) Story & Song Bookstore & Bistro the other day I found it to be an inviting place to browse for books, have a light lunch, a glass of wine, craft beer, or cup of coffee. Pastries are available and tables set up amid the book shelves so folks can eat, drink, browse, and read. The building is bright, comfortable, and cozy. I was delighted to meet several folks there I know and was equally pleased to see so many kids shopping for reading material.

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Fernandina Beach Commission Chimes In As Raging Gun Debate Further Divides Factions

As a result of the Parkland, Florida high school shooting, there’s been a variety of “solutions” offered by pundits, alleged experts, politicians, among others on how to stop these tragic and senseless killings ranging from calls to ban all guns or just certain guns to arming teachers and putting police officers in schools.

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“Well, You Got Trouble, My Friend, Right Here, I say Trouble Right Here In River City”

How many of these rules posted at the entrance of Peter’s Point were followed by the crowd assembled there last Sunday?

“Ya got trouble, folks!
Right here in River City
Trouble with a capital “T”
And that rhymes with “B” and that stands for beach, booze and bullets!”

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