January 2018 Posts

Hollywood Hypocrites Can’t Take A Joke While The US Media Have Become A Joke

(Editor’s note: This blog wasn’t posted last Friday because GoDaddy, the company I pay to host it, told me that their server had a “catastrophic failure” while it was “migrating my data and it would take seven or more days to complete the transfer and fix the issue.”  The “catastrophe” was that they lost/destroyed my database and we’re still piecing everything back together. Following a phone call from one of their sales reps in October I paid for additional services he said would not only save me money but also make my experience with them more efficient. He was as slick talking as the seven GoDaddy “Stepford Wife” technical reps I wasted hours talking to on the phone and pleading with for a solution the past six days. It wasn’t until I finally got my site developer, Wendy Schaefer, involved that I finally got a resolution.  If you are looking for a no-nonsense person to design a site for you or your company and handle your technical issues, I strongly suggest you contact Ms. Schaefer at (404) 444-9615 or Visit her website at I’ve used her services for more than 25 years in both my own businesses and for corporations where I worked and have always been satisfied. You will be too.)  

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Let’s Buy A Cop A Christmas Coffee!

(Editor’s Note: I will take a couple of weeks off to celebrate the Christmas season with family and friends. The blog will resume January 10. I appreciate your readership and comments and hope all of you have a very happy Christmas and a prosperous 2020.)

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Are “Fat, Drunk & Stupid” Keys To Success?

“You can’t go through life fat, drunk and stupid son,” said Dean Vernon Wormer in the 1978 film Animal House to Delta Tau Chi fraternity member Kent “Flounder” Dorfman, who boasted a 0.2 GPA.

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I’m Sorry! Except, I’m Really Not

When I was kid I led some pals of mine through a neighborhood yard trampling freshly planted flowers into mush, an incident that incited the neighbor to call my mother and complain.

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“Midway” Stands Out In A Sea Of Film Trash

I don’t go to movies very often.

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