October 2017 Posts

Future Women Marchers Need A Purpose; How About Discouraging Single Motherhood?

I’ve read that women protestors who marched this past January may be planning another such event soon.

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Soccer Or Turnips Boiling! What’s More Exciting?

Jacksonville is one of 34 cities being considered as a host for the 2026 World Cup, the Super Bowl of soccer. The last time it was held in 2014 in Brazil, 200 teams played a total of 853 matches in 30 days and scored a total of three points.

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Are The Dog Track And A Coffee Can Your Retirement Programs?

Financial statements from brokerage firms contain terms and phrases I don’t understand, particularly when the promised results didn’t materialize and my long-term investment program is now the 1-8-5 trifecta in Thursday’s second race at the Orange Park Greyhound Track and some loose change in a coffee can, mostly Canadian pennies and nickels.

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Why Do We Need A Fernandina Beach City Government?

(Editor’s note: Guest editorial writer Pat Keogh is an entrepreneur, businessman, lawyer and investor who owns restaurants and other properties in Fernandina Beach but fled the city for Austin, Texas due to the outrageous city fees, taxes and bureaucracy. “When the rest of the universe is trying to make it easier for business, Fernandina Beach is trying to squelch it,” Keogh said last year before taking his capital and leaving to invest it in Texas. He has since purchased a new home on Amelia Island, and intentionally avoided buying in Fernandina Beach for reasons stated below.)

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