August 2017 Posts

Are Burger Reviews UnAmerican & Bigoted?Despite the Criticism Here Are The First Five

It’s highly unusual for this blog to receive attention from a celebrated national figure when we can barely get family members to read it.  But it happened recently when the following missive arrived in our mailbox from Mr. Ronald McDonald. With tongue firmly wedged in one cheek and a hamburger in the other, here’s what he had to say:

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New Newspaper Blowing Yulee’s Horn

Curtiss Quarrier wants to blow Yulee’s horn — the community’s, not the scalywag it’s named after.

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City’s “Looks-Like-An-Airplane” Terminal Takes Off; Marina Is Sinking To The Bottom


A gentleman from Georgia’s St. Simons Island was complaining on Facebook recently about the lack of progress on repairing damage to Fernandina Beach’s downtown marina caused by Hurricane Matthew last October.

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Comedians Today Aren’t Funny -They’re Mean & Vulgar

Humor on TV, in movies, and on the stage isn’t funny anymore. It’s become cruel, mean and vulgar.

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