January 2018 Posts

No! We Are Not “All In This Together” — Unless You’re A Policeman, Doctor, Fireman Or Nurse

Whenever I hear the folks on the public address system at the local Publix grocery store warn shoppers to “Shop smart, stand six-feet apart – we’re all in this together,” I want to conk them with one of their bowling ball-hard tomatoes.

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If Blazing Saddles Was About Fernandina Beach It Would Have Been Considered A Documentary

A well-informed resident observer of the fiscal nonsense taking place at Fernandina Beach’s city hall sent me some well-penned comments this past week stating some obvious facts and asking probing questions.

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What Causes The Most Harm To Area Citizens? The Virus Or The Fernandina City Commission?

Fernandina Beach City Commission budget session.

Like most U.S. municipalities residents of Fernandina Beach are experiencing distressing financial suffering due to the rampaging virus pandemic and government mandated lock downs. But unlike other towns Fernandina Beach’s misery is compounded by a trio of uncaring city commissioners and a tactless city manager indifferent to its citizens’ financial pain.

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If You Enjoy Looting, Rioting, Arson & Killings Then Vote For A Democrat On November 3rd

In Portland, Oregon  “peaceful protestors” are free to demolish federal buildings, set fire to a Police Association Headquarters building, and destroy and bankrupt that city’s downtown businesses.

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Commissioner Ross Says Our Taxes Can Be Cut But The City Will Have To Make A Few Sacrifices

Fernandina Beach City Commissioner Chip Ross (aka The Fernandina Beach Budget Bully) mocks city property-owning taxpayers who appeal for tax relief by demanding to know what “essential and critical city services” they would like sacrificed in order to satisfy their pleas.

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